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Nigel Farage is a “person of interest” in the US counter-intelligence investigation ..

Lee Greenwood - God Bless America

1-  Nigel Farage is a "person of interest" in the US counter-intelligence investigation that is looking into possible collusion between the Kremlin and Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, the Guardian has been told.

2-  I wrote a similar matters days ago, intending to do advocacy between America and Russia issues, before and after the campaign, as I recall.

-  I wonder if politics affairs follows me "after" my notes published in my blog, in order to take FULL advantage and use me, "without my permit, consent and knowledge", even as messenger as, "go and tell them (Like the ex/husband sister social worker, carol parker to her father, "dad can you tell him?" - Now use me based on intimidation and in order to make a reaction and then,  "I go and tell the world about the bully", soon after the BULLY get the bonus, which is "everything that is mine", passed to the bully and the rest eat from the abuse, even my unborn children, like carnivores? -  I question is this cheap system is teaching our children of today, due to lack of proper education, instead to use the correct channels, furthermore if my children fallen by this cheap crap and stunt, how disappointed I am!!?- )", instead to "go and lead better" the world ?! -

-  When I was younger, I was molested horrendous "physically and verbally", by a brother (rafael), on that time, I was just helping my mother, as she was unable to run around the house trying to catch my brother (rafael).

-  I found in my earlier years, that the manner in which my brother (rafael) conducted himself towards my mother was very in-respectful, unlovable, unforgiving, furthermore when I saw her out of breath, by all the unnecessary running around the house, as she was trying to catch him, but failed, failed and failed.

-  On that time, my brother (rafael) knew fully well, what he was doing when running from my mother, what he wanted to achieve when laughing at my mother and how far he wanted to arrive from the game against my mother, "enjoyed himself from here to the moon and back", so no matter age, he (rafael) knew fully well "right and wrong", also which bottom to press, which words to use and what crap of lies (5 boys, the river, the kiss, etc) to aid him, and in law, any law worldwide, "he (rafael) acted with full intent" -

-  My brother (rafael) never acted alone, but together with a sister (mara), that aid each other, as bonded when lived with my elder sister (josefa).  My elder sister (josefa) has nothing to do with any of those matters mention before, as she was married and away from my parents home, but offered her home, with good intentions to my sister (mara) and brother (rafael), with thanks! -  My mother could not control my brother (rafael) and as mention before (running wild around the house!!?) and my father could not control my sister (spreading hate against my father and all my family!!?) and as such landed in the care of my elder (josefa) sister (see the photo below and in order to assist my note, ready to go to Mexicali, true or false!).

-  Before we carry on, without knowing fully well, except now with the investigation into the family, that as I mention before in my previous notes and today again, that I will always said, that my elder sister (pepita jr) daughter is the mirror image of my sister (mara) and even my brother (rafael), (like when pepita jr came to Manchester after the wedding 1985 and got lost, in fact she rang the police, when she and her friend alejandra got lost in manchester city centre 1985, acting exactly the same as my brother rafael, when running against my mother in her home, but this young lady was running all over manchester city centre and the ex/husband as witness, because I could not speak direct with the police in English, so I passed to him the phone?- ), ready to assist any of them (mara and rafael) and to do as they want, please and demand (pepita jr insulted the ex/husband "blanco marrano", without warning and out of the blue came the verbal insult, her friend alejandra as witness, next to her when taking the bus back to london from manchester 1985, the same action with mara in her home, as I visit her with carol parker, we need to arrange visa and marriage paperwork before wedding 1985, without any warning and out of the blue mara insulted carol "stupid", on the same day but hours before, carol parker called mexican peoples "indians" in the metro and I told her that the next time, she travel by herself, the name itself is an insult verbally to my peoples? - mara comes with strong problems against my father and so pepita jr against her father, javier corona and so the ex-husband and his sister social worker, against their own mother, betty parker, MIX MATCH with similar teaching low standards, verbal / physical abuse, violent outburst, corruption, hide and seek sickness, no wonder they are best mates in life, assimilate so good in this kind of bullying process and stream, make so many groups of criminal activity, that attract similar destructive punish , sick / ill behavior!-  ).

-  Soon after my brother (rafael) arrived from Mexicali / Guadalajara, as he stayed with my elder sister (josefa) for a little while, he was touching me physically in a manner, that is/was not appropriate, also insulting me verbally (same as flor was called by roberto azpiri = putita, puta, etc ) and as mention before and out of the blue with no reasons, or set of reasons legally, except provocative manner, try to incite, with malice, bullying and abuse, that the incident against me, could land him today in prison for the offence, also lose all his properties and passed to me by the level of violence against me and mine.  

-  One thing is that we are brother (rafael) and sister (me) and another very different is the necessity to hide verbal and physical abuse for a long time, the strong need to"go and tell the world about the bully (as mention before with carol parker with her dad: but my matters was not bullying, as I knew how to hit rafael back, but different when physical / verbal abuse, unaware how to handle touching, "all over my body" and insulting me with degrading names, like happened to flor!- )", the abuse ended after married (except when I visited my mother, after she passed away, rafael, mela and ana pia inside the mausoleum, screaming and calling names, I asked the ex/husband, but the JUDAS deny and the reasons why I divorce him, as he knew from a long time, but played the same games as the rest, unable to tell me, as gain favors, graces and opportunity! -), but returned after divorce, before that, the bullies killed my unborn children with the sick / ill spread against my reputation and all to please him (rarael) and the other sister (mara) malice, lies (5 boys, the river, the kiss, etc) and sick spread and like them (rafael / mara) the rest (pepita jr, raul, carol, teresa solana, luis francisco solis, julian gali, etc) followers and the sick pair (mara and rafael) can land my elder sister (josefa) in trouble, when she (josefa) has nothing to do with matters at any time, but she (josefa) did her work impeccable, honest, clean and clear.

-  The same as me is my elder sister (josefa) and my brother (jose), we are what the bullies hate so much and enormously, "as they want to be us" but unable, then "destroy", sorry, but the true and reflects even in psychology, mean in plain English, that when someone bully us is envy, they want something from us so badly, that need to destroy, rip apart, bully and even kill for the trill ! - And I said this matter because, when my father was poorly and stayed in my elder sister (josefa) home (with thanks!), she confide in me (with tears and sorrow in her eyes, from the Judas sister mara, that sold her for lies and peanuts!!), as she told me, that the other sister (mara) told her of her husband (abused her sexually, the same matter and spread against my brother jose and mara never continue with same lies, as stopped by the rest on time, never before, as if stopped on time before, we will never be where all the family is today, exposed "for public and public concern" and by me, because the abuse, lies and spread cannot continue, neither criminal activity, as the ex/husband family is too close to mine and let's me guest since when, why, how and by who's?! - ) and this is when I told her (josefa), to pull herself together, that the problem / incident / spread was done before (unable to tell her of my brother jose, as I was unaware of, if she knew or not, as I am not God to know everything and I hate gossip!) and promise me never to divorce her husband, that all was lies (and if it is true, then I request mara to honor such lies against javier corona and her alone with him to solve the problem and leave me and my sister josefa totally alone, also the rest., as mara got guts before to spread such horrid matters, then today, please clarify the same and by herself, nobody else involve, except mara and javier corona, full stop!-), so as you can see today, this sister (mara) wanted to destroy the marriage of the other sister (josefa), when hers (mara) was falling into pieces by the ill spread against our blood, roots and family (raul never believe fully well, the lies from mara, otherwise he would never asked me of the same ill / sick spread, but I kept quite, as I did know fully well, how far the same spread was running complete wild!), against the one (josefa) that feed her (mara), when in time of need (mexicali / guadalajara) and was there for her (mara), as I remember how well she (mara) was kept (university place, new car, wardrobe with stunning clothes, well you name it and me looking after 5 children, plus the other 2, when flor and lupy need with no wage, no car, no education, or clothes and if ever, share with the rest, unable to have friends as removed, forced to terminate and passed to someone else: 5 boys, the river, the kiss, etc?!!!), compare to me!?-

-  I looked after 5 children (flor) single handled (see photo pancho next to me and my parents, this is how much he trusted us, with thanks! - ) and when I was 9 years old, also the other 2 children (lupy), no need my parents of this world of madness and with respect, when rich and capable themselves, but lacked the time, control and correct channels, but helped to shape the children of today, mean the elders (pancho / lorena) of those children (azpiri / matamoros) answer to me for the rest and at any time, because if you can not see my "a-likes, similarity and mini -me" is not my problem, but the good seed is there to follow and at the first time, as now and today, but I am not culprit for what came after - married, for who took charge after, for what the bad seed infected the rest, for what is destroyed of my reputation and unaware until now, to know fully well of such abuse! -

-  I am not like the rest of my sisters / brothers, except as mention before, very little contact with my elder sister (josefa) and I appreciate what she (josefa) done to me, when removed the intolerance from me and as such, I am ably the same today, to protect and entitle to live free from bullies, above all she (josefa) done nothing wrong with my other sister (mara), neither myself, as mention before ENVY destroy the rest, but the ill / sick spread and lies took over, destroyed the family trust and everything went dawn the pan and of course, such opportunities stole from us! -

-  My elder sister (josefa) comes with own children, no problem, but as I mention before with the examples, than as such, I need that everything runs nice and efficient with my elder sister (josefa), exactly as she done to me in the past, that my near (pancho) will make sure all is handled with peace, harmony, tolerance and respect between parents and children (corona) and I don't need to repeat myself again, understand? -  In other words and plain English, I need to make sure, nobody is molesting and hurting my elder sister (josefa) and the rest will follow after, when they see the good example, the mini - me, the good seed and above all, please respect each other, parents, brothers, sisters, children, etc! -

-   What Nigel Farage has to do with this matters mention before, is that he looks as my brother (rafael), when removes from my reach, all my hard work (even friends, boyfriends, ex/husband, with sick spread and aid with mara and the rest as helpers!), taking opportunity, based on lies (5 boys, the river, the kiss, etc!), sick / ill spread, pretending perhaps and as mention before in the beginning of this note, with points 1 and 2 and as I am not God to know everything, neither I hold a magic ball, but the hints that arrive to me, after my post in my blog, as if trying to tell me something, steal, use me, opportunities, hard work, that my Lord is my witness, so help me God and so be it in law, Rosario Castellanos de Parker.


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