Monday, 4 February 2019

Plan to evacuate The Queen Elizabeth II, after Brexit ..

God Bless The Queen! -

Plan to evacuate the highest command in law of the UK, which is The Queen Elizabeth II after a no -Brexit and I ask in law, why to evacuate, what are the reasons in law for the escapade, what is there to hide and from who, furthermore why now see, the extent of the damage may bring to the UK, with riots as a result and not before the referendum and not before the general election and not before commitment fully, with the European community.

-  By the use of my UK citizenship, I am allowed to ask many questions relevant to Brexit, gain answers, entitle fully all the details regarding the case, true facts regarding matters, before any commitment and together with the rest (UK = Scotland, England, Wales and Ireland) to find an amicable solution, never commit when doubt, when no explain properly, when guess, when hide the true, but fully understood, explain in plain English, hold a copy each over matters, never gamble the life of The Monarchy, Country, Land and Glory, because in reality, nobody knows fully well, what is going to happen after Brexit.

-  By the power that The Queen Elizabeth II gives us ( ), I have the right to ask, request, question, demand proper answers at any time, of anything that jeopardize my safety, freedoms, rights, liberties and laws regarding Brexit, rightful to place an honest opinion, as now, if I see something is not right, express fully my point of view in public and for public concern without suffering reprisals by no-one, furthermore when the concern is regarding safety (evacuate) of the Souvenir of the country is our duty to protect, care, respect and even expose, if necessarily, anything that removes our peace, comfort, wealth, opportunity, benefits, jobs, prosperity, education, family, parents and even our children and yes, I do have the rights without questioned all the time, over my attitude by no-one, but respect, show tolerance and the same as me is the rest in the UK, because is our right to protect Queen, Country, Land and Glory! -

As such, I ask with respect, what is Brexit:  "A state of war country, or a merely removal of the European community membership (?)", furthermore when nobody got a clue over matters, never investigate properly, neither intent to read agreement and purpose of the same, before going into Brexit, but still want to drag us into the unknown, hold the UK (Scotland, England, Wales, Ireland) as a random, hijack our life, rights, freedoms, laws, liberties with little, or none investigation?!"-

If Brexit is so good for the UK, then I ask, why need to affect badly, even The Queen Elizabeth II (evacuate), when is only a exit from the European community, but hold the rest of us, like trophy, instead of a respectful manner, above all pay taxes for a good service, never to be dragged into personal problems, something that belong from government to government, perhaps staff resolution, between UK and EU, never the community, because in reality, nobody should bring personal matters, problems, issues to work, but leave them at home and I ask, who monitor ( "MP calls for social media regulation"  when politics affairs concern all of us, part of our community, why no monitor politicians for once, because I have a concern regarding Brexit!!?) behavior, from politics affairs? -

Why assume that Brexit will lead us into riots, if not the same disagreement will bring the outcome of the country protest, discontent, mean an unprovoked attack to the souvenir of the country, made with full intention, instead of seeing venues of peace, like ask for another referendum, but this time with full facts, true matters and no more lies!? -

I want to know, what is the purpose of Brexit, who is going to benefit, what's good for the country, in which way will change the cost of living, our way of life, for who is Brexit, mean is an exit, or intent to start a war, in which way will change the course of the law, may sabotage the peace with the excuse, what measures to control, stop, furthermore when jeopardize the stability of the country, when the measure (evacuate) was used during WWII and the Queen Mother refused to move and she said: "The children won't go without me. I won't leave without the King. And the King will never leave." .. full stop! -

The Queen cannot get involve, dragged into any kind of dispute regarding Brexit, "except when concern her safety only", because this is not Scotland (Independence) part of the UK (Scotland, Wales, England and Ireland) years ago, complete different matter - one, to another, but her own government to deal alone and if they want the Brexit, except keep Her Majesty, The Queen posted all the time with the results.  Because The Queen Elizabeth II do not rule the European community, but ruled by own Monarchy ( see my FB page that holds a quarter of Monarchy life around the globe, far to many for The Queen to get involve in foreign matters that concern her own government only, like Brexit, never Her Majesty!! -  ) and as such cannot get involve, jeopardize the excellent relationship from one to another, at any cost, such interference can become complete dangerous, that during WWI and WWII many Kings and Queens were wiped as a result (see Germany, Russia, etc), but her own government to use the initiative, find a way to compromise, pursuit peace at all cost, gain communication all the time, restore confidence, etc.

Here, there is not a Constitutional / House of Lords / Article 50 / Monarchy crisis, except their own government, that wants to lead us into Brexit, with no research properly into the matters, insist to solve differences, problems by removal of the EU, instead to find a final solution, not a catastrophe, personal issues and etc!-

We have the right to ask, as many questions we see reasonable, regarding our concern with Brexit and what is going to gain in the long term and government staff to answer such concerns in a polite, courteous way, furthermore during transaction other than wars, because the rest (Scotland, etc) may start after with the exit (Independence) from the UK (England, Wales, Ireland, Scotland), dragging the rest of us into another personal problem and I wonder to ask, who monitor such behavior within politics affairs? -

As a tax payer, I have the rights to use the local services in the community for me and my children, without the interference of a third people, including politicians and (local) government staff that monitor, control such council services for us and today, I am unable to understand why, I was refused the same privileges as the rest, including the II plus exam from Trafford is only an excuse to select whoever they seek better, pass to the rest our opportunities, remove our children their own human rights, forced to work to pay the school fee's by lack of support and in order to gain such education, when our taxes in the community (trafford), pay for the luxury was not free, but removed as a result of the interference.   On that time, I went to see Sir Brady to place my concerns over matters, debating a few numbers that my children missed the holy, almighty and sacred, "II plus exam", to no avail and just before I left his posh pad, office, when reached the front door the man concern whispered, then I turn over to understand his words, "he wished me luck!" -   I am not going to wish Mr Brady nothing today, I only want to ask him, what is like to be in my place, position, but years ago, when my world was about to collapse and he only wished me good luck, instead of help, but left me on my own, complete alone.   I am not going to be placed into Mr Brady's same (low) level, but he will have to explain to my children and for public concern, why he failed them so badly, mean you, we are talking about a few numbers missed in the II plus exam, never half's, or even a quarter, including own human rights trashed into small pieces, unable to gain the education that their own parents (me and the ex/husband) worked so hard for them, "when we were paying taxes, never was free", because size of the person is not going to intimidate me at any time, believe me when I am telling you, I have been seeing better and same level for a long time, when intent to protect my children from such (racism is the difference in treatment from one race, to another!!-) strong force, but his own education was left for everyone to see today! -   I want today my children to receive a full public apology, because it was a matter of racism, more than anything, when I hold the full backing of Saint Bede's college that was unable to understand reasons why, of the refusal of my children in Trafford area education system, compensation direct to my children for injury of feelings and my money back, when I never need to pay for same kind of education that Trafford council offers, but forced to move to Manchester (Saint Bede's) and on that time, I went to see all of them (Mr Brady and Trafford council education depto) several times, child after child, mean more racist such people could not become, affecting even my health by the worse bullies, ASBOS of society, intolerance and racism.  With respect to The Queen, Elizabeth II maybe my children can pardon the past, but I am not because the whole system, racism and even II plus exam left me complete drain and not just my health badly affected by the (bullies) intolerance, racism when going around in circles with the problem, affecting child by child that was obvious and even the Head teacher (  - Mr Mackmorrow) sent me threats letters and only for asking, that he will sued me and I want him to know, that I am still waiting for the blessed day?! - After seeing the movie African doctor ( ) and Loving truly understood, what the ex/husband and I went into ( ) not quite the same, but not far from it and I mean with the racism and in fact, we lost the lot as a result, even our dignity with the fight for our rights, particularly myself I was left drained, but a few times dragged the ex/husband to the meetings and as such is normal for me today, ask, a form of compensation to Graham Brady and Trafford council services, because they should know better, understand the UK law and own work principles, knew fully well what they were doing, who they were playing with, where they wanted to reach, what was their own aim, pursue and us paying taxes for the abuse of power and profession?!-  Instead to tell me by the local government staff and MP in charge of Trafford (Mr Brady) on that time, what was the problem (soco emigrate to the UK from Germany after divorce and she asked me details of Mr Brady and council services to gain help, benefits, but unaware of any "family problems" after gain the information passed to family members that cashed  based on slander against my reputation; 5 boys, the river, the kiss, the china girl, etc, removed everything from me and mine, even the law with respect to the Queen:  and even my mother helped arrived, with full knowledge of the trafford council staff, all this complete circus, orchestrate, helped, hide with "confidentiality acts" the cowards? -  ), reasons of refusal, why services in the community of Trafford removed from our reach, but fully supported the family problems (5 boys, the river, the kiss, etc), intolerance, criminal activity, bullying and hide with confidentiality acts, when they understand fully well the principles of laws and their own position in this country, never foreign people, many members of my family, but British Institution, incredible the assault to our persona and way of bullying society! -  

I hope today, such professional misconduct, understand fully well, what I endure during my stay in Trafford and I want you to know, that me and my children are victims here, never believe that was our fault at any time, but such people in charge of the community should know better, when used as wall and for us unable to gain a good quality of life when paying taxes, but removed of our human and civil rights, NEVER AGAIN!! -

I protect me and my children with the law, any law worldwide, including the human rights acts, magna carta, rule of law and canon law, that my lord is my witness, so help me god and so be it in law,  Rosario Castellanos de Parker