Tuesday, 8 April 2014

To Face Criminal Procedings: "The Rt Hon Maria Miller MP, Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport and Minister for Women and Equalities" ..

 Edith Piaf - Non, je ne regrette rien (Officiel ...
After reading the following link (http://goo.gl/zoGuzg) of Maria Miller own life and range in profile life from ground cero to ten then, I believe strong that she is the finest example of what society mean with the typical saying of: "Who is your friend matter more, than any form of education"- The answer in Journalism: Maria Miller 32 second apology and the fact that the amount of money she is being asked to repay was reduced from £45,800 to £5,800 following the intervention of a committee of MPs, has angered newspapers (and me). http://goo.gl/k8u84A My answer to the unfair matter: "Hundreds of UK peoples are spending time in prison with underserved sentence and easy, they could do what Miller is doing now and free of reprisals, but with no parole. http://goo.gl/o50pft Now in law the position of the Judge is no very nice, rightful, answer the constitution and comfortable, because what Miller did is equivalent of Benefit Cheats (http://goo.gl/DknLjq), using anything up to anti-bribery policy (http://goo.gl/6SxJVB) to reduce fines and may corrupt charges to steal the purse of the state, system and good heart of The Queen Elizabeth II, also the matter in question of law is unlawful and up to criminal charges depend on circumstances http://goo.gl/tpfekM Unfortunately for Maria Miller there is not one law for her and another law very different for all of us in the UK (http://goo.gl/dAnFEb), but the same rules, regulations and laws apply (http://goo.gl/KfbVoY) to all of us regarded of, and with respect to Mr David Cameron. http://goo.gl/s22Ovo As nobody is above the Rule of the Law, not even Maria Miller or the Prime Minister and if, The Queen Elizabeth II never used/abused the law, why the rest?- http://goo.gl/pb32o8 The Cases of overpayment soared to 499,204 in 2009/10 compared with 439,966 the year before and those people like hundreds of Marias Millers still unlawfully detained with no parole. http://goo.gl/dzfUhM We do not want to accept corruption within the community and Maria Miller is not special, but open the corrupt questionable in law. http://goo.gl/Rng4JW The whole wide world is looking, reading and watching, even the news of Maria Miller plastered on the BBC and this woman in question of law acting as if, nothing ever happened the matter, but represent the UK with full payment, status and aware of the law, as she was born in the UK, may she could ask the C.A.B. for advice?- http://goo.gl/GgnnMM Maria Miller is protect by David Cameron groups of racial discrimination individuals that lost own ways in law using even his own brother to cover and hide the mess (http://goo.gl/l4gS7q) and mislead, corrupt, purchase, hide, violate and twist the law to own advantage (http://goo.gl/4IT9ej), but not for the rest of the community, country, land and glory. http://goo.gl/eRPzQx We are leading with complete Professionals Barristers, Solicitors, Legal Fields and staff (misconduct) that swore the law, but hurting badly the reputation of The Queen Elizabeth II/Constitution, Rule of the Law, Magna Carta (http://goo.gl/JYcD28), Bachelors of Laws, International Law, European Law, Human Rights acts, Humanitarian Laws, including my Mexican Constitution and Spanish Constitution for my Parents, also the Commonwealth of Nations own laws as we are leading into one nation with them, because professional misconduct in a grotesque manner cannot be hide from the community. Particularly with full racial intimidation & discrimination, abuse of power/profession, corruption and criminal offences, either to help/assist the criminal and whoever is hiding the crimes.  The reasons why of me to write this blog to teach my own children everything including the law, as family problems, domestic abuse or criminal offences in any way, form or shape cannot be hide from law, either cover or crime. I am representing the Queen Elizabeth II from this side of the corner, as I swore the Bible to do so, when I became British Citizen in 1994. I am not register solicitor and the reasons why of me on this corner, but studying law at home, private in order to help me with family problems and reasons of my divorce, but like me the rest. http://goo.gl/Psy6ad

"Maria Miller ordered to repay £5,800 in over-claimed mortgage expenses when an independent commissioner estimated, that she should return £45,000, with £50,000 + per Minister in cases like Miller, the crisis would be over tomorrow"- http://goo.gl/Za97R1 Where we are full awake & aware of the corruption within the UK Government and staff, including the Prime Minister, David Cameron as he wants to cover, hide, violate, purchase the criminal activity even of his own staff. http://goo.gl/nkXoac  Racial discrimination of the individual is when someone gain better treatment in law, than the rest: "A criminal offence"-In the community, we need to set standards, rules, regulations, laws, duty of care and above all, excellent example to the children of tomorrow, also impose the law, with hundreds of Marias Millers that think they can get away with the criminal activity and the non/Marias Millers, that are in trouble today paying a heavy burden, but not the Ministers: “This is criminality pure and simple and it has to be confronted and defeated, If you are old enough to commit these crimes you are old enough to face the punishment" http://goo.gl/mjRjWy Maria Miller own words with the same criminal matter (3/3/2014): Pleased parliamentary committee dismissed allegation made against me. I accept committee report in full & have apologised unreservedly. http://goo.gl/xUzzDI I don´t want to sound to judgemental in the matter of Maria Miller, as who I am to Judge people life in the community and may I sound a bitter woman, but even myself, I need to write a blog to clarify of the hundreds of problems, lies, defamation, bullying, false accusations and even slander to me and mine. The hate propaganda accumulate for more than 28 years (1985-2014), after married to an Englishman (now divorce), by the family problems of the ex/husband and his sister/social worker, with non/stop ordeal and criminal activity, even now, with very judgemental people that were family. The sad reality of the whole United Kingdom, as I am not the only one victim of domestic abuse and intolerance in the country, but the great majority of residents. http://goo.gl/d6cMFG Where I lost unborn children and my brother, sister detained under the mental health act and me and mine bullied by the whole area and even education. http://goo.gl/sSGwT6 We ask why Maria Miller is blessed, but not the whole United Kingdom community (me): "Maria Miller has done right thing"- http://goo.gl/jpzOeU Particularly now that I am trying to bring the matters of the family problems at the courts and finish the criminal activity of the ex/husband and his own sister/social worker, with evidence and not using anti-bribery policy, but MP David Cameron stopping the matter using his connections in law, or his own bother to own advantage, but Maria Miller totally exempt!!-The finest example of what corruption looks like that mount with not just one problem, but into hundreds. "Where claims of more than 30 years of sexual rape in questions of Time, but up to date with the current UK legislation and not my unborn children or brother, that perished in the family holocaust?"-
The level of hide corruption and bribery laws that is way out of your own imagination in legal fields, but leading the nation: "Coronation Street actor in court"- http://goo.gl/vCM84u Where it was me who done the FREE ADVOCAY twice using my blog, as I am learning the law and he was release as not probe in the criminal matter, but "Three Raymond Buildings" where David Cameron own brother works and leads the legal field got the pay cheque, when mean to be free advocacy from me, to the actor.  http://goo.gl/Ks0gBO As if "Three Raymond Buildings" were so poor to need the steal of the HARD work of another people UNEMPLOYED like myself and pretend is them who did the work and like them the rest, that removes all that is me and mine or the country and pin the community in the wall with a wave of defamation, like the "Direct payments scheme" from Trafford Council to me years ago and I lost all my jobs and the area that way?-The matter happened to HRH Princess Diana of Wales (http://goo.gl/B27oh6) that is/was used/abuse in the worse possible ways, as she need to come out to the press/news and expose the abuse of Prince Charles in full public like myself, because that matter sells and helps the economy, even politics and the finest example that education is not important, but "slander, lies, defamation or even who is your friend" helps a lot, like Maria Miller. I worry the hundreds of UK citizens that face Criminal Proceedings and underserving heavy sentence, when they could have the same exit of Maria Miller. The continue consecutive non/stop pattern catalogue of problems, that damages the UK Government in Politics and even The Queen Elizabeth II reputation as the Commonwealth of Nations Governor, also the European Union legislation, without question our Constitution barraged on the ground with extreme abuse  in which, today we are facing the Holly Crisis, by the ineptitude of those that proclaim to know the job prescription, but lies and using Unemployed people like myself to do the government own jobs due to racial discrimination and for free, without our permit, consent and knowledge in the matter.

As the ex/husband mother told me several times and warned me of her own children (fighting all day), without knowing the "family problems," in which I spend years suffering from them and groups of helpers to me and mine and I lost unborn children and brother. http://goo.gl/q5lmFX In which your own people will have you as well because, the difference between you and me is I never did such acts of lies from your peoples (ex-husband and sister/social worker), but yourselves like Trafford council, with a wave of tales (direct payments) in order to frame me and even the community as a whole. As I can probe in law the matter using my blog and I can even FREE hundreds of Benefits Claimants (cheats) from prison and even using this form, as they need to have the DWP computer system (http://goo.gl/4m6yug) in order to cheat the law, but staff own fault. "I hold no bad stuff to the whole UK, as many of you are badly hurt like me and mine, because never was a question of fame, fortune, or even money, but my unborn children and brother, now the money helps to dismiss the pain and mark: Justice done to me and mine and money is what those dirty scum bags used, to sell/frame me"-The reasons why we said NO to "Gagging Law", as they want to hide even money stolen, reputation stolen, lives stolen, community set apart and a wave of abuse to us, somehow we need to protect: The Queen Elizabeth II and reputation of the rest of the country, hardworking and good abiding in law, me including, Rosario Castellanos de Parker.