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Ashya King: "Southampton General Hospital" ..

Dear Santa, I want my Health back, by my parents choices. I do trust my parents Judgement and what is best for me, at the present time .. 

Que Canten Los Niños 

The British police is due to arrive in Spain to question the parents of a five-year-old boy, Ashya King with cancer, who was taken from Southampton General Hospital in England without the doctors consent. In which, the parents of Ashya King response of the present matters: "I just want positive results for my son" The parents of a missing five-year-old boy (Ashya King) who took him from hospital without doctors' consent, have been arrested in Spain and the child has been taken to hospital. Mr King's mother, Patricia King, said that the police officers had "gone over the top" after officers used a warrant to search her flat in Southsea, Portsmouth: "I'm very angry, I think it's been taken too far, much too far" Ashya King: "NHS has not given us the treatment we want"- What is proton treatment in which Ashya King parents hope for the boy, but unable for some reasons to obtain by the National Health Service, other than NHS. It is a disgust that we, peoples (me and Ashya King parents) in the UK need to surf the Internet ( ) in order to give our people the best medical service in life. When I went to Spain weeks ago in order to save my life and gain simple dental treatment ( in the same way as Ashya King parents, but stopped by the gestapo (ex/husband, his sister social worker and helpers: family, council staff, etc). At the end, the tooth was removed because of the pain. I was feeling constantly, non/stop, sick and unable to think clearly ( I was unable to find dental treatment locally when I needed, not when the doctor need the treatment, but myself, in the same way as Ashya King parents. The expenses for simple dental treatment locally was way out of question legally, because I am unemployed, because the same gestapo and peoples removed all from me in the area (, because the same gestapo made impossible for me to obtain nothing at home ( and all out of my reach (the ex/husband, his sister social worker, family except my children as the "family problems" comes since 1985 and not time for parole, together with the helpers) and I am the problem?-In a family video on Saturday night ( the boy's father explained that, they left the UK to seek special form of treatment in the Czech Republic for Ashya's cancer. "It is the hope more than the treatment itself and the UK should start bring home more hope from abroad, than false promises by the NHS professionals and people in the care of the same NHS, that is dying fast our society because of all of them that acts like walls for us not to gain anything!"-The matter affect all of us, not just me, or the few chosen one's blessed, but the rest.


I do not question legally the service of the NHS as one of the best in the world, but the murders, killings, abuses, spread, hate and lack of respect to your own peoples, from the same professionals that should know better and legally time to stop, full stop the bullying!- Now somehow the same hunting travels not just the UK, but abroad as well, as we can see with Ashya King parents and myself and the hunting itself against the law, even Princess Diana was hunted ( until the end (RIP), when are we going to learn from the same mistakes?- Unfortunately, Brett and Naghemeh King will appear before a Spanish Judge, but they ignore offences committed and/or in which grounds in law to be charged with?- The reasons why I am doing free advocacy to both parties as I am not creating a background of hate, but understanding into why of the reasons and the differences into one culture and the other, to avoid wars. I understand that the medicine in the UK and Spain is complete different the regulations just to start and begin with, mean patients are allowed in Spain more freedoms of own life and treatments, including to carry own medical reports, or erased if they want. Yes, incredible to believe in the UK but in Spain the medical fields trust us more, or respect us much more and this reflect when handled our medical to us. In order for us to choose what is best by ourselves, with their own advice (thanks!), but at the end is us (patients) who choose the treatment and not them (professionals). In the UK exist a set of regulations that the professionals need to abide and obey, but as soon as the licence is obtained those principles goes inside the bin, otherwise the show of Ashya King parents would not be displayed worldwide. The freedom to seek a second opinion without protection order, reprisal, stigma, racism, hunting and abuse of power and profession by the professionals in the UK, as Mr king express in the video, but a dream.

As mention before, I, Myself received dental treatment in Spain weeks ago and I received the following email and details (just below) of the legal procedure involve of treatment, Medical team and matters in Spain: Spanish: En cumplimiento del artículo 5 de la Ley Orgánica 15/1999, de 13 de diciembre, de Protección de Datos de Carácter Personal, le informamos que los Datos Personales de usted, que se encuentran en nuestras Bases de Datos, recabados con su consentimiento, forman parte de un fichero automatizado que se encuentra registrado en la Agencia Española de Protección de Datos. Estos Datos solamente serán utilizados para realizar una Correcta Gestión de nuestra Relación Comercial. Si lo desean, podrán ejercitar en todo momento los derechos de acceso, rectificación, cancelación, y en su caso, el de oposición, remitiendo un correo electrónico a la dirección. English: In compliance with article 5 of the Organic Law 15/1999 of 13 December on the Protection of Personal Data, we inform you that the personal data from you, which are in our databases, collected with your consent form part of a database that is registered with the Spanish data Protection Agency. These details will only be used to perform a Right Management our Commercial Relations. If desired, may at any time exercise their rights of access, rectification, cancellation and, where appropriate, the opposition (erased), by sending an email to the address. In other words nobody is ably by law with nobody in Spain and protect the patient freedoms by the full Spanish Constitution, where own people is free and allowed to take own data if they want to seek help elsewhere and nobody will follows, molest, hunt, spread hate, etc.

As Mexican born with UK nationality, the whole matter of: "Ashya King - Southampton General Hospital"  to my peoples would be strange, lack of respect into professional and patient standards and abuse of own position, because the same as Spain, our Mexican country do not hold the medical records of nobody, "in any system", except by express wishes of the patient (If desired, may at any time exercise their rights of access, rectification, cancellation and, where appropriate, the opposition, mean erased .. ) and can be removed, cancel, restored, change at anytime: there is not attachments of anything and legally. Again in the UK the professionals got a set of regulations, laws duty of care/conduct and a wave of matters to abide and obey, but ignored, otherwise the hunt in myself or Ashya King parents would not be display in full public?-As I need to come forwards in full public to display of the same hunting by the ex/husband and his sister social worker "family problems" that removes all from me in the same way as Ashya King parents. I question the state of mind of those professionals that act against patient, against humanity, against own principles, against own teaching of parents, as I speak lauder of the ex/husband and his sister parents, the best, but spoiled. When there is a set of regulations implanted and properly active in the UK, not just by now, but since our parents and grand parents times, for the professionals that work within government (NHS, DWP, wtc) and jobs, to acknowledge the matters and not just to sign document, in order to gain a certificate, licence, job, employment, but need to be regulate at all the times. We, the patients get the law as Ashya King parents and myself with the hunting, but what the professionals gets, except set free to roam the life of the rest and bully us, so who control the bullies, who controls the professional miscounduct?- When I am talking here is small groups of professionals that fall own principles, not the rest. 

I found the matter ("Ashya King - Southampton General Hospital") very stressful indeed, as seeing the father and son in the video, the stress, illness and ordeal for both, the family complete and the child: Ashya King and legally is way out of order. The police have defended their own decision ( to launch an international search after a five-year-old boy (Ashya King) with brain tumour was taken out of hospital by his family, without doctors consent. Now, after seeing the police video and Ashya King video, what the public think of the matters and if worth all the hunting, when in reality the father wants hope for child own illness?-The worry matter is the delay into getting the wishes of the father in Czech Republic for Ashya's cancer, may alter the child's immune system and bring hope to the rest of cancer patients in the UK, then the police will have excuses to start proceedings. When in reality is the same professionals (that probably hide something) and the police that stop the family King to reach for help and like myself, lost my own teeth (4), as decay from the NHS dental services in the area and all thanks to "family problems"-

The professionals of the NHS acts like God's in a medical fields that is not the business of themselves your own life, but they made a decision into your own health and this matter is happening to "Ashya King" and not matter, if the parents of the boy likes the idea or not, but professionals are going to do it, as arrived in Spain?-The lack of professional standards, conduct and respect to patient of any age and their own parents as representatives of the child, by the professional standards is way out of question legally and this is what I question in legal fields, as if the parents of the child ("Ashya King") are a picture, invisible and/or without voice?-The excuse the professionals have is that the child is a minor (or whatever excuse the professional comes with ..), but not the parents as full guardian of the minor (not the professional). The treatment for the patient can be obtained in freedom according to the English law, International law, European law (as Spain and UK is part of the matters), human rights acts, rule of the law (as nobody is above the law), magna carta (freedoms of  movement), etc. So, whichever law you want to use with me, I will hit back, as nobody belongs to no/one, but free to process. Where practice, standards and anything that matters to the child ("Ashya King") right now is not consider, and the parents like the matters or not, the professionals will do it (as treat, hunting, manipulation, force, etc) as they are in Spain stopping treatment and that is wrong,  totally wrong attitude. I may put a warning, restrain the professional and even question own mental attitude, with immediate effect, because the parents have a right to seek a second opinion in same UK, or elsewhere in the world.  When the law is very clear on those matters in which professionals and patient sign a document (consent), before any medical treatment, even if the same patient, or representative signed the document, by law they can withdraw such document at any time, just by taking the paper to the courts, full stop!"-Unfortunately in the UK, no paper is handled to the patient, or representative to hold as copy, but the system holds all ( (If desired, may at any time exercise their rights of access, rectification, cancellation and, where appropriate, the opposition, mean erased .. )?- 

No questions should be asked by the law, any law worldwide after handling the document (If desired, may at any time exercise their rights of access, rectification, cancellation and, where appropriate, the opposition, mean erased .. ) (in which the NHS do not provide the patient any legal document up to date 1/9/2014), to withdraw from medicine treatment (or any other attachment) and in this case Ashya King parents (and me and mine). As the refusal of treatment by any reasons to the patient to save his life (or at least tried in Czech Republic) and to give hope to the patient/parents, by a representative of the NHS should be the norm in any law worldwide, not questions asked by any solicitor, barrister, judge, or staff attendance of the courts, including the police in Spain (worldwide) and this matter is fully vetted by the same English and International law (human rights). As the public provide health service by the NHS comes with a range of regulations, laws and statutes to comply legally (and at least to tell patients the reasons of why not of treatment), not just the professionals. As the professionals of any fields do now own us (the patients, or representatives), but ourselves and if there is a question mark (?) to the treatment received as the King's family and myself, or going to receive, or not treatment received at all -available, then the patient/representative can discharge themselves, full stop and even bring the paper (but where is the paper in the UK for us, handled by the NHS provide when on treatment?) to the courts if necessarily, but as civil society that we live nowadays with no hunting (?), no need to do such thing.  

 The professionals got not rights over the document signed at any time (but where is the paper in the UK for us, handled by the NHS provider when on treatment?) and a copy of the same document signed by the patient/representative when on treatment should be given to them at any time and before any treatment as the law dictate, mandate and enforce. As the patient can remove of the matters, treatment, or request such treatment (even if do not exist in the UK, but in Czech Republic), by just holding the document and not fresh air as we do at the present time in the UK, the freedom of movement (magana carta) should be done at any time, as Spain and England is the same European community. "Nobody is ably to no-one's by law (any law), nobody is attack to no one by law (any law), nobody should use the force, intimidation and hunting to no-one's by law, (any law) or we will start questioning the medical capacity and standards of the professional, in order to stop him/her" with the hunting of the community"- The attitude of the professionals and standards of practice is what we question legally, because according to the English Constitution is totally wrong from the professional against own patient/representative, in fact the removal of own licence with immediate effect for the abuse of power and profession and the police to be returned back to the UK in the next flight: "The Holiday is over"-If the professionals want holiday in Spain should come from own expenses, as the rest, not by using a small child (Ashya King) and myself. As in the past holidays of the family in Mallorca, I saw several staff of the Traffod council in the same hotel to us and mention this matter to the ex/husband and all thanks to the tax payer, in order to hunt me, by the "family problems" of the ex/husband, his sister social worker and helpers (trafford council/government staff and family, except my children, as this comes as far as 1985: five boys, the river, etc)?-As every professional need to follow, abide and obey the regulations, laws, principles, duty of care/conduct and not what they want, but what the patient need and wants, they signed a document when they got the licence, job and profession, not us, but them, full stop!-

If you want a report on medical fields in Spain and the UK from me it will cost the UK government millions, in the same way Tony Blair charge, millions.  As I just come back from Spain and spend money that I do not have using credit cards and for nothing. As the same dental system stopped my treatment in Spain with any excuses, then return to UK and the same merry goes around, that follows me with the system and it is me to be blame later of the problem?- I got several letters from different dental practices in Trafford, in which openly they accuse me of me to be the problem and excluded me of their own practices soon after. When is round the corner one of those dental practices (broomhood) that excluded me and open accuse me of to be a problem, in order to keep the "family problems" of the ex/husband (and his sister social worker that started the problem in 1985 with 5 boys, the river and etc), using the children, so it is me the problem, or the rest of professionals?-I made a letter to my local gp a couple of years ago, refusing the "following of me and mine (children) medical" elsewhere and I still got copy of the matter, as the same practice invite patients to accept, or refuse and I refused (me and my children). For you (whoever is responsible) to be aware that this can go against the UK government, at the present time, because the fun is over, the bullying to patients is over, the abuse of power and profession is over, because is either you gave me proper treatment as the law command, dictate and request, or compensation for negligence, whichever way, but abuse is not tolerate. I did not studied the law alone as hobby and with certificate (as even the education in the open university was removed), or without certificate, I intent to go all the way, until remove the real problems in our society. As a mother of any age, I have the rights to protect legally my kind of people in situations like this matter and I have the rights to do what is best for me and mine (children) due to circumstances not matter age, without suffering reprisals, in the same way, Ashya King and his parents. In my country Mèxico, we do not have a medical system (thanks God!) like the UK and this circus display against me and mine, also Ashya King in Spain with full of  reprisals and following us like freaks is not available, acceptable and against the law, any law. I believe strong, The Queen Elizabeth II need to know of her peoples and everything that the system, state and government intent, or plans and is not negotiable. I am doing advocacy for the King's family because: "What kind of system (NHS) is the one that kills, stop treatment by any excuses, or mislead the public with hundreds of tales, except the one that is broken irremediable and with respect, but those professionals respect us?-Otherwise why the hunting: what is to hide that need help even from the police, what is to probe that need to send the police, what is wrong with the state, that need to find help elsewhere?" -- Rosario Castellanos de Parker. 

NEWS (1/9/2014): 
The parents of Ashya King will not be able to visit their son in hospital after they were denied bail and their extradition hearing in Spain was adjourned for three days.

NEWS 2-9-2014
Prosecutors are seeking to withdraw the arrest warrant for the parents of brain tumour patient Ashya King, a High Court judge has been told.

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