Sunday, 6 April 2014

I believe if I send an email, it will be monitored: Jimmy Carter ..

 The country culture freedom is highly valued to be intimidate by neighbourhood or paparazzi and may for good reason/s. The problem arises in freedom: what means and what should be/look like. In my point of view freedom is the ability to do as one pleases, without hurting the rest, treating people with respect, but government staff operates under heavy limitations to us, even worse "with confidentiality (corrupt) acts", as victim cannot defend from the hate.
The Bible clear perception of: True Freedom comes in through and from Jesus Christ,
Galatians 5:13-14.
 You, my brothers and sisters, were called to be free. But do not use your freedom to indulge the sinful nature, rather, serve one another humbly in love. For the entire law is fulfilled in keeping this one command: "Love your neighbour as yourself."-You shall not bear false witness against your neighbour,
Exodus 20:16-
The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full,
John 10:10-
Finally, brothers (and sisters), whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable, if anything is excellent or praiseworthy, think about such things,
Phil 4:8.
ERA - Ave Maria Caccini ..
James Earl Jimmy Carter, Jr. (1/10/1924-) is an American Politician of the Democratic Party and 39th President of the United States (1977-1981), in which he was awarded the 2002 Nobel Peace Prize and the only American President to have the privilege and prize, nobody else!-Jimmy Carter started his own career as U.S. Naval Officer, also peanut farmer and served two terms as Georgia State Senator and one as Governor of Georgia (1971/1975). I followed Jimmy Carter on the news when I was much younger, because of his Human Rights Advocacy and the same matter the Kennedy Family, Rosa Parks, Martin King Luther, etc. When on vacation in American soils, I felt in love with the country, place, traditions and even the air was different of those times. Particularly, I was taken by Jimmy Carter own believes in democracy, freedoms and human rights, that for us Mexicans ( a dream. If you read the following link, on Civil rights Politics: "Carter declared in his inaugural speech that the time of racial segregation was over, and that racial discrimination had no place in the future of the state; he was the first statewide officeholder in the Deep South to say this in public. Carter appointed many African Americans to statewide boards and offices. He was often called one of the "New Southern Governors"-When you finish reading the life of this great man as Jimmy Carter, then you will understand that he deserves all the credit to a fresh, new and free none-racist country, land and glory and for us Mexicans in many ways, he is our Hero. I am saying this matter as free speech impediment by government bodies and politicians to us, even as Mexicans after years of slavers in our own land (, but want to hide the matters to the world and in which principles?- America, Europe and Worldwide comes with regulations to control as Jimmy Carter mention, but where is our freedoms and in which grounds in law to lose those human rights, that many times are used to do advocacy to the world, so in which part we are committing a crime, when is not us the criminals (, but we do advocacy to help the rest?- We, The Peoples worldwide worry the amount of people that are killed in America and elsewhere, ignoring even our Mexican Constitution and also our Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, as the new colony is sitting on our FREE land. We ask where went the much acclaimed 4th of July 1776, Independence day and freedoms that enter the American dream and country, also the world enjoys in a form of  Human Rights, International law, European laws, etc and with respect. The world of Politics want to take our liberty from us, even to have the luxury to own our private life in a form of emails, post, phone calls or stalk, spy, follows, hunt and like Jimmy Carter mention, also by Princess Diana refer to Prince Charles if we remember, and leave us with no form of defence even to our Queen, so how?- I can not probe the endless amount of emails that are (spammed) spy on me everyday, or website-social places unless I request as the law command to protect me and even my blogs, but my post: rip off and open with no form of defence, parole and living in a free country, that went to many wars for nothing. The post man who is a government staff and represents/acts in a form of trust to the country/community, that are in communication with even the neighbourhood (house 11), neighbour (house #11), jobcentre plus staff (house #11), that controls the area, even she gives jobs locally to win peoples and monitor our lives!!-
The thing is if those people that represent the community are going to bully the area, then to have the decency later to remember, when people make full complaints (me) by the amount of abuse of power and profession to our lives and not hide like cowards with  "confidentiality (corruption) acts", as the law should act in defence of the community, not against and with thanks. I can not understand the meaning of free land as our elders went to battle for us to have the human rights, freedoms and liberty, to live today with fear of reprisals, but government staff can do whatever they want with us, and without our full permit, consent and knowledge in the matter, as the matter is against the Constitution (any)!!?-Jimmy Carter believes the U.S. is spying on him and maybe me as well and everybody else, but in reality the matter maybe a worldwide worry with our personal life and not just to the Ex/President of America, but the rest. Years ago, the matter of "monitor" our life by government staff in a form of letters/emails would be enough reasons to put people in the mental places, like my own sister Soco that was detained under the mental health act for to say those words: someone spy or followed me. My sister lasted more than 10 years detained under the mental health act, until I understood the matter was a game for the "family problems" of the ex/husband, his sister/social worker and helpers in order to control, inflict pain and/or to put my family against me with lies and to keep all that is mine, based on tales of: 5 boys, the river and etc.  The wave of liars followed even to the UK in order to cash (££$$$), with courtesy of the tax payer and help own tales of the ex and his own sister, in order, to climb the ladder at work fast, but own parents done the University degree and daughter today is a social worker, then do not complain the financial crisis and problems. "The neighbour (house 11) complaint of my sister to have curtains closed all day in her own home in the same way as her now, or to look at her own car parked in her garden and the matter was enough reasons to detain my sister under the mental health act for 10 years, but not the person who started the matter.

The same neighbour (house #11) spoke open of me to the whole DAG groups in Trafford council meetings telling all of them: I abuse old people and where is/was the probe in the matter. I lost all my jobs that way, with the OPEN slander, tales and lies of defamation attacking my reputation in the full public, even today everything is used to destroy/steal all that is mine: What I ever done to the bullies to attack me and mine that way?- I am disabled with no family in the UK, like them and removes all from me with slander, to give to the ex/husband sister/social worker all that is mine and leave me with no form of defence, or protection in law, even to their own mother: the bullies. The matter is difficult to understand that I was asking the ex-husband last week if he knew of anybody apart of his own mother with cancer, as rumours, then the next day at the dentist, I received several x/trays, assuming the worse as usual. The over/use of even x/trays can give peoples illness in the same way as own mother, that she suffered several falls, illness scares and only god knows what else, after her own husband (Bernard) died?-Where I can easy fill a law suit against the ex/husband and his own sister, as I can see how easy is to manipulate colleagues from work (NHS/Airport/Council) with tales, maybe the reasons why the country is in financial crisis ( ), crimes and abuse of power and profession and with no mercy killing own people to score points, revenge and "family problems", based on lies, that my unborn children and brother were killed by the matter: spread!!- I live with fear of what those people can do to me and mine next, with a wave of bullying, that even their own mother suffer badly, or pets. The government staff need a reason against the community, or better explain: own us, with direct payments scheme or any excuses in order to follow, stalk, spy, abuse and remove everything from the victim (me), even to use slander to our reputation, which is equivalent of ASBO to the community and against the law, but hide in "confidentiality acts"-As Jimmy Carter mean to say, because is the monitor of our lives, that frightening matters, abuse of power and profession, as we do not know what is inside the house that close curtains to hide. In my sister defence, she live in Germany for more than 10 years after she emigrate from sunny Mexico, when married and her own ex/husband kept the house with no lights, or very little and I am a witness, also she was keeping cost down in the UK, but the neighbour?-
The book of the neighbour house #11, as probe of monitor our "domestic abuse" at home,
by her constant interference ..  
Everything writing in my blog is not slander, lies, defamation, or tales, but the professionals that commit the matters in groups (criminal activity) wants us that way, out ( to hide the reality to the rest, even to impose mental issues to control our lives: where my sister was detained under the mental health act, 3 cars were blow up on our road, several stolen goods to the neighbours in order to control, impose fear and punish, my children bullied at school, and the matter got no end with the level of abuse to me and mine, as you can see photos below of the ex/husband continue abuse at home after the divorce. Where if we use the following passage of the Bible: Therefore all things whatever you would that men should do to you, do you even so to them: for this is the law and the prophets: Matthew 7:12 .. but where is the law nowadays, or which side the law is in the community, that leave us open in the hands of the intolerance, to steal all from us, by any ways, form or shape, including monitor emails, post and everything that is personal?-

It is a continue non/stop of the ex/husband and his groups of helpers that operate a crusade of hate propaganda and domestic abuse at home and elsewhere after the divorce, even insinuate with rabbits and paper rolls or cleaning toilets at 11 pm, to anything of sexual nature (harassment), burning wood on my window several times, as it is the only room that I use at home, breaking the boiler, washing machine, my own clothes/shoes and the house ripped apart, covered in chocolate. I finish with nothing after the divorce and the house got a repossession order by (Sale) courts in 2007, without me signing the document, but the ex/husband. I lived with years of infestation from ants and bees of the neighbour (house #11) and now rabbits. I object to sell the house because, I was left with nothing not even pension, but a wave of abuse and hate propaganda to me and mine from the ex/husband and his sister, neighbour or helpers, teaching the children to follow own father example of domestic abuse, that is a crime in law, as we are divorce. The matter do not finish there and a continuance of monitor my emails, post, or where I am going?-I am unable to speak to the children at home, so I need to set this blog?- I had been trying to bring the matter to the courts, to be dismissed after, by the complete chorus of Trafford council staff, neighbourhood, social workers and helpers, that help each other "covering the criminal activity" with the ex/husband, or vice-versa. Where I lost unborn children and brother and a catalogue of domestic abuse that I was blame, but where is the law in the UK to me and mine?-Where I believe if I send an email, letter, or wherever I goes, does or eats, it will be monitored, as the millions of victims, even worldwide: Rosario Castellanos de Parker.