Monday, 21 November 2016

Buckingham Palace refurbishment matters is resolved ..

I am not LIABLE for any FAKE and/or REAL news and demonstrate with your own links, but express my own concern regarding matters, within my blog and the same as the rest bloggers worldwide - no difference! -

The National Anthem - God Save the Queen 

The Queen will fund the Buckingham Palace repairs.    

In a way is great news the refurbishment matters, in fact a weight out of our mind (£369 million), but BLAME THE MEDIA ( ) is way out of order legally, when the news has to come from same government places and spread over the NEWS relations as form of MEDIA and is not LEAKED in any way, form or shape, neither FAKE but REAL news and as such in a way, Not good news the disclosed amount ( (£369 million)) of refurbished for cables and pipes (replace leaky pipes and fire-risk cables, furthermore when we know fully well, the current cost of living and expenses and as such, the news was SPREAD on relevant media tools (as my links state!) and for everyone to see and read the (sad) reality, that may cuts isn't a basic necessity (£369 million), but imposed upon us as form of punishment and against tax payer that pays the fine (instead the people/s that cause the mayhem, lies and defamation of character: 5 boys, the river, the kiss, etc!) and perhaps as well, mean in law, to bring bad feelings against The Monarch (as state in my note  as form of warning from the public outcry, not me, the public outcry and I am reporting the same, while I don't need the "thank you", but neither the blame or frame, except exposing!-) using any excuses and with respect.

While my notes are made with good intention to REPAIR ( the damaged done in this country by the ex/husband and his sister social worker "family problems" against me and mine, but to use my kind (children) against me (phone call last night, 20/11/2016 and as result of my note  requesting that they pay the damaged to The Queen and by own FREE work! - ), well that attitude is the lowest of the low.  As the mother of the ex/husband and his own sister, social worker told me every single day of her breathing life: "they  (ex/husband, david parker and his sister social worker, carol parker) know full well what they are doing (tell me about it, destroying own country with endless lies, tales, defamation of character, abuse, scoring points, deceit, hiding, etc) - as bad as each other well what can I said: ) - fight all day long (I can not cope with the abuse, as own mother  ended in the hospital, with endless fractures that followed after!!-)", but for me, they are like the Kray's brothers (, that bring the area (trafford / stockport) controlled with full fear or else! -
Unfortunately now that I am in Scotland away from the "family problems" of the ex/husband and his sister social worker as my notes explain in my blog ( and all because, the ex/husband told me before divorce in England that, "wherever you are in the world, I will be there", today (21/11/2016) becomes true the abuse, with help from his (local) government staff, neighbor (sherway drive) and friend (see letter from DWP -), then why we pay (local) taxes to be used and abused by same staff and why Not the bullies pay for own criminal activity (even my benefits hijacked by his own friend, neighbor and staff from DWP, see letter that explain money owned to me in back pay benefits, with more than 10 years over-due and doing all my things alone with a magic ball, because even the law hide from my reach since day one (1985 - 2016) and not even the Irish peoples act this low (see link as state with Brooklyn movie!) against own flesh, blood and peoples when abroad? -

"As one thing is to help your own family when abroad and another different matter is your family enter your place as mine, from Mexico (Germany, Tlaxcala, Mexico D.F., Cancun and elsewhere to the UK, with the help from "family problems" of the ex/husband and his sister social worker, that hide and sponsor that kind of criminal activity against me and mine, without telling me anything to protect my kind, based on lies (5 boys, the river, the kiss, etc) and left me exposed to danger as today, then why I need to accept the abusive action when spy (, follows, hijack own life, as this was the reason my sister was detained under the mental health act (she was called paranoid!) and when she told close peoples that someone was spying on her and after, HRH Princess Diana of wales and then both?!" -

etc ..

Now would you pardon the amount of money (2006 - 2016) in back pay benefits and entitlements by law in this country to me, after an accident that was not my fault (see letter) and why me forced to handle that amount of money to someone else based on envy, defamation of character and lies, plus ex/husband owns me one year in maintenance order, plus the rest that entered the UK with lies against my reputation and gained benefits, education, entitlements and even property, like ex/husband home number 8 sherway - soco, my mother's home - any, somebody's home - mela, the ex/husband mothers home - ex/husband and his sister social worker as my children received cash only, purchase a new factory home called zermatex - azpiri and link explain  ,gained "la azucar de matamoros and become pemex after" - matamoros fam, as lupy, owned student rooms to hire plenty kisses - mara and even her children followed her own mothers bad example and gained FREE of charge "2 not just 1, but 2" university places in the UK  and together with the rest abusive individuals, tito / trafford college and everything that is mine, passed to the "primiada" and I ask: why, when all becomes a money bribery abuse to sell own family, blood and flesh?! -  And what about us society as myself, that lost unborn children by the lies (5 boys, the river, the kiss, china girl, etc), country of birth, food, weather, family, friends, marriage, education, job prospectus, stable relationship and my children forced today to help me (with no cash allowance and juggling 20 jobs!) after the crimes of my unborn children and devastation against own mother reputation (as my child phone call last night!!), when they do not work for government places (neither was their own time "as was not even born") and receive the salary, training, education and all because such services in the community would not work for me in order to gain justice and/or told by own father (ex/husband) to use that way (using "family" as excuse to deter any kind of services in the community, as my social security benefits, etc) and hide his own abusive past life against me and stop anything good arrive to me that may benefit, but removed based on envy and forced to live with own means (Queen's speech  by her own government words, against her own peoples - same as my children need to repeat own father's words, against me! after taxes paid and contributed since day one (1985 - 2016) today the shop is closed, except the "family problems" that gained property, education, money, benefits, etc? -

"The matter reflects (the local government staff and ex/husband and his sister social worker against me, when hide the abusive action!) the disagreement from my kind (child) and me yesterday night after the phone call, as told by her own father the ex/husband, when very rare we have this explosive reactions and always communicate with full respect to each other, but my electricity removed, "on and off since last night till today (  )", when for months no problem and very rare this kind of behavior from my kind (children) to me, but forced by her own father, the ex/husband - when I never ask my children to act this low way against him, so why I need to accept the treatment and why is not him to speak to me direct over the phone and in order to blame and frame after his own blood, children and flesh, as if he did not have enough with my unborn children in the past, but wants more and more and more and more and more and why I need to accept this abuse behavior against my own peoples, children, blood and flesh and not his own sister, social worker (carol parker) that caused the "family problems" since the beginning of our marriage (1985 - 2016), with endless lies (5 boys, the river, etc) and the rest (the kiss, factory zermatex, etc) that helper her to bring this abusive behavior to the UK, then why me and mine (children) and which grounds in law the abuse to cover and hide your criminal activity and extent of abuse: "I am above the law, as God himslef in resurection, then the rest machos cabrios as ex/husband that act, exactly in the same way, or it is an English way .. ?" -

This is why I asked in my note ( as form of deal (as the corruption mention before by both members of my family, which is the ex/husband and mine - without touching my children, like to make deals all the time and since day one 1985 - 2016 and reflects our kind badly affected, because the peoples that stole from me as mention before, with endless lies, some passed away and all gained financially, now belongs to own children, husbands and direct family, as form of payment, basically sold own family for pittances!), to make a repayment to cover damages to The Queen Elizabeth II and Her own Palace that need refurbishments and what better the ex/husband and his sister, social worker to pay for professional misconduct in the past, furthermore when use of own profession - nothing wasted and for FREE OF CHARGE to the Sovereign of the UK and as the law state, order and command (by me, as student of English law!), exactly in the same way as my sister (anapia) home was painted and repainted, as she told me (and I repainted my small flat - see photo and in order to teach my own children never to sell family, but paint own property, by own efforts!!), for all the turmoil caused in the UK, when the rest of ex/husband and his sister social worker own peoples need to pay badly with present financial and benefits cuts, when only a group of helpers but why the rest of us? -

"When I don't want to carry on using deals that do not belong to my times, neither this time, and as such, I use my blog to communicate with my peoples and never sell them to the best pastures, as they did to me in the past include hide the bodies, as I explain in my blog and today, but break the corruption, intolerance, system, abusive behavior, racism and bullying" - NEVER AGAIN!

I was told yesterday night (20/11/2016) by my kind, that we are family, not when there is murder spree within family members and by their own actions, deals and abusive behavior, neither we are family when ex/husband himself acts like vile coward, using our children to tell me matters (and blame / frame later, when suit him, because this is how low he sell his own kind, instead to face his own problems!), Nope, we are not family, when the ex/husband hides and protects his own sister, social worker ( that started lies (5 boys, the river, the ...) since day one (1985 - 2016), instead of his own blood, children, daughters and peoples that never cause this kind of abnormal behavior to society, but sponsor and complete covers slander, lies, defamation of character and bullies ( against me, instead of warn me since day one, but deny like Judas!- No, we are not family when removed my unborn children to be blame and frame later and in order to eat the bullies. No, I don't consider to be family, when removed from everything and even my name disappear from grave stones (Elizabeth Parker, read up the advertisement and use my children as if owned, when never even pay a dime for own upbringing, see photo, also from david cameron!), someone that I consider as second mother but unable to mourn, because I was told after, that she never even liked me (my niece, "she knows full well who is she, or I will show her photo", told me when visit the UK, that she had problems with her own mother in law, when it was mine and even told me that she will tell me after - which I believe is today and when I am telling you of such problems for the ex/husband to deny over and over again, also she told me several times when visiting me and "the only times" - "paty you are not like this" and asked her several times what she mean, "later I will tell you she told me" and again, here I am telling you of the same peoples, family and criminal activity knew full well including the ex/husband and his sister social worker, but hide!) and even hold emails of our correspondence and mean in law, when I requested not just her help, but members of my family in contact expressed my wish to stop the "family problems" and even the Mexican consulate in London, I requested help several times and hold emails to prove in law, then my brother passed away, but falsely blame!-   As mention before, FAMILY never kills for the trill, tell me, who need such kind of family that use you when suit them and in order to drain you with loads of cash, favors and benefits against your reputation and to the best bidder and in order to pay own bills, living standards and then get rid of the arm, tool, people to hide the past and that is family, when after do not remember, because I hold loads of emails, letters, correspondence and ways to prove the same? -

As I state before, if something happens to me and mine (children) by any way, form or shape relate and explain before in my blog and notes, when I am trying to repair the damaged - always send someone to dismiss my orders and good intentions, then we know fully well where all comes from, as the ex/husband told me years ago before the divorce, that one of his friends child was facing crime charges and perhaps today demonstrate when using the young generation to cover his own past and criminal activity and for him to know that, I intent to protect and cover my own children above anything ever seeing in times memory, because my children do not belong to me, but to my Lord and in order to remove the pain left when lost unborn children and as such, in this life or any other life, but I will seek, protect and guide my children, even by the use of this blog.  I had been told to my children that is a must, to keep way out of the business of own father (if he needs to tell me anything, here I am, ready to listen and without shouting, but act his age!! - and hope learn by me, when I trusted that man, but hide ( everything from my reach and see exactly where I landed, NEVER AGAIN! - Rosario Castellanos de Parker.


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