Monday, 22 October 2018

Stephen Hawking book: "There's no God" -

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Stephen Hawking's posthumous book 'Brief Answers to The Big Questions' says "there's no God" - '.' -

Everybody knows full well, who is this almost God impersonator, creator of ideas and world, Stephen Hawking, as how the UK place own people, because if I, or anyone else - foreigner said the same, "without any debate, probe", may a laughing matter.

And as such, I would like to place my opinion over the debate, issue, matter of "there's no God" and all in respect of my "Lord", not Stephen Hawking believes, but my strong believes, nobody else! -  

I am not saying that this man, Stephen Hawking is a charlatan, because his education is up to a certain level, that nobody question "that level", neither nobody has been reached more than a certain limited space, universe and as such, I question his words ( “No one created the universe and no one directs our fate.”), mean where he is based on such believes, that speak for himself alone, nobody else, perhaps own life experience, including illness, education and resources, but up to him and alone ("There is no God" ),  not need to drag the rest of us into his own world, believes, perception, life.  

It is exactly the same that I am talking about Samantha Markle (multiple sclerosis) and Meghan Markle maybe same sisters, blood by the same father figure, but different paths of life due to color, disability and that affect one ability, more than the other and I question here is the lack of respect, understanding certain illness, sickness, disabilities affect the human race more than the other is for everyone to see, furthermore when Meghan Markle represent invictus games, together with her husband, Prince Henry (Harry =  ), for me is a charade of hypocrisy (, because if she can not understand her own sister Samantha Markle cries for help, now is Meghan's dad badly affected by old age, how on earth anyone can represent that world, because here is not about Prince Harry, his mother is a role model for the world to come, Princess Diana went to a world that nobody ever surpassed before in time Monarchy ( ), excellent example for her son, but Meghan Markle and her own family problems, I ask, who is responsible to teach such manners, love,  respect, tolerance, understanding, patience, financial help and etc, who's? -

Since child 8 / 9 years old, I studied psychology, because my parents were worry that my illness meningitis, after born normal would make me a complete different person, mean the illness classify me disabled according to your principles, but not to mine, so I received help from a fantastic psychologist, close friend of my sister (tere), saw and treat me, passed to me her full knowledge, education, we went since the beginning - drawing houses and reached the very end - full understanding of the principle, process of psychology, with the condition that I could open myself, because she need to tell my parents about me after the treatment was finished, so it worked both ways, we made deals and both benefit, no need to tell you that, since then, "I loved and learned the principle, educate myself alone, followed the educative material, let the person free after treatment, never ever made me a better person that my family, brothers, sisters, parents, but complete different and I refuse today, learn their own bad example, keep quite for the benefit of a few blessed sons and daughters of God, but understand better their own persona, personality, character.

I also studied alone Metaphysics, that question everything, even the universe, our creator and his infinite world and this time is for real, no impersonator like Stephen Hawking, but you participate, also studied the English law and Criminology after my brother (jose) was badly hurt, helped me to divorce fast, gain a decent pension after marriage that a solicitor refused and even help me to control the ex/husband this way and every step gained with education, I become more human that a divinity, mean is not right to gain such principles, education to undermine humanity, blame "God" for own illness, sickness and endless excuses, but understand better the human race, force ideas that may do not exist for the benefit of it, impress the rest, but not to me, place yourself in the same level of an illiterate, teach them progression without owning their ow life, because slavery is a crime, reasons why I use my blog, internet social media to communicate that way. 

Now to make a book is an excellent idea, bring rewards, money, success, but print one book public, over what one of us believe strong is also good, until certain point, where we can all debate, question the contents of the book, here I am talking about our "Lord - God" own existence, like Stephen Hawking book and I would like to ask in law in which matter, he is based ("There is no God" ) with, how he reached that holy and almighty place, conclusion, where the rest of us, unable, if he is speaking that way, then show us the way not just words, but actual facts, real stuff, not a world that is unreachable, unrealistic, full of visions, ideas, ideals, but bring no real facts? -

Stephen Hawking education is different to mine, I educate myself and him with the rest eminence, essence, God almost almighty and the ones, that do not let you to question nothing, but follow their own educational program, when I was left in high school, purchased the university books - second hand material, even on eBay, mean I do not have a human teacher, except what you call internal Christ, that voice "inside you", the one is telling you what to do , which way to go, the correct path, and I do not want you to believe my words, try for yourself, talk for advice, speak of anything, want, help and I can assure you, that we are NOT crazy people, but human, individuals that our body was create that way for a reason, communicate with the exterior world, many, so many great people benefit that way and followed their own STRONG, guts, instinct (The Queen Elizabeth II is the finest example, in the series of The Crown speak open of the same and is the chapter where her father passed away and she need to do all by herself, alone, unaided, but followed her own strong instinct, what you call, believe and the rest is for all of us to see today, more clear?!), create wonders in the world that way, today we can see, admire (including world painters, writers and you name it, all of them asked "inside" for guidance and you are telling me that God do not exist?!) and even called genius, then you ask me, how was that possible, who helped them, if was not another genius? - 

I am not as near as this man, Stephen Hawking with respect to may concern matters, but to say, that "there is no God" is like saying there is not World and then say, that "there is not world" is like saying, that we, HUMAN PEOPLE do not exist, including planets, universe, animals, plants, sun, moon and the rest infinite, then I would like to ask you, "what exactly do you see around your life, is not a full world, including your mother, father, parents, brothers, sisters, friends, community, and everything that you live and breath with, today, mean nothing, fresh air, or the divine creation of my Lord, what you call God, then you tell me, who is holding us!?" - 

Well, I am not sure if he was the son of God ( ), because we are all in the same place, children of our Lord, but Jesus Christ definitive is and was a JEWISH man and one of the very best, bring so much goodness to humanity, that the Christians would not let him go, need him! - 

I protect me and my children with the law, any law worldwide, including the human rights acts, magna carta, rule of law and canon law, that my lord is my witness, so help me god and so be it in law,  Rosario Castellanos de Parker