Wednesday, 14 December 2016

The British Professional Boxer, Amir Khan and his beautiful wife, Faryal Makhdoom Khan suffer "dress code" issues ..

Dola Re Dola (Devdas) [english subs]

It is reported that British Professional Boxer, Amir Khan and his beautiful wife, Faryal Makhdoom Khan suffer some kind of "family problems" and all due with respect to "dress code" attitude, issues, religious believes, differences and even matters.   I take the liberty to express my own opinion in public, because I believe strong that all is due and with respect once again to "difference in culture, ENVY, environment, upbringing, family, religious affairs, believes and even times" and not matter if we are born from the same background, peoples, culture, traditions, roots, but different worlds and complete totally apart! -

After I divorce and wrote this blog, that express and expose the "family problems" of the ex-husband, his sister social worker and some members of my family with more than 490 different notes that reflect the same matters, but hide in order to cash, use, abuse and destroy reputations! -

As I come with the same matters, issues and differences from day one (1985-2016), suffering years of bullying ( ) without knowing the real bully, matters, issues, lies, criminal activity, reasons, defamation of character (5 boys, the river, the kiss, the china girl, etc) and tales (as nothing of the lies are real and/or not as how in reality happened, but made up stories to believe that way and in order to cash and destroy!), when managed to hide bullies in the background to assist even further, by using "confidentiality acts" the vile cowards, unaware from where betrayal is/was coming from, making my life vulnerable, pretending "family problems", when in reality was "family fortunes $$$££££" and even today after divorce, they still own so much each other, that nothing same to break, but when something happens within the family, I am to blame by the same robbery, used against me after and even use my children ( to hide own past, clean own mess, frame and blame after, just like happened to me, except today, I am exposing the abuse! -

The problem within our family matters, issues and believes is something that we should not apologies in public (, but repair in private, or use public places like courts of law to stop the intolerance, but where in the UK, furthermore when unknown how to deal with matters by the Judicial system, because expect peoples like myself to help without my permit, consent and knowledge, by forcing things and then, me to come and tell you after (like the ex/husband sister social worker, carol parker to her own father pleas: "Dad can you tell him?", so we know full well, where abuse comes from!-  ), when in reality anyone that deals in law should come with their own qualifications, experience and certificate, because I am badly affected today, when everything removed from me based on lies and by the same legal system, that mislead ( ) the course of the law?!-

-  My case is more, much more deep than Amir Khan own case, as comes with violence, termination, abuse and lies to gain the treacherous aims, ideas and ideals and in order to destroy life of innocents (now "family problems" wants to use my children, even for messages - when I am not invisible, but pretend, in order to hide own past together with ex/husband and his sister social worker against me 1985 - 2016, because following link 
could not be made out of fresh air, but need the help of a social worker, sister of the ex/husband that works within the community? -  ) and all for what, for to leave matters far too late (1985 - 2016), but now, when I want to use the Internet social media and my blog to HELP me is not right, so when and how you defend and protect life?-

-  The case from HRH Princess Diana of Wales, when she went public (T.V. news) to request help and all for what, because nobody was BRAVE enough to save her life and her victims (Dodi Al - Fayed and the driver)? -

- The case from Paula Yates, when she went public (newspapers) to request help and all for what, to be affected badly (own children) by the abuse from ex/husband, like me and HRH Princess Diana of Wales (RIP) with Prince Charles: "With the fear, bullying, madness and tread of "don't forget that I am above the law?" and I question legally today, where the UK law stands to address the issues, abuse, intolerance, criminal activity (Bob Geldof and Prince Charles good friends, I am not going to be surprise if also to the ex/husband and with respect)? -

So who is next to address the "family problems" in the UK, like Faryal Makhdoom Khan now and in order to help the UK Judicial system, when in reality they should come with everything including experience, but keep us entertain in the media, as if some kind of Roman Empire slaughter, because it does not matter where you are born into, neither colour of skin, religion, age, sexual orientation, or any other excuses to sabotage your life with malicious intent, bullying, ma-hems, hypocrisy, lies and slander, but the kind of family that you marry into and in my case from both sides, now trying to use my children to HIDE themselves and from violent past!! -

I hate to put myself into the place of one family, or the other, but unfortunately the law should go with the one is attacked / affected badly and no form of defense in REAL LIFE like myself, except to use the social media and my blog, so you got no rights to make any comments, until you wear the victim shoes and when in the case of Faryal Makhdoom Khan, before becomes too late, like Paula Yates, HRH Princess Diana of Wales and the rest ( ), because can you imagine what the children of those victims are feeling on the moment, when own mother ask for help - to no avail, furthermore unable to handle matters, neither defend own mothers, but torn between parents, when the UK law should start doing their own jobs properly and not with "child attitude" as Amir Khan comments (, but as the law state, order and command and as student of law for the same reasons ( ) and in order to defend my own kind (children, etc), that my Lord is my witness, so be it in law!! - Rosario Castellanos de Parker.


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