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Diana, Princess of Wales: "King Charles III - BBC 2 programme!" -


Princess Diana´s GP is sued for negligence.    Vavalidis' widow Barbara said that, her husband's illness was a negligent act, when prescribed the wrong medication (methotrexate), now suing the doctor responsible.

The symptoms ( liver, pneumonia and renal infection? - reflect very much the same as the one's I felt on Friday (5/5/2017), just after eat a simple burger at MacDonald, my body over reacted (immune system was shutting down) and wonder if I was given the same matter (as explain in the link:, with drink, burger, or chips?-

-  I remember the ex/husband told me, soon after married that, when he went to boys scout felt same illness with heinz baked beans not well cook, then my kind suffer the same when child, by sea cadets trip and I wonder if me and my kind (child) need to live the ordeal from ex/husband and his "family problems?" - As victims of world war II (, except that I was born in Mexico not Europe, by a Mexican mother, so how we landed here, without our permit, consent, knowledge!?-

-  I wonder what sister (soco) brings from Germany with respect, after emigrate the UK (after year 2000 +), invited a friend from her religious congregation (caritas in Germany) and both went to the local priest / church (, years after, I requested one of my elder sisters to put a stop to abuse and I even send details (card from caritas Spain)?! - No, I don't have to keep quite, silence and when abuse enters my family, trying to sabotage all of us and due to the conditions, furthermore when my intention is to put a stop, but I am not responsible for what the other end due with matters (and in this case, caritas card)!? -

-  It is now that, I know fully well, "because how things develop after", instead stopping abuse within family, but use to own advantage and I don't know who landed with matters (card from caritas, spain), but intention was to stop abuse within family!? - As I remember ex/husband mother (betty) told me, that her friends from Ascot were helping her, then sister (josefa) told me that, an old woman was helping her, then sister (mara) told me that an organisation (caritas) was helping her, then other sister (soco) told me the same matters and in fact, she (soco) bring the organisation (caritas) to the UK as explain before and so on like that the rest, where family need somebody to help them, perhaps from the same ill spread, gossip and lies, then who is at war?- I don't recognise this matter ("someone is helping me") for a family, when we used to speak between ourselves, sort our problems if we remember well, but today all are cashing, taking advantage and even selling the rest? -

-  Today I feel like the WWII victims of war and with respect to may concern matters, that need to write for free and in order to please, or else, as form of tread, see film Schindler's List victims working for free, or else and as form of tread?!  But at the same time and war, Jewish peoples somehow got the ways to defend own peoples and "never used the opportunity", see end of the film, Naked Among Wolves, perhaps for you to understand?!! -   As I can not understand, when I was born in Mexico (Puebla, Veracruz, Michoacan, etc) not Europe at any time, so how I landed here, with my unborn children that perished to pay lies, then sisters (soco, flor, lupy, etc) and brother (jose) and even worse, we lost Veracruz ( when sister (ana pia) forced to leave the premisses, including lies (5 boys, the river, the kiss, etc) that got our way of life (see zermatex, etc, etc?! - Today Germany is blame for the WWII, but not Jewish organisation, furthermore when the Middle East / Holly Land belongs to Jewish / Arabs peoples and since Abraham times, by rights, laws, time, ancestry, roots and so how, we landed "naked among wolves" and even worse, "selling our hard work for peanuts??!!!"  -

-  It looks as if, somebody is using me and mine like WWII victims, even with MacDonald´s meal excuses and even worse, bullies want to silence the true as mention in my blog and now with this note, just like many victims before - 6 million during the holocaust, including the other Rosario Castellanos? -   And I wonder, what the matters has to do with me and mine and why us selected, mean we come from Mexico not Europe, then who sold us for pittances, what is the debt and when are we going to pay the mandala and in order for us to carry on living again, enjoy life as the rest and our hard work, furthermore who is paying for all the damages, negligence, abuse, breakable, stolen, bullying, criminal activity, criminology, etc? -

My question;  "are we going to live like cowards for ever, just because "we are Jews", just because "we are Mexicans", just because "we are Europeans (spanish, english, german, french, etc)", just because our colour, just because our religion, just because our disability, just because our sexual preference, just because our age and just because bullies command and request that way!?" - Not matter where we come from, our ID brings a complete story with us, and if we reflects truly well, even Jews ancestry comes with Jesus Christ, Diana, Princess of Wales, Elvis Presley, Barbra Streisand and the rest, so what is the problem, unless you can not see that all is down to ENVY, when everyone wants your grass, colour and texture, perhaps need to steal for the matters and so, when are we going to protect our kind, or continue as we are, the choice is all yours, but don't forget, that the last one, switch off the light when the rest gone, because as how we are going, "selling each other", I wonder how many more left, within us, that help the rest and with respect to may concern matters?!! -

The reasons why, I put my name down as "Israel online ambassador" and surrogate sister for, HRH Princess Diana of Wales, at the same time, I was surprised of what I found, including the programme, King Charles III, that same to come in the future, as portrait the same.  I did not like a few things from King Charles III programme and one of the matters is when, I saw the father, hurt badly and removed from own Duty, Palace, place as new monarch and by his own sons! -  Perhaps this is why the programme, Charles III was so well documented, redacted and catered - almost real, so real that, I want to mention to HRH Prince William and HRH Prince Harry with respect, that own mother, HRH Princess Diana of Wales would not be happy, if ever, becomes real, mean sons lose respect for own father not matter reasons, above all, Diana LOVED Charles and is up to them to solve own problems and differences, but as she passed away (RIP), the reasons of the page to repair the past, which is going slowly, but strong! -

King Charles III programme start with, the passing from our well loved Queen, Elizabeth II and Her present beloved husband, Prince (King) Philip and as such, the state of the UK same to be grey, with pain and grieve, somehow empty lost country feelings, furthermore with government, politicians and professionals affairs, that Prince Charles may face.

I think, Prince Charles same to tell us, at the church place from his mother service and soon after she is taken away, with no fruit whatsoever, as if any matters, then speak now to the person direct, not tomorrow when is far too later.

I believe strong, that if Prince Charles never had the experience to follow and shadow his mother footsteps since an early age, he will never be in the position to change and challenge the present government that, "apparently" in the programme same to confront him with such strong force and I mean with the Prime Minister, to the point that, want to force him into signing papers, that undermine his rule, command, orders, country, peoples, land, glory, democracy and what the new King Charles III believes, then follows "King in waiting" that should do exactly the same, mean follow his father footsteps and of course, everyone comes with own style later on, but the idea is to gain experience in all forts! -

Another thing that annoyed me from the program, King Charles III was not only the portrait of Princess Diana of Wales and I question, "what if that woman was your real mother", would you be happy to be exposed that way (?), including the bad timing, weird attitude, lack of respect and manner, cunning indeed, furthermore to question, who is the real father figure from Prince Harry in public, that intent to mislead the course of the law, hurt peoples feelings and confuse the rest with lies, tales and defamation of character, otherwise we will start with the rest as well and from BBC staff and in order to see, if they like the bullying, the sarcastic questions and the doubt of your own mother and father genes direct to you, including the other bits with own gossip, slander, lies, intolerance, because in my point of view SLANDER against reputation of a woman and from Hewlitt groups, that is not here in life to defend and I question, where is the UK law to stop such abuse?! -

I hate the way Prince Harry is show in the programme, King Charles III, "as if he was some kind of desperado", with no consideration to spare and what if that person was your son, child, family, including the lie, slander, etc? -  In the other hand, Prince William in the programme, King Charles III looks secure, stable, with wonderful family, wife and children, but I question the neglect from Prince Harry.  I mean the parties from Prince Harry, landing with unknown women, foreign flats, places, bed and even chatting to restaurant staff, which is good to be sociable and good to know peoples of all backgrounds, colors, disability, age, religion, but without a bodyguard to protect and/or demand better protection to Monarchy by the UK government? - We remember seeing Prince Harry own mother in charge of more than 500 charities alone, speaking open to wider peoples worldwide, but furthermore, she was never alone but a security next to her, also she knew her place in society, mean she went to do her own humanitarian work, become very close to society, but at the end of the day, plan, work, schedule, she knew fully well, where her place in society was and from day one, mean Prince Harry is raised to be a Royal Monarch not the next pal in town and with respect? -

Freedom of the press & media Bill, as King Charles III programme mention is what we see at the present time with the UK government, trying very hard to close that important links / ways, between two different worlds, including the Prime Minister and I can even tell you as well, which one I think is the one, mention in the programme! -

As freedom, from the present PRESS, that is not restricted in any way, form, or shape and keep society informed (Freedom of the press & media Bill,) - including Monarchy, furthermore in my place, that I swear alliance to The Queen, Elizabeth II, when I become UK citizen, so what is the loyalty for, if later the government / politics affairs are going to come against me, as now and today, with all kind of matters, that happens to me and detailed in my blog almost daily!? -

And I mean in law, whatever I am writing now, the Royal Family can also read me and the world and not matter if good / bad, but this is what calls "democracy" to challenge, above all I pay taxes for the luxury, but furthermore, keeps the gates of communication wide open, from both ways, mean the press is and continue recording the correct news for everyone to read, not mislead, lies, or hide anything that can place all of us in great danger, by any political correctness, interference and so we both works with respect, protection and complete harmony, when remember what happened to the Russian Family ( ) better avoid and as such, I am against into any new laws, that forbid proper debate, democracy, communication, freedoms, rights and open society, mean everyone can read from each other and at the same time, protect!-

The Police is very busy to protect the community complete, as a whole and many times don't have the time for the rest of us, and as such, I don't have the time for the lack of proper laws that safeguard me and society and made my blog ( for the same grounds and reasons in law, perhaps is not what the UK government wanted, but I was forced, I was given not other options, when my freedoms, laws and rights restricted, ignored, ruled, snub and hide in "confidentiality acts" for so many years, the cowards bullies, when paying taxes, duties and responsibility to society, but not to me? - In the other hand, we have the Royal Family and honest by the programme, King Charles III, I would like to ask such peoples that question the Monarchy, where such ungrateful peoples would be today, after the exit from the Victorian's times?! -

The Freedom of the press & media Bill, as the King Charles III programme mention is only an excuse from the government against the Monarchy and even against society, as me and as writer, because my sister (ana pia) is the one that made the career of Journalism, never me, but teach me when younger, perhaps for today, however, it was very brave from the King, which I believe is the present Prince Charles to arrive to the House of Lords / Parliament and even debate the matters in public (and I think was the best part of the programme, hurraaaaahhhhhhh!!!! -) - live T.V. as broadcasting by the press, because we don't hide government matters, never, never, never, otherwise handle at your own peril, good / bad need to be expose in public and in order to protect one-self and one-kind and one-country, the King asked the removal of such government staff, by dissolving the parliament at once (to sack ministers and call a fresh election, perhaps today?), furthermore when no operate according to principles (today?), mean you don't question the Queen / King orders, reasons and motives, never, never, never, and as Prince William told his wife and asked her to keep clear of the Prime Minister / government matters and I just hope respect and understand the importance of such roles, mean when someone is cooking a cake, there is not too many chefs doing the same matters, but only one, the same apply for the Queen / King roles, understand?!-

I believe there is differences between the Royal Family and personal matters, please tell me, which family ( don't come with such problems, furthermore when we are trying to arrange, gain, obtain a positive, lasting form of respect ( and from past issues, but the role of a King / Queen nobody question, never, nobody! -

In the case of the Duchess of Cambridge arrived to The Royal Family and when she married her present husband, Prince William and with respect, not the Monarchy arrived to her at any time, but she to them, including Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall and with respect.  So better start building bridges from now on, communicate each other any bad issues and work from there, to make a lasting, respectful relationship and in order to avoid making more future pages ( and advocacy and with respect again, but we are all adults, responsible and capable to dialogue any issues, solve any problems and may help you in the future, when need to deal with real matters! -

When I made the page for HRH Princess Diana of Wales (, I was not expecting the BBC to make such horrendous remarks in the programme, King Charles III even myself I got the freaks, from such sub-real status, a complete offence, because the old peoples remember Diana with love, but the young generation, as how?! -

Many peoples question the Monarchy status, but such individuals are extremely rich peoples by own right, family and dynasty - never the tax payer, and nobody question, except the importance of such peoples in society, furthermore when is your father and mother, mean you don't interfere into their own world, question in public and even dismiss own persona with the press (as we saw with the programme from King Charles III), "as this is what the government wants", as we saw with the Prime Minister, that went to great extent to find Prince Charles own children (Prince William and his wife), exactly the same happened to me when on divorce times (2012), "the local government used my children to place themselves in the middle of both parents dispute" and one went worse than the other, mean one gained all and everything and the other lost all and everything, even my jobs, reputation and everything gone! -

 What a sick way to end the chapter, when both sons stand against own father and position themselves with the government, by ambition from William's wife to gain what Prince Charles need to wait a lifetime and suddenly own children removes from him, well you left me speechless! - As one thing is the "problems between family and another matter very different is the Crown", in which I believe strong, we were building bridges and gained so much to restore the peace, past and tolerance, as you can read my page (, but I will not stand into this family betrayal, mean the children trying to use as excuse and to do as own please, no way!  - Your own mother, HRH Princess Diana of Wales would not be happy if she ever see the situation, that King Charles III programme present, what she went to the press was to save her marriage, including her believe into the "3 of us", which in reality, was not her in the first place, but "Prince Charles, Camilla and her sister"

I believe Prince William and his wife, also Prince Harry works into the community with amazing results, great ideas and new things to help society, that if own mother see them today, she would be very proud indeed, any different norms that passed from mother to sons education when younger are not acceptable, mean she never encouraged "sons against father" as the programme state from King Charles III, but respect, tolerance and love and that principles need to continue at all the times.  We hope, when Prince William and his wife comes to live in London, jobs will be given to deal with and help to build the Monarchy even more stronger, safe and unite, than never before, but never - never dismiss own father figure, as Prince Charles with anybody, including the UK government, because again, Prince William wife came into the Royal Family, not the Monarchy came into her own life, but she by her own free will and so Camilla and the rest, mean you don't question the King / Queen orders, but learn and only, when ask your own opinion, otherwise, never (over) take what is not yours, not just yet, but wait, the same as the rest!-

Almost at the end of the programme, shows Prince Charles and his sons sign X document, together with William´s wife, but if real, or not real the documentation, facts and matters, when someone sign a piece paper from a Monarchy background is like giving the government what they want, "free entrance", but you also got the rights to demand the document back to you and to be destroyed with immediate effect and legally, furthermore when no legal representative was there to advice either the Monarch - as Prince Charles, neither his own sons, as Prince William and Prince Harry and as such, the document is complete nule, zero value and destroyed, but forced by the Prime Minister to act, that is bullying, furthermore when gained such much to repair the past with HRH Princess Diana of Wales, as you can see the page (, so no excuses! -  Monarchy is one thing and family problems is another matter very different, neither apply, except when no repair the problem, but so far is going strong, with thanks!.-    

I protect me and mine (children) legally, that my Lord is my witness, so help me God and so be it in law, Rosario Castellanos de Parker.

P.S. I think I am going to go for a little while, I am still poorly from the ordeal, we speak soon, cheers! -


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