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Ian Paterson: "The Doctor BUTCHER Breast Surgeon" -


I remember when I first meet the ex-husband mother Betty Parker (RIP), with little English language, I could understand perfectly with the aid from a dictionary that translate and used her own words, as she told me that, "some men HATE women !!"-

On that time (1983), as Mexican born individual (now UK citizen!), way out of this English way and system (NHS, DWP, etc), very young, little experience in,life and complete naive of such REAL and devastate words and meaning, maybe came and gone, because if truly mastered such WISE words ( -"some men HATE women !!"-  ), my life today would not be as today, all complete and totally freaked, fucked and trashed, when placed my complete trust to such "ANGELIC" men, that I loved during my life-time and some of them, without conscience, love and respect to me and mine, but even butchered my unborn children, perhaps own blood, with such child, immature, stupid, negligent attitude and actions, "that destroy, kill and murder with intent!"  -

I have been writing the same MACHO dominance, child attitude and poor of me syndrome, "when MEN destroyed own women with FULL intent" and mention in my blog, too many legal cases to numerate worldwide, but real and mean actual, sustainable and all over the world the same sickness, illness and criminal activity! -

However, I never could understood Betty Parker own words  ( -"some men HATE women !!"-  ), truly well, except today, now and with the butcher BREAST surgeon news! -

Ian Paterson: "The Doctor BUTCHER Breast Surgeon", that wounded and mutilate like vile animal -without conscience, his own patients ( -"some men HATE women !!"-  ), when the NHS placed on his bare shoulders the full time care, responsibility, ability and trust, but failed (also failed, the NHS staff and in order to stop the criminal activity, abuse of power and profession, etc!) his medical licence, failed his own medical principles, failed his ability to perform his medical career as a whole, complete and truly and failed his own duty of care towards the public/society/community, when unquestionable, unrecoverable and un-reparable/revocable/trust-able and in fact, to no repair!!-

I believe strong, "that this sick matters and issues as form of illness" should be as well exposed, from women against women ( "some women HATE women"-  ) and with fullest form of respect to may concern matters ( ), but as survivor with more than 540 + notes in my blog and in order to expose the abuse against me and mine ( ), but the true can not be hide - no more and in fact, NEVER AGAIN! - Because I believe strong in law, any law worldwide, CRIME and any type of CRIME from all over the world, "is the same as the person/s who commit the crime, as the person/s that hide and protect the criminal" and in this case the staff from the NHS that knew of the criminal activity for a long time, but hide the matters, NEVER EVER AGAIN! -

As those peoples ( "some men HATE women"-  ), that intent to hide own criminal abuse from the past (as mention before with my previous links in this note and blog: Prince Charles, ex/husband, Bob Geldof and the rest, "that intent to use own children to hide themselves from own responsibility and past criminal activity, without those victims - as children themselves not matter age, but gain first, access to any kind of legal representative and in order to protect their own LEGAL entitlements, benefits and even birth RIGHTS!!" - ), against victims (as myself, Paula Yates, HRH Princess Diana of Wales and etc) and after total destruction (my unborn children, paula yates, diana, princess off wales, etc) and "murder with intent (but exposed!!)", irreparable in law, NEVER AGAIN!-  

I wonder to ask, how many more victims ( "some men HATE women"-  ) exist in the UK, from the same Health Service provided that hide ( "some women HATE women"-  ) the abuse and no, I don't pretend to know too much regarding the issues, in fact I hate medicine, but better investigate matters to be safe and protect me and mine (children), because PARDON ME when I lost unborn children and the pain never leaves you, while is true that gets better, but only when, you expose the bullies and the problem and managed to gain justice, memory, remuneration and non-repetition from the same criminal activity and abuse, but up to now, with more of 540+ notes exposed, still in the limbo?! -

As explain before, the horrid times of my life expressed in this blog, with more than 540 + notes (and even used famous peoples as excellent example, with thanks!! - ) to expose the complete abuse, bullying and endless lies to cash, during that time and still today, I am exposed to the public, without my permit, consent and knowledge and even followed immeasurable and to the point that, I am unable to start anything, NOTHING at all, even a simple idea, or business venture is fully checked (when use my private matters, even email address, as for example: I ask X company for a catalogue, but also the very next day, the tax man bill arrive ??? and even dare to request monies over due ??? and I wonder from which job, tip off, stalk, bully, lie, or business venture, as all my jobs removed in the past and if they remember very well, even trade marks lies, so how, when and see link:  ) and then, who is meddling into my private life - unable to move an inch, like Jesus Christ (see: Juan Solana, etc and not other than, religious fanaticism, politics affairs and government staff (in which some members of my family and ex/husband "family problems" and old friends, against me and mine!?), as they get access to the equipment ( ), never the public like me, with such finest machinery ( used against society as myself, then BLAME / FRAME after (as happened to me?), with no form of respect ( and in order to spy, follow, blame, frame (like florence cazzes) , harass, copy, even use google maps to follow you car, and/or your bank account and see your transactions / whereabouts (??), acting, pretty much like secret police ( ) during WWII ( 1939 - 45), but today is 2017, are we ok??-

I wonder to ask, who is sick, who is at war and what is your problem, when use this kind of bully attitude, that stand in law, as harassment acts against society, may passed from parents to children the intolerance and mine knows fully well, that I forbid this kind of treatment and abuse against society, community and family!?! - As this is what I used to ask the ex/husband, since day one after married, as he was coming to me very heavy, with all kind of sorts, threads, lies (5 boys, the river, the kiss, etc), tales, defamation of character, malice and abuse, to the point that, I need to escape to the slot machines as SAFE heaven (, when no family in the UK - until divorce times that lasted the ordeal, so we know from where abuse comes from, don't we? - AFTER divorce the problem still persist in different ways (even used the low attitude, from Prince Charles against HRH Princess Diana of Wales! -  - so we know who is helping the ex/husband, don't we? ), including my life is complete limited, controlled, spy and stalked as mention before and after divorce ( "some men HATE women"-  ), so what the divorce in the UK is for and what good is for, when does the opposite, mean continue the harassment (acts) with the help from the rest ( "some women HATE women"-  ), against the ex/partner like myself, "unable to do anything" and of course, using the children, as "go between" and blame / frame after, as the law is hijacked by the system? -

When sick / ill predators wound, butcher and kill all me and mine (unborn children) "with full intent", little, or no respect to victims and by those peoples that, "I placed my complete trust in the past" and said, "we are family, including friends that cashed $$££$$££ ("no we are not family / friends, when murder, kill and destroy own peoples lives, with intent, that is not family / friendship, but bullies with carnivorous instints, that butcher and kill own peoples and in order to eat after, many times the remains are used for the trill, for the sell / purchase after, for the hunt, for the abuse after and for any excuse after!")", and unable to gain justice, memory, reparation, compensation and non-repetition, because such bullies (, place my children, family and even same old friends, as form of walls and chains that deter the same justice, memory, reparation, compensation and non-repetition of such low acts, crime and abuses, until the law show me different, until such bullies ( show me different, until justice memory, reparation, compensation and non-repetition is gained as mention before and until then, I will no lie the law - to rest! -

In which the rest of the world (except Prince William and Prince Harry by the use from news anchor, as form of respect to own mother, only to check everything ok, otherwise ready to lead own life and the British Monarchy!-  ) is not my business / responsibility at any time, except my kind (children), but free into own life and what intent to do with own living conditions / standards is up to them alone, neither what the world wants to understand from me, because my blog intent to expose abuse, including the: "no mean no" in form of respect to women, no matter language, country of birth, race, color, disability, religion, age, sexual preference, etc.  

As I believe strong, that any woman worldwide can express freely in any kind of music, dance, write, paint, profession, with the hope that men respect  ("some men HATE women"-) same freedom, same garment, same dance, same everything and without thinking the worse to own benefit and without bully (as I confide in mara from personal matters, regarding men in our family, as brother jose, nephew pancho, neighbour rio nazas, etc -  "some women HATE women"-  used to own advantage and mislead the course of the law to gain benefits (££$$), extra room (in raul's office) to rent and cash in my unborn children, own children educate abroad ( ), sponsor and expensess FREE from ex/husband and his sister social worker (and TAX PAYER), with no consideration to me and mine (children, his own blood, sick!!?) in the past and own lies (5 boys, the river, etc), that followed after? -   

(As I am writing here, today and just now, between 12:00 and 13:00 pm UK day time, same words appear to erase somehow, "when paste with blue as link", as if my google account passed to someone else, maybe same peoples that I mention just before, when paste the link in blue, because that is when happens, as if "family problems" of the ex/husband and his sister social worker and helpers from past favours, graces and abuses used all me and passed to each other and in order to eat, educate and take every single opportunity from the rest family and own hard work, like myself, that need to work and pay my children BORN in the UK, their own education and everything, as someone stolen my work, opportunity and even google account, which is against the law.  Because from the past few months, there is too much interest that everything that is mine, need to be pass to my kind and in order for them to help me, when I know truly well, that my children are very busy with own work, so who want to steal even further from me and when things goes wrong blame and frame my own peoples, as the past same to be repeat today and goes in circles the abuse, mandalas and etc, not the real criminals that hide, but the rest that are used, like me, brother and sisters? - When my personal matters passed and started from factory zermatex see link:  followed by family own children, old friends and even ex/husband sister, stole the rest from me, as old friends, old boyfriends and now she calls the 5 boys, the river, etc, jobs, including my brother jose passed own property to nephew pancho and I hold evidence, my mother passed all her belongs to flor and jose and I hold evidence and always forcing to pass our personal life to the rest parasites, many of such matters based on lies regarding our reputation and so it goes in circle the abuse, now intent to use my children to hide own past!!? -  Pretty much like Jews during WWII and victims of war, that lost everything, perhaps using the same system as my family, that steal and even kills to remove everything from the rest, "based on lies", because we are born in Mexico and such matters are unknown to us (WWII) and I wonder how we landed all my family and this way?! - Acting like predators that eat infants as in my case, I lost unborn children to feed the parasites, when mix-match same cases, peoples and even bullies, that lie (5 boys, the river, the kiss, etc) with intent to kill, hatred preacher that use / abuse what belongs to the rest hard work and in order to eat, study, gain endless factories as zermatex, banks jobs and perhaps still want more, because there is no end to the abuse, stealing, based on lies!!! -  And no, it is not only the GERMAN peoples with Hitler, Gestapo and WWII, because if you follow the following film; Naked Among Wolves  "as this is how the bullies left me to deal with the unknown", because I am Mexican born, but observe the end of the film (Naked Among Wolves) and you will see very clearly, that JEWS peoples had the means, forms and ways to use a proper machinery, protect own kind like the rest, perhaps from day one, but never used, even waited at the very end of the war times, which"shows almost at the end of the film" and removed such finest machinery from hiding place and share individual, incredible?- The main excuse of such horrid war and the rest that took advantage, for a piece of land that calls Israel, when the Middle East belongs to that ancestry: "Jews / Arabs" by time, by law and by roots, because you are not part of mine, when murder, abuse and kills for the trill!- What I find disturbing and impossible to believe is such families, that sell own kind like slaves, like mine and the ex/husband, as if you see any WWII films, the same start, matters, conditions, abuses, horrors, bullying, murder spree, segregation that en-mark HUMAN PEOPLE like cattle, even the same dark music, no freedoms, enclosed like animals in a ghetto with no exit, or even parole - except the .. RIP, selling victims for pittances, working with no pay, no dignity to spare, no clean food / clothing and all inside removed from own liberty, incredible the madness, while I believe that was on such times, but today in modern times, no excuses, no acceptable and I can not take the weird world and with respect!?- I want to ask, to may it concern matters, what was the crime from such victims of war and in order for all of them, to choose life, or to choose death, but deny the luxury?!-  I want to ask such peoples, that inflict pain to own blood, family and relation, including my own bullies  - as family: You HATE so much your own kind, peoples and blood, that bring you so much pleasure when hurt them badly, or perhaps inside your own sick - sick mind, heart and "despicable me" soul, this is how you can demonstrate your love for them, crushing, trashing and destroying them to "tiny little pieces", because my parents never, never, never acted this sick way, never ever, I should know, as I was very close to them, perhaps, mislead, brainwashed, lied, used and abused, but against own blood, never ever and so, who is the HIDE psychopath!!" - Better to say matters: are we dealing with psychopaths individuals, that enjoy inflict pain to own peoples, blood and kind, but hide in the background and with "confidentiality acts the cowards" - where nobody can see the bullies  own malice and even come after with the rest, as my children and in order to satiate own insides, because one thing is to be noble at heart as my case and another matter complete different is to be called stupid, after destroyed my world complete and "into tiny little pieces", when trusted such ASBOS, but ask me after to be silence, or else, as form of treads against me and mine, so bullies world can continue, pretty much like the Kray Brothers that own the area: carol parker, social worker and david parker own the services area, able to move and manipulate such matters, like Ian Paterson, when own mother was removed her breast as illness, as Betty told me but I still question, if professionals help each other in the abuse!? - In my case, that my unborn children killed, with no pity, no remorse, no respect, no care and even wants more the "family problems", when continue using lies against me and my children, that I demand the law to be used against my sisters, brothers and family, starting with the one that went against me, since day one: "Mara", but Mela refused to take any notice and even refused to take matters properly and when she understand and understood the law perfectly on that time, like the case with paty arias, that she came against me in her party,  about an inch to trow me into the pool, no aid to understand properly as my disability, but falsely accused me of lies, when was not me who mention of her personal matters, neither I spoke to anyone of her party as again, I need the device to understand and even hold a proper communication, so how, even by logic law, how on earth, would you, then how me, followed by rape / abortion matters after me and since then, no family to tell me, neither to assist, now after 40 + years and my world destroyed, believe that a simple apology will change matters, no way!! - As I mention many times, my unborn children died as orders to pay for lies (5 boys, the river, the kiss, etc) and hope today such bullies pay for own crimes and criminal activity, NEVER AGAIN! -  And as such, knowing my kind and what they are capable to hide, inflict and abuse within own blood, family and roots, that I give 50 / 50 Germany / Jews and the rest that collaborate into such horrendous WWII!- No wonder that the Judas name, belongs to those peoples that sell own family for pittances, kill for the trill, destroy "into tiny little pieces" to satiate own illness inside, starting from mine with Mara and followed by the ex/husband sister, social worker and the rest helpers BUTCHERS psychopaths, because you never goes against own kind, never ever, that is the worse of the worse! -  The reasons why, I refuse to have any contact with my immediate family, "because we were born in Mexico never Europe and is unknown to me the WWII - until studied soon after divorce 2012"and wonder, the reasons why, I am standing in this mess, perhaps Mara as reflect with the past, "trow me and mine unborn children" to her own living hell, sold me for peanuts, with the help from family members, her own husband raul nuñez family and ex/husband sister social worker, that represent her brother since day one 1985 - 2017, today continue the problem and in order to steal all and everything from me, then blame / frame me after.  As the WWII as explain before, with the parker family as carol parker, social worker - UK peoples and the nuñez frade family, with the sister from pita perished from accident RIP and she lived to regret, making the case pretty much the same as jose my brother, in fact, exactly the same, also both mothers "betty and pita" suffer the same illness as cancer, strange?, also salim tanus ex/boyfriend of Mara should speak of such hatred from her against my own family and blood, starting from my own beloved father, that she spoke horrid of him and I was present so many times and it was then, that I started to see her reality, so never me, but even rafael montaño, her ex-husband lasted 3 months only and then, I saw raul nuñez frade going nuts, backwards and forwards with the same matters and always - always the issues, "he wanted me to tell him of such ill - sick spread against my family from Mara" and I said nothing, started from my father and then I remember salim tanus times, then pepita my elder sister, then her husband javier, then jose, then anapia, then even myself wanted to know?, but I refused to speak and after a few drinks that never worked, but finished closing the door room and even sleep on that place, next day left, to the point that I never wanted to come back again, never ever, but who to speak of such matters, who will believe me and according to the family it was me, what Mara was doing in the past, as falsely blame. and I don't need to tell you who stay in Mexico and who was moved abroad, with the blind date? - I mean as well, with the changing of boyfriends, forced to terminate (luis francisco solis cano), even mara dare to follow me here, away from the rest and when I was not looking arrived her group of hatred preachers against me and mine, sponsor from ex/husband sister, social worker and when her ex/husbands sponsor me, but arrived after detained in Canada to meet her specific requirements when rafael sold our flight ticket, with mara's travel agency friend: Illiana?! - I am not grassing nobody, but as how I am standing today, falsely accused, even for my brother jose, that I am forced to speak and enforcing witness to speak, by the use of the law, any law worldwide, as Mara was not a small child when I notice her behaviour against my family and mention to several members of my family, to no avail.  In which, when peoples and strangers asked me to confirm Mara´s spread against my family, I refused and is now that I speak and due to the level of abuse to me and the rest, because I am not friend with any of my sisters husbands family, like Mara with norma hazz, carol parker, sotelo, etc, see link photo sitting with our past   that is not ENVY, LOOKS, BRAINS, or BEAUTY contest, but falsely accused with my brother's death and after used all our personal matters, then nobody remembers, furthermore when someone get killed in the family, except me and I ask why? -In which, my family is not negotiable and today FORCED to expose the criminal activity only and unfortunately to my dismay, otherwise this matter - issue would never come alive, let alone in public, but I need to force and enforce matters further, as falsely accused even for my brother, then my sister and everything that happens in the family, when was not me, but killed my unborn children in the past and nobody want to take responsibility, otherwise I will impose the crimes from my unborn children into my family complete, that want to hide with my children the same past, but my unborn children who will made justice, while you are all hiding the abuse, crime and bullying against my kind? -  I don't care how it looks, murder is murder in any language, color, nationality, country of birth, etc, NEVER AGAIN!- What started as spread could be easy stopped in the past, as I asked Mela with the case from Paty Ariaz and other members of my family, but deny, today, either you speak, or I will deny any kind of clemency and I swear to God, whoever is your God, that nobody will pass his kingdom! -  When still today such family problems and control, furthermore when I use the UK services, that act like gestapo times and I request anything from such services like NHS, DWP, Etc, then staff always - always need to speak to someone else, as they call "manager" which the person/s is unknown to me, but "manager" and BREAK my rights to know, mean hide the person, like happened with "confidentiality acts" in the past, placing myself in a horrendous and dangerous spot, today, I wonder, how I landed here and by who's, perhaps to pay own lifestyle, but not the family that used the services (like mara's child and the rest of my family) and for free, as I am forced with my children, but deny to me services and paying UK taxes?!- All this "family problems" from ex/husband, his sister social worker and helpers - as some members of my family as mention before, affected my life horrendous, with all kind of abuses against me, that no only order to terminate my unborn children, but suffered accidents at work and hurt my back, I hurt my hand and now I hurt my reputation, then soon after my father died and just freshly put in the ground, I was forced by sisters any and josefa, to be place a chip / injerto into my arm and etc? -  At least, if I do the things that such lies and peoples spread against me, then perhaps I agree, but first explain in a court of law, but such bullies takes the law into own hands and in order, to please the sick spread against me and again no chance to explain, or find a law representative as my RIGHTS demand, order and command, when, in fact, I am sick of this psychopath family, that bully the rest without asking first if such matters are true, took time and even moment, but HURTS badly and the law is nowhere to be seeing, lost in the transatlantic, very strange indeed, when take opportunity, when take advantage, when take even our reputation with no respect, trashing my family into "tiny little pieces!?"  - Some WOMEN HATE women!!, not that affect the "who won when the rest lost, as me when lost my unborn children, as the ex/husband told me when I asked, "who give a shit", but who you use as me and in order to hide the real criminal and problem and I don't have to take this abuse anymore?!")

Here is the case of Ian Paterson ( -"some men HATE women !!"- ) breast surgeon, when hundreds of patients BADLY HURT and trusted his care, today (2017) like WWII (1939 - 1945), "Angel of Death"-   The NHS medical standards are failing us badly, with abuse from power and profession, pretty much like Paterson and Mengele cases and not only in question of time, momentum, action, abuse, motives, wars, but pretty fresh as yesterday! -  

We wonder to ask peoples in charge, within the NHS, how many more professionals malpractice are accounted legally, stopped and exposed in a court of law, against patients duty of care, responsibility and regulations, but somehow, breaking the law, breaking principles that was previous funded the NHS, "when intent to improve lives not destroy life,", as "crime is whoever commit and/or whoever hide the same!"-  For a long time and in my case, we had been told (by the ex/husband) - NO to question such matters, but let the professionals to do own work freely and here, now and today is when I question, the amount of fatalities by a single doctor / professional and how standards broken, because Mengele, Shipman and Paterson are not the only one and so where is our patient rights if ever exist, real and up to date?!-  In fact, I am afraid to be register with a GP / Dentist when balancing the pros and cons from such abuses against society and community affairs, even avoid paying taxes, but the tax man target me, when trade marks removed my eBay business:
etc ..

I register with a gp in my local area, the appointment was made from Thursday 20/4/2017 to next Friday 28/4/2017 and when I requested emergency appointment, receptionist keep silence, "she said nothing!?" -  (Since arrived from England to Scotland, I have been using the emergency doctor at the hospital aprox 3 times in more than 18 months and for emergency matters / issues? - ) Soon after I register with a GP and same day 20/4/2017, I went to the local Hospital which dr can give me a dressing but not antibiotic to treat the infected wound (I wonder if no infected, how doctor offer the dressing to cover the infection, but no medication as treatment?) and place a person that looks like prince harry, for my previous note that I posted in my blog and with respect, but such peoples show any respect to me as patient? -In pain 20/4/2017, I called the internet "DR (who)" that connect with NHS services for a prescription, mean such doctors that you pay for the service can see your medical history and for 10 mins, then DR gave me what "he think is better for them and not for what I requested?"- I asked for tablets instead of antibiotic in a form of cream, as the inflicted wound is open, red and in pain, to no avail! - So wasted money, as I need to re-communicate again, mean make another appointment and where I get the cash when all my jobs removed, business closed and everyone as "manager" putting hands into my matters?! - In desperation, I order the prescription as far as only God's knows where, over the internet, with the hope that is ok, otherwise I will have to refuse to pay any poll tax / taxes in general, because services in the community do not work for me, always staff need to speak to X "manager" for approval, when the professionals should speak to me direct and for my approval and I even asked my children to keep clear and out from the matters / issues and learn from the past (my sister soco, as her own children keeps now with me, perhaps hide and as mention before, I am to blame for everything that happens to the family and according to them need to pay, as it is obvious, the amount of matters that reflect with my sister soco and me today, that is not my conscience, but them, when in reality, they got used to gain cash compensation when selling own peoples / family, as soco my sister used me as the other woman in her divorce settlement and won the ex/husband house, thanks to the panone solicitors in manchester  I believe Miss Chadwick as law abide representative from Pannone solicitors to my sister soco, by law, as my case a-merit, when I AM badly hurt by the solicitors firm and so should speak of the matters and even request the courts to open the case and show the abuse, because soco ex/husband beto hazz never gave her any cash and maintenance for her 2 sons, but used me and dieter as cash machine to gain the house, when falsely accused our reputation badly on divorce times? - Now my sister soco's children want to continue the same educational standards and gain an easy and rich life with lies against the rest of us, but if ever any compensation gained, then direct to me by law, rights and on behalf of my unborn children, that perished for lies and my reputation trashed to feed the parasites and all the abuse possible, with thanks direct from ex/husband sister that helped matters in the UK and used "confidentiality acts" to hide and her golden swiping card?! - As one thing is we are sisters, love each other, respect and other different is, we are sisters but sold each other to the best bidder, perhaps because ex/husband beto hazz never paid own duty and responsibility, when is not my problem, but worked for my children with no regrets whatsoever and I never use that system with any member of my family, so why I need to accept this abuse against my reputation and in danger that my own kind can copy the  .. whatever fuck you want to called it, as nobody can go against own family, nobody, this is a very hurtful thing, that dieter was left in a river of tears, as I saw him, as he was telling me of the same, but unable to speak of the same pain, and me today in public / private hurt badly to no repair, no plausible!), as my child came the date of the GP appointment (strange?) and after reading the news from Ian Paterson, then suddenly, I freaked totally out and cancelled the GP appointment and the staff gave me another appointment, but for the week after 8/5/2017 and I am in pain, but refuse my children to get involve into my personal matters, so how shall I get a prescription, I got no cash to go to Spain, so how, a simple antibiotic that is used when emergency, as I repeat 3/4 times used your wonderful NHS, but pay taxes to subside and even UK citizen, anyone??!! - It is dangerous to get medication abroad, instead of the local farmacy, when you don't know the place, doctor, medicine as me today, so who shall I go against to gain compensation, services or both, as my human rights, duty of care and even break licence when doctors are supposed to see patients same day not 7 days after, then let's use the emergency hospital, or give us the equivalent, again as our human rights are badly inflicted!! -  

So pardon me today, but I am very much piss off, by this hitler-ished NHS system and I want to know, how the medical services are going to be in the UK and from now on and in order for me to get access to the same benefits, because you can not leave us in the limbo, otherwise it looks as gestapo   times from the WWII and with respect, because the gp's, doctors, professionals, hospital staff and even medication are fully controlled, fully manipulate and fully HIJACKED from us - the community, that is unable to gain such treatment / prescription and the practice is complete dangerous to the point to ask the police to monitor the premises with immediate effect and/or install videos, as complete irresponsible attitude by the professional health authority, council, government and politics affairs, when lack of duty of care such professionals, that in the past, doctor was with the patient same day, never a week after and even put our lives in jeopardy, as myself and as explain before, so who shall I sued to gain compensation, with thanks?! - Rosario Castellanos de Parker.


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