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Prince Harry Visits London Sexual Health Charity ..

Princess Diana, Prince William and Prince Harry

A few months ago, Prince Harry tested (14 July 2016 ) in order to raise awareness and days ago, he played a visit to London sexual health charity and the news come from the following links, in which I do not know which one is FAKE or REAL, but sheering the same:
etc ..

The FAKE and REAL news is part of the questioning today for different sources, in which we gain the information, reports and origin of the same (, but without journalism society will lack complete communication into each other, which can be a blessing sometimes, but many times a place of danger to our kind, like Russia Royal Family when separate from the world and unable to gain news (RIP).

Many people like myself comes with no qualifications whatsoever in Journalism, but experience when I was teach the trade by my elder sister (Anny) when younger (primary education) and if something good comes out of my personal blog when writing and shearing news using several links of the same to own purpose, then don't forget to pass to my sister all the rewards, as I only own the writing is all mine, my sweat and complete investigation!-  With proper Journalism that acts many times as advocacy to protect, in which you use the law as my other sister (mela) teach me when younger (the Mexican one) and I hope demonstrate in my blog, again anything good pass to that sister not me, except the English law. When dealing with different peoples, cultures and creatures sometimes we need to separate the real and the fake, furthermore with personality complex and here is where Journalism use psychology, in which I was teach to me by a sister's (tere) friend. So as you can see Journalism can be use with different matters and purposes in life, furthermore to help and improve humanity, the rest is complete envy.

The same happened with eBay and trade marks many years ago and in order to destroy the living of hardworking peoples (with "trade marks issues") and how many victims was hit with the financial crisis, today such places own by rich business.  I can see FB and Google going the same way as eBay today, with any excuses (Fake News!), when use the system to different purposes, because news is news not matter which broadcaster arrange the same, but the rest is envy! -
etc ..

I find the dates ( match somehow and when I purchase my medication (see receipt) and after taken antibiotics given to me by the local hospital emergency staff, as lack of GP by my own choice (as lack of trust !!) and for a foot infection, but complications always develop with side effects (after taken antibiotics) and can give the wrong impression! -  "As if infections, the reasons why I never let the ex/husband to touch me when married, as it was twice (before and after married - Bartholin's cyst) and impossible to gain any other way, never again!!" -  The same happened with my dental treatment years ago, never gained any except extraction ( ), or antibiotics and this form of abuse went into CIRCLES and develop other issues and again can give the wrong idea to break the reputation from victims (of medical care and duty!) as myself, but complete abuse in medicine! - (  I need to flee the UK to gain dental treatment, as complete nightmare the services!!-)

The same day (14/11/2016) I purchase the Queen Mother book in poundland and it was at the Boots store that staff (see purchase receipt) used the British sign to me (the woman was older like me and tinted hair), plus started mimic as injecting herself and in full public, perhaps you can see the monitor videos from the shop.  I wonder if you pay for such degrading individuals to serve you, instead to serve yourself like tesco's and avoid the bullying ( ) and bullshit that comes after, pretty much the same as the ex/husband, his sister social worker and helpers "family problems" that went on for so many years the abuse (, now teaching the young generation as my children to follow the sick example and education, when hide even with "confidentiality acts" (as link can not be made itself out of fresh air and with respect to The Queen), from the past! - This is not the first time that happens in a chemist like boots (see papers below), but services that segregate our culture and told to act that way and in this case with myself, as form of racism! -

A form of PERSECUTION: The same system used with my sister (soco), when the complete area (sherway drive) went against her and used the neighbourhood and the same system used with HRH Princess Diana of Wales and used paparazi ( ) - instead of neighbourhood and my friend ( teresa solana ), when complete classroom went against her and somehow  I was to blame (my sister soco!!), when I am the same as them as the blog explain, but my family steal everything (The child of my sister mara gained two places at the UK university FREE and sponsor  from her endless lies against my reputation *five boys, the river, the kiss, etc* as unable to pay otherwise and help from ex/husband sister, social worker carol parker, when me and my children need to work and pay for everything and all based on lies!)) from me (sergio gomes pintado, etc) from me and mine (children), without me even knowing and when things happens as my brother ( is me to blame afterwards, when in reality, I have not seeing any of them and at any time!!  -  It is a simple coincidence with the Prince visit and when I visit the Boots chemist a day before, but left me speechless the "follows after" and apologies of any misunderstanding, perhaps exposing my case as well and as victim! -

I believe after the divorce my life is mine and personal not for the ex/husband to continue stalk, spy and hunt as happened to HRH Princess Diana of Wales with Dodi Al-Fayed and concern to me only, even if I have friends after, or decide to stay single is up to me the matters, furthermore to spread malicious lies against my reputation as mention before, which is against the law the malicious content, mislead and even use medicines to score points, when I never act this way with anyone.  From now on, if the ex/husband wants to speak to me direct, but not use our children anymore and (go and tell me like his sister  ) hide himself from own responsibility after like little child (as the link explain, because he owns me money!, but his own mature age and with respect.

As mention before, this vicious CIRCLE of abuse against me and mine (children!) need to stop - full stop ( and if the UK system let my family in this country for any excuses - not matter reasons, legally I need to know and in order to protect ( ) my kind (as the ex/husband sister blame me of her 5 boys and the river and mention "family problems", so as social worker, she should warn me ( ) of matters from day one 1985 and not before the divorce 2012, as form of taking advantage!!-  ) but your system failed me horrible - very bad indeed, even to protect my sister (soco) from "family problems" that entered the UK (mi sister mara child as mention before, etc) spreading hate against me and mine and took full advantage of everything ( and what the country has to offer and removed from me and mine (children) what we worked hard and pay in a form of taxes - as tax payer even when shopping.   I don't need this form of abuse by Boots the Chemist or anyone else (, but respect, because when purchase, I am also paying your wages not matter if I am employed, unemployed, colour, age, incapacity, religious, sexual orientation, etc. NEVER AGAIN! - Rosario Castellanos de Parker.

(Please check if you are not abused by your system:

Trafford Council (scandals): 

Political (scandals): 

Bali High Court rejected appeal from British grandmother, Lindsay Sandiford, who lost appeal, for smuggling drugs .. 
The "right to demonstrate", when we never vote for another 5 years of austerity, with respect.   

NHS (scandals): 

Social Worker/Care system.
(from links: The lack of luxury of Tradition ): 

DWP (Unemployment-ATOS exams and Bedroom tax):




Domestic - violence/abuse: 

Criminal-Judicial system: 



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