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Italy: "Italian Prime Minister, Matteo Renzi resigned, after defeat" -

Goran Bregovic - Bella Ciao, Kalashnjikov

Italy VOTES “No” on referendum, "Won A Big Victory Defeat" to the opposite Italians and Europeans political groups, that want to defeat the system! -  The euro fell 20-month low on Monday, investors fled after Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi said he would resign, defeat on constitutional reform may destabilise!-   Italians peoples keeps so much Gold / Cash within own banking system, by holding the Vatican fortunes next to them, so no worries how the financial world respond "before / after" Italian referendum, because such matters do not affect a bit, but shows the ability / inability to run own country properly! -
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In other words and plain English, the "No" vote WON ( "No won" by 59,5% and "Yes lost" by 40,5% ), maybe when seeing how bad and confuse BREXIT left the UK Queen, Peoples, Land and Glory and time to reflect into defeat and destabilise the undefeated, before is to late! -  Italian peoples are setting a world example, that said: "The elders went to battle for unite the European community, or risk to live in war times, with thy neighbours" - It is time to believe that stay unite in the European Community is the best choice, or expose to danger when lose your benefits (see letter below!), work, savings, pensions, investment, financial world, "at the present time (unless you got a better ideas!!)", unless you can survive alone in your own island (As Theresa May said on Austerity: "I call it living within our means", after worked all your life?!-), but we need to set realistic ideas, ideals, aims, choices, because even the tea bags comes from India, mean we all need each other and in order to progress?! -

One thing is to keep your own independence, ID and personal belongs away from the rest as "private" and something different is to set yourself away from the world in question of community affairs, as we relay heavy into each others business to progress! -  I am unable to believe the extent of UK and Mexican government into each others deals (see photo of  Florence Cassez), but I am not liable of the same as I don't work for such places, because it is now that I understand the UK system and after making my blog, divorce the ex/husband and dedicate myself to investigate matters further, because affects us badly with every decision the UK government makes and perhaps use me without my permit, consent, knowledge and since day one (1985 - 2016) and to be blame / frame after due to same past deals (see photo of  Florence Cassez)?!-

It is a coincidence when Theresa May said on Austerity (see photo up): "I call it living within our means", and "after worked all my life like my sister (ana pia) in Veracruz (after worked all her life), which is not the UK, but in the centre of my life with endless lies against my reputation to take advantage, without probe, because I lost contact after family betrayal (, and without proper hearing to have my part contest in a court of law, but hide the cowards bullies ( ) in "confidentiality acts" and in order to win, take advantage and destroy my life and that, you call English law?!"-

I don't know if any kind of coincidence "from what I am living and today (as Italy connections )", because the same affects badly the rest of UK citizens, but after years of working in the UK since day one (1985 - 2010), today removals of benefits, financial assistance, opportunity, work, living and etc, but worth to mention "in public and for public concern" the same matters, "because the same was living a sister (ana pia)", when years of working at my father's business in Veracruz, then she was removed from own work, a wall was placed in her bedroom, left Veracruz to Puebla and lost all and everything and I was blame of her (ana pia) matters (today I lost all and everything!), when in reality was my other sister (flor) that forced my parents that way, because my brother (jose) was about to get married (with pilar) and need the place for themselves (Tierra Blanca) and NEVER - EVER was me at any time and I am looking for compensation for the lies, defamation of character, mislead, abuse and bullying, but my other sister (flor) and her (flor) own helpers (jose, flor, lupy, soco, mara, tere, rafa, mela, etc) to stand accused, not me at any time involve and the reasons why, such peoples (jose, flor, lupy, soco, mara, tere, rafa, mela, etc) are disappearing fast from our family environment, as only time! - I have no connections with any family ( at any time (but using my children when suit them!) and for a long - long time and reasons of my divorce, because I am not going to play own games, but lost all today based on lies!-

"I am not going to be surprise if sister (ana pia) matters came to me (from Mexico to the UK and impossible to believe such kind of abuse and hatred  between family members and blood, as we come from same parents, without defence in a court of law and in order to clean my name, explain the same, but ex/husband's government excuse to own advantage, pretty much like Florence Cassez deals!?-) and place a full blame to me direct, in order to destroy my life with no court hearing into my defense and the rest of family (jose, soco, flor, lupy, etc) members are somehow badly affected like me, but I am to blame (and how I did the lies such peoples said that I did, when I am badly affected, how!!!)? -

I know full well my truth even my passports (Mexico / UK) speak louder than my own words, when I have not seeing any of my family ( for a long time and a few times visit my mother before she passed away, or speak over the phone with any members, do not a-merit the abuse to slander my reputation!!), even the ex/husband family very little for same reasons (and even my nice and she knows who is it, one time she visit me and told me: Patty you are not like this, mean the horrendous spread against my reputation and she told me, that she has problems with own mother in law, when she was talking about me, not her, as she was single!? -), because they can be as bad as each other, hit each other horrendous, abuse each other badly, steal each other own living, like the ex/husband mother told me of her own children personal matters ( ), fights, violence and intolerance, well my family are not far behind ( ), in fact mirror each other and refuse to see any of them!"-

How many years (1985 - 2016) I had been living like this position and that is my present question, that if I never investigate matters such abuses against my reputation, by "family problems" of the ex/husband, his sister social worker and helpers (now trying to use my children to hide and blame / frame after?) could still exist today, including members of my family (jose, flor, soco, lupy, etc) maybe alive and well and of course hiding everything to own advantage, furthermore when I was supposed to know the truth (, or such BULLIES expected me to live by own lies for ever?!-

I remember once, I confide my sister (ana pia) of my personal life, she betrayed me horrendous - the worse possible ways, forms and shapes, when all my BIRTH RIGHTS removed in the UK because of her (ana pia) and she (ana pia) need another person in the UK to help her (ana pia) into her (ana pia) own vendetta (apart from the rest bullies that helped  soon after and gained benefits, financial help, everything in the UK! -) this person need to work in community ( services to dismiss the treacherous and betrayal acts, as the ex/husband sister, which she (carol parker) is a "social worker (", someone that deals in community and own affairs because the following link could not be made out of fresh air, but need a direction which was the ex/husband when passing all and everything to his own sister social worker (carol parker) and mine (ana pia) and from them set the rest bullies against me and mine (children, sisters, brother, etc)?-

However on that time, I lost my case for benefits (DLA high rate after industrial accident) and the ex/husband accompanied me to the tribunals and told the judge; "that if I knew of benefits, I could be helping my wife", for a UK Born Individual as the ex/husband British, the lie was too much to handle not just the betrayal that sold me and the Judge that accepted the matters fully and dismissed my case and since then, I lost any opportunity to claim compensation for accidents, entitlements, benefits (see letter) jobs and everything since day one (1985), after marriage (now divorce!) and I would like to ask the ex/husband, why he sold me, what I ever done to that BULLY and his own bullshit, when I saw very little of them if we remember, "he was always working ( and left me the responsibility" and in order to gain this kind of hate, spread, hatred and dysfunctional bullying world!? -  After the accident at work, affected my life and back with horrible with extreme pain, but was prescribed by a GP antibiotics, instead of pain killer, it was then, that I knew full well of that sister (ana pia) was for never trust again and as form of thank you, because I hate to hold bad feelings, I sent to her money ( ) every month, for more than 20 years and not much as my entitlements removed, but something to remain her (ana pia) of own betrayal to me and mine, because this affected my children badly and to worse possible ways, forms and shapes (, in fact I lost the lot, like the United Kingdm with the Brexit! -

My matters reflects today 5/12/2016, as when made note yesterday 4/12/2016, we have TODAY the banging in the other homes quite loud and pretending repairs, but same control from ex/husband and his family problems, that use the local services against me, then they should pay the poll tax and not me, because who's person pay taxes to local government and for the bullies ( ) to come against the community (nobody from government staff works on weekends as my note wrote 4/12/2016, except weekdays!), as me, instead to take me to the courts and explain my note? -  When family, sisters and brothers pass away (, but when alive and well, never allowed to speak to me at all, as the matter was told to me by another sister (mela), when she never opened to me the door of her home and she (mela) said, that the other sister (ana pia) forbid her to pen the door, or else!?-

As my matters happened to me by direct interference from Vatican staff (, then I have the rights to bring matters to your own attention today and request you, to clean my own mess, not me or mine (children), but whoever done the family problems, termination (abortion), intolerance, bullying and never again such abuses and crimes! -   The Prime Minister from any European Community that set to destabilise own country's shaky system, instead to improve the same standards are not worth to have within State, neither the person should leave ( ) "after the initial political crisis" and expect the rest politicians to clean own acts and mess (referendum), that is very irresponsible ( ) political / government attitude and should be deal with the law and in order (Brexit fiasco!), to repair the damaged ( own Queen (as UK), country, peoples, land, glory, amen and like the Italians said: "No Grazie!!" - Rosario Castellanos de Parker. 


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