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Saint Ambrose College Academy School that remains oversubscribed five-times over and face sexual abuse allegations, by the same Priesthood.

Saint Ambrose College Hale Road, Hale Barns, Altrincham WA15 0HE - 0161 980 2711 

DIME Jose Luis Perales .. 

In the Christian world a definition of Priesthood is someone of Authority to act in God's name as mean to be part of God's creation of perfect, but not to take my Lord´s name in vain, while in services to the community abuse minors, or incite the world population with wars to hide sins, to divert matters, to give time, to adjust matters, to settle matters, etc. St. Ambrose College positioned in the Trafford area of Manchester, United Kingdom is a Christian Brothers' Roman Catholic Boys' Grammar school, with selective intake, boys entering via competitive entrance (select) examination. St. Ambrose College would like to express its sincere regret for any harm suffered by the individuals concerned. Those working in education are particularly appalled by any form of child abuse and we find it abhorrent that Mr Morris has been found to have betrayed the trust and responsibility that had been placed in him as a teacher. The incidents occurred many years ago and we would like to reassure parents, guardians and relatives that we have contemporary child safety policies in place and ensuring our pupils enjoy a happy and secure childhood and adolescence is our absolute priority. St. Ambrose College cooperated fully with the Police investigation ( ) and provided as much assistance as possible (or the place would be closed) and we would like to thank the Police for their diligent and exhaustive approach. From the Governors of St. Ambrose College. The Select competitive entrance examination for boys, in order to obtain a pass to enter that school in Altrincham may comes with a bigger price to pay with own body as well and without the victim´s release the matters, as in the past the level of abuse from priest to young boys/girls was a whisper matters. ("I, Myself never was abused by any Priesthood, extremely polite people"-) Unfortunately, the result of today with child sexual abuse, gratification and rape, by the same poverty - environment that the boys/girls develop, that somehow they want out of that place, to enter another grotesque environment of sexual abuse, gratification and rape. When adults themselves after suffering the degrading form of sexual abuse and unable to get proper counselling because on those years was a whisper the matters, that someone else's need to suffer as well and the merry goes around in circles the abuse. And this circle of sexual abuse need to be broken, because is only an "excuse" to continue degrading the human race (instead to get help by a proper physiologist and face the matter and abuse to themselves), by whoever abuse the minor, by whoever abuse the position and by whoever aid and assist the crime.

I am not a physiologist (someone that study the human body) and I am not register to advice, but a victim myself, not by priesthood, but the environment that I develop myself, since younger. I would not advice to seek a psychology either (but fell free to do it if you wish), because is not yourself who need the help (except to understand what happened to you and millions), but the person that abuse their own position into yourself and this is what we need to break - the bloody bastard that destroyed your life. What I could advice is to read a lot into the lives of others on your same position and make a world conscience of the matters in full public to stop the abuse (full stop!), it will happen 2 things: you will heal of your past and you will help the rest to heal. This is the magic of my blog, that only you and I know the matters, nobody else, in a way, I am helping you and you are helping me to face my bastards that destroyed my life. Somehow, I studied the matters alone and understood what happened to me, instead to become a bully like the bastards that destroyed my life, I write to help others to face the music and understand that they are not alone. I call the bullies bastards, because those people got no compassion, love or respect for another individual like you and I, nothing to do to have father, or not, but the bullshit of the abuse. I, spoke with my own children since younger of anything including sexual matters, so they are capable to hold the reigns of own life in a mature way with not tablets to aid, but may need time to adjust into what happened to own mother and that takes time and respect from the public (with thanks!-), because up to know, there is not laws to deter "family problems" in the UK, including the environment that we habitat.

In my case, I was the younger of eleven children and to be blame of everything that happened to those bullies that destroyed my life, together with their own offspring ( The reasons why, I made a full request to be removed of all, in the same way as they did to me, including my unborn children, brother and our parents ( badly bullied with the excuse of "family problems" when in reality all was tales and defame lies (5 boys, the river, the kiss, the china girl, etc) in order to control, with no compassion, love, or respect, aided with the caritas (, (trafford) council and government bodies and a wave of hater preachers. The Caritas - Christian organization, so as you can see is not just sexual molestation, but the rest, because if we want to win the war of sexual abuse to minors and destroy the child molestation, then to use all and everything that form part of the environment not just by color, country of birth, age, but the rest. "Like when you are doing gardening and remove the bad one's and leave the green one's including roots (as my own mother told me), very much the same, with strong foundation that abuse in any way (sexual, etc), shape (disabled, color, religion, etc), or form (family problems, etc) is not tolerate in our environment, but will be destroyed/removed/cut"- The environment is everything that is around us, including the air, violence, white, green, left, right, god, devil's and we are all part of the same matters, nobody is extent, in which the law calls: community. I am not trying to live in a paradise, but in a realistic, futuristic and fundamental world full of respect, including to our young generation and even animals ( and destroy the bad roots and foundation in our environment, where The Queen, Peoples and Land need to know.

The Child sexual molestation, gratification and abuse of power and position by the society of gang culture ( of child predators and bullies that abuse small children and minors as unable to understand fully well what happens to them in that moment regarded of position (, job description, status, class, royalty, religion, age, sexual preferences, color of skin, country of birth, against innocents minors. In which, Saint Ambrose College is not alone with the problem (, but fully supported by the Vatican (in the past), that hides in Saint Peters Robe to cover the mess, but thanks to Pope Francis is an old matters (well almost !!). Fully supported, by the Greater Manchester Police that stress: "No evidence of any abuse while Green was in this post?" Supported by ignorant Judge that said: "Conviction rates will not improve until women stop drinking so heavily?"-I mean to express Ignorant (with respect), because those peoples in high position in law never experienced the (shit) sexual abuse themselves, until then, society will be restored. I salute those Judges ( and peoples in law, that use the law according to the same principles, removing the over-judgmental stuff and any emotional blackmail, but practice what they learned: "The Constitution, The Rights, The Rules, The Magna Carta, The Human and Civil Rights, The Rule of the Law and etc"- I studied the law from years ago, alone and with second hands books, in order to defend what is mine today, a necessity of survival.

Saint Bede's College is one of the best educational tools for children that comes with any background and in full public, my great admiration, a big thank you and great support in this cause. Here today is not about the educational package of Saint Bede's College, that beat the rest in such caring environment as if you are at home, but the sexual predators. I am not destroying the reputation of nobody, except those bastards that abuse minors. I hope as parent, the same peoples in charge of protection of minors will agree with me, otherwise please close the place, because that is not an environment for any child to grow up (choose area). In the country that I was born, Mèxico, we have sexual abuse to minors that was supported by the full knowledge of the Holly Vatican. Including, the Roman Catholic Church sexual abuse scandals in Ireland. As well, Catholic Church sex abuse scandals in the world. I wonder if the same religious Priesthoods promotes the intolerance, cause and abuse and then become an "excuse" to freely abuse minors, with the full permit of the Vatican. As when adults the victims of sexual abuse may think, that the matter is the norm and the rest of peoples abnormal, or vice-versa - confusing matters, sexuality and reality, with non-respect to human kind, leaving a trail of total destruction in our society (, that need to be monitor worldwide and stop, full stop!- 

In the case of Rotherham child abuse scandal (, the predator was mainly Asian - Pakistani culture and as young as 24 years old, with the matter hanging for 16 longer years (1997-2013) the abuse and according to the report?- My question is: how old was the abuser a merely 8 years old (?) because some of the men guilty are as young as 24, then take away 16 years of abuse as the report state, you will get 8 years old, then someone is lying here in the matter, someone is getting away with the crime of the matter, someone is getting the full blame of the matter and etc?- "I am not trying to protect nobody here of any color, class, or culture, but express freely that is habitat the scandal of child molestation to any environment and not time to hate in society, but time to heal the broken society that we live today, not matter where the culprit comes from, but where the sexual abuse comes from!"- Deputy South Yorkshire police crime ( commissioner Tracey Cheetham announced she was resigning after a devastating report exposed widespread child sexual exploitation in the town over 16 years - and called on Mr Wright to follow suit 

"As Victim myself of any age relate of sexual (domestic) abuse by predator (see photo of the above link). I request that people in charge of the community (social workers, social services, police, courts, solicitors, barristers, judges, court attendance, cleaner, etc), that holds responsible jobs for the protection of the same society that we live today, but neglect position and jobs with any excuses, standing as walls, in which the victims are unable to gain access to justice and stop "predator, bully and (verbal, mental and physical) abuse" like myself and Rotherham abuse scandal. I request that those peoples that fails society badly with any excuses, hang their own P-45, termination of (breach of) contract for employment, removal of licence, job status/description and lose everything in the same way as "Victims of Crime", plus to do community service and sit in a court of law for the offence committed, with a full public apology to the victim/s. Here is where we question legally: under the section 63(3) of the Constitutional Reform Act 2005, to select people for appointment who are of "good character", to any job relate, position, class, occupation and etc, so no excuses. "As lack of duty of care to the community with no reasons for the neglect by the professionals is not plausible in law, any law worldwide for the full benefit ( the rest and in my case, the protection of my children and those victims, that somehow their own parents are not present"-As I do not want anyone to copy the ex/husband as lack of father figure and guide properly, to follows, to be part, or to engage. I am doing awareness of domestic (sexual) abuse and violence, thanks to the same "family problems" of the ex/husband, his sister social worker and helpers (trafford council, services, neighborhood house #11, family, etc.), that should know better as their own mother told me, to no avail.

I was refused twice a non - molestation - occupation order by Manchester County Court (ref: MA1300099 - MA14F000236), as victim of crime with several excuses, by their own staff. I am divorce (2012) from the ex/husband in order for him to stop the abuse (2014), even when married (1985) he had not rights to intimidate me for 28 longest years the abuse. In which the ex/husband sister social worker used/abused her position at work, with the excuse of "family problems", of 5 boys, the river, the kiss, the china girl and stopped me to gain any services in the area. Not happy with the abuse, an stampede of lunatics arrived to the UK against my persona(, from same British shores (trafford council, neighborhood, etc) and Mexico, Cancun, Canada, Germany and elsewhere using/abusing the tax payer with a wave of lies that helped the ex/husband and his sister social worker climb the ladder at work and paid all by the tax payer and now using my children to continue the hate, erase the past, etc?- The past cannot be erased because I lost unborn children by their own actions and born in this country to know better (ex/husband and his sister social worker), my brother was killed when I tried to stop (Dobsons solicitors) the "family and their own problems" (, my sister detained under the mental health act, my children abused in their own environment and a wave of haters preachers arrived to this country to defame my reputation, sponsors by the ex/husband and his sister social worker and the same as the rest, I demand Justice to me and mine. When my children should be safe, happy, and content in which Saint Bede's College is as witness of the matters of Saint the others (Saint Hugs of Lincoln in Timperley and Blessed Thomas Holford of Altrincham), but nobody wants to take full responsibility (Trafford council) of those abuses to minors and bullying either sexual, mental, or physical, that in law the lack of healing are crimes, criminal activity and criminal actions and not plausible in any legal fields. I deter anyone that dare to stop another injured person by the misconduct of the others (sexual, physical, or mental), because I do not respond of the crime that the victim will commit after: "If Justice is not done properly to the injure party"-As the same pain breeds inside the victim and the bully that hide those abhorred actions. When the criminals including those people that hide the crime should know better, but cannot stop the criminal activity, by the same crimes committed over and over and over and over, and so when we put stop, full stop to abuse, any abuse (sexually, mentally and physically)!-

I am hopping that by coming forwards as Victim of Bullying - Victim of Crime, my own children can be healed, to no avail as my bullying is complete different to what my own experienced. In which, I believe strong nobody is equal, nobody is the same, nobody holds pain in the same way, even from same family, blood and parenthood/motherhood. I cannot speak freely to my children of the past as they get terrible upset in an age when the should pass all that matters, but if badly affected, then nothing has been healed inside and the same as those children that are used - abused (sexually, mentally and physically). I did not studied the law for a hobby, but I intent to use it all the way, until the community including my children are totally healed and they can speak freely of the past without fear, without reprisals and without tears. I have witness in the matters: Saint Bede's College, the Police report, etc", as I paid for the education after the bullshit, except the ex/husband one full term (2008). I request a full apology to my children direct (they know which one I am talking about) that was badly affected by the bullying and a large amount of compensation for the years (all primary education/Saint Hugh's and part of high school/Blessed Thomas Holford, until saint Bede's). I got no words to express my gratitude to Saint Bede's College and now taking your matters with me, in the same way as you did to me and mine (children) years ago, with thanks!-I want the professionals to take full responsibility of the crap that they leave behind and time to change the environment.

The domestic abuse - violence - sexual molestation comes with everything not matter age, background, or environment including spy, harassment, stalk, spread of hate, abuse, shout, molestation, control of my whereabouts, financial world, services, emails, benefits, correspondence, bullying, threats, lack of trust - as the worse, little respect in public places (house), by the ex/husband, his sister social worker and helpers. So from which world we are coming from?-Nothing was learned from the past (WWI, WWII, etc), even if their own parents comes from the same past?-What kind of lunacy we are trying to create in the world, that instead to go forwards, we are going nowhere, not even back-guards?- I just come back from abroad to receive dental treatment ( but was stopped, as the continuance of following me everywhere by the ex/husband and his sister social worker that use even my children to know my whereabouts, in order to remove services from me and blow money, when I am unemployed?-In the same way as Princess Diana forced to come out to the public and request help, as the same law and principles are falling us badly (ref: MA1300099 - MA14F000236). In which the ex/husband and his sister social worker acts with violence against me and mine all the time, where she tells him what to do (see photos belowas if taking orders (vendettas, cosa nostra, revenge and hate), against my persona, or the children, to satiate/satisfy her own vengeful and malicious manner, but professionals themselves (social worker and jury service), no wonder we are in deep crisis?-

My shoes, jackets and clothing broken. The heat in the roof. Tumble drier, boiler and house complete destroyed, ripped off and broken. Influx of ants ( for more than ten years the abuse. The rabbit symbol of sexual harassment!!- "Where is the law?"-

The ex/husband sister social worker thinks that I am in her same level, except that I was married to her brother and I know him extremely well (27 years) to buy her lies, tales, defamation, ambitious and vengefully manner. In order to pass the parcel to her brother (ex/husband) now and to make him culprit of her (ex/sister social worker) own actions in the past, to the community ("me and mine"). It's impossible to erase the past (, as left a trial of negligence. In which, I am member of the same community and society that we habitat today and request justice, in the same way as the rest?-When I understand matters better now and why matters got to this level of abuse. Where today, I lost all by a group of helpers of the ex/husband and his sister social worker acting in a gang culture, because alone those people (criminals) and the rest that hide the crime are zero on the left the cowardsthat brings such criminal activity to me and mine and those people holds even the law, to help, assist and collaborate, so no excuses!?- In which the ex/husband and his sister social worker uses now my children, years ago my family and a wave of helpers (council/government staff/neighborhood) to aid in the vendetta, cosa nostra, gangs culture and reasons of my divorce, as I am not playing the game of those peoples. As years ago for the ex/husband sister social worker her problem was her brother and reasons of cancelling the wedding, now is me the problem!!?-I am better breed to fall for a gang culture, as some members of my family ( are the same problem as the ex/husband and his sister social worker. I am trying to stop, full stop the abuse in the family and their own parents to take full responsibility of their own actions in law, not me. I am not the parents of the ex/husband and his sister social worker to be responsible of their own actions, neither of my children responsability but the law and at the same time, how I defend myself of them that continue bringing a wave of hate to me and mine (ref: MA1300099 - MA14F000236), removal of my personal stuff and even takes orders from the same gang culture (vendettas, cosa nostra, revenge and hate (5 boys, the river, etc).) that they create years ago, or help each other in order to inflict pain to me and mine and above all, where is the law nowadays, as "Victim of Crime"- Instead to use the law as the law request, dictate and command, as one is a social worker and the other done jury service (ex/husband and his sister), but use the law in their own hands hiding themselves and their own actions with "confidentiality acts?"-So how I defend me and mine in the UK as explain before, but a "Victim of Crime"- Now if for me is bloody difficult to get access to Justice (ref: MA1300099 - MA14F000236) by the corrupt world, can you imagine a small confuse child?- So how long do I need to wait in the UK, to receive any law to aid and assist me with domestic violence and abuse (sexually, mentally and physically)?-In which for 28 long years, I was the problem by the ex/husband and his sister social worker, so why not to take the opportunity now and move back to his mother house (RIP) that is vacate (willow rd) and continue paying (sherway) house bills until (divorce) financial settlement is over, because the neighborhood is only a excuse to help the ex/husband and his sister. The same neighborhood, neighbor (house # 11) and job centre plus staff, that her husband (friend of the ex/husband) works for manchester airport and went against the airport years ago and won. I am not an airport to bring this wave of hate to me and mine, but a merely trafford resident. I lost all as "victim of crime" in the same way as those peoples that are bullied in society (sexual and domestic abuse) by the same abuse (sexually, mentally and physically) of power and profession (, but the law do not care, otherwise the abuse would not happens today. Where after the destruction of my life by the "family problems" with full support of Trafford council and their own staff: "OK right to report and recovery walk?"-

1- Trafford Council welcomes confirmation of new 'right to report' -
2- Trafford Council urges local people to get involved in this year's Recovery Walk 2014.

How I recover myself from the wave of violence to me and mine, in which I lost all due to "no rights to report?"-I was silence for years of the abuse (sexually, mentally and physically) to me and mine, by the same council staff (, gang culture and people involve (ex/husband and his sister social worker) of the matters, as they were full aware of the problems, but unable to tell me: "Confidentiality Acts"-No justice of the same violence to me and mine, but trafford council staff hides paperwork with the help of the courts (royal court of justice), as I am still waiting for the appeal against Trafford council?-I am still waiting for appeals of benefits in which the claims were made in CAB premises (2010) before the new rules (2010-2014) and paid contribution as the rest, but on hold by the same courts and appeals  (royal court of justice), that rape peoples and their own living, in the most grotesque ways. I am not the only one to make claims as my sisters (lottery, insurance claims, etc.), but in my personal life, as if I am in their own personal life?-The neighbor (house #11) nearly did not get the house as many false claims, as the ex/husband told me, but in my personal life, as if I am in her own personal life?-, The other neighbor (house #8) was put in the mental health place as jobcentre plus staff and neighbor (house #11), pretend false claims against my sister (see letter from following link)?- The ex/husband sister made benefits claims when studying her career and working at the same time, plus rented her home, on that time as the rules state she did not declare the matters and the system was impossible (no computer in place), so from the income that was not declare she managed to buy her new home in a rich place of Stockport and move from Glossop, so who is stealing the country?- The thing is between those people that were family of mine and pretend to know too much, or too little about me, or the same family but make a mess of the matters. I need to pay for whatever happens to them after, because the one that has the neighbors problems in Glossop was the ex/husband sister, not me, or my sister (house #8). In exchange the sister that was blame (house #8), or she was made to pay for the ex/husband problems with neighbors in Glossop, she did a ryhanna act to the family on the christening of my child. Unfortunately this question of families between themselves that hit each other and I get the blame all the time and everything that is mine stopped, molested, raped, abused, or hit in gruesome ways. In the other hand, after the moon comes down, they helps each other (ex/husband and his sister and my family) in their own vendettas, cosa nostra and make matters confusing. This reflect when the ex/husband sister and sister house #8 helps in the past with favors, as I was the other woman in sister divorce (house #8) and won the house, today the same people do exactly the same game, but the one that is winning the house in the divorce settlement is the ex/husband and the incredible bit is that his mother just passed away and him wants to buy my share (desperate)?-I have placed a hold in place legally and is not negotiable, or removed until, I am 100% sure of what terms the ex/husband mother passed away, as she was like a mother to me and those people and members of my family are not going to continue playing games with the life of the same family. My sister (pepy) went against the family of her husband and got the lot and left the family with nothing, the other sister (flor) to my mother and the rest of us, left nothing. I am not doing anything of that so the family (both sides) can be sure of my process in law is clean, but placing a hold, as in which terms my other mother passed away and to make sure the wishes of both parents are followed. The similarities in which my mother and the ex/husband mother passed away is only a reflection into each other and both of them were removed of the same life and aid (machine that support life). In which my sisters children and the ex/husband and his sister are friends since day one. I do not question the friendship, but the criminal activity, the similarities, the bond, the closeness, the everything. I understand that the ex/husband mother was confused by "family problems" in the same way as my own mother. I tried to help as much as I could until was too late and she passed away. I divorce in 2012 and she passed away in 2014 (RIP), so no chance!- 

However going back to any of my claims comes as my work, work relate and abuse of managers to me. The law is very clear on those abuses, as unable to know reasons of dismissal as always and each of my employments finished in the same way: "confidentiality acts"-Not plausible as I need to pay school fee's (Saint Bede's) and house bills in law those absurd reasons (confidentiality acts) is not enough, as I have the rights to know reasons, plus CAB staff hide the law on time of the claims and unable to make claims on time prescribed by the same law, incredible the rape in justice!-Including benefits, that I was entitle, as I paid contribution and everybody made the same claims in times of turmoil not just me, but the rest and the neighbor house #11 that keep stopping my claims to help the ex/husband, or hide the law. In that case, I am unable to make claims "on time", or "out of time", but the abuse of minors also comes "out of time?"-The income support claim was my first claim and "time" since I arrived the UK, (1985-2010), by the help of CAB staff in trafford (2010). I am still waiting for the right "time" and help (2014), as the royal courts of justice holds the income support claim in appeals dpto, also holds the appeal against trafford council from me. As years of abuse to me by trafford council staff using an old lady (Margorie Bagnall) as excuse by direct payments scheme, not plausible in law, but abuse of power and profession. The ex/husband mention of trafford council staff, as the worse of the worse and those same people was sent to me all those years since we moved to trafford area: the worse of the worse, by "family and problems", tales and defame lie that never existed (the five boys, the river, the kiss, the china girl, etc), now it's me the problem?-What all my claims and matters has to do with the sexual abuse of Saint Ambrose college is the area of trafford complete purchased by the same system, religious affairs and state of the country with full of abuses, no wonder we are in crisis. I hope, The Queen Elizabeth II gets a full apology into how we got into this stage in Her own country by Her own peoples, when all She did was to bring all of you out of the Victorians times, but She was not expecting to get this far as form of Thank You, with abuse of power and profession, by the same peoples in charge of Her matters, as I am unemployed, Rosario Castellanos de Parker.  

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