Wednesday, 31 May 2017

UK Prime Minister, Theresa May: "Dementia Tax" ..

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The Argument:   Last night Theresa May insulted our intelligence over her plans to rob the elderly of their homes BRICK by BRICK! PLEASE SHARE! You won't see this on BBC1! #VoteLabour #LetsMakeJuneTheEndOfMay #GE2017

My own opinion:
I can not get involve into this argument, as respect to each side has the rights to express open, certain matter that affect the community, except to comment into my own experience.

1- Since arrived the UK, we owned a home and spend the rest of our life paying the mortgage and at the end is not ours to keep, but need to be sold after, for retirement payments and as the government wants? -

2- As a former career for old peoples in the community, 95% of old peoples prefer to stay at home that move somewhere else and those living in care homes, face the horrid holocaust treatment in today times.

3- Old peoples endure the third age, which is a feeling many times of isolate syndrome, that comes from own family, as many got no time for parents nowadays and the community itself, that lack resources for our elders to spend the last years in complete harmony, at home, protect, to be part of society and perhaps bring own wisdom and experience to progress, but left neglect, rotten and forget!.-

4- However, as my own experience lived not just as former career, but as daughter, the pressure of own care is a complete battle, between children and parents. I saw it with my elders sisters, that passed my mother, "with no consideration of age", from their own homes to the next sister. I refused to take part in my family games and many demands and I refused to have my mother, when was my turn. The bullies placed me in the horrible spot of "ungrateful daughter", the propaganda that came against me from my family was too much to endure, but I refused and fall into that crazy world.

5- I loved my mother beyond words, I understand my mother comes with her own favorite as daughters, but still then and today was and is my mother. When all the battles for her care was present, my mother was very rich woman herself and own cash, possession and properties, that my father left her and I gave my part, when he passed away with no will.

6 - So as you can see, I could not see sense, except the full ambitious of my elder sisters and brothers to cash my mother's properties, before her time and run with the money and her personal possessions, "passed to someone else without any kind of respect" and pretend later, that she got no means and ways after, as my elder sister (flor) phone me out out the blue and told me, but left her broken beyond repair? -

7 - How I will touch something like that and which means reasons and ways, I got, when also, I was left to my own devises, alone, in a foreign country as the UK and everything removed, stolen based on lies (5 boys, the river, the kiss, etc) and passed to someone else to own benefits, so when my sister (flor) asked me, I was broken beyond belief, even today, so what changed? -

8 - I refused to play my family own games, exuberant RICH demands, turbulent life and continue robbery within family members, with lack of respect within each other and intolerant attitude?-

9- My beautiful mother was "shake and move to unknown places", continue dragged along like a doll in old age, from Mexico city (mara) to and as far (flor, jose, etc) as Germany (soco), no wonder many old peoples develop dementia before time and who is at fault? -

10 - Who is at fault, when the same government (any government worldwide, many use us civilians and as political paws?!!) gives the children the full authority against own parents (parents are to be respected, loved and wanted, no trashed, humiliate and abused!!?), as we saw with the T.V. series, Charles III and exactly the same happened to me and my mother after, then my sisters (soco), removed our children, removed our authority, removed our dignity, removed everything from us and then, how you control the bullies, but somehow the tipes of Camilla's are safe, well keep, happy and clear of the disturbances, hate and violence from own children? -

11- I wonder to ask you, when I used the methods against the ex/husband mother (Betty), but treat her with respect, love and understanding, then me now, my mother in the past, "shaken, dragged and moved", by his daughter social worker (carol parker), provocative practice by such education, then after my family (sisters detained under the mental health acts, etc), today is all forgotten, but hide the bully in her brother and ex/husband hide in my children, passing their own crap and dysfunctional world to me after destruction and today to solve the problem, abuse, crime and battles?-

12 - Our elder peoples deserve better life, respect and tolerant attitude, above all are our parents, blood and family and nobody is born perfect, but with plenty faults, if any issues better to solve between themselves, or if not possible then use a court of law, where the same is present and can dialogue, perhaps find a solution, but never - never against own parents, that is the lowest of the low ! -

13- The treatment to old peoples, comes with no basic background foundation whatsoever, as many are hard working individuals themselves, responsible, that sustain themselves with dignity in old age, as the ex/husband parents, my own parents, former employers and when they trust me (with thanks!) for their own care and as old peoples, including consideration, as this case a-merit, even used as political paws, that is better to deal in a reasonable situation, with the full respect of the law.

I believe in any work, even (local) Government, Politician and Royal Palaces, "to and progress is a must", find the proper staff to deal with such delicate matters and as state before (point 1 - 13), but using me for free (   pretty much, like WWII victims when worked for nothing, or fear to die?!), when was not me who received the fantastic and marvelous benefits, but my family (mara's child 2 University in the UK for free, including expenses, also soco's children and the rest, fully supported and sponsor by the ex/husband and his sister social worker, so why me today the bills and work like slave, when was not me, but the bullies?!- ) and if we all remember?! -  I myself need to work in the UK and since arrived (1985 - 2010 when ebay removed my shop!?) to pay for my own matters and my stunning children (UK citizen and my children BORN in the UK, what the f ... ?) education, wealth-fare, food and even clothing, "that I do not regret nothing and I could do matters, all aver again, but not when members of my family obtain all me and mine, based on eternal lies (5 boys, the river, the kiss etc)" and as such, why I am used as political paws today, mean go and tell them (like ex/husband sister, social worker asked her own father when child?-  ) and who gives you the rights to exploit me this way, with no remuneration whatsoever for my work, "as adviser and as go an tell her / him" and live in fear, or else, like a victim of war, but not the real peoples (bullies) that drained the UK sources / resources, left the country fast as they could with the treasure, hide in unknown places and address worldwide (cancun, germany, veracruz, puebla, mexico city, tlaxcala, etc) and appear only and in order to gain more cash, benefits and treasure, but left me and my kind (children) to pay their own bills, respectability of own actions and somehow to settle own debits, but who do you think, I am and why me and mine (children), like Diana, Princess of Wales and her own children, never the ones (ex/husband sister social worker, members of my family as mention before, camilla, sarah spencer, etc ) that make the matters, but us to settle own matters, responsibilities, bills, high demands, bullying and with respect to may concern matters, but enough is enough, full stop !!?!? - NEVER AGAIN! - Rosario Castellanos de Parker


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