Monday, 13 May 2019

Crown Prince Charles VS HRH Princess Diana of Wales Charity Format ..

Princess Diana-You raise me up!

HRH Princess Diana of Wales throughout her entitle life was a livid supported, president and patron of more then 500 charities around her belt, changing attitudes and serving others without a voice, she made hundreds of visits to hospices, schools, hospitals, charities at home and abroad, never at any time she create a charity on her name, for herself and exploited her position to become rich, wealthy.

- Contrary of Crown Prince Charles, elder son of the Queen Elizabeth II, that create a charity 1976 from his Duchy of Cornwall ( ) trust, the grant acts very much like any banking system that lends you money, with facility of many years for repayment plan ( ), such investment today create a self-made-billionaire ( ), contrary of his mother, The Queen Elizabeth II.

- Prince Charles young children same to follow his own pattern, when create charity that no other British Royal function that way and addressing "mental health" -

- The Spencer Family September 1997 create Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fund, foundation based on grant after the death of HRH Princess of Wales to continue her humanitarian work at home and abroad, the fund closed on 31 December 2012 "apparently" when successfully completed the programmed, work aimed at improving lives of the most disadvantaged people in the UK and around the world, but in reality was her own son, Prince William who closed the foundation and in order to stop people near him abusing, family members and using his mother to exploit £$ her memory.,_Princess_of_Wales_Memorial_Fund

- We only need to see the Vatican, who is another collector of multiple charities around the globe ( ) and the world still poor, because the monies collected is for them, as you can see the castles where they live, never for the luxury life of The Holy See.

Since younger, I saw my parents cash direct to the aid of the church, we were left with no food after school as all and everything was given to them by my mother, today I believe she was blackmail and exploited by her own religion, forced to handle cash to them due to favors and grants, today some family of mine kept the rewards, as you only need to see how well they live, an idea how well is the business.

I am like my father, I hate charities, mean "exploitation of human people forced many times to work for free is SLAVERY, against the law and a crime", in aid of I do not know who´s, as in reality the poor continues poor and the rich becomes wealthy beyond your dreams, as in the case of Prince Charles privilege, because his two very young brothers and his sister is a complete different story, many need to work ( ) to subside lifestyle, others lose own business ( ) as a result of no Duchy of Cornwall to subside lifestyle. 

My aim with this note is to highlight the difference of life, treatment not just to Monarchy, but us peoples in the UK that pay taxes, because we already know since years ago the riches of the Royal Family, but unaware who subside the lifestyle.

We live in a world where some can and the rest cannot due to privilege of background not matter how hard we work in the UK, many lose own jobs, business, lifestyle and everything for no reasons, mean the power, interference from the elite, rich and spoiled rotten society against us, community must stop you to reach your full potential, because poor people do not have the capacity, means, ways, forms to even consider stopping you, but nothing stop them to gain a fountain of wealth with any reasons:
etc ..

In a society of food banks, poverty strikes, lacks of education and services and endless taxes, then we question the value for services for us in the community, because for the rich somehow, they work very fast and not so fast for the rest of us, that pay taxes:
etc ..

I am please that some news anchor are taken this subject of "homeless" very serious, because belong to all of us not just to me, the concern of the waiting list is fast for some people, but slow for the rest:
etc ..

I just went to Glasgow shopping center and there was not one single road free of homeless human people, unfortunately was me, or them to eat that day, but the person who accompany me gave them charity money.

Last month I went to Trafford area, also homeless people roaming free on the streets, except next day an officer with her radio locate, accommodate the man, found a place to stay safe.

Please do not take me wrong as this is not envy, neither I am Mother Theresa of Calcutta, or the UK Prime Minister to be in charge of this problem, but a simple person that is feed up paying taxes that do not work for me, "unless I got a friend in the UK system to my aid", mean rich person like Royal family, Government Staff, or the Vatican as mention before!!? -

I am sick to see HUMAN PEOPLE roaming on the roads with no help whatsoever, from family, friends, or system that is supposed to be for us, "the community that pays taxes" not the rich individual in charge of our life with any excuses, because for that need our permit, consent, knowledge first, before anything! -

I am feed up, that our taxes do not pay for to gain privacy, neither an independent life, away from "family problems" that brings us only "problems" and when anyone is having "problems", they use that excuse of "problems" to go and see rich peoples for help, because we are not merchandise, but human people.

While I am not ungrateful person with any world system, but I am not living in Mexico, but England to know full well the difference, over there taxes are minimum, almost nothing in compare with the UK that are maximum ££$$$$$$ and still cannot gain service not just me, but homeless, or anyone that need a simple service in the community and you only need to ask those Royal peoples, what is like to be living in such hard conditions, but own children spoiled rotten in the UK.

When I arrived to the UK 1985 (married an Englishman now divorce) never ever saw this divide society of rich and poor human people, furthermore roaming freely on the road and my needs passed without any consideration, care, respect, permit, consent and under the water (as they want to believe, that I am unaware, mean passing the law without asking me first for my consent, opinion, etc!?) as if I am invisible to a third people, many unknown to me, neither unaware of any charity on the time ( and shout for help? - ), but a system that worked for my needs, matters and problems.

My problem is I am paying taxes, the one the government and the local council ask and request, never miss one, even if that week I do not eat, but pay my duties and the sad reality is the system that is receiving my monies do not work for me, unless I got a friend in that system, I saw with the ex/husband, everything fast, same day and you name it, no problem, mean him and his family use a very well position man / woman for help? -

I remember fully well in the past, the ex/husband telling me so many times, that the UK system was for his peoples only and I told him, that his peoples should pay the taxes, never us, but show us the way to gain a system into a multi racial society from the UK, that was when the love, respect and everything gone together with his "family problems" -

"Reasons why I want to request today, that what I pay in taxes for a system, services that do not work for me, unless I got a friend in that system, but with same money, I purchase a private (NHS, DWP, etc) service and finish with the problem" - 

Because if I see an audiologist the mold is too big for me and if I see a dentist for the last 12 months, the professional never mention my tooth broken and assume is cover with part of my false teeth and if I use a local GP for a simple prescription, I end up embroiled into a sexual harassment case ( see link photo: ) when I am not a doctor, mean I cannot check my body from me to me and prescribe my medication, but even landed in the hospital as a result of complaint and this weird world deter me to see another professional part of a corrupt UK system that strip, removes my privacy, lacks duty of care and hijack my human rights, NEVER AGAIN!?-

This kind of public entertainment was seeing with Diana, Princess of Wales with the paparazzi case and her private life monitor all the time, similarities in many things with me, that I question how I landed here, who was following me and since when, for me today repeat same ordeal when never born into any Monarchy, but Mexico?! -
etc ..

The UK system is not a charity, but pays with taxes the luxury, while it's good to help humanity, but I question the financial ££$$$ exploitation from certain charities, when slavery mean own a human person for any requirements, reasons, excuses is against the law, in fact a crime! -  

I protect me and my children with the law, any law worldwide, including the human rights acts, magna carta, rule of law and canon law, that my lord is my witness, so help me god and so be it in law, Rosario Castellanos de Parker