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Dance Moms Star, Abby Lee Miller: "I Took Bad Advice" -

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Abby Lee Miller words, regarding issues that stand in her life at the moment: "I Took Bad Advice" -

In the video ( ) with the interview, he mention the difference between, someone that make a "mistake" and "crime" and that is very rude before the final court hearing (innocent until proven guilty), also bully behaviour, as she is not the FIRST person in the world, that commit such offence, maybe want to take advantage of the situation and force her to cry in public, while during the ordeal, she could easy keep silence protecting her rights, as in her case, a legal representative was missing and avoid expose endless answers / questions, that may help the jury system, instead to read all the facts in paper, with the hope to save her business, when keep matters, issues and things private, but forced to sell as result, as how it come, as how the news progressed, etc? -

As mention before, Abby Lee Miller is not the first person worldwide to cancel such amount of money, that transaction need to be made by bank staff NEVER the customer, so where was the bank monitor, neither filled for bankruptcy knowing fully well, "how things will develop in the future" and "2 years after"- Would you? - Honest can you read the future? - Can you programme your life two years after? - Can you WASTE your life thinking day and night, 2 years after? - Accurately, can you tell me, what the future holds in 2 years time, because this is what happened to Abby Lee Miller, after filled for bankruptcy (2010), years after gained certain amount of money, but declare to the tax man, then where is her business / financial adviser / legal representative (seek: Legal and financial issues: and as such, maybe explain when she said:  "I Took Bad Advice" and the courts notice the matter, mean the courts of law gave a chance to Abby Lee Miller to put her finances in order, pay monies owned to tax peoples ( like UK system the DWP staff owns me benefit and where is the court of law on my defence and in order to collect monies owned to me, but steal when no advice and/or bad advice?! -  ), explain properly the difference in years and her own actions, as even by logic law, you can not realistic know what the future holds after bankruptcy, unless run by vile peoples that monitor, programme and see your downfall (as happened to me, with "family problems" from ex/husband, his sister social worker and some members of my family that programmed today, mean somehow, they knew from years ago today, believe me, unless someone program your life, today is impossible!?), mean somebody advice legally, financially and before the case gets any further to the courts of law? -

It is not clear on the news, because I don't know the life and career of Abby Lee Miller, but same to me, that the correct peoples to help, advice and guide her business venture is/was not there in the first place, in fact, I believe strong, that "she lacked correct advice into how to run her own business, perhaps from day one", maybe she wanted to save some cash and run all by herself and I give her all the credit, become a complete international matter, otherwise she would not get stopped in the first place, gain a red ticket and prison sentence, when the GREEN ENVY grows so strong against her (but her membership was terminated in February 2012, with DMA saying Miller's reality-TV show Dance Moms was "a total misrepresentation of our dance educators and their students and is detrimental to the dance profession .. ????" ) and as the news clearly state.

I never filled for bankruptcy, so I don't know the rules, but in the bank and any transfer on the dates mention (see, Legal and financial issues: ) was / is a responsibility from the bank staff to check for money laundering not the customer and as student of law, you need a legal body to take the money out of the country, mean Abby Lee Miller could not hide the monies gained under the mattress, but as she said: "I Took Bad Advice" and perhaps the rest, so who is responsible to advice properly? -

The whole complete system took matters to the worse possible ways and forms, "as lack of proper legal / financial advice", when Abby Lee Miller said that leave X PERSON in charge of the business, venture and her hard work, could you? -

Have you seeing WOMEN worldwide living in poverty, welfare handouts, pregnant all the time and lack opportunity in life, because "to be a women" is one of the reasons, then all and everything from them removed and again, "as women", many of such women, since the beginning of times were not allowed to develop "equal" as men, but this woman (Abby Lee Miller) make hundred of girls from any age and in order to become successful mature individuals, hard working peoples, excellent example to society, super independent, reach own potential / goals, confident, responsible, successful and so the courts of law can see the matters, mean the good and not just the bad bit in the complete case?!! -

So please tell me, what's wrong with you peoples, that as soon a woman (Abby Lee Miller) try hard to reach the sky by own hard work (as Abby Lee Miller), from years of experience and help the rest in the pursuit with her business venture, then soon after, the GREEN ENVY pulls her back down and remove everything from her reach and in order to pass matters to another person and hide such gift in life, but in prison sentence for a year, while she (Abby Lee Miller) could be better to pay for a fine and what she owns to society (mean she owns a business, she is a successful individual by own rights / hard work with not membership, just like me in law, psychology and banking experience, but no paper, removed by the same green envy, from ex/husband "family problems" and his club of bullies that wasted my life, with endless lies: 5 boys, the river, the kiss and etc and all to gain control, financial gain, etc), perhaps community service (but she is already doing the community service, teaching children to become successful in life?!), but hide for a year and day, her knowledge, gift, talent, sweat and glory and all for bad advice and all for no advice whatsoever, no financial / legal representative and etc?! - Rosario Castellanos de Parker.


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