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Stephen Seddon has been found guilty of murder and attempt murder own parents, with 40 years in prison ..

Stephen Seddon own words: "I loved my Mother and Father - I'd never hurt them." ..

Chicago - We Both Reached For the Gun  ..

My blog do not mean to be in any form, shape or way in/respectful towards Stephen Seddon Parents (RIP), but intents to do advocacy to Mr Seddon case, also to show the public in general, how easy the law can be manipulate nowadays, particularly when dealt in the wrong corrupt hands (££££). http://goo.gl/sVjA3N Stephen Seddon has been found guilty of killing his own parents, by a jury at Manchester Crown Court, may in a bid to speed inheritance (£230,000). http://goo.gl/gpE9g2 I have not seeing the police, court, video, photos, paperwork, documents, or even file for the relevant case of Stephen Seddon and I do not need to see any paperwork, but anyone comes with rights to be educate, or to gain access to the law in any form, shape, or even books. http://www.ucu.org.uk/7006 The matter has been set up by the National Offender Management Service (http://www.justice.gov.uk/about/noms), an Executive Agency of the Ministry of Justice that ensure best value for money from public resources (http://goo.gl/4kqY3T), that acts from NOMS commissioning, up to restorative Justice and may brings offenders and victims together. Where in the case of Mr Seddon parents perished, the case maybe close for ever, with no parole, case, justice, or even help. The matter affects into the sad reality of enormous amount of employment staff used by government, those people that acts as walls to the society in general, including offenders (http://goo.gl/8bgDFO) and in order to gain services to the community, or even proper justice in law, because they are safeguarding own jobs to pay the mortgage, get a decent life with profession (university), reputation, remuneration, but all at the expenses of using our society and vulnerable people, or even prisoners as cash machines. 

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The professional standards in the United Kingdom system impossible to spot the basic needs of the most vulnerable people of our society maybe, due to ignorance of the real facts, or unable to gain access to files, etc, but in law they should be accounted by any bad practice, because staff need to do own job properly, as the law request. Where we question legally: under the section 63(3) of the Constitutional Reform Act 2005, to select people for appointment who are of "good character", even at work with anyone that represents the system and reasons why we said not to gagging law,  that jeopardize the freedoms of the community. http://goo.gl/cOuIHF My advocacy to help Mr Seddon into find a better kind of law, based on my own experience, as I was conned in the past by the family problems of the ex/husband and his own sister/social worker, in order to demonstrate part of his innocence, that in my point of view was more of social collaborate stuff (family problems) like mine in order for the cousin to receive the benefit of the will: "His sister's death left Stephen Seddon the sole beneficiary of their will, but it is now expected that he will not receive a penny, and that the executor’s role will revert to one of his cousins" http://goo.gl/gpE9g2 I lost unborn children and brother, also me and my children's bullied and sister detained under the mental health act, and I lost even the Area where I live by the amount of tales, lies and defamation against my persona, by the same hate propaganda of the ex/husband and his family. (http://goo.gl/PQzXbz). The criminal activity against me and mine was helped by the system in which the ex/husband and his sister social worker works and group of friends (pals) some even relate to me, that were used or abused and purchased with favors, jobs, grants and cash of council (social services/social workers), neighbor (house #11), neighborhood (house #11), job/center plus (house #11), government staff and always the same groups of criminal activity of the area, place and council relate, because alone the ex/husband and his own sister/social worker in a million years, impossible!-The matter make me to study law to hit them back in the same way, books and knowledge, but removing the corruption, as I do not deal into those worlds of "confidentiality (corruption) acts", but in the open, as it should be instead to hide the cowards (professionals misconduct). I believe strong part of the innocence of this man: Stephen Seddon and may was framed, by several small accounts, including the photo of himself and his parents months before the murder. As you can see the photo by yourself and the close-nest of the trio in order to lie of the reputation of the son. The parents of Seddon both look very relax in the presence of his own son, where Stephen Seddon is sitting between both parents as the photo explains, to even imply any false accusations regarding the jobless man. At the present financial times in the UK, where people lost own jobs may double than 5 years ago, by the government own failure to target the aim, rather than our own faults in gain a decent lasting job and nothing changed since last year of the fatal murder of Seddon Parents (RIP), where even business on the roads are closing. http://goo.gl/gHAPoi The matter reflects as Peter Wright QC, prosecuting, told court that Mr Seddon had a "considerable motive to kill" his parents. He told the court: "At the time of these murders he had money problems and what you may conclude was an insatiable thirst for cash. He was the sole beneficiary of their wills, but in order to inherit he needed them both dead"- http://goo.gl/4czVCa The murder of Stephen Seddon parents was not money relate issues, as Mr Seddon could have any cash wanted by own parents, the house and £40,000 is only an example, but we do not know how much more was lend to him by his own parents previously, also the matter itself is not plausible in law, furthermore to insinuate the cause of murder: "When the real criminal is on the road, Stephen Seddon is behind bars for a crime that may, he never committed"-The court heard that Mr Seddon ran a business securing grants for firms with a £5m turnover, but was jailed in 2000 for fraudulent trading. http://goo.gl/z9VF7M The business ventures and fraud of that matter alone was on another matter, time, year, or situation, but separate from Seddon Parents own murder (2013), as this happened in the year 2000. Unfortunately business is a gamble venture that nobody can predict how it will come the matter, when murder is a matter that do not need to gamble, but happens. Now burglary, handling, theft and deception of Mr Seddon past lives comes with different law to apply, as: "One murders and another's Con's"-Stephen Seddon is portrayed, "ungrateful son" and his own parents subjected to a "terrifying, life-threatening experience" is unquestionable in law, because: "The court heard that in the six months leading up to their deaths Seddon’s parents had bought their unemployed son a £90,000 family home in Seaham, County Durham, and had given him almost £40,000 in cash"-If that was the case of Seddon to have a motive to kill own parents never would be money, may by other issues, as Seddon do not need to kill for money, as own parents were happy to help Seddon financially. Where my own parents did to me and to all 11 children's in total, equal manner and at the same time, before I emigrate to the UK, so this is more like envy by those that do not believe "parents helps own children financially", irrelevant in law. Greater Manchester Police said: “At the time of the incident, there was no evidence or witnesses to suggest that Seddon had attempted to take the lives of his parents" and classed as road traffic accident, good points to help Stephen Seddon case. http://goo.gl/qkSDxM Peter Wright QC suggest that Mr Seddon had called his parents on the morning of the murder to check they would be in and whether or not their grandson Daniel. Mr Wright said that the third cartridge was there in case "something didn’t go to plan", in which Mr Seddon replied: “That’s a sick thing to say"-I agree totally with Stephen Seddon, as nothing is relate to him, because he has not motives to kill own parents and money was not an issue, as explain before. http://goo.gl/eMZqfn The trial of a man accused of shooting dead his parents heard that the day before the ‘double-murder’ his dad told his GP he feared his son had tried to kill him. http://goo.gl/DLDa9o "Basically this is what makes me to write on behalf of Mr Seddon aid, because a Nurse, G.P. or Doctor in any field relate is not allowed to disclose information of own patient without the patient own permission, consent and knowledge and may lose own licence immediately by the abuse of power and profession, not even with a court order"- As the man in question (Mr Seddon dad) is death and unable to grant the permission to disclose anything to the courts as the GP said so, even by a court order, illegal the procedure in law and abuse of own principles, power and profession, by the judges, solicitors, barristers, doctors, g.p's, nurses, social workers, social services, or even court staff. The matter is made with all my respects to Mr and Mrs Seddon, who are the parents (RIP) of Stephen Seddon, but the GP disclosure is corruption in law and way out of order, legally. Where we do not question the in-legitimate of the case, but the corruption in law of the professionals (misconduct), including Judges that should set examples and standards in law. The matter happens to me when divorcing from the ex/husband and his own sister/social worker was trying to gain a "mental capacity 2005" for me in order to silence my persona, because of the "family problems" and criminal activity of both of them in the past, but in law illegal the procedure, by any social worker to operate that way (mental capacity), or lose licence immediately, but still working for the NHS (?). So the clever girl social worker/sister of the ex/husband used the ex/husband and mine solicitor and barrister paid by the legal aid system not themselves but the tax payer, in order to use/frame me and all of them together, even involve GP's/Medical fields to help and collaborate even further own malice, including Judges that make the orders: "Where all of them should know better as professionals"-The matter works always the same (corrupt) way:"Using others to do own dirty jobs, even children's and old people" get involve, as the law is powerless and mount a circus performance helped by the council and government staff if all of them are your friends, as this was the case of the ex/husband and his own sister/social worker, that studied the career to hurt me and mine badly. Where the ex/husband sister social worker own parents done the research and typed own work, and she gained own degree, but the crisis we live nowadays is all thanks to professionals (misconduct) abuse of power and profession, not by the most vulnerable people of our society. When the Law was not made to accommodate lies, deception, corruption, tales, defamation, but a probe of the real facts, not tales in order to close the case fast and put victims (Stephen Seddon ) in the wrong place and even the words of the GP (with respect) cannot be taken into account, as the man in question legally is death-un/questionable in law (Stephen Seddon own dad), totally corrupt the case, against Stephen Seddon, but the criminal still free. The matter of criminal activity by the same professionals misconduct affect not just us society in general, but the services badly affected (I am unemployed) with closures by the inability to control the spiral level of abuse by the UK Ministers. Where the same family problems of our society affects even family pets: killed, abused or murder as the ex-husband mother run an add on the messenger newspaper (thanks) for our cat years ago (Taby). As I was unaware of the "family problems" on that time, but barraged by financial problems, years after years, with loans, debt and financial spiral of money problems, even today, now, with our cat got cancer?-  http://youtu.be/JYJsUrkpkio  Where the UK got not laws for family problems, except orders, that are used for solicitors and not society, in order to remove bullying within our community (Decreto numero 198.-Ley para prevencion y erradicaciòn de violencia familiar del Estado de Mexico).  http://goo.gl/YzCiC9 Where the rule of the law (http://www.un.org/en/ruleoflaw/index.shtml), said nobody is above the law and if the Queen Elizabeth II never got any advantage in the matter, neither the rest, not even the Magna Carta. http://goo.gl/Qrgaig Coronation Street actor in court http://goo.gl/vCM84u Where it was me who done the FREE advocacy twice using my blog, as I am learning the law and he was release as not probe in the criminal matter, but "Three Raymond Buildings" got the pay cheque. http://goo.gl/Ks0gBO As if "Three Raymond Buildings" were so poor to need the steal of the HARD work of another people and pretend is them who did the work and like them the rest, that removes all that is me and mine?-Now with this matter in law, I probe that the ex-husband and his own "family problems (social worker)" follows all that is mine and remove my own hard work with slander, tales, lies and defamation, in order to give my work to someones else, as lack of education maybe, but gain favors in exchange (cashing). In law the matter is CHEATING and STEALING the hard work of unemployed people like myself and hard of hearing individual (racism, disability discrimination, etc.), but unable to gain access to the services in the UK and the citizens stealing all that is mine with hate propaganda, incredible the level of corruption!?-I am highlighting the matters as the Queen Elizabeth II has the rights to know good and bad matters of her own country system and staff, but I get no access to protection in law?-The Law cannot be purchase, corrupt, mislead, hide (confidentiality acts), lie, steal, defamed, twist, neglect, abuse, violate, not even the Rule of the Law, Magna Carta, UK Constitution, Human Rights Acts, International law, European Law, Mexican Constitution and so be it in law, Rosario Castellanos de Parker.

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Everything is done with respect to the UK from me, but the community got respect to us, unemployed, disabled, or the most vulnerable people of the UK, nope!?