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George Iain Duncan Smith, Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, with more than 10,600 victims that perished for bad administration ..

Behold, days are coming - 
The word of the Lord, God - 
When I will send hunger into the Land; 
Not a hunger for bread nor a thirst for water,
 But to hear the word of God.
AMOS (8:11) ..

The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo 2013 - Full performance ..

George Iain Duncan Smith (9/4/1954) was born in Edinburgh and the first in Scotland since Arthur Balfour also the first Roman Catholic to serve as Conservative leader and The Tablet named him (2010) one of Britain’s most influential Roman Catholics. Iain Duncan Smith served in the Scots Guards (1975/1981) touring Northern Ireland and Rhodesia, then joined the Conservative Party back in 1981 and elected as a Member of Parliament (1992). Duncan Smith was MP for Chingford and Woodford Green (1997), then leader of the Conservative Party and the Opposition (2001/2003), he succeeded William Hague as Conservative Leader (2001), winning election with full support of Margaret Thatcher. As Conservative leader opinion polls many Conservative MPs came to consider Iain Duncan Smith incapable of winning an election (2003), MPs passed a vote of no confidence in which he resigned and succeeded by Michael Howard. Iain Duncan Smith founded the (centre-right) Centre for Social Justice, independent of Conservative Party and he became a published novelist. Prime Minister David Cameron appointed Iain Duncan Smith (12/5/2010) to serve in the Cabinet as Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, in which today 5/4/2014 stands at more than 10,600 victims of ATOS and Unemployment Exams, that perished in his charge due to cuts on benefits and bad administration. I, Myself would like to sit this man: George Iain Duncan Smith, who is the United Kingdom Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, to stand trial in a court of law for ATOS and Unemployment victims, because as you can see his long history as Conservative leader that runs since 1981, he has no excuses to act that way or the man in question do not have a simple reason for deaths to own peoples due to lack of professionalism, malpractice, misconduct and negligence: "Iain Duncan Smith already been there and done that and learnt valuable lessons about Britain’s Benefit System from his own experiences"  As leader Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, Iain Duncan Smith is full responsible for the bad administration of his own department, also he is full aware of the matter and where he wants to get with the aim of cuts to UK peoples, without a tinny care in the matter, even if the matter affects all of us with divide own country that stand together for generations, like UK and Scotland. Particularly affecting the matter to those victims (poor, disabled, vulnerable, etc.) that can not defend themselves in any way, form or shape, in very much the same way as the man (Iain Duncan Smith) in question was years ago, struggle to get by with a meager salary, now millionaire thanks to the tax payer and his own position at work: Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, but not before. Where we question legally: under the section 63(3) of the Constitutional Reform Act 2005, to select people for appointment who are of "good character", even at work with anyone that represents the system in any way, form or shape and the reasons why we said no to gagging law, that jeopardize the freedoms of the community particularly: "The Queen."- Iain Duncan Smith wife, Betsy Duncan Smith: "Despite her privileged upbringing, she has never once wavered from her support for Iain - even when he was unemployed. She sees it as her duty to be by her husband's side, for better or worse." "I believe strong that Unemployment and ATOS victims stands as Genocide to our community for the none - reasons at all the UK Holocaust in present century by Iain Duncan Smith, except to bully our community, also the matter stands at Crimes Against Humanity, in which Germany sat the Nuremberg Trials, after the WWII, which was the murder to own people of more than 6 million Jews back in 1945 and 70 million victims of all Europe: Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin and Franco's, the lost souls (RIP). In 2002, Michael Crick on TV program News night caused embarrassment when probe Duncan Smith's curriculum vitae, circulate in the annual Dod's Parliamentary Companion for previous ten years. The CV claimed that Iain Duncan Smith had attended University of Perugia when he attended Università per Stranieri which did not grant any degrees at that time, and claims that he had attended Dunchurch College of Management turned out to refer weekend courses at GEC Marconi's staff college (refer to previous wikipedia link of: problems as leader). The bad business ventures direct to the most vulnerable people of our society that are benefit claimants in general and any influence by Iain Duncan Smith, Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, that many killed by the bad administration. Where just to put one simple example: "Remploy makes £68m loss and Not financially viable, but RBS makes £2bn loss and financial liable?-My question is can you spot the difference in pounds and cents (68m loss), because that money belongs to the state: "The most vulnerable people of the UK, that are living in hardship, food banks and bullied to the end of life, by the (bullies) Government staff, without mention the ATOS programs costing billions to the state, while the money can be used to train the jobless and avoid the murders, but direct in the drain" ..

etc ..

The matter do not reflect to me only, but the rest of the UK country, poor, unemployed, disabled, vulnerable and unable to gain education, work, prospectus, or better standards of life as the Government staff stands as a wall for the rest of us unable to reach services in the community. The matter is so bad that I had to put myself in the front seat like Rosa Parks in America and with respect to all the people affected, but to go with the country in order to highly the matter to the people on the top and responsible of the matters, without using anything or take advantage direct to me, as I am without a job for the same reason/s, but studying law to help the citizens, to help themselves. "I need this matter properly investigate by the law of 10,600 + victims of Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, Iain Duncan Smith, ATOS and DWP staff as crimes against humanity, by the correspondent peoples. The man in question: George Iain Duncan Smith, Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, he is either to sit in a court of law to contest the crimes (10,600) and lose his own job as a result of the abuse of power and profession to the state, or both ways as one"-The result of lives lost in extreme measure and very irresponsible government new system, without thinking in the community needs first. When the matter of changes by the UK government never affected the state in any way, form or shape before the white paper (, but today catastrophic indeed, without mention the disabled badly affected own supplement, exposed in public and hijacked own benefits and expect to live on fresh air (, bedroom tax stalked, university fee's abused to young people, pensions blackmailed and of course the murders (10,600) without a simple set of reasons, that stands as crimes against humanity, but Not to Duncan Smith? The matter is not just by me to speak OPEN of the abuse against the community, but the rest of the UK peoples speak open of the same true and sad reality of bullying ( at work within government departments or elsewhere, that in law is not recognized: bullying, family/neighbors problems. I, Myself, suffer badly the intolerance of bullying at work and at home by the group of bullies (ex/husband and his sister/social worker, disabled  or equality officers at Trafford council, job/center plus neighbor house #11, etc), not the jobs that I was doing (caring to old people or WHS Post Office), but the wave of problems that the bullies bring to your own life. "I lost all my jobs by the tales, lies and defamation of those that represent the country (professional misconduct) and abuse the law in great measure, but the bully do not respect if the person is disabled, able, white or blue"-When bullies are around affect anybody, anywhere and anyhow, but where is the law to tackle bullying at work, or elsewhere in society, as I am taking those people and jobs to Employment Tribunal. "I was left in tears by those bullies that represent the law (trafford council staff/equality, neighbor #11/job-center plus staff, etc.), also family problems of the ex/husband and his sister/social worker, that deals with help of trafford council staff, or those in charge of employment (WHS Post Office manager) and so many times reduced to nothing and by nothing, but just to inflict pain"- Where the abuse is beyond words, but no law to tackle the matter: Bullying"-Tories Should Not Be So Defensive About Tax Cuts For The Rich, Warns Top Tory, Brady, but the same should be for the poor in equality (, where I already spoke about this man and his policies and with respect, but they shows respect to us ( abuse of power and profession of bullying, by those that represent the law, where the Rule of the Law said: nobody is above the law and if The Queen Elizabeth II, never abused the law, why the rest does it and in which grounds in law?-George Iain Duncan Smith, Secretary of State for Work and Pensions and his own government bodies/staff (DWP), also ATOS Healthcare exams that are at the present time terrorizing the UK citizens and own benefit claims and many dismissed to tears or nothing (killed) by the Bullies of those jobs can not stand in public any longer, or continue to carry on holding the trust of the state, also illegal even in law, that my Lord is my witness, Rosario Castellanos de Parker. 
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