Thursday, 21 March 2019

Meghan Markle (Duchess of Sussex) started a conversation with you?

Friday, 11 January 2019

Unaware if somebody was acting as a joke, spam, or wanted to cash on me, by certain foundation with respect, but a conversation took time, moment and place in my email box, "thinking that was the person", mean Meghan Markle may no true, however, never me, neither my intention, furthermore started first any kind of communication, wanted, or requested the same, but somehow arrived to me, never me to the Duchess, but she to me, OK? -

So, here we go: 

Meghan started a conversation with you
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Meghan (Duchess of Sussex)
Hello Dear
How are you doing
Am having issue with my other account
That's why i have not been able to text you
How is your day? I hope you accomplish all what you set out to do
Meghan - 5 Jan, 23.30

Hello dear, how is Meghan today?
I am doing my best to accomplish my dream, is so hard to have FB pages, blog, invisible friends on the internet, because I never meet anyone, family and time, but doing my best!! -
Speak to you tomorrow,, have a sweet dreams, bye for now!

Meghan (Duchess of Sussex)
Am glad you are okay
You still did't comment on become member of the royal foundation
I hope you did not find it offensive?
Meghan - 6 Jan, 00:23
Good morning
How was your night
I hope you had a wonderful night rest
Meghan - 6 Jan, 7:57

Good afternoon!
If I am honest with you, I am unaware of what is a Royal foundation, mean is something you create with a charity to help other people, but with help from Royalty life, otherwise I would be very thankful if you can explain?
6 Jan, 14:43

Meghan (Duchess of Sussex)
Good evening to you
How is your day?
Meghan - 6 Jan, 17:27
You are correct, Royal foundation is a  Charitable organization which i'm a patron.  We supported 26 charities of the couple’s choice, incorporating the armed forces, children, the elderly, art, sport, Homeless women and children, People with mental disability to raise sustainable sources of funds
Meghan - 6 Jan, 17:49
Good morning to you dear friend
I hope you had a perfect night rest
I pray for God's guidance, favor and grace towards you and all members of your family this new week.
Enjoy the rest of your day
Meghan - Mon, 07:28

Hello Meghan!hope you have a lovely weekend, relaxed!
You mean, you are patron of the Royal foundation which is a Charitable organization and how can I help to improve the life of the rest and in my condition? -
Sorry, I never done the charitable thing before, except advocacy and by the use of my blog, fb pages, internet software and etc.
And all due to "family problems" that somehow the same peoples fixed me into this world, otherwise I would never become noticeable.
Talking about the homeless while is a world problem, but in the UK is going from bad, to worse, and if we can avoid to going further what's better!
I walk on the road, seeing such peoples that unfortunately unable to gain social security benefits, system and services in the community, that our TAXES pay for the matter is not FREE for the local authority to take and use as how they please, no nice!
I worked for FREE, maybe as you call charitable, with the local Trafford authority for many years, xxxx xxxx (removed name to avoid and used xxxxxxxxx instead) from disability depto was in charge, somehow they removed my name after I was used, but during the time of help, we gained loads in charitable stuff for the needed in that area, many new centers for the hard of hearing were open, followed by the rest.
Somehow they fixed me into the disability area, spot, arena, because I lost my hearing when meningitis illness, however it do not make me any better, or worse from the rest and while I wanted to help the community to improve, but never gave my permit, consent, knowledge into anything else, mean fix me without my consent!-
Presently, I worry about a situation of a friend from a family member, unable to help them any further, because somehow, I finished very bad with the trafford disability depto and I mean there, while I live in Scotland.
At the present here, I am fine and find my way even if different from England.
But the family, which I am talking about of a young xxxxx, friend of xxxxx, that is in charge of his / her xxxxx full time, also younger xxxxxxx of xxxx years old,(removed name to avoid and used xxxx instead) mean barely an adult age and unaware of which conditions is able to cope with such heavy load, because unfortunately the local authority would not help, if you do not understand the system like me, but hate to interfere in matters that are not mine, except hear the bits and boobs from time to time that is getting worse, while they use my xxxxxx that are exactly in the same position as them, I do not mind as an adult representative, but unfair when they also comes with little knowledge of the British system.
I am going to be honest with you, the xxxxxx of this young xxxx comes with an illness, that according to the doctors is xxxxx to live, xxxx is presently receiving medical attention in one of the vest hospitals in Manchester, but the man himself got no time for himself that worry me, neither if the local authority presently give them the relevant services in the community, like career to handle, social worker to help fill the paperwork - legal bit, plus benefits, etc.
While you say that represent a charity, how can we help here?
Sorry, but is getting on my nerves this matter, leaving a young xxxx with a xxxxxx in that conditions, going with xxxxx that is not final, plus the worry of where to get extra cash while the xxxxx get better, plus the young xxxxx barely an adult and my children with them helping in the best of position, me here and them over, there is a complete worry, because the ex/husband which is UK national born would not advice and the family grasping for help?!
I will come back later to tell you the name of the young xxxxxx in charge of the family, hospital where own xxxxxxxx receives the treatment to see if you can connect, with the trafford social services to help them any further, mean services in the community while they were working paying taxes, now need help, I would appreciate very much if your charity can help them.
Have a lovely day, take care, bye for now!
Mon, 15:01
Hello Meghan. I got the name of the patient at the hospital Manchester xxx and xxx name is xxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxx, xxx has xxx young xxxx, which are close xxxx of my xxxxxxxxx for many xxxxx now, while my xxxx can help them so much, but we are not doctors, council staff, social security staff, etc, so unable to go any further from here and unaware in which matter, help more and my aim is such services in the community to communicate direct with xxxx, to see in which way to assist any further, without me and mine involve, but worry! -
Thank you for all your help with your charity, speak to you later, blessings!!
Mon, 15:25

Meghan (Duchess of Sussex)
Thanks so much for bringing this to my attention
Am looking into it but will need more information to enable our charity help
I have few questions to ask because there are procedures when it comes to charity organisations
Please check if xxx or any member of xxxx family support any of the royal foundation
We can help her only if she accept to register as member of the royal foundation. There are benefits attached to becoming member of the royal foundation and it will help all what you have asked
She can use the benefit of becoming member of the royal foundation with the social security and good medical care too
You also have to become a member of the royal foundation.

Hi ahain.
Please could you sent to me the link to become part of the Royal Foundation and we take it from there.
I thank you for your time in my matter, I really appreciate very much.

Meghan (Duchess of Sussex)
You are very welcome dear

I was just told the bad news, that the xxxxxxx xxxx just passed away so suddenly, about an hour ago and me worry about other people? -

Meghan (Duchess of Sussex)
Please your contact detail


Meghan (Duchess of Sussex)
Am so sorry to hear about what happened dear
I mean you should provide your contact detail and means of identification

We are mourning, can I come back after to give you the details and speak more over the issue, I feel under the moon at the moment

Meghan (Duchess of Sussex)
Full name, home and work address, phone number, contact email address
Okay dear
Please send my regards to the family

Apologies, something we were not expecting, the xxxxxx was in very good health. ..
Speak to you later, have a nice day, bye for now!

Meghan (Duchess of Sussex)
Okay dear
Please be safe
Meghan - Mon, 16:07

Meghan (Duchess of Sussex)
All Members of the royal foundation are eligible for benefits based on unemployment, sickness, maternity, age, disability and death. The rate dependent on how long they have worked/supported any charity supported by the royal foundation in and outside the UK. Once i receive your details, it will be forwarded to the royal foundation. As soon as your information is scrutinized and certified valid, You will be register as member of the royal foundation and you will be issued the foundations membership card. The card automatically makes you eligible for Tax credit, Housing benefit, Child benefit, Disability Living Allowance,Income Support, Incapacity Benefit, Job-seeker's Allowance, Council Tax Benefit. You will be charged the issuance fee for the foundations membership card and will also be responsible for the delivery of the card to your address.
Meghan - Mon, 18:45

Why I never knew of this system before? - I been living in the UK for more than 30 + years, worked since day one, pay all my taxes as requested and when I lost my job, everything nobody could advice of this system.  I went to the local CAB for advice, nothing!
Sorry to ask, but how much cost to join the service?
I saw on the internet, no sure if the same matters, please advice.
Thank you for your time in my matter, I come back later, have a nice day, bye for now!
Tue, 11:38

Meghan (Duchess of Sussex)
Good morning dear friend
How are you doing today? How is your family and your friend in the xxxxx? I hope all is well with everyone
I received your text about being in the UK for more than 30 years and have not heard of this. What kind of job where you into? why did the authority do nothing when you lost your job? Am sure you have a good record. Never being involve in illegal activities, why then will the authority not do anything about your situation when you lost your job. Anyway, i will ask questions about this to know if there is any reason why your case is handled differently
Meghan - Wed, 01:09
Contact the foundation's Admin Officer in person of xxxxx xxxx with the below listed information's. Full name, Home/work address, phone number, email address and a government issued ID. You also need to indicate your interest to become member of the royal foundation and you will be advised on how to obtain the foundations membership card though i have explained almost everything you need to know regarding the membership card.
xxx xxxx
Admin Officer
Meghan - Wed, 04:52

Thank you so much for your help, I truly appreciate, bye for now, have a nice day, kind regards!.
Wed, 12:51

Meghan (Duchess of Sussex)
You are very welcome
Keep me posted once they respond to you
How are you? How is your xxxx at the xxxx
Meghan, wed 15:54
Are you there?-
meghan Wed, 23:53

Is a xxxxx of the family and only hear the devastate news, me and my kind unable to do any further, so all in the hands of the DR in charge.
I thank you very much for the details, while I would love to participate in such amazing Royal Foundation and I have no doubts of such program to the world community, but at the present time involve in HRH Princess Diana matters, while I do that, I also  understand what happened to me.
As such, presently is not convenient of me to become part of Diana´s children foundation, where maybe put them in a bad - good position, neither intent to take myself advantage of the present situation, place in the middle of anything that may jeopardize my investigation, loyalty to my believes and fix me in a position, where I need to choose, so I prefer to avoid to hurt anyone here.
I thank you again, was wonderful to speak with you, interact, but I prefer this way to communicate, by the use of the internet software and where everybody reads to avoid any misunderstanding, maybe when my books come to the public.
I come back again soon, take good care of yourself, husband and the baby, ciao, hasta pronto, bye for now !!
Thu, 11:39

Meghan (Duchess of Sussex)
I'm in receipt of your message and the content is well misunderstood (?)-
How can you work for HRH princes Diana and you don't have a membership card, Your name is not among those that have been involve in events organised by the royal family
How long have you been working with them? Are they different from our foundation?
I have to remind you that it is illegal to act on behalf of any member of the royal family (?) without proper identification of the membership card
 Meghan - Thu, 14:01

I WANTED TO RESPOND, but I prefer in public!! -

Thank you for your advice, I will remember very well in the future, because HRH Princess Diana of Wales is not another member of the Royal Family presently and since divorce, neither anyone doing advocacy need to be a member of anything, by law in the UK, never me, but your laws! -

The reasons why, with the use of a FB page, I am trying, intent for Diana, Princess of Wales to regain her status in the public life, otherwise I would never bother, but I am also a member of the public that is concern of her passing (RIP) and with respect.

I want to remind Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex with respect, that it was her who contact me vie email, never me at any time, form, or shape, neither is my responsibility to check if real, or someone messed.

As somebody that is investigate a crime, I have the rights to do advocacy for anyone that I see better, mean as a student of law, without the use of any support, charity, foundation, but alone.

And in a form of letter, I have full permit from Prince Harry and Prince William to make a book about their own mother, Princess Diana of Wales, never betrayed the permit, trust, neither create the same, but a FB page as form of respect, but with the last email to me, mean tread (it is illegal to act on behalf of any member of the royal family ?), I will not hesitate to make the sacred book, like hundreds of hundreds of writers, that earn own living that way, why nor me? -  Have a nice day!

Now coming into something else, different from the emails, it was reported on the news, that somebody rejected a handbag, but not everyone wants to participate, one of these peoples was Diana, Princess of Wales own sister ( In a 2013 Mirror article, reporter James Whittaker said that during a lunch Sarah told him she wouldn’t marry Charles “if he were the dustman or the King of England”., neither can be forced, or used as form of tread to enforce, when is against the law in the UK such forms of manipulation, control and mention "must be regretting her life decisions" and wonder why the regret? -

In my case, I want to solve "family problems" conflicts, from the ex-husband and his helpers direct by the use of the internet, expose and gain protection that way, as removed the UK law from me since divorce times, forced to use this system, exposed in the public life, like Diana, Princess of Wales ordeal with Prince Charles (, avoid selling her family direct, different from the ex/husband mother, that she told me of a Lady from Ascot was helping her (maybe part of the Royal Family) and wonder what she was helping with, exactly what was the problem, who was the problem, perhaps reasons why I am placed in public, as now, can you follow my lead and can you understand why is me cashed and not her own child lies against my reputation (5 boys, the river, the kiss, etc) and part of her British way of life, because I am Mexican taken advantage of my ignorance of the British way of life!!? -

Except, that I am not a slave to be sold, cash by nobody, with any excuses, because slavery is a crime in law, when there is millions who rather participate with the Royal family direct, but not me and I already explain my reasons why not, so how many times in my blog I shall mention and that is not call cashing, after removal of everything from my reach, including peace to manipulate, control, force me to request help from the public, like Diana, Princess of Wales after the criminal assault !? .. -

No reasons to attack my personal life, with endless matters, avalanche of bullying that comes against my persona, only because I am writing what the public already knows from Diana, Princess of Wales interview and the rest, mention in my blog with details, left photos to continue, when Prince Charles and his family should deal direct with the bully when child ( ), never me, or Diana, Princess but leave us in peace, because many times bullying, actually kills, destroy life and is not for me to deal with the person, but own family to seek help, instead blame innocent! -

This is not to distribute personal information to nobody, because I am not sure if the real person, but protect myself by any kind of malice, hate propaganda, intolerance, matter, because the Duchess of  Sussex comes with own mother to help her, never me, I cannot take the place of her own mother when alive, well, happy and help her child. but them to sort own life. 

I protect me and my children with the law, any law worldwide, including the human rights acts, magna carta, rule of law and canon law, that my lord is my witness, so help me god and so be it in law,  Rosario Castellanos de Parker