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Barron Trump: "Son of the American President, Donald J. Trump" ..

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-  I found too much literature towards / against someones else child: "Is Barron Trump Autistic? # StopTheBullying", with links to protect myself legally and from the same issues and matters, but I am not liable, if news are fake or real:

-  Exept that I want to comment into the issue (of Barron Trump), as we live in a very well formed community and society: I am not a professional into Autism, never has been, never will be, or interested of matters from "health", so I am unable to comment any further, but as Psychology student all my life and since younger:

I see Barron a normal boy with professional parents, that is growing up and acts the way he seek better, polite, but he wants to be himself and maybe he doesn't want to be touched, because he passed that stage. 

I am unable to relate into how, an American boy as Barron Trump should act, speak and perform in public, perhaps gives the bad impression, but again that is his personality.

From time to time peoples enjoy own company and I don´t see what is the problem, I enjoy mine now to the fullest after married to "family problems" and after divorce, for me now is heaven! -

I see Barron as the only child most of the time, as the rest of his half brothers and half sisters are older than him, married and have family and in that case, I was  the same, even as large family, I could not relate to any of my sisters and brothers, so I end up making friends.   After more than 30 years those friends become friends of my family and even purchase them with benefits, favours and grants, that I become feed up making friends and today, I don't fully care.

I see Barron in the spot life and need to relate at school the next day, so how do you want him to relate in public, when your father is super famous and now for the believe of many, he is the President of the Unites States of America.

Please leave the media alone and thanks God that we care and comment about anything, that is caring not malicious gossip and spread, learn to divide one to another, as without us / media, Mr Trump would not be elected, President of the United States and the Criminal activity would not be exposed (see inside this link: ), at any time! -

Now if you really want to find out about your child's matters to have peace of mind, then seek a professional, but I see Barron Trump a very well adjusted boy, educate, with excellent manners and a credit to his parents.

1- Remember what it was like in your childhood, so stop any kind of abuse against your own child, or the rest, as this should be set as bullying - crime in law, because the after effects can be catastrofic and can kills for revenge ( as I lost unborn children, even hide own profession to take advantage ( and perhaps in order to satiate own lower instints (as following link:  could not reach out of fresh air and with respect to The Queen, but need a social worker like the ex/husband sister and helpers, to manipulate the complete community!), today nobody remembers and even hide with our kind (children) or "confidentiality acts" the bully ( ) coward!

2- As this happened to me by my elders sisters and killed my unborn children with own lies, spread and intolerance ( ).  What started perhaps as (bullying) games, today don't remember, suffer mental issues, or passed away (RIP) and the same reflects with the ex-husband and his sister social worker "family problems (see #1)" as "we were set and mach in the past (forced to terminate boyfriends in the past and I can probe legally of the same!)" and by members of my direct family (elder sister flor, always spoke of someone helping her & husband business, living in pachuca, that took advantage of our family position and background and sold me to pay own family fortunes (Factory Zematex, education, housing, etc.  I wonder where is my family today (broter and sisters today, RIP) and who kept the rewards, hard work, money and fortunes?!-  I expose in the open as my blog explain, because I never takes any advantage or revenge, but I got no contact ( with family members for a long time, the rest is complete lies, but I want to stop hatred, tales and bullying, because the law is useless and hide the culprit with "confidentiality acts", so when? -

However, how many famous boys (see photo, Mexican President own child!) relate as good as Barron Trump in a long Presidential Campaign for his father and even after ( and may refer to the Autistic manners as the video ( speak, because so many children of today (not matter age!) lost respect to our society when parents fails to educate properly, but think careful how the whole Presidential status was performed, now for a young boy (7 days a week, 12 months in a year .. until run for Presidency!!!) and with respect? -
etc ..

In other words and plan English, this is the model "Barron Trump" that we want to perform into our "non-perfect" social life, but still carry on full respect and responsibilities to society and even politics standards / affairs! -  In other words and plain English, Barron Trump was told since day one, how to behave for the complete Presidency matters and never failed, not even once, but occasionally show uneasy and tiredness, but we all act and react that way in a long day at work! -

We need to set standards to our children not matter money, status, age, colour, religion, incapacity, disability, sexual orientation, politics affairs and/or any other issues, but well behave children that understand own platform in life and never shy themselves from own education, ethics, professional matters and even responsibilities ( ), as you can see the rest of Trump family and children, how they address to own father, mother and siblings in public, even from different kind of mothers, but with respect.

So I salute the Trump clan, or any other Family clan, that can fix own children and create a good standards of life, into a "non/perfect world", as this behaviour of "respect", we need for our future generation, "a good example", not a "trash one", that when we see this kind of model (Barron Trump ) the envy brew fast, the hate runs miles with spread and the lies start.

No, we don't want "the perfect family syndrome", we passed all that attitude long time ago, but we demand "respect from / for any family", towards the rest.  I protect me and mine (children) legally, as I have the rights to write of any issues that concern our community and standards, including and non extent our own kind ( and teach my children not matter age, even if I need to expose the abuse without suffering reprisals and as student of law and that my Lord is my witness, so be it in law, Rosario Castellanos de Parker


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