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Buckingham Palace undergo refurbishment ..

John McDermott- Scotland Forever "Scotland The Brave" ..

Buckingham Palace set to undergo its biggest refurbishment ( and since World War II.

My opinion:
I understand the Palace need to be repair, not problem about the matter, what I question is the "fee" which is the "normal charge" for the service direct to The Queen Elizabeth II, when perhaps the same job could be done for less money elsewhere and perhaps, short time for (hope) same results.

You only need to see the amount of money for "misspent funds, professional fees, time, tax, charges (As example UKIP, but the rest!)" and with respect:
etc ..

Apologies to comment the charge (369m) for The Queen Elizabeth II essential repairs, but if I was the Prime Minister of the UK (Theresa May), I should request with immediate effect - precise description of the same "work, fee, time and charges" and at least 10 different quotes from business ventures / dealers doing same jobs, perhaps less time ( with no excuses, because we are told by politics affairs of the financial crisis (, when the public can see full well the complete mislead, lies and abuse!-

etc ..

When is a Palace repair no problem and we understand fully well, but the equipment do not come from the Palace, but a normal place where the rest pays almost nothing for the same equipment, even job and professional fee's - what a big - big robbery! -

I believe strong that the Palace need to be repair asap before the old equipment cause any kind of damaged and we respect the true fact of the matter and urgency, but I refuse to accept the amount of time as prove legally of foreign work ( and money (369m) inflicted direct to the tax payer, when we are full aware of present cost of living and standards.

What we worry is the amount of money (369m), material, time and professional fee's can provoke an outcry against the Monarch, when is not Her fault, neither She will repair the Palace Herself and keep the cash, the material do not come from Her Majesty The Queen own environment and She never set time (10 years) limits, but looks to me as if trying to incite something, furthermore when the UK is facing TERRIBLE financial crisis and the shock can damaged badly against the Monarch:

(Apologies, I am not LIABLE if FAKE news:)
etc ..

It is not just me with the comments and I swear loyalty to The Queen Elizabeth II when become UK citizen and I intent to do so, but I am also concern the amount of cash (369m) when the UK is facing financial crisis and forced to "live within our own means ( )" when steal our past benefits entitlements and with any excuses! -

I just saw the movie of Brooklyn of an Irish woman that travels to America and her own peoples over there, help her to find job, education and opportunities ( and when it finished I was in floods of tears and not just for the lost of romance in my youth, but the rest. When I lacked in the UK, all such important matters (cash, job, education and opportunities) since day one (1985 - 2016) and all due to a wave of tales, lies and defamation of character (5 boys, the river, the kiss and etc) against me and mine (children!!), by the ex/husband, his sister social worker (carol parker) and helpers (members of my direct family) "family problems" (now trying to hide with my children, no way!!) and such BULLIES ( ) deter me to gain a proper life, education, jobs, prospectus and opportunities in this country and forced me to live within my own means and pittances (as my sister soco told me, that they "i don't know who's they", but will remove everything from me and force me into poverty, today become to be true!!).   I don't normally hold grudges to peoples, except exposing "family problems" to gain what I lost, but today looking into the Christmas presents and I question how the hell I provided to my children in the past and based on fresh air and at the same time, how much my children missed and lacked of everything by the amount of lies, tales and defamation of character against own mother (I feel sorry for them and how brave they are - nothing is too much, consider the bullshit that we went and back!) and all due to those parasites bullies ( ) and as such, makes me balance the books with the pros and cons and there is no way today, I can possible pardon such liability against humanity which is me and my children - way out of question legally!!- I want to ask such bullies and own bullshit ( ), what I ever done to them, except envy, because everything gained in the UK by my own efforts even the (fucking) law was removed from my own reach with "confidentiality acts" and one of my kind told me, that I was exposed to danger ("confidentiality acts" ) and all thanks to same peoples mention before  and own "family problems", today trying to hide even the news ( and I hope the world do not fall into darkness the same way, that I was forced into with no time parole, no justice, no exit and no nothing, because nobody ever asked my side of the story as the law demand, order, command and request, but passed the law ( ) with no care, no respect and no nothing?!!-

So how you live within own means ( ) in a foreign country as the UK and when lack basic human rights and why the ex/husband never accepted the divorce years ago (when my brother wanted to help me 1993, as you can see link at the bottom ) and even need to divorce myself by my own means, ways and forms ( ), tell me if not the bullies were living by my own means, ways and forms and with me falsely accused and all based on lies (5 boys, the river, the kiss, etc), now try hard to hide the past with our children, as if the past (termination) is not enough, what a decency? -

1 -  Princess wins "privacy" battle against MailOnline (I never asked to be in public life but stole my way of life and privacy with false claims from "family problems" of the ex-husband and his sister social worker, never again!!)

2 -  Fergie set to sue Rupert Murdoch for millions seeking compensation for years of "lost earnings", and claiming the "story damaged her credibility and earning power (I also want compensation for years of lost earnings, and endless "family problems" with false story against my reputation, "5 boys, the river, the kiss, etc" that damaged any credibility, earnings power, education, prosperity, human rights and the chance to lead a normal life for me and mine "children" - as the rest!)". -

etc ...

My sister (anapia) witness some of the fights between my mother and some of my sisters (soco, tere, etc) and a few times she (anapia) came to my bedroom and knocked my door to come out and help her and my mother and we requested my sister (soco) to leave my mothers home by the same fight, misconduct and bullying.  Years after, I managed to ask my sister (soco) to make peace and say sorry to my mother and she did - when my mother was ill and before she passed away, but I am not sure the rest (tere, etc).  It is today, that with all the turmoil in the UK, I can see my parents life back again and there is not question of the matters, when such peoples gave so much to the UK peoples, country and land, same as my parents, so it is not negotiable anything that happens in the life of The Queen!- In fact I am not going to permit such abuse to The Queen Elizabeth II and Her beloved husband, Prince (King) Philip, as you can see the film "The Crown" single handled managed to bring the UK and out of dark places, so no way! -

 However, I question the amount of money (369m) for such kind of work, when we know fully well the present cost of material, time and professional fee's, furthermore the bad reaction with Her peoples financial crisis and what the world will think about The Queen Elizabeth II, when in reality is Her staff who arranges the matters and control expenditure? -   

 I believe today is the day, that the ex/husband (david parker) can be much of need to the Queen Elizabeth II with his professional experience and perhaps repair the damaged of Her beautiful Palace and for free of charge ( and if the ex/husband needs any help can always use his sister, social worker (carol parker) and the job, professional fee's and time FREE (from ex/husband and his sister social worker, carol parker) to Her Majesty, The Queen Elizabeth II and in order to pay any kind of damages and leave me and mi children alone, starting from today (19-11-2016)!!!-  At the end of the day, the "family problems" of the ex-husband and his sister social worker is all own making, as their own mother told me hundreds of times, "they  (ex/husband and his sister social worker, carol parker) know full well what they are doing - as bad as each other - fight all day long )!!", never me or my children but place us in danger position from such lies (5 boys, the river, the kiss, etc) !!- I know is only a dream to make professional misconduct pays as ex-husband, his sister social worker (carol parker) and own helpers - repair The Queen´s Palace and cover Her own damages, now try hard to use my children and in order to hide from past abuses, in which I was falsely blame and forced to pay without gain any justice in law to clean my name, or get access to the law as today but use my blog, so perhaps ex-husband and his sister social worker (carol parker) should repair the damaged and live by own means as link fully mention and I get what the UK state owns me in back pay benefits, also the ex-husband owns me one year maintenance after divorce, plus the rest and to be in public life, when is not my place, making, position or fault, but forced as the UK law removed! -

I only question legally today, where is the Prime Minister, Theresa May ( to deal with this matter (Buckingham Palace undergo refurbishment and start doing her job properly, as the law stated, request and order, because we never got the chance to see at least 10 different quotes from professional fee's, time limits (, work and even purchase material separate and in order to save cost, furthermore, when The Queen Elizabeth II has the rights to be consulted at all the times, encouraged from any government and politics affairs and warn of anything in order to protect Her own peoples, as you can see the film The Crown and not to pass the UK law (as Churchill) and with respect:


I protect me and mine (children) legally, as this state my parents went and thanks God today we got FB, Google and Social media to protect and expose, also abuse against age peoples is against the law, when matters could not be done when younger as cowards bullies ( ) and as such, important to read the news everyday and in order to safeguard the world, as today! - Rosario Castellanos de Parker.


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