Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Prince Charles against own children, family and blood relate? ..

Prince William of Gloucester

- NOBODY is Born perfect, neither knowing the rules of life without proper guidance, not even The Queen Elizabeth II and with respect was prepare, when her own father passed away far too young (see the film the Crown) and today, the Victorians times removed complete and a thing of the past, also the UK live in peace, prosperity and harmony, in fact one of the best and rich places in the world, all alone, trusting her own guts and follow her own father (King George VI) teaching standards and footsteps (like mine!), in which Prince William and Prince Harry has been learn a lot from own grandparents and own mother, HRH Princess Diana of Wales, which are worldwide icons.

- King George VI was not prepare to be KING of England and everyone expected Edward VIII, but abdicate when married a divorce, like Princess Margaret, furthermore the excellent job when stopped the WWII, today Europe live in peace, nobody else, except him and his wife, The Queen Mother, The Queen Elizabeth.

- As such, I am not happy by Prince Charles wrong words against his son and he need to be careful when speaking, because he is not a child anymore but a father figure himself, as when hurt someone, impossible to repair trust again, because "nobody can repair a cup when is broken after", impossible! - http://dianalegacy.com/prince-charles-tells-prince-william-youre-too-stupid-to-be-king-camilla-parker-bowles-to-blame/

- The same stupid words from Prince Edward VIII to his own brother George VI, as you can see the film the Crown and you can see also, what the BULLY did to England when helped Hitler and what the offending party did to STOP the bullies, so I don't know who it was the stupid in reality and with respect!- https://www.facebook.com/rosariocastellanosruizdeparker13/photos/a.1149977938456404.1073741834.936696899784510/1149977968456401/?type=3&theater

- I do trust HRH Prince William and HRH Prince Harry, in fact, I think, they are both ready to take the whole mandate and help own granny, The Queen Elizabeth II. I believe so far, Prince William and his wife, also Prince Harry create great things together and lift the spirits at home and abroad, because Royal Security Team is one thing and hard work to Queen, Country Peoples and Glory is another matter complete different and Royal Security Team is not the job of either boys, but staff that looks after the Royal Family in general. http://rcp13.blogspot.co.uk/2017/04/royal-security-team-charged-with.html

- In fact, the problem is not going to finish NEVER, when Prince Charles and Camilla against HRH Princess Diana of Wales, now is his own children, sons and blood, I bet if Camilla's children are treat that way - so badly and with respect, so why Prince Harry and Prince William, who give you the rights to trash life, bully peoples and in public condemn and offend reputation, furthermore the future King of England, by own mother, HRH Princess Diana of Wales!!?- https://www.facebook.com/rosariocastellanosruizdeparker13/timeline

- Here is where I question matters legally, as nobody can go against own child, blood and family and Prince Charles don't need this kind of performance to know the norms of respect properly, as he is very sensitive person himself, but to speak such words he expressed to his own son, which is a father figure himself and not a child anymore, then I really hope, he never regret the same and with respect, as explain before Prince Edward VIII and Prince, sorry, KING George VI, to the surprise of many and the envy of the rest.http://tinyurl.com/pwy8o7t

- While own personal problems are not my business, because this matter same to go for ever and continue now with his own son and blood by Prince Charles, so it was not Diana, Princess of Wales the problem (isn't?), as she perished for this kind of abusive behavior and bullying, then I take legally, every single words from Prince Charles against Prince William and as state before.

- It is now, today and with this note, that I request proper Royal Security Team to HRH Prince William and HRH Prince Harry and as the link indicate and as soon as possible, otherwise we will go against the UK government, because security come from this resource, not from Prince Charles and a duty of care to any member of the Royal Family not a luxury, but a full responsibility, or pay for damages and neglect own work. http://rcp13.blogspot.co.uk/2017/04/royal-security-team-charged-with.html

- I am speechless with this performance from Prince Charles and with respect, I was expecting the best, the cream, the finest and as what he was born with, "the silver spoon", but his words are telling me very clearly, about the other Prince William (RIP) and as I mention in this page.https://www.facebook.com/rosariocastellanosruizdeparker13/photos/a.1149725505148314.1073741833.936696899784510/1149731501814381/?type=3&theater

- Prince William of Gloucester perished by envy and as mention before, the person that caused the matters wanted to keep his own personality, persona and even become the playboy after, stealing his own style, furthermore what every woman wished to have, but need to remove the real stuff first. http://news.bbc.co.uk/hi/english/static/slideshow/the_prince_in_pictures/slide4.stm

- Prince William of Gloucester similarity and physical appearance with HRH Princess Diana of Wales is incredible alike and into each other, but not relate - not even by blood, that is the incredible matter that never happens twice in life, but match character, stamina, personality, persona, physical appearance, grandeur, beauty, shine, well the lot and furthermore touch with the public direct mean no shy and even perished almost in the same circumstances, by "accident" and life events match complete and in order for me, to demonstrate legally and by the law, any law worldwide, that I was not wrong before with either of them, but need time and reasons for the criminology to take effect and I found matters: "when Prince Charles against own son, Prince William and offensive words, (http://dianalegacy.com/prince-charles-tells-prince-william-youre-too-stupid-to-be-king-camilla-parker-bowles-to-blame/) speak lauder than my own writing", mean in law, the envy come back and took real effect again and "the crime (against Diana, Princess of Wales and William of Gloucester) that was made an accident", but "with full intention !!" -

- One which is Princess Diana paved the way for Camilla and William of Gloucester paved the way for Prince Charles and become himself, also Princess Diana of Wales was going out with a Muslim man, that nobody agree with and William of Gloucester steady in love with a Jewish woman, that nobody agree with him? - I can continue with the reasons and grounds in law and in order to charge for crime the real person/s and as explain before, but I am only a student of law and I believe this matter concern The Queen Elizabeth II, I only want to expose and warn, but if I have the law, I would be pressing murder charges.

Because the circumstances with HRH Princess Diana of Wales life and the way she passed away with Dodi Al - Fayed and the driver, that as student of law, I become her surrogate sister, as we both lack family support and lost a lot and with respect. I protect me and mine (children) legally by the law, any law worldwide and when holding the sacred Bible, that my Lord is my witness, so help me God and so be it in law, Rosario Castellanos de Parker

P.S. After publish this note in my FB page (between 2:45 - 3:20 am), then like little child myself, FB staff closed my account, incredible to hide a note that speak of crime with intent, as the case with HRH Princess Diana of Wales and the rest victims, still pending with no justice, memory, compensation and non - repetition from such criminology, never again! - Hurrah for FB staff, you make my day today, what a professionalism in connection with the real world matters - as crime and what you create in the beginning signing the same account, but breaking your own rules and regulations, incredible?!- https://www.facebook.com/rosariocastellanosruizdeparker13/timeline


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