Saturday, 29 April 2017

The Kardashian and Jenner Dynasty !! -


I saw the trial of O.J. Simpson's and I was at-taken by the stunning and humanitarian performance from Robert Kardashian, more than the legal case itself, as what we all believe was true, when played the bad card! -   Today is not about the trial from O.J. Simpson and with respect to the victims, but the legacy that this man, as Robert Kardashian left to own children and that matter should be exposed for the world and in order to see, acknowledge and believe the great goodness.  

I believe the performance from Bruce / Caitlyn Jenner as parent figure to own children, only confirms and reaffirms from Robert Kardashian, as each one is different in many ways, forms and shapes, but create the very best to own family! -

However, we must believe that, the one who got the GOLD MEDAL in this "Family Unity" is own Mother, as Kris Jenner, I salute the Lady.

I saw my own mother, how hard was to please her own children and how many of my sisters and brothers took full ADVANTAGE, when played their own part and dictate with full vindictive pursuit against the rest and in order to SATIATE their own insides and the misfortune of the rest, as myself, a victim! - I saw the ex/husband mother, exactly in the same way as my mother, unable to control, refrain, educate and bring peace to own child ( ) and I don't need to tell you, how the results ended from such families, that destroys any form of normality!! -

As a result, from such parents that lost control within own family environment and sell the rest with no form consideration, love, tolerance, respect and become victims like me, "sold to pay bully ( demands", that in the passing years of my life, I can see the "complete wasted for nothing, except lies against my reputation, as nobody asked my part to take full advantage and in order to have excuse to feed parasites ( )" and the result from such abuse: "I lost unborn children, family, country of birth, friends, jobs, opportunities, reputation and the rest, due to family that is torn apart and against each other, destroy, separate, kills for the trill and breaks trust and unity complete, as I will not go near them (as family do not kill, abuse, bully, or hit, see the Kardashian and Jenner Dynasty!), such brilliant minds and bullies, that make a meal (meat eating machine, carnivorous!!) from everything that is mine, no form of respect whatsoever even for life, but destroy "into tiny little pieces" and "all due to envy" and intent to get away from ( my unborn children that perished to pay demand and was make as termination, but forced to abort to pay lies against my reputation, then blame for everything that happens within family members and frame after, but without seeing anyone, as friends since 1975 - 1978 , family since 1985, even sister soco separate in the UK and placed in hospital with intent, so how and for a few days visit, or phone calls do not a-merit extreme abuse against me, then my brother's life falsely accused / blame, so the bullies got no limits to own malice and use me to hide the real criminal? - - And I wonder to ask to such brilliant Minds and Bullies, that take full advantage of everything within family environment, what I am from such lies, someone that can be easy blame / frame and continue own criminal activity within family, because there is not way to satiate own insides, pursuit and criminal minds, but want more? -   As me, my children and ex/husband were in the UK when my brother's accident happened RIP 2010 and still in the UK 2017 today and our passports should speak and confirm of the same issues / matters and as such, "in criminal law / criminology, you need the body < primordial, otherwise there is no case and close the file!->, you need the person that committed the crime < not just assume to blame peoples and frame after, because that is defamation of character, illegal and against the law! >, you need the weapon and you need the ID from the crime matter / murder",  the rest assume with "lies and even gossip" is irrelevant in criminal law <  as innocent until proven guilty >.   As you can see the O.J. Simpson case and not just blame, frame and assume against peoples reputation, otherwise I can go against such lies and peoples that create tales and defamation of character against me and my children, when all comes from "family problems" of the ex/husband, his sister social worker and some members of my family that are united together and in order to destroy everything that is me and mine - now intent with my kind, furthermore me and my children can not be hold responsible for the actions of the rest and we cannot be hold responsible of what others understand from us, but intent to create a fantasy world when take full advantage, blame and frame after, as what we call gossip, perhaps to sell own family for pittances and even kills for the trill! - As for example: "When small incident from the ex/husband parents home and trashed plates into each other, after a big argument and in front view of the rest, like my children as witness, but nobody called the opposite party and nobody was hurt /  killed soon after, from ex/husband direct family, either his mother and/or father relations, like uncle Jimmy, but somehow a small incident when empty a dishwasher was made into a big proportion matter against my reputation and even intent to hold my children as witness without legal representation and in order to take full advantage, blame and frame after, furthermore control, when in reality, we are all alive and well, exactly like happened to the ex/husband parents, so what changed?- As one thing is gossip from tales, lies and defamation of character against a reputation and like my case, because victim is alive, well, happy and working full time and another matter very different is murder with intent!.- NEVER AGAIN!!") own actions and responsibilities! -

In my family like the Kardashian and Jenner Dynasty, I believe strong that if ever removed the lies from intolerant abusive bullies, lack of respect into each other and envy within own personal matters, then life would be different today, because we all come with different colours of the rainbow, size, disability, capability, sexual orientation, age, religion, beauty and even dreams, that if performed with this form of respecter-full life, the result would be amazing opposite! -

In this life nothing matters, from us owning billions and billions in cash, amazing beauty contest, fame itself and even gain stardom within own life, environment and God creation, "if nobody respect the rest" and this matter has been prove over and over and over again in the news, "that everyone is famous and for", than the rest of public individuals and within the Kardashian - Jenner Family, I salute, you are an example that nothing breaks such close unity and my full congratulations to the mum, Kris Jenner!  -

I have nothing more to add to the Kardashian and Jenner Dynasty, because you make the story, you made the family, you made the opportunity and even cash, you made everything happens into your own life and nobody of the same family stop, deter and abuse the rest, but respect, and I salute once again all of you and yours (including the Kardashian and Jenner), because usually between mother and daughter can be a big gap ( full of bitch-ery, jealousy, lack of respect (as I saw with some sisters against my mother, and basically I went against Goliath and in order to defend my mum, also the ex/husband and his sister social worker against Betty - their own mother and even told me of the same hate inside themselves - several times and this is what I don't want my children to learn, but respect and tolerance to own parents: mother and father, all the time!) and years of turmoil, Rosario Castellanos de Parker.


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