Sunday, 28 May 2017

Prime Minister, Theresa May wants to control media, but not the lack of services in the community, that failed even Manchester? -

No music, when use violence to intimidate PEACE, bring fear to PACIFIC peoples and want to control freedoms and birth rights!-

- The services FAILED and not the social media that is the only way, for and toll that can warn peoples, friends and community, but badly attacked, forced to commit and dob-legate, or else! -

- Failed - security and lack of services in the community and all due to cuts, but punish innocents?!
etc ..

- Failed - me and the community so many times, but instead, bring even dogs to control?!
I only ask, why the police presence was missing in the event of Ariana Grande, Manchester Arena and who was supposed to search bags, handbags and personal items, due to severity of apparently "terror suspects", like happens at the airport, before any social event and who is liable of not doing job properly due to cuts, but the Prime Minister wants to control media (not matter good or bad the media news, but at least WARN peoples, expose and with the hope to run for your life!) and I ask, what is there to be afraid, same thing happened when France General election and used to give support to certain leaders candidates?! -

- Happened to me at Marks and Spencer, who came to my aid?
The bully, Morissons Taxi Driver?  ..
Even toilet is not safe for me, Ramadan Abedi: "We don't believe in killing innocents, this is not us"-

'MI5 was warned'
Theresa May pay for cuts, but blame media, or whoever is in the way, "as punching bag?!" -
Manchester Bombing Firefighter Tells Of 'Guilt, Shame And Anger' Over Delayed Deployment
It is nice to see police presence almost everywhere: "Police with machine guns sent to guard vulnerable beaches"
and etc ..

It looks to me, that all was done (Manchester RIP) to gain votes, perhaps why Prime Minister wants to control social media (good or bad but at least warn the community!) and fail into trap of brexit, back again! -
etc ..

The multicultural ( message is "that not everyone is a murdered" and "respect should be give to everyone the same", but well behave children, civilians, hard working individuals that pay taxes the same as the rest, but the thing that if you got to own countries to destroy, murder and attack, like Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, then what message is for such children that see hate only, as young generation that witness hatred, like bomber Salman Abedi?!
etc ..

We read on the news, that some worldwide countries persecuted in public, when "share information and channel communication (leads to nowhere!)" is/was a normal thing in the past read: (   "we have back channel communications with a number of countries."), today is risky, even for politicians to even intent to enquire, when want to gain "some privacy (like me!)", so what changed today and what is there to be afraid of and I said the matters, as we got a Queen to protect, when I become UK citizens and I even sworn loyalty for the matters and as such my interference, also I got my children to protect, when I lost unborn children, so where is my crime, or is only the Uk peoples to gain justice, etc!? -

I already spoke of the same matters before (What is not clear if his son, Salman Abedi was used (  ) and then by which organisation (, also Ramadan Abedi shows sadness for matters but express ( "We don't believe in killing innocents"), "this is not us (", the symptoms for incident at Manchester Arena (RIP) is share by millions worldwide, may become sustainable fraud ( in a way, by forthcoming vote campaign, perhaps need to re-direct / divert matters, with several things standing in the way for some reasons, that went from bad to worse during the election campaign (, for example targeting the sick and ill spread, intolerant, grotesque, abusive (, bully tactics and personal attack, direct on dementia peoples (, matters and issues, including and non - extent the old, fragile, children, disabled, girls (, women, religious affairs for peace resolutions ( and even community affairs ( ), without mention membership! -, that is not only me, but my blog covered in links, mean in law, other peoples opinion matters!.-

And as such, I am going for a long holiday, as the neighbour upstairs started with noises as I am writing, using screw driver to make holes (as the ex/husband used himself, so we know fully well, who sent vendetta?), but understand where matters come from, unable to write the ordeal, defend myself, speak of the issue?-

I am suppose to keep silence, like my elder sister (josefa) told me, when I wanted to stop the carnage in my family and I hold details of our communication (2010), before my brother and sisters passed away, even dogs arrived from nowhere to the building, where I live and the police to busy "as it is"-

We are not allowed to live in peace by all means, ways and forms, either the neighbour upstairs, one side or the rest, when shopping, we are not allowed to communicate by the press, blog, but full control and when extreme fear becomes: "one party dictatorship", pretty much like happened during the WWII, so why the elders went to war for, if silence today with all kind of treads and fell sorry, pain, racism, etc !! - 

 If I write the bullies bring misery to me and in order for me to come out and help (ana pia used to ask me to help my mother, when problems with soco / tere sister and in order to bring a misery life to me after?), if I don't write still bullies around, as my blog mention, but not protection laws, like Salman Rushdie, because such peoples that come against him are his own blood, peoples, religion, country, roots, believes, etc, but not me with my problems, even paying your taxes, but used as political pawn, because nobody challenge me in a court of law, to know my side of the history, but pass the law?!- 

I only ask, when me and my brother ( ) and sisters (soco, flor, lupy, etc) are going to gain respect, apology, memory, justice, compensation, non-repetition for such degrading and low acts against us, no protection whatsoever (as I was told by mara and soco that caritas was helping them, josefa told me an old lady was helping her, maybe mean the ex/husband mother and when I bring this kind of disturbances to herself ?, the same jose, lupy, flor and the rest looking for help, instead of communication to solve matters between us and in order to gain advantage and sell own family, now the primiada is learning the trade and forcing my kind, like the t.v. programme, King Charles III  that government put families against each other and this hatred pay by our taxes?!), alone to our own devices, fully controlled by the likes of such peoples, that comes with strong issues against us, like husband (azpiri, matamoros, nuñez, etc), ex/husband (beto hazz, david parker and use us, as punching bags.  I was told by my kind of a "surprise", repeating own father words to me as today, reflect with neighbours, as I mention before and when fully divorce the control, so when finish matters as the law and services removed to me and as link  mention?- ) and wife (rafael ex/wife family, I was told problems with him and reasons of his divorce, but somehow mara can sit with Gracia and enjoy our past, as the link  shows and her helpers as pepita jr shows, when got my past, as sergio gomes pintado, etc, not that I care, but when something happens in the family, I get the blame / frame after and not a soul to my defence, now jose wife perhaps and so on like that and the law removed, so when finish, but to own pastures, like government paws!?  ) to own pleasure?!-

The same treatment is given to foreign politicians, by UK government ( in the past and in order for own peoples destroy them, like my family against us, but where is the evidence of such matters that came against our reputation, with horrible consequences and what if we copy the same hatred, education and measure in law, mean shall we give to UK peoples, their own dictators as politicians and let them to finish with them as please, like King of Iran, Gaddafi, Saddam Hussein and etc:

I don't use violence of any kind to intimidate human people, but a mere blog to speak and expose, so where is my crime, when you kind terminate (abortion) everything from me in the past, today I am not allowed to gain justice, memory, remuneration and non - repetition for the same crimes against me and mine, only selected peoples, country in the world and matters allowed, with extreme financial gain?! -

I was attacked when very younger, by a German Shepherd dog, friend of my sister (mara) that came against me, mean left the animal to roam alone in the house, when having visits, with a purposes to inflict pain, fear, destroy and control, pretty much the same as now in the building, my elder sister (josefa) attacked by dogs, my other sister (soco) attacked by a dog, the ex/husband sister, social worker attacked by a dog, when she wanted to defend her own dog and peoples that sent such hatred and in my case since younger, same to live scotch free, no hate whatsoever, divine protect and even train the rest! -

I am animal friendly, but against such animals that train own dogs and in order to destroy for purpose, inflict pain with full intention, fear to the lowest possible ways and forms, control masses when use the animal (like gestapo dog: and intent to destroy, control, provoke, inflict, abuse and segregate certain culture, certain colour, certain disability, certain, age, certain sexual orientation, certain religion, certain sister, brother, aunt, cousin and etc and what the F .. is happening to us, our family, madness took over?! -

Today, we are dealing with bullies (pepita jr, primiada, etc), that reflects my sister (mara), otherwise what is happening to me and today, with the neighbours dogs and as result of my previous note and as you can read would not reflect, mean I got exactly what I wanted and is to find out, who is the person/s ( ), that brings this kind of hatred against me and my family and I got one of them (as corona) and into my believe, my elder (josefa) sister left to her own children in charge of me and my brothers / sisters and I want to ask, in which capacity and in which rights she (josefa) got to bring this abuse against us and also, when we use this measure against her and her own family, when we exploit the system like her against us, even cash with own government to pay the endless flights, education and excuses against us and in order to purchase own helpers, with favours and graces, like the 6 million Jews peoples that die not just by German peoples, but own family that destroyed them, like mine!! -
etc ..

Today, I know fully well what happened to my brother (and sisters), when he was corned by bullies, sent the dogs to his building place like me now, exposed to danger as links mention, before and with the hope, to come alive from ordeal, like WWII victims of war, from ex/husband, her sister social worker and some members of my family (now using my children to hide own past) are using the same system to control, but hide (in confidentiality acts the cowards!), monitor like weird for every move we do and when want to attack own blood at any time, punish own family, dis-malt a generation and the funny thing is in the past, I was blame for all my family matters, even for my brother ( and sister (soco detained under the mental health act) and everything, but after all those years passed, affecting me badly by the slander, lies and defamation of character, that today I am in the same spot (what strange?) of the rest of my family destroyed, as I mention in the link  by same opportunity, when "family (problems"  ) strike back and works for government (josefa) and assist the same (mara, raul, ex/husband, his sister social worker, etc), with no respect whatsoever for family, blood, children, but sold for pittances and the dogs that arrived to my building (never me to them at any time, but as me the rest, blame / frame, without investigate the matter first?! ..  ), by own request to restrain (and I am paying the UK taxes for ordeal, without a court order, where I can place my side of the history),  as this reflect own past (even with dogs?) and this has been my entitle life, "petitions" from all my family, but unable to know reasons, but hide treachery, reflects today with my brother, sisters, etc?!?).

I would like to see if your writers are show this kind of HATRED display, lack of respect and even send them the dogs, dismissed, remove opportunity, steal and rob own hard work with no respect whatsoever, like J.K. Rowling, Adele and so, why me to silence the abuse, corruption and not you?  -   So if anything happens to me, you know fully well where all comes from, Manchester, Cancun, Tlaxcala, Puebla, Veracruz, Germany and the list same to grow, as the same educational and financial pursuit is passed from parents to children to eat from the rest and gain our place, from own uncle (my brother jose forced to pass his properties to pancho and I ask why, as I got hold of the document?- ), aunt (me removed of my banking jobs, eBay business, friends, country of birth, food, weather, etc, etc), family and as form of consecutive violence, non - stop (as ex/husband mother used to tell me about her children fighting all day long, non-stop stop and me to deal with them now, after divorce, but where is the law?-) intolerance? -  

I am unable to recollect why it calls the Middle East, instead of the Holy Land, a sacred land that bring so much riches in the past and today, almost destroyed by lack of protection.  I am unable to show evidence of the dogs barking and the other neighbour noises from screw driver, but same neighbours as witness.  I protect me and mine (children) with the law, any law worldwide if ever existed, that my Lord is my witness, so help me God, and so be it in law, Rosario Castellanos de Parker.


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