Thursday, 22 May 2014

The British Prime Minister David Cameron own brother Alex Cameron, won a landmark court case against Government's cuts: "Legal Aid" ..

Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free" .. John 8:32

Jealousy Tango 

David Cameron's legal aid cuts thrown into chaos after the Prime Minister's own brother wins a court case against the United Kingdom government Now, if we study matters of the news as follows:

-Alex Cameron wins a court case (28/4/2014) against his own brother David Cameron (UK MP) with the legal aid cuts and the whole matter is thrown into full chaos (, but Judges overturn legal aid ruling (21/5/2014) and restore my faith in law, with thanks!- Now regarding the win of the case by Alex Cameron (, as I believe strong that all was done, thanks of his own influence at the courts, with the full support of Judges, Solicitors, Barristers and not by anytime of the use of the law correctly applied, then that is cheat, mislead, corruption, hide, twist, manipulate, contempt to steal the country purse with lies, abuse of power and profession, plus the finest example of "who is your friend wins", thanks God you restore my faith in law. The two brothers (David Cameron - Alex Cameron,) fight for supremacy is another finest example of "family problems" that brings own work rubbish like the ex/husband and his own sister social worker. As the matter happens to me and reflects in my blog and time to curb the matter, or abuse, because I lost unborn children and brother, sister detained under the mental health act, me and mine bullied, pets killed, etc. Where we question legally: under the section 63(3) of the Constitutional Reform Act 2005, to select people for appointment who are of "good character"-Time to return licence and to do community service as the rest, because this professional misconduct is an embarrassment to The Queen Elizabeth II.
-Alex Cameron argued lawyers were not willing to work on slashed rates, but somehow the benefits claimants yes and living in poverty, because the legal aid and the social security benefits are the same matters, but one works for the full cats that steal the cream of the country (Legal Aid) and the other is to feed (DWP) the country most vulnerable peoples of the UK. "The professionals got a profession to stand on own two feet and earn a respectable salary by own efforts, not by Legal Aid system. The poor got not feet where to stand in society but badly defamed, when claim Social Security Benefits, which in law is the same matters: money of the state. I am unable to understand someone that abuse the legal aid system with millions of legal aid fee's ( can win a case like Alex Cameron, but more like trying to cover the professional misconduct and fear to lose own licence, after I made the relevant note (8/4/2014) to expose abuse of power and profession, see following link: The professional misconduct with abuse of power and profession in legal fields is way out of order stealing not just the purse of the country with legal aid fee's, but the hard work of Unemployed people like myself that does FREE advocacy. When I notice that Michael Le Vell coronation street star was standing trial with no probe of the matter and used of my blog to do FREE advocacy to him, read the note. After years of the matter Michael Le Vell coronation street star, stands to lose all even reputation in the way the case was handled and financially exploited, but soon after my note on my blog the actor won the case and the financial exploitation and game stopped! (see notable cases of the following link-R v Michael Turner (2013) What I am trying to probe is the professional abuse of power and profession by holding a case like Michael Le Vell to earn millions, plus legal aid fee's mount to millions and all the millions based, by using the state with legal aid fee's, or unemployed people like myself to subside their own millions, because the profession was not good for anything!!-In which I am still waiting for a response from my income support claim since 2010 with the old rules, at the Court of Apeeal Civil Division C1/2013/2268/PTA, of the Royal Courts of Justice in London. "I am forced to bring all my cases into the public view with the hope to get help, into my matters"  -

-The excuse to win the case was because Alex Cameron said defendants who couldn't afford a lawyer were unable to get a fair trial and Judge backs the PM's brother - leaving the government's reforms in limbo. When in reality anyone who has money can afford a fair trial in which legal aid came into force, for everyone's to access the matters, but not to abuse the matters like Alex Cameron with millions. Where even at the courts Alex Cameron speaks to the Judge, or legal fields in sign language as you can see picture, may to gain support from the rest, manipulate, communicate, hide something, corrupt the system, mislead the case, twist the matters, etc? - In that case the state is not legally liable to feed those exorbitant salaries of millions by deception, for people like myself, or Michael Le Vell that lost everything today for professional misconduct, in my case with "family problems" of the ex/husband and his sister social worker. I am forced to have no solicitor/barrister and to do all my own legal matters ALONE, with the aid of my "Bachelors of Laws" in order to defend myself of those entities that defraud the law, or any possible principles. Where they practices in serious crimes with extensive experience in fraud, but defraud own country and principles to the worse possible ways, means and forms and like them the rest. 

I hold the Holly Bible principles in the higher places, in which I swore alliance to the Queen Elizabeth II and anything that protect Her Majesty and personal matters, including country, land and glory, when I become UK Citizen. Now in such circumstances nobody of any political places, or any other professional fields has any right to comment on my attitude, as by law in the UK, I am legally by duty as UK Citizen in the same way as Alex Cameron, even if I do not hold the licence like him. The state of the country at the present times runs wild (with respect) and I wonder who advice ( The Queen and Her peoples, as Prince Charles stands accused (, when part is negligence. "I need to expose my matters in order for you to understand the matters and gravity of the problem, where even my reputation may hold in tatters, but duty is duty and somehow do not apply to Alex Cameron and the rest of professionals?!"- "As if, Three Raymond Buildings were so poor that need the steal the HARD work of another people UNEMPLOYED like myself and pretend is them who did the work and earn my cash, because I stand to lose my home by reposed order of the ex/husband. Three Raymond Buildings is very much like the rest of professionals misconduct, that removes all from country, abuse the law and mislead customers, also like "Direct payments" from Trafford Council to me, with excuse of Marjorie Bagnall. When in reality those professionals even from local government, use old and children to bring hate propaganda, to the community. Where the British Prime Minister David Cameron, own brother Alex Cameron won a landmark court case against Government's cuts, as he said"Lawyers are not willing to work on slashed rates (", but the rest of the UK peoples for a miser salary of £5.50 per hour, or zero hours contract and abide by hundred of taxes, personal expenditure, mortgage, gas, electricity, food, children, so how?!"- Where People need to subside financially somehow as lack of employment, illness, poverty, or age, killed by the state (10,600 + victims), thanks to the full arrogance of Government staff (DWP). So is it ok for Alex Cameron to fight his legal aid arrogance in millions (, but not to me to gain help from the state with my income support claims to pay my mortgage/house bills since 2010 with old rules, or even to gain help with solicitors to fight my cases. Where I am blackmail legally if I ever expose the abuse of power and profession of those that breaks the core of decency (, breaks the rule of the law, breaks the human rights acts, breaks the magna carta, breaks the constitution into two, breaks reputation, breaks any form of living for those entities can live like Queen's and King's and not the rest of "The Queen's peoples"-As I hold no licence in law as Alex Cameron, but the alliance to The Queen Elizabeth II comes in any way, form or shape and the abuse of power and profession need to stop, full stop!!.. Rosario Castellanos de Parker.