Thursday, 24 May 2018

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle AFTER wedding celebration! -

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I want to believe that in the United Kingdom, also apply the respect to all not matter age, color, disability (Meghan´s sister suffer MS), sexual orientation, religion and the reasons why I made a blog to communicate with "family problems" from the ex-husband and some members of my family, with the hope that we can sort the matter (to no avail).

As such I do not bring this matter, issue, family problem to the FB page of Diana, Princess of Wales even if her sons - concern, because this matter happened "after she passed away", never before when she was alive, that could end up blame - frame after of everything and as before so many times like me and not the real people that caused the complete mess, holocaust, bullying, intolerance, abuse of power and profession, hate propaganda, ill / sick spread, etc.

This is the start, begin, beginning of the life, from a married man, Prince Henry (Harry), someone that choose his bride, future and life to come, nobody else and I assume - not a small child himself, that society want to think, but a real man that is capable of walk all by himself, alone, unaided and on one side of his wife, without a helping hand for support, because he is not an invalid, but a very well adjusted individual.

Furthermore when the world want to think, that Prince Harry is the son of nobody, but his stunning and REAL mother, HRH Princess Diana of Wales and left here the link and photo, for your attention and knowledge and in order No to be confuse - not matter intention, with respect.

The reasons why I bring the link here (Camilla gets frank ..), to this FB page, for the rest to sort matter,  however possible can-   -as this form of unsolicited and unprovoked attack a woman, that passed away (RIP), entertainment is not wanted anymore in Diana's FB page-  -and name not matter if her son, but same to continue now with Prince Henry (Harry), exactly as happened to Diana's in the past, when married Prince Charles, then blame / frame after, even insulted with the most horrendous words, ways, forms and shapes possible to mind, when in reality she is the one bullied, trashed, hurt, blame, frame and we are sick of this bullying and intolerant attitude (please read the following link, note in my blog) and no happy! -

I think today is time, when we said BULLYING should be a crime in law, as so many victims that comes from the horrid, horrible, unprovoked and unwanted attack, hate propaganda, ill-sick spread and depraves bullies, starting from me (ex/husband and his "family problems") and my children (at school, etc) as victims, HRH Princess Diana of Wales (with prince Charles), Paula Yates (with bob geldof) and etc, Stop, Full Stop Bullying! -

And all for the Madam, Duchess to get a crash course after married (?), mean nobody check matters before, but leave the rest to sort matters, as if I am your doormat to be used FREE, zero hours, no wage, benefits, entitlements and later blame, frame, used, abused, trashed to own pasture, excuses, lies (5 boys, the river, the kiss, etc), when act like Diana, Princess of Wales before, that need to use the media to communicate her own bullying, bullies and bullshit, "a form of thank you", when she gave all for Queen, Country, Glory, Land and wonder where is she today after such sacrifices, but used like slave and even cashed by her own family, after abused as unwanted item, something that you can place in the bin after cashed, when is a crime in law for your amusement, entertainment, the Slavery!-

Camilla told Diana "you can have any man you want" with refer to her husband, Prince Charles and that was a big lie, pushed to own limits to act as slut, changed from one man to another and in order to be denigrate in public and fully married by the law, church and you name it, as we saw all the way when Camilla and Prince Charles re-instated own love affair and requested Diana, Princess of Wales to find LOVE somewhere else, in the arms of another man, jump from one to another, when both (Prince Charles and Camilla) married committing adultery, but "stable relationship after" and every man Diana ever wanted, either killed, harassed, denigrate and even falsely blame to be the father of one of her children, Prince Henry (Harry), but what a cheap stunt! -

Today same entertainment comes direct to Prince Henry (Harry), better to say, continues with him and even dare to use the word "Mexico" where his wife father presently lives, when my children bullied, trashed at school and rejected the idea to be seeing next to me, a Mexican Mother, on that time was a BIG issue for them, RACISM within the limits of any school principles, rules and their own SEGREGATE culture, coming from a religious background and even the headmaster told me that he will sued me for spreading lies and I want him to know, that even today, I am still waiting for him and his tread, when is against the UK law presently and demonstrate in a court of law not just incite fear, as who's mother like own children to be trashed, bullied this way and think that such bullies ( ) own the law, in which, the ex/husband was present so many times during the meetings, to no avail, because he used me and his children to help for whatever his means, ways and forms, mean placed today, with full intention and wonder where is the UK law for this incest, abuse, bullying, hatred, etc - purchased?!-

Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall was not sure of family drama before wedding, mean lies that perhaps came from Meghan´s side regarding her father family, when one of his children are trashed in public (MS illnes), furthermore when Prince Harry represent the Invictous games, a wave of hypocrisy, that can cost him his reputation ( ), time spend to re-build his image, when his own mother, Princess Diana teach him complete different, but want to use him, exactly like his own mother, HRH Diana, Princess of Wales, what a wave of charade! -

So as you can see with all this circus display, entertainment and orchestrate choreography, but nothing comes to Camilla's children, except Diana's, even today, that she is not near the Royal Family, but with aid of her children, used, abused, trashed in public, no nice, shows the status of those women that comes from such low background not Diana that was falsely blame, frame, trashed, pushed, insulted in the past, so who in reality is the bully, because yesterday, still today?-

Placing people like me, that comes with domestic abuse and in order to satiate to may concern today, when match almost alike to Diana with Prince Charles and today Camilla represent domestic abuse (?), tell me if we are not complete confuse, placing the person that hurt Diana, protect by Prince Charles and question if she can understand victims (?) that way, exactly like the ex/husband ready to please anyone, exactly like Prince Charles, never-ever their own family, children (prince harry and william), wife (Diana, Princess of Wales!!), but trashed, used, abused with unwanted and unprovoked attacks, bullying and without permit, consent, knowledge and in order as in my case and Diana's, benefit the immediate "family problems", forced into this melodrama, family fortunes, endless problems, holocaust, because me and Diana are out of their own life today, with respect, furthermore when writing of the same, to have the excuse later to come against humanity, when all I am doing is advocacy, but demonstrate the abuse of power and profession by such peoples that hold the power, control of the UK and bring us all, to the lowest of the low and with respect, but I AM not happy.

Without knowing all this "family problems", I made a promise to represent Diana, Princess of Wales personal matters and even opened a FB page, the reason was because I wanted to know of my past and together to help each other, also to do advocacy as student of the English Law, but unaware of why I was/am placed here today and not our real family, people that caused the mess, that only cash with grace and endless favors and unfortunately this is too much for a person, background of myself, furthermore without a proper protection squad for me and my children - unable to continue, much more when I know the true of everything and I feel inside hurt, beyond words to be used this way, without my permit, consent, knowledge, like slave when is a crime in law, living in the UK since arrived from Mexico (1985 - 2018) without a proper wage, salary, job, business, financial support and name for myself, for my own benefit and my children, but always graving what is ours by law, left with a cheap excuses, lies (5 boys, the river, the kiss, etc) and used as slave like Diana, Princess of Wales, fear of dying like WWII victims of war, frightened all the time for me and my children like Diana was even prognostic her own death, out of fear, alone in a foreign country, at the call of only God knows, who I believe act as the owners of the UK, mean own everything, downgrade excuse to avoid paying my wages, entitlements, benefits and live well from my name, but the rest UK peoples only to cash, benefit and as mention before with the crash course, someone else get our opportunities, so why them alone, themselves with the fear to end up like WWII victims of war, to do my job and I get their own cash, effort, sweat, entitlements, benefits, jobs, business and opportunities and I want to see if they are going to be happy this way, placed, but STEALING always from the rest, with no respect whatsoever, but want all FREE, like slaves and against the UK law?! -

I protect me and my children with the law, any law worldwide, including the magna carta, canon law, rule of law, that my lord is my witness, so help me god and so be it in law, Rosario Castellanos de Parker