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Respect MP George Galloway was interviewed by West Yorkshire Police, after speech in Leeds claiming Bradford was an Israeli-free area ..

There'll Always Be An England - Vera Lynn ..

Respect MP George Galloway has been interviewed by the police under caution after claims that he incited racial hatred by declaring Bradford an "Israel-free zone"- http://tinyurl.com/obut6nf In which Mr Galloway said: "This is a monumental – and monumentally expensive – waste of police time set off by people who apparently find it excusable to incinerate innocent children and babies. I will not suffer any attempts to have my freedom of speech curtailed and I am confident that at the end of this charade my right to speak the truth will be upheld."-This is not the first incident and time Galloway has been trying to incite races in the United Kingdom, for any reasons he may have and blame someone (Israeli people) of Terror groups. When in reality that someone (Israel) that Mr Galloway blames (with respect) at the present time, but fighting Hamas (terror groups) in the Middle East?-In fact, the world is fighting terror groups, not just Israel (Hamas):


Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said: "When terrorist groups killed people in Syria, they (the terrorists) were supported by certain (western) countries (http://tinyurl.com/mfy5eop) but today, because their (the westerners') interests have been endangered, they have taken a different position"- http://tinyurl.com/pocznlf However, George Galloway (16/8/2014) is the Respect Party MP for Bradford West (2004), after expelled from the Labour Party. In October 2003, Galloway was found guilty of four charges, enough to bring the Labour party into disrepute. "In the late 1980s, according to journalist David Aaronovitch, Hansard records him delivering "a ferocious assault" on the Ba'ath Party, and Galloway opposed Saddam Hussein's administration until the United States-led Gulf War in 1991. Galloway visited Iraq in 1994 and delivered a speech to Saddam Hussein which ended in English with the statement "Sir, I salute your courage, your strength, your ineffability." He has maintained that he was addressing the Iraqi people in the speech. Galloway testified to the United States Senate in 2005 over alleged illicit payments from the UN' Oil for Food" Program. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/George_Galloway 

I am Israel Online Supporter (https://www.facebook.com/israelonline) and child of Jews Ancestors of Spain and extremely proud indeed of my parents. I should not hide myself with fear, because in my Country Mèxico we live between Jews and Arabs in the place, where I was born (Puebla, Pue). In fact, I see the Arabs and Jews as brothers/sisters, not someone that I should hate, fight, or kill, but love, respect and live. I should not take in the UK as British citizen, or foreign national, any racial hate, discrimination, or abuse in any way (verbal, mental, etc), form,  or shape, from MP Galloway, or any other UK citizen. I believe after the WWI and WWII, the UK is a free country, but not free enough to intimidate the most vulnerable society (Jews, colour, religion, age, sexual orientation, incapacity, etc.), in order to inflict pain, fear and bullying, in this case is Israel peoples. I understand Galloway has a point and he is free to protect that point, but with real facts of the matters, not tales against the Jews peoples, or we can sue him for defame lie and for millions in order to stop, full stop the hate speech towards us!!-

Unfortunately, Galloway is a non-stop machine of pure hate against the Jews and this demonstrate, by declaring Bradford an "Israel-free zone"- "I would like to ask MP George Galloway (with respect) that represent The Queen in the UK, what is his problem with us - Jews and why the hate?"-The same matters happens with the ex/husband and his sister social worker, that since I emigrate to the UK still today (1985/2014) with the hate speech of "all about me" instead take matters to the courts, but a wave of lies: 5 boys, the river, the china girl, the kiss and etc. The same hate from the ex/husband, his sister social worker and their own helpers against me with "all about me"-When all was lies, tales and defamation, that comes from earlier years (1985-2014) in which, I lost unborn children, brother, sister detained and wave of lunacy. "Family holocaust by a group of inciters, like Galloway"- Now, when you get to that level where Jews (colour, disabled, age, sexual orientation, etc) people need to hide from extreme hate is a worry matter, that not just worry of terror groups, but those that incite the matters even more, like Galloway, Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini and Franco. It's even more worry the amount of people that perished in the holocaust with a whopping 70 million victims of war during the WWII alone. In the medical records of those 4 amigos (Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini and Franco) with their own mental issues result that was spot on time, but not stopped?-I am not register gp, doctor, psychiatry, or any medical fields, but as I come from the same hate propaganda, that I was forced to research the matters and this shows on my blog. Where you do not need to be on any medicals to know when people comes to you and removes all, then you will understand. I lost all, even the area where I live: "I am a Victim of Crime"-  http://goo.gl/rh3UzY 

It´s understandable Galloway point of view and I should respect the matters if true of Israel against Palestine, when in reality is terror groups (Hamas, etc) that are feed by the first world countries, but Galloway's fueling the UK with lies, as terror groups are not Israel, but the rest (see links again). A "Jewish carer" denied repeatedly punched George Galloway in the face because he "was an enemy to Judaism"http://tinyurl.com/kukvevo For whatever reasons it was the matters of assault (verbal, mental, or physical) is wrong, as the UK courts exist and takes matters of hate, any hate. I am here to do advocacy to the Jew man/woman as our peoples also are entitle by law, to have "limits" and here is where we request the Mr Galloway to stop, full stop any hate to Jews. The police officer took the person of Jew background to the courts, who could not cope with the bullying of Galloway, either verbal, mental, or physical abuse (as on and on and on and on and on and on and on, by Galloway against Jew's, like punching non stop to us) against the Jews. to own peoples, race, country of birth as Israel, by a Jewish carer, but the police officer forgot to bring the MP Galloway to the courts as well, for incitement, hate preach in the streets and everywhere and since 27 yers in parliament and he should know better, to no avail. Mr Galloway own words: “It’s unprecedented in recent times. Britain is not really the kind of country where lawmakers, legislators, MPs are savagely attacked in this way – certainly not when they are six times elected, 27 years in parliament and having just turned 60.” http://tinyurl.com/mctmt7h 

The Jews owns freedom after the WWII to England and France, also countries that helped after and on behalf of all the Jews in the world, a full apology to Mr Galloway, but at the same time request this man (Galloway) respect to us in return and stop, full stop the hate. http://youtu.be/yys3GPlptDM The courts should not take one side in the matter (Jew carer) when reach a verdict (sentence) and ignore the continue hate from Galloway to Jews people and hatred, but wrong in law, because the balance will go against the other and bring more repercussion, than severance. As if the UK peoples like Galloway wants respect to anyone of any colour, sexual orientation, age, disability, religion, country of birth and etc, then the person should act in the same way to us and with respect to anyone, anyhow and anybody. I do not see the person background, but crime committed to Jews peoples from Galloway since 27 years by his own words non stop (“It’s unprecedented in recent times. Britain is not really the kind of country where lawmakers, legislators, MPs are savagely attacked in this way – certainly not when they are six times elected, 27 years in parliament and having just turned 60.” http://tinyurl.com/mctmt7h) and time to stop, full stop the hate!-

The carer person of Jew background was one time only the matters and a full apology, but Mr Galloway to Jews people for more than 27 years non/stop and time to stop the hate, including a full public apology, as we are not garbage, but human people. I have been requested in the past to Mr Galloway to stop the hate to Jew people, as I made a note in both languages, to no avail. http://tinyurl.com/qe3kkda The Jew carer person is not in any way, form or shape assimilate with myself, at any time. I do not have friends, groups, or incite hate to others, but I am doing advocacy to me and mine (Jew carer), as I am of Jew background by my parents ancestors in Spain. We do not forget to the UK for the way handled our freedom (http://youtu.be/yys3GPlptDM"with Thanks" and a full apology to The Queen Elizabeth II and her peoples with Mr Galloway matters by a Jew carer, but at the same time given to Her Majesty, Mr Galloway, for a full reprisal in behavior, because is not acceptable in law, any law worldwide, as he should know better by length of time, in parliament (27 years), in politics affairs, in public matters and in accordance with the law.

I was attacked by a group of dentist myself in Trafford area by the NHS, since Dr Hunt in Maple road, sale, years ago (2000 +), then followed by Manchester Hospital and the rest of bullies that acted in the vendetta to aid and assist the ex/husband, his sister social worker (NHS) and helpers, with a wave of lies (5 boys, the river, the kiss, the china girl, etc.), to destroy my reputation and health. I went to Spain weeks ago to gain simple dental treatment and even there, the same hate followed me and stopped my treatment, like the show of Ashya King. http://tinyurl.com/pbhx24f  At the end, I have to request the removal of 4 healthy tooth's, by lack of dental treatment by the same NHS staff, not just left my tooth to decay by the same professionals, but used the physical force by one of the bullies (Rachel Gibbs)http://tinyurl.com/m8xlhxe 
As you can see my face (http://tinyurl.com/n4759ag).
The other destroyed healthy tooth's (http://tinyurl.com/pxe7wws).
I will never understand this hate and racism, by the "family problems"and excuses and in the same way as me, the rest of the country with the abuse. The Trafford area where I live at the present time is also, "Israel-free zone"- http://goo.gl/rh3UzY I should by law know the reasons why of this continue attack to my persona by Trafford council and government staff (DWP, NHS, etc) even if the area is full of Jews, so the withdraw of any financial assistance the area would be nothing:"Zero-free zone"-
I never reported to the police, the abuse to me by the NHS staff and professionals, as Mr Galloway did himself of the Jew carer, but I made notes of the matters. http://tinyurl.com/pvkkoxz I never reported the hate display to the ex/husband mother, by her two children (social worker maclessfield hospital NHS and manchester airport staff), as she, herself an old and fragile lady lost all her teeth with no compassion, love, or respect, also many cancer scares, that lost part of her body, several fractures that landed her in the (stockport) hospital so many times and a wave of hate, soon after her husband Bernard passed away. When I understood the hate, abuse, matters and tried to help was too late (RIP). http://goo.gl/RG9NB0 The Lady was like a mother to me, not just the ex/husband mother and I understand of the "family problems", that even my parents were mix-up by the same family that lack of compassion. I never reported to the police when my sister was detained under the mental health act, by the ex/husband and his sister social worker, with any lies and even her own children played the part in order to see the father in Veracruz, but I got the blame?-I never reported to the police the so many domestic abuses - violence that me and mine were subjected in the Trafford area (http://tinyurl.com/k6n5cx8 ) and "Israel-free zone"- But not the "Financial assistance-free zone by the same Jews people that lives in the Trafford area. Can you imagine if removal of cash, in which zone would you be living in Trafford? .. Rosario Castellanos de Parker.