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Death Penalty: "I am a Christian and I never committed apostasy, Meriam Yehya Ibrahim" ..


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Meriam Yehya Ibrahim is eight months pregnant and Sudan intends to execute her because she is Christian. The Islamic Sharia law ( in this case is extremely racist, because place all almighty force into an indefensible heavily pregnant woman, but her husband is free man?!-Freedom of Religion - Right to worship never apply in this case as religion itself, Christian - Vatican would not commit to own standards, hiding into the unknown and leave the heavy pregnant woman in question Meriam Yehya Ibrahim, vulnerable, alone and with bullies: state, country, laws, prejudices, racism, peoples, hate and problem. The same way United Nations. Human Rights act 18. Strasbourg Court under Art.9. When anybody can freely choose and engage into any matters including religion and in this case: Christian, but the burden the matter brings to the world, with confusion. Meriam Yehya Ibrahim, 27, who's father Muslim, with Christian believes by her mother, but convict to 100 lashes by Sharia law (, because of her faith, with death sentence to hang for apostasy, or renounce of faith, also flogging for adultery as married to Christian man, but the man in question is free?! - The Islam courts permits the pregnant woman Meriam Yehya Ibrahim to give birth, before she is executed in which she told the judge: “I am a Christian and I will remain Christian”-The matter, case and woman is the typical racist (macho) world, that imposes heavy on the woman, but not man. The religions standards in the world of Christian - Muslim imposes a big question legally within the community and reasons why, I do not hold believes of anything anymore, but my Lord's is different. The abuse of power and profession of such entities that call themselves Christians - Muslims and their own religious fanaticism, that brings to anyone's life: wars, famine, ignorance, hate propaganda, misery, heavy penalties, 100 lashes, inquisition methods like the sharia law. In my opinion after studied both religious standards (Christians - Muslims), the rest of preachers only brings death, destruction, famine and hate, but never the goodness of what the original idea was to believe. What my Lord's love for humanity has to do with hate, when nothing of that was preached in the Holly Bible, by Jesus Christ or, The Noble Qur'an, by Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). I believe strong that time arrived as we are legally obligate to the community fully and without falling like dictators with own ideas, ideals, or idealism of perfect world, but fully vetted by the community with free vote, of whereas you want the hate of religions fanaticism spread on the communities or removed from the environment. As one thing is pray to God private and on your own time, terms and place like my parents times and another matter is preach hate everywhere, anytime and anyhow, like present times. We are committed to bring reasonable standards to the community and not mambos-jumbos that incite hate with any excuses. The Sharia Law (Muslim) and Inquisition methods (Christians) are two things that need to take heart and not to use it lightly, as Meriam Yehya Ibrahim case, because both methods are crimes against humanity. Particularly when ones believes such matters exist as the lady in question Meriam Yehya Ibrahim is prepare to die for the cause (Christian), when in reality she has 2 children to look after and think about herself too. When woman use love and not criminal abuse of Sharia Laws (Muslim) to own people ( or, Inquisition Times (Christian) like the church people (, but man of such ideals, ideas, ideology, because none of those religions mention before (Christians - Muslims), are better, or worse, but the same = equal in abuse. 


In my case, I am falsely accuse by the Christian World of the holly, white, immaculate, never sinned, always clean Vatican and my equally family of termination (abortions). When in reality it was the family (both) that promote the matter to cash and they are not better than me, but hide the sin. When in reality, I never gave my consent, permit or knowledge to be stuffed like chicken, by any man, at any time, age, or moment, because our bodies cannot produce the matter, but man. When no mutual agreement may in contract, of "both parties (man/woman)", not just one (woman) to commit responsibility, because is very easy to defame reputation for cash, but not to carry the parcel. "The abuse of manhood into the woman's body (me), without permit, consent, or knowledge into the matter should be castrate the man, exactly in the same way as rape to us, by the law. I am not promoting Sharia Laws methods like man to woman with the castrate matter, but this is how women are left when abused by men, broken irreparable. I had been enduring years (33) of hunting by both families into my private life in order to cash, but not the men in question. When by law myself as woman, I cannot produce the matter of the man to make a child (except the virgin Mary tale), but the coward that violate the rules of my Lord and hide in the same law, that falsely accused the hypocrites!?"-As what if women do the same to men and add something into their own body, when they are not aware of the matter, when they are not ready for the matter, or when they do not want the matter, full stop!-The same matters happens for many women (me) in the whole wide world that are abused (rape) by men (sergio gomez pintado), without our consent, knowledge or permit into our bodies. "As my Lord said to protect our bodies as temples of himself, but some men do not respect the matter and leave women pregnant then, what is the maximum penalty for the abuse of power and crime in law?"-Some women feel a duty to keep the child in order to cash like my nice in cancun, or nephew in germany paid by the state, in order to expose me as the worse and protects the man (sergio gomez pintado) that abuse me, with help of Vatican/Caritas, without my permit, consent and knowledge in the matter. In real life, who we are to judge people, particularly when the Vatican got 70 million victims during the WWII, child abuses, or family not clean as they proclaim, including the ex/husband sister that helps and cash. The woman can not perform own termination (abortion), but falsely accused and time to pursue heavily to doctors that cash on the matter, but do not want responsibility. When pregnant woman (me) march to the clinic aided by the gestapo: (WWII) tere and dave, that witness the matter, assisted by the rest (corona, azpiri, nuñez, hazz, matamoros, carol, etc.) for years ($$£££) and hide (Flor's house). The abuse of man to woman happens to any color, disability, age and even religion and many times assisted by the same family that sell own blood like mine and reasons of refusal to see them again. My parents never used this low life to anyone, so unable to understand principles, because our stay at elders sisters houses provide education for own children. The Christian world that supports my hypocritical family from both sides, that even dare to use my unborn children's memory to bring hate to the area assisted by caritas with big advertisements (see photos of link), they got no name the cowards, that corrupt any decency for money!- 

“On memory, justice and reparation of my unborn children, 
I will Not remain Christian”

“I am Not Christian for the same matter mention before and I do not need the consent, permit or knowledge of the Vatican to remove myself and my children from the religion itself, when the church do not set themselves of any good example, but murder 70 million victims of war (WWII) and abuse small children. Particularly, when I lost unborn children and somehow something deep inside myself, tells me of the pressure that the matters bring to the world and needs for better understand, with no false accusation to women, but the real biological facts of the men and because of that, I lost so much, that I am unable to forget and forgive the church, my family, or the people involve. I do not want my children to be trapped with the same family or church matters of abuse, but walk in a free environment. Particularly, when I was not aware of any "family problems" and wrongly baptized and used confirmation on my 2 children on those circumstances. In which "family problems" use my children to cash and continue manipulate our own environment with the help of caritas, that removes all from us and pass everything to them to cash (££$$). Particularly when I used members of both families (carol, bernard, pepita and my mother ) as good parents to my 2 children, but again I was unaware of any "family problems" before and because of that matters mention before, me and my children are leaving the Christian religion and for good!-Now, If my children wants to enter into that environment again, the matter is up to them, but they will have to go to the whole ceremony and choose everything by themselves, not me this time. I will Not remain Christian and I renounce everything of that world order that brings hate to me and mine, even after I know of the case of Meriam Yehya Ibrahim. I hope, she understand by heart that the religion "Christian or Muslim" are a similarity, but not worth the hassle and leave own children without mother, because at the end,  the low culture as my family and religion, they will show their own typical backgrounds!”

A letter to any priest, bishop cardinal and even the Holly Pope, that explain in no uncertain terms, me and my children continue as we are, but renouncing Catholicism. In which the Vatican may excommunicate me in the past due to the circumstances mention before (with thanks), of "family problems" and may this matter affect the present status of my children with no religion, so to make sure, printed here, where me and my children (2) should consider ourselves excommunicated.

 I do not have doubts believing in my God, but religion is different matter all together and the true fact that my family from both sides use the matter to own purposes, benefits and cash on my unborn children and control all that is me and mine that, in those circumstances, we consider ourselves excommunicated.

My search for God and principles are with peace and not in war with any excuses, including family, that attach to people with any reasons in order to cash,, because I was not aware of those methods of control that I officially excommunicated me and my two children, including the religious ceremony of the  ex/husband and I (may, 18, 1985) is totally null.

we are atheist in order to keep the peace. 
we hereby renounce all the trappings of religion. 
we renounce all blessings, benefits, graces, sanctification, and advantages supposedly conferred on me and mine by any religion or by any religious act done by me and mine behalf in the past, present or future. 
we condemn as monstrous the idea of original sin, and renounce any baptism done on my behalf or children to wash it away. 
we reject as ridiculous the idea of an atoning sacrifice and spurn its presumed benefits. 
we do not believe that any god, supernatural realm or afterlife exists, and will not act as if they did, except my Lord the one made our existence: sun, moon, stars, planets, etc. 
we do not believe that any book, building, place, person, thing or action is holy and will not pretend that they are. 
we do not think that praying is anything more than talking to oneself and will not make believe that it is. 
I do not believe that any person is more sanctified than any other, or that any human being should be elevated above another in any way, due to ancestry, race, gender, occupation, belief or for any other reason and will not feign that we do. 
As a principled and rational person, it pains me and mine that someone, somewhere may be counting us as an adherent of an irrational superstition which has done and is doing irreparable harm to humanity and with which I profoundly disagree. Please remove me and my 2 childrens names from the records of the church, and record that I am no longer a Roman Catholic. Please send me confirmation of this action. Please do this as soon as possible. 


PS: I am not joining any other faith. 

Christians Martyrs at first revenge applied to Apostles 64 years after Jesus Christ died, then imposed hardships for faith. When evil Emperor Nero, who ruled Roman Empire burned city to finish perfect poem, then accused Christians that hide, found, imprisoned, persecute, crucified, burned, feed to lions and tried to escape, but no luck and left terrified. When preyed nobody answer and others laugh, somehow never stop worship God, but no-one spare, not even infants suffer and die alone, in which:. 

- God promised, "vengeance is Mine, I will repay" Romans, 12:19. 
-"They will be thrown into the fiery furnance, where there will be weeping and gnaashing of teeth.!" 2 corinthians 13:42. 
- Heaven and Eath will pass away, the new Jerusalem will come down out of heaven from God, Revelation 21:1. 

Where there is no Biblical basis for the conclusion that God will destroy the physical earth with fire, let alone with vengeance, or promote hate between nations, colors, religions, disability, sexual orientation, age, as everything still in accordance with the scripts. The scripts is what inside the Bible, typeface (font family) based upon varied fluid stroke created by handwriting (Aa, Bb, 123, !?, etc) of the real authors. The Bible is canonical collection of texts consider sacred in Judaism, in which the rest of religions (Muslim-Christian) were born. 


The term Bible is shared between Judaism and Christianity, although the contents of each of their collections of canonical texts is not the same and may anyone can add, alter, or write the matter, but not to Judaism still the same original manuscripts. In the past and for many centuries before, Jews people were blame exactly in the same way as the Christians Martyrs, now if you ever studied the WWII this matter happened to my Jews Ancestors. In the same way as you ads in the church: "Who gives you the right to kill more than 70 million victims of war (WWII), including the Spanish Civil War, with more than 200,000 Spaniards! (see photos) Where I believe strong that my Lords comes with no hate to incite the world, as he was a Jewish man himself, but pure love to humanity and the reasons to leave the Christian world for good! .. 


I am waiting for my matters to be finish in the UK and will I leave the country, as I am unable to get any services, etc. I apologies to the Queen, or anyone involve in the matters and I am going as fast as the matters resolve and clear the way with thanks for the patience, Rosario Castellanos de Parker.