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Prince Charles compared Russian to German Nazi over Ukraine matters ..

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Prince Charles has reportedly compared Russian President Vladimir Putin ( to the Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler ("Victims of WWII were sent to the concentration camps and died gassed") over his actions in Ukraine. 


Prince Charles was being shown around the Museum of Immigration in Halifax, Nova Scotia, along with Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, when spoke to museum volunteer Marianne Ferguson, an Holocaust victim. Marienne Ferguson told the BBC, "just a little remark. I didn't think it was going to make such a big uproar"- We are living in the world with fear of speak, about matters that concern all of us and unfortunately happening worldwide. Where we said no to gagging law for the same set of reasons: protect. As we are on duty by law to monitor the present situation, without sending an army of judgmental peoples into our lives in modern times, to twist matters, but keep an open society. Where we are not born perfect, but we do our best, to the point that we can not do, or said anything because the media, or even my "family problems" twist matters to own advantage and continue the hate propaganda with that excuse. In the same way and matters for Prince Charles, or anybody in the world to start a war and stir things up and may contribute to have an excuse of hate propaganda. When in reality the Russian Revolution in 1917 dismantled the Tsarist Autocracy and led to creation of Russian SFSR, in which: "The Emperor Nicholas II of Russia was forced to abdicate, then later killed with his family (RIP)" The Emperor Nicholas II of Russia is well known, as Saint Nicholas the Passion - Bearer by Russian Orthodox Church: "Saint Nicholas the Martyr"-The Emperor Nicholas II of Russia never put resistance in the criminal activity against himself and his own family on the time of the murders, because he never order his own people to go against his own people, because the man was prepare to die for the cause, because of ignorance of the true facts years before the criminal action/s took place, because he was extremely gentle person of good nature himself, because of the matters mention before, he never believe that his own people would possible go against himself and his family, but the Russian Revolution did that (criminal) matter and much more, with great pleasure killed the whole family. Where if I was register a solicitor, I could open a full investigation into the matters and bring the culprits to the International Courts to answer for the murders (the whole family) and may somehow restore the Russian Monarchy. As payment for the abuse of power of the Russian Revolution, that went against a gentle man like: "The Emperor Nicholas II of Russia", with no reason, or set of reasons, the bloody cowards!-Now with this on mind, I speak to the Russian President Vladimir Putin, or to whom it may concern the matters regarded the British Royal Family, as Prince Charles, because a simple comment like everybody does in modern times and in such open ways doesn't merit the full blast with fear of reprisals, as Emperor Nicholas II of Russia and The Royal Family are cousins. 

In fact, The Emperor Nicholas II of Russia and his physically similar cousin George V (George Frederick Ernest Albert, 3/6/1865 – 20/1/1936) King of the United Kingdom, as you can see photo below, unique in modern worlds. On those times the two young men consider the grandeur of England and Russia together, not just on beauty outside, but inside with great heart, duty and concern of own nations until last bread: "How is the Empire?", by King George V to his peoples. "A good riddance" .. 1917, King George V sweep away German titles, after WWI. Can you imagine what George V could be sweep away during the WWII?"-In which the father of Edward Samuel Miliband, who is the Leader of Labour Party and Leader of the Opposition, Ralph Miliband (Adolphe Miliband; 7 January 1924 – 21 May 1994 a Marxist thinker, exactly in the same way as the Russian Revolution. I fear the similarities of the two cousins: The Emperor Nicholas II of Russia and George V, King of the United Kingdom, position and even matters. Where none of the Kings can defend the other, because of loyalty to own country and the matter can happens in the future of the British Royal Family, by the extremist political parties like, Marxist Militant. I prefer to speak openly of the matter and in full awareness of the UK Nationals, including the Royal Family, because I swore alliance to The Queen, Country, Glory, when I become UK citizen. My loyalty to The Queen Elizabeth II and the UK Citizens includes ups and downs, red or blue, right and left and not just to hold the passport to gain a better life. 

In which the matters spoken by the UK and World Politicians said: 
-A spokesman for Clarence House said: "We do not comment on private conversations.
-The Mail reported that the Prince made his comments while surrounded by media and they were heard by several witnesses.
-Mr Putin's press secretary Dmitry Peskov told Sky News: "I don't know anything about it. I can't really trust the Daily Mail as a source."
-Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg backed Prince Charles on his LBC Radio phone-in, saying: "Prince Charles should be perfectly entitled to express views in the confidence that he's expressing them privately."
-Labour (Co-op) MP Mike Gapes, who represents Ilford South, said the Prince "should abdicate" if he wants to make controversial statements. He said on Twitter: "If Prince Charles wants to make controversial statements on national or international issues he should abdicate and stand for election."In constitutional monarchy, policy and diplomacy should be conducted by parliament and government. Monarchy should be seen and not heard."
-UKIP leader Nigel Farage, who has backed Mr Putin's anti-EU stance in the past, said: "Prince Charles has made those comments - I know some people feel that way about Putin."I think there's a difference. The difference is right from the very start Hitler was expansionist, and we haven't see very much evidence of that until now from Putin and arguably, what's happened in the Ukraine is because he's been poked with a stick by the rest of the world."
-In March, former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton reportedly said Mr Putin's claim to be be defending ethnic Russians in Crimea was "what Hitler did back in the '30s".She later backtracked, claiming she was not making a direct comparison but that Russia's behaviour was "reminiscent" of Germany in the build-up to the Second World War.

Prince Charles and Russian President Vladimir Putin are due to meet next month and attend 70th anniversary of the D-Day landings in Normandy (6/6/1944). It's understood that Mr Putin face international anger over Russia's actions in Ukraine, including extremely controversial annexation of Crimea. Prince Charles has been known for speaking his own mind freely on issues: "Architecture and Environment, but never on Diplomatic matters"-At the present time, Prince Charles face ongoing legal battle over publication of letters (, he has sent to politicians, (local) government and public places, with the attorney general concern release could compromise reputation, neutrality and constitutional problems. I for one, I would like to request the matter of the "accident" to HRH Princess Diana of Wales to come forwards as "crime" against the lady in question, by Her ex/husband Prince Charles and his present friend, Camilla Parker. As Prince Charles and Camilla Parker are not legally married by the UK church or civil ceremony, not by me, but the UK Constitution and Rule of the Law (nobody can pass the law), neither apply to them as the man in question (Prince Charles) was born with duty to own Country, or leave the Crown as Princess Margaret of Windsor, or Prince Edward VIII.  

HRH Princess Diana of Wales.

Dodi Al-Fayed and the driver died as well in the Paris crash "accident", together with our future Queen of England, HRH Princess Diana of Wales and the driver. I hold the Holly Bible principles in higher places, in which I swore alliance to the Queen Elizabeth II and anything that protect Her Majesty and Her own personal matters, including country, land and glory, when I become UK Citizen.Now in such circumstances nobody of any political places in the world, or any other professional fields, has a right to comment in my attitude, as by law in the UK I am ably by duty as UK Citizen. I am writing the things and expose the matters in the full open and not hide with corruption, like coward. I am on duty by the law to process the matter fully of the accident to Lady Di, Dodi Al-Fayed and the driver, even if I am not register as solicitor, but studying: "The Bachelors of Laws"-I feel with duty to HRH Princess Diana of Wales, as the mother of our future Kings of the UK: Prince William, or Prince Harry. Apart from that, I do not hold anything against Prince Charles and Camilla Parker and I wish them well in their own Love, but what HRH Princess Diana of Wales, has to do with Love that kills?-I would do the same if the case and victim was Prince Charles, or Camilla Parker: "Innocent until proven guilty"

Prince Charles is not allowed to sent letters that compromise: The Queen (his own mother), Country, Land and Glory, hide into 20 keys of legislation, because that is corruption. "Anything that hide (confidentiality acts) is corruption, as the rest of peoples are not aware of the matter and maybe falsely accused, like me with the ex/husband "family problems", that I lost everything today!-Prince Charles cannot be Politician, or Monarch (He is the Second of His Mother) at the same time, not matter human rights and need to choose wisely, because the Constitution (any Constitution) would not allow the matter. "As a system of government, constitutional monarchy separates the Head of State’s ceremonial and official duties from party politics"- The Constitution of the United Kingdom which is laws and principles represented by The Queen Elizabeth II, since the Glorious Revolution in 1688:  "What the Queen in Parliament enacts is law"- The matter itself: "Confidentiality Acts" can jeopardize even the security of the country and my concern is The Queen Elizabeth II and the reasons why, we said no to gagging laws. In order not to upset the rest of the peoples, Prince Charles should deter from the premises of parliament, constitution, or government (except on duty) including exchange of letters, not matter how innocent the matter looks, as he is a Royal born like his mother, with duties and time to choose Politics, or King in-waiting, but the constitution can not be corrupt. The rule of the law apply to Prince Charles as well, "nobody is above the law" , in equal manner as the rest and that he was born into duties, or leave the duty like Princess Margaret and Prince Edward VIII, otherwise he will melt the Monarchy. I refer with respect to anyone involve, including The Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Philip and The Royal Family. 

Proud Mexican born, British Citizen and Israel Supporter. These Colors don't run, they stand and fight back as well as the British, but I need to move out of the area soon, because of "family problems", thanks for the patience, Rosario Castellanos de Parker ..