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After Donald J. Trump ..

Juan Gabriel - Hasta Que Te Conoci, Festival de Viña 1997

Death of a dynasty rotten after 40 years of sex, lies and scandals: "The Clintons leave public life by a crushing"-  (the following note redacted on the 10th of October, 2016  So we welcome Donald  J.Trump and his beautiful famly for better world (the following note wrote on the 9th of October, 2016, before the previous one - copy me?! - for the best results in respect, tolerance and peace ( ), also the best person to represent a perfect understanding and communications affairs (a public apology to Obama and show the world "peace process" is restored! .. ), between races and in order to stop any kind of hatred ( in his country, my country Mexico, worldwide, with thanks! -

The following note was displayed on internet social places and I really hope holds until Peace Process restored properly, between the two peoples (Obama and Trump) that will represent unity in America and world wide and set as an example ("Out of the 12 Presidents who have held office during Her Majesty's reign, only five were ever invited for a UK State Visit. Will Donald Trump be number six?" - No, I don´t want to stop any UK State visit, neither I got the rights, furthermore I pretend to have any connection whatsoever, except to hold until a show of UNITY is displayed  (Obama and Trump) and stop any kind of racism in America, Mexico and worldwide! -  (It looks Trump and Obama "personal matters" resolved: "Trump lined up for invitation to meet The Queen" .. )

As you can see, the following links may spot the difference and what was left in my country Mexico after the Trade Treaty ( signed (Clinton, Bush, Salinas de Gortari, etc - 1993/1994) and agree by both countries, when share same Politics affairs and pass the jobs to each (After our present Mexican President, Enrique Peña Nieto won the election: ) other since then and in order to protect own financial world, finances, wealth and deals ( After your American President, Donald J. Trump won the election: ), but is today, when you can see clearly "the after effects" and "complete destruction" of Trade Deals, when my country Mexico is left with a wave of dictators, bullies (, crimes, drugs, corruption, intolerance, hate propaganda, hatred, abuse, blood bath and genocide:
etc ..

I request the American Congress to come an clean my country Mexico and show respect towards my land, peoples and glory ( the same as the United Kingdom forced to monitor own peoples when abroad ! - and without blocking my freedoms (, human and birth rights and in order to protect my kind and restore trust, tolerance, peace, order and remove strong substances (drugs!).   What America dream is living presently with Trump and with respect, Mexico since after the 1990´s by Trade deals mention before and the corrupt system and the racism that create such low culture is way out of order!-

It is my surprise when one said the other ( "fuiste acertado y visionario"), when is my notes and my blog ( that helps the win, helps in race relations ("fuiste acertado y visionario") and helps when expose the same abuse as mention before, but the Mexican President EPN use all my material to own benefit and without my permit, consent and knowledge ( until too late (see photo of Enrique Peña Nieto and daughter and note, that won his Mexican Presidency!- ), an attract foreign deals to help him ( only, when the help is for me, my own work, sweat, aim, efforts of private education by myself and in order to help vulnerable peoples and to earn my cash, never free! -  So today, I hope Hillary Clinton knows full well what is like to be me and after, she observe the following 2 videos and (can see the photo of Enrique Peña Nieto and daughter and note, that won his Mexican Presidency!- ) in my case, Enrique Peña Nieto stole my place and represent to her, Donald J. Trump;


The racism by the Mexican President, Enrique Peña Nieto towards / against my work, sweat, education, efforts  (as the following link  explain Lopez de Santana by me and saying those words first, see dates!! and my peoples is way out of order the exploitation, abuse and snobbery, pretending is a professional, when is me and mine HARD WORK, but him (Mexican President) or the rest ( stolen our work, notes, research, passing like GOD´S to some else to enjoy the fame, fortune, place and all for free and in order to win deals (see Florence Cassez case by Calderòn; sold)!!! -

The government and politics affairs becomes a laughing stock ( worldwide, when SNATCH the living, jobs, business, writing ideas and opportunity from the rest as myself, then leave the job with any excuses ( as unable to delivery even BREXIT, because the job belongs to someone else as me and not work / ideas for themselves, when exploit my country of birth Mexico badly ( ), and I am unemployed and benefits living in the UK, portrait as problem but politicians HOLDS my money for whatever reasons (see link; owned from past benefits (see letter below!!) and perhaps start business, as government wants us to "live within my own means", but in reality all is a mislead (, even holds my sister (tere) money, when her friend (jimmy) left her cash and ex-husband owns me more than 12 months of pension, as the Judge told me and is part of divorce ( see link; ) settlement, which problem do not belong to my children, neither the DWP staff as neighbour and friend of ex-husband now trying to use my children to hide the past, or any family members to interfere into my own private life, but me and the person involve, because I own money to the rest and unfair to all parties involve and even worse the insult, as government staff call us confuse?!-   

It is as if someone STEALING my own ID, to live well and pretend, or I am dreaming when all me and mine lack the opportunity, education, jobs as the rest and my belongs disappear from the tin air?- I wonder if the rest (  ) is not the same as me and in my case my work, my blog and my living stolen as mention before with my notes, benefits, jobs, but many protect business ventures misleading even votes (when the presidency is in the other side of the Atlantic and Trump is not an angel, but if we want to prosper, then we need to keep good business relationship with neighbours? -  ), also lack of job preparation, training, opportunities, education (vindictive and bizarre what the f... is that for business relationships and with respect?!! - ) and respect, because I am sick to carry your lot!!-

1 -  When I worked as midday assistant for my local school, a fight erupted between two boys of different colours of the rainbow. The headmaster came to me to know the details and I explain as best as possible, as one insulted the other boy by his colour of skin and was terrible distress the offending party, then he (headmaster) said to me, "what shall he do" and "I said remove the insulting party" , then I was sacked from the jobs thereafter and never knew reasons why, except today as I am writing - everything and flashing with memories. "I believe strong, I was blame for Pola!" - What I wrote in this note regarding Pola still stands today ( and I clarify as one sister (soco) was blame more than the other sister (mara) when the action was done by both sisters (soco and mara), but one passed away and the other still remains?-   As I remember when child, I asked them both (soco and mara) where Pola was and they (soco and mara) told me "almost at the same time", that helped Pola to leave her job and gave her money to run (the same my sister ana pia told me, that the family helped Gracia Maria Sotelo to run back to her place, Michoacan and before I get blame, I was and still I am in the UK, but mara sitting comfortable with no care in the world and as you can see photos in following link.  I don´t care social life, beauty contest, intelligence or anything else as excuse by sisters, but I do care criminal activity, destruction of family and marriage, hatred and lies that follows!! -  My mother was placed as whatever for Pola to escape, when I know full well that my mother and I loved Pola to bits and for many years to come she was still calling her to help her in her home and I need to remain her with pain in my heart, that she left us long ago! - What I wrote in this note  and I repeat myself once more, stands today as "I loved Pola the same as the rest of my sisters" and I will do anything to help her environment, but unfortunately on that time, "I was a simple child", also "I was unknown of the plans - between my elders sisters (soco and mara)" towards Pola and still I am, but today is different, "I am a well endorsed adult" that racism of that nature is not tolerate, but need to be exposed!-   I have the most despicable family - some of them changed with time due to way of life and I don´t have to apology but them, including when the headmaster of my children´s place but to be blame of racial stuff is way out of order, instead of the boy who racially abused the other one with the fight and by own actions with own words as insulted, never mine, as I arrived too late when the fight happened at the playground?!-

Racism is the lowest forms to discriminate a human person and I will not take responsibility of another sister (mara) to me and mine to be used, abused, trashed, dropped from the fifth floor and in order to hide their own criminal activity, their own malicious and hatred heart and their own feelings against own family and humanity (Pola), as link (see number 3) ) explain, NEVER AGAIN!! -

2- When we (carol parker and I) went to Mexico city after the wedding was placed back again (1985) and the ex-husband sister (carol) accompany me to re-arrange our paperwork (me the wedding and she done her visa permit), we travelled in the metro which is/was the equivalent of tram for transport and many peoples used the means and ways because is very cheap and fast, so out of the blue, she (carol parker) said to me LOUD for everyone to hear (estàn entrando INDIOS!!) and she continue saying the words (mean my Mexican peoples were using the metro transport, that for me was a normal way of life, but as lack of culture - education was not to carol parker "or she was pretending!" and I need to stand next to the bullshit, harassment acts, intolerance, hatred, abuse, racist bully and embarrassment, as carol parker was acting like a child, telling me all about the matters - estàn entrando INDIOS!! - as if she never saw that kind of HUMAN PEOPLE before and furthermore when I love my country, so please tell me why in the name of God, WHY, why and WHY do I need to accept that low HUMAN degradation?!!- ).  I could not speak English to explain the words (Indios) was not acceptable and many people will kill for the trillif ever heard anyone insult them that way (indios!!), so with the hands I said to her (carol) NO, please stop, to no avail!!! - And she (carol parker) continue with the words (Indios) for everyone to hear at the metro and even enjoyed the harassment acts when laughed to the point - that I said to her in Spanglish; I will leave the next stop of the tram / train if you continue saying those words (indios!) Carol Parker!!!-  As she (carol parker) was aware of Spanish language and even teach English in the same place that I was learning in Puebla, because I helped her to find the job and the school (colegio Rosario!) to learn Spanish, then I stopped the next station and we walked all the way to the place where we wanted to go and finish our matters and in that order to avoid offend my Mexican peoples and "believe it or not", this was the first (1985) and this was the last (2012 when I divorce her brother!) time I ever travelled ALONE with the BULLY ( and her own racial slurs, racial hatred, racial intolerance and racial bullying games / names, I said then and there; NEVER AGAIN! - And the same as my sisters (mara and soco) racist attitude - against the other sister (pola), I will not apologies to nobody for the ex-husband sister social worker (carol parker) racist remarks in Mexico city, neither repair the damaged but themselves, such bullies and own hatred heart full of bullshit is not for me! - Sorry, but not on my yard, racist individuals are not funny, but predators! - "Still today, I am unaware of what happened to Pola and I would love to see her once again, but I would never know what to say to her and if she will ever trust me again, that is my problem" -

3 -  So I ask respect, because for me is a normal life and I was born within such peoples that you call all the names under the sun, even if I never married into and not by racism as I married the ex-husband - an Englishman, but because of lack of love that makes peoples marry, even then, I respect such cultures.  I hope demonstrate such respect today, when my own kind (child) gave me an earshot phone call ( 9-11-2016, after the news of the American vote and results!-  As if I was God to decide who win and who lose, please gave me more credit, what I did was to expose before all the American peoples vote and the world succumb into the ab-ism of either hate, or extermination.  Hate I know is more easy to deter, control and expose, but extermination, how do you stop the person who will press the bottom, please see link and reflect into what I could be done wrong and we all end up worse than we are already in the mess of Brexit?-  I don´t need to apologies for any Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Clinton, Bush, Blair era and job responsibility like my sisters (soco and mara), or ex-husband sister social worker (carol parker), when racism over takes our lives badly, not me but them - the peoples responsible ( and expose so people reflects, think and acts, as may affect their own actions BADLY against the world, like my country Mexico, Middle East, etc!- So it is always better to keep the communication open and to be aware of what happens in your environment to protect your kind! -

Mean in law, that I teach my children very well since younger and made me very proud indeed that they learned the lesson of love, tolerance and respect one another, cultures, religions and colours and so truly well, without experience the matter (racism), but own principle from me and what is wrong to right and vice-versa (by the phone call to me by my child, 9-11-2016, when is not me the racist person, so why, but the ex-husband told my child, or he spoke to a third party so they can speak to my kind and expose me, but the Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Clinton, Bush, Blair era is not my making, except expose?- ), even the headmaster ( was WRONG as I request him to expel the bully and apology to the injury party, to no avail and I lost the job, neither when I faced the bully for my child who was bullied at his school and at his command, to be told that he will sue me for defamation, then I want him to know, that I am still here waiting but never heard again, perhaps all hide in "confidentiality acts" and strike back and claim anything they want, when and I use my blog to expose such extreme and vile culture, vulture and attitude!! - Funny enough other peoples followed in the vendetta and came after 30 years (Yes, 30 years passed, not 1, 2, or 3 at the most and as the law request command and order, but 30 GLORIOUS YEARS and magically passed the Holy law test, hurray!!!) and blame me of insulting them for anything (see teresa solana, as one of the bullies! -, as if I was born perfect myself and those BULLIES insulted (5 boys, the river, the kiss, the china girl, etc) me more than I ever insult them in my entitle and complete life, furthermore when they spread such hatred lies against me with no court hearing to clean my name and in order to cash and destroy even my unborn children (see Zermatex Factory in following link;, well that is not family, neither friends, but a wave of bullies and criminals with own bullshit - eternal activity full of lies, tales and defamation acts!? -  As I explain in the following link and note (number eight)  all the selling and bullying process from such peoples that calls family against me and mine and in order to destroy life, reputation and environment, that started from Canada.

4-  We hope America never need to go to our low ways and in order today to highly the same human segregation, degradation, abuse and crimes against the world and even use your kind as an example of what is not acceptable in law, the same as my family exposed by me, because they should never go against own blood, kind and family ( and because such acts of negligence, crime and abuse destroy life and against the law!!-  For me is very important to get Tony Blair direct to the courts, as this individual went against HRH Princess Diana of Wales, Dodi Al - Fayed and the driver ( and excuse after to go against the Middle East peoples, when killed a (Muslim) man (Dodi - Al Fayed) as excuse and regarded as King in his own homeland, so how we are going to arrange this matter, because I am tired to be in the middle and is not me at any time, neither my problem?- All the violence, hatred and segregate racism between cultures today can be clean in accordance to our principles, laws, respect and tolerance and I, Myself welcome Donald J. Trump to help us in the process and stabilise a world that works to certain peoples, instead of everyone, furthermore within own means by hard work and business ventures, rather than corrupt lies (5 boys, the river, the kiss - my arse, etc) that destroy humanity and cash from the tales! - The American government and perhaps CIA formed several groups today called:  Al qaeda, Taliban and ISIS, with intention to blame other cultures (muslim, etc) and as Hillary Clinton admits: "We (Clinton, Bush, Blair and the rest!-) had this brilliant idea..."-  (we really hope that this time video is not removed, as form of probe legally!!)  I ask today in the name of God, whichever is your God - we respect, but to come to my country Mexico and clean all your drugs barons, violence and hatred when left by the business ventures to protect own patch and same Middle East! -  

I left more links for you to see the develop of the new American President, Donald J. Trump, that we welcome and hope for the better, but no responsible for any links, photos, or contents, but shering;…/Top-British-MPs-drop-support-D…

In other words never misjudge the capacity of anyone, anywhere and anyhow, you may surprise the results! -  The ex-husband told me (and I believe was a simple joke!) if I ever connect with his government and I wonder who started first murdering my unborn children, family and reputation, together with his sister social worker (carol parker) and some members of my family as explain before ( ) and such peoples took advantage and sponged (sponsored) the UK system (5 boys, the river, the kiss, etc), while his own blood and children need to sweat like hell to pay own bills even education and many times lost own human rights, protection laws and respect to please such hatred preached bullies, when growing up as mention before with headmaster and their own school policies with racist attitude (, that should provide a happy environment with protection rights not like my kind and even Prince Charles could understand me today as I am writing and you call LOVE when someone (ex-husband) warn you  (instead of love, respect, tolerance, principles, education, progress? - Are you ok of your own mind to warn peoples and why I need to take the tread, bullying, bullshit, fear, intolerance with such predators, that instead of LOVE but WARN you?-  What kind of society we are create today into this kind of environment, that WARN us instead of LOVE us and I need to make my point with Trump and Obama the perfect match to teach the world respect, tolerance and friendship?- Please don´t complaint later, why we are create this supremacy, grandiose and supreme lunatic world, together with own bullies as children, because I will not tolerate mine to learn this kind of abnormal behaviour, destruction world and laughing stock principles (indios), NEVER AGAIN?!! - )  about their own government more - much more of his own family, blood as children and Mexican wife, please give another shit, but not this one, because this is not love who sell own kind, but pure destruction and I wonder who is going to repair the damaged, as I lost all today?!-  I protect me and mine (children) legally, as I have the rights to expose violence and misconduct from professionals standards as mention before and with respect, but hope you understand that I lost unborn children, so pardon me when warn from matters and in order to protect, but never to intimidate your life, NEVER AGAIN! - Someone mention if I like Donald J. Trump for to be on his side, but I married a similarity, so my answer is plain no, but as mention before, I intent to use Trump and Obama with respect and in order to set a good example to the world, perhaps improve our relations between all the colours of the rainbow, religion, sexual orientation, age, disability and with respect once again, Rosario Castellanos de Parker.


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