Sunday, 13 April 2014

Mickey Rooney: The Hollywood Legend Actor died on the 6th of March 2014 (23/9/1920), RIP ..

I remember times, when family share, joke and laughed each other thoughts, 
today is a matter of winning points, hate and sell your own family 
for cash, fortune, gold and opportunities, 
Rosario Castellanos de Parker.

André Rieu - La Paloma (Live in Mexico) 

After reading the life of Mickey Rooney today, he gave me strength, power and somehow the tolls that I need to write on behalf of victims of violence, me one of them. On my point of view based on my own experience, the actor Mickey Rooney spent more than nine decades doing full time live shows and with respect. As we both comes with the same kind of problems, environment, boat and wave-land from the sea, but his own approach to life was very simple: "Let's put on a show!"- My approach to life comes total opposite as Mickey Rooney: "Let's to put the bleeding family problems in a court of law, to contest any kind of abuse"-We are living in times nowadays, where those matters ("family and neighbourhood problems, abuse of power and profession, domestic abuse and violence, racism, nazism, fascism, intolerance, false rumors, hate propaganda, racial and disability discrimination") are deal in the open and with full shows (thanks God!). To probe the matter, Mickey Rooney was nominate for special juvenile Academy Award (Oscar) in 1938 and won Bronze Star for Parade reported during WWII. After more than 300 films Mickey Rooney was the subject of four times Oscar nominations, also TV programs (1954-2009) earned the star two Golden Globe Awards and one Emmy. Mickey Rooney was extremely lucky to work with Elizabeth Taylor, Judy Garland and Aundrey Hepburn just to mention a few. The pint-sized Hollywood legend Mickey Rooney comes with 8 failed marriages in which one of them was movie star Ava Gardner and the father of 12 living children. Mickey Rooney cause of own death (choked on food is no released to the public yet, but he was 93 years of age when passed away (RIP). What makes me angry to the most is the full fact that Mickey Rooney was a "Movie Star" in every sense of the word ( and during an era when Hollywood movie stars were the "epitome-apex of grandeur," destroyed just in seconds like: "Pompeii, 79 AD," by the greed, envy and misery of his own family, making shows and performance in full public, with little or no decency of family values like mine. The worse bit was when the body of Mickey Rooney was left unclaimed from days and reach of the United States of America own government, politics or senate, even to consider the long life of achievement from this man to own country, amount of money that generate the humble tax payer, business leads and a wave of cash machine exploited to the end, incredible!!-"Whatever happens to decency in America went to the bin, as well with the case of Mickey Rooney, that generate tri-billions for more than 80 years and multiply by 300 movies or more, plus loads of T.V. programs during that time, without question the revenue, but own government not even a decent funeral?"-The matter happened to Princess Diana of Wales that the UK Government left her own body in France, embroiled in family dispute and after much clamour from us/humbles residents, she was lifted back home and not like Malala Yousafzai in seconds (, but used like Mickey Rooney to generate cash. Princess Diana of Wales acted exactly in the same way as Mickey Rooney and even myself, exposing in public family problems. As the woman in question went live on T.V. and books, me on blogs and the brave actor Mickey Rooney filed elder abuse and fraud charges against his own family (stepson Christopher Aber and Aber's wife) in 2011. Mickey Rooney own domestic abuse and violence prompted to testify, before the senate committee, with the hope to consider legislation (like me) and stop elder abuse: "Emotional Blackmail"- "In which after Princess Diana of Wales (Dodi Fayed, the Driver), Mickey Rooney, my unborn children and brother passed away (RIP), but nothing came out of the matter, not even simple law to deter violence in family environment"-We are sick to make shows in public due to lack of proper laws that govern the world, including the community and with full respect in Memory: "Princess Diana, Dodi Fayed, the Driver, Mickey Rooney, my unborn children and brother"-Unfortunately family or neighbours problems, abuse of power and profession, domestic abuse and violence, racism, nazism, fascism, intolerance, false rumours, hate propaganda, racial and disability discrimination, expand to incredible amount of time consuming, if laws were properly imposed and not regulate by third world bullies, that blocks the law to be accessible to all in equal manner and belongs to the same (Bullies): "Family problems" ..

1- Natalie Wood, "Natalia Nikolaevna Zacharenko, American Film and television Actress"..

2- Family sells own children: EXPOSING Violent World of Muslim-Islam Women/Girls and from a tender Age of 1 Year Old!! ..

3- On August 24, 2012, only six weeks after Kile died, Tameka Foster ex-husband Usher was awarded Primary custody of their two sons (?).

4-Domestic Abuse or Bullying: Mental, Verbal and Physical is not recognized in the UK, but more People are dying from this Silent Killer in our Society and get away with Murder, like Lady Diana (RIP).

5-La Infanta Cristina de Borbón y Grecia esta imputada y pasò por la puerta del Juzgado de Palma de Mallorca, España ..  

6- Bush Family: La tragedia del Pemex se viò hasta en la Torre Latinoamericana.

However, today for the first time ever, I feel totally relieved of this burden (family or neighbors problems, abuse of power and profession, domestic abuse and violence, racism, nazism, fascism, intolerance, false rumors, hate propaganda, racial and disability discrimination.) as if some kind of prison doors suddenly open to me and gave me power, strength and freedom to fight for what I believe is right: "Laws to stop family problems, feuds and quarrels"-The same doors that for so many years were closed to me with no kind of parole and emotional blackmail by the ex/husband and his own family, sister, helpers, neighbours and even government staff in which, we are all monitor in the country by them like EAGLES and hunt like DEER'S "Trafford Direct Payments was an excuse in order to control and blame me, also to cash from my reputation, while it was not me who abused old people, but the ex/husband and his sister/social worker, from their own mother ( that was battered, after Bernard passed away. My own mother was passed as if she was a parcel, from sister to sister and I refused the game, because my father left her wealthy, but pushed out from own home (33 poniente) and the same as Mickey Rooney, the family stole all from my mother. Bernard Parker left own wife with everything (Betty Parker) because he told me and may in order to protect his own wife, also on the table sitting was the ex/husband and his own mother, that may do not remember as usual, including that I was part of the will. However, I believe the similarity of both families are mirrors into each other, in order to defame my reputation badly and even legally with tales, in which they were copying each other as you can see the similarities of the ex/husband sister/social worker and members of my family (Corona, Azpiri, Nuñez, Hazz, my mother helper, friends, etc.) in communication. I do not care friendship, but criminal activity in order to defame my persona or anything that is mine, even using the cowards "confidentiality acts" to hide. In which, I removed the ex/husband mother from the Hospital last month (, for whatever excuses they may have, not matter, unless emergency or normal check up, or I will sued the ex-husband and his own sister social worker for whatever it please me as well, because the abuse of elders, as Mickey Rooney said so, such people comes with feelings and they are not toys to manipulate, particularly on that frail state of mind, body and soul, but people with feelings. I do not want my own children to learn such violent attitude towards own parents, but respect. I can easily fill a lawsuit against the family, trafford council, government or the people involve in the matter, trying to frame me with lies, tales and deceit, in order to lose everything and steal all from me after. Including the tales: 5 boys, the river, the kiss (my arse), chinesse woman and a wave of emotional blackmail to cash, in the same way as Princess Diana of Wales and Mickey Rooney?-The destructive force happens to anyone, anyhow, anywhere and not matter: disability, incapacity, illness, colour, religion, creed, believes, age, status, grade, profession, knighthood, royalty, sexual (orientation, stigma,, preference, conflict, or tales.) and etc, but the taxes paid should provide the protection in law to the victims of violence with proper laws and the reason we said no to gagging law. "In fact the matter should be open to debate, even on the House of Lords in England of anything that is human and made of skin and bone"-Now that I know of the family problems and there is more people coming out of the closet like Mickey Rooney and quite popular, famous and without shame of the matter, like I was in the past. I was made to be a problem, because I am their own cash machine of those individuals that eat from the rest and like me, the world lives in the same position, with no laws to deter family problems (neighbour problems, abuse of power and profession, domestic abuse and violence, racism, nazism, fascism, intolerance, false rumours, hate propaganda, racial and disability discrimination), except in my own country Mèxico: Decreto numero 198, ley para prevencion y erradicaciòn de la violencia (extrema) familiar I am not trying to bring my laws to you, but you got no rights to leave us without defence and criminal activity, even from family problems.  This note comes with all my respects to Mickey Rooney himself and may his own family, but I know deep-down that they do not deserve, even the merit, let alone to continue using the actor but themselves to work. I want to mention that all my writing in this blog is real, the truth and up to date, no lies, but the sad reality of our present society, including links to support the matter. My blog is a form of communication with my children to the future and nobody forgets, but remembers. I miss my mother, my parents in general and both of them terrible, but I know that they will be sad if they see me upset. After reading Mickey Rooney and several other peoples in my situation, where my mother was molested by my elders sisters and living brother, but I was to blame in order to hide the matter, mislead and steal, then it was the ex/husband sister/social worker and again, I was blame, lie and frame of my persona using Trafford council direct payments as an excuse, but it was the ex/husband own mother that landed 3 times in hospital, several accidents, fractures, illness and even the worse imaginary matters like cancer to own mother, after Bernard Parker passed away and I was to blame?-I mean to have dental treatment weeks ago and I asked the ex/husband if he knew of anybody that suffer present times with cancer, like his mum and it was a simple question, the next day the dentist was over-used the x-ray machine on me?-When I can easily press charges against the NHS staff  like the ex/husband sister/social worker, for abuse of power and profession to me, her own brother (lost a knee, work, house reposed, etc.), her own mother with a catalogue of abuses as mention before, me (unborn children and brother) and my sister detained under the mental health act, children bullied at school, no wonder the country is full of problems, even with the NHS abuse and neglect?"-  I know deep down that what I did to protect my own mother from the bullying at home when younger was the right thing, but the family will find any excuse to continue the problems and eat from the matter, because all they care is money, never was my own mother, but themselves, including the ex/husband mother. No wonder own children are follow suit and I will hate if my own children copy, when they are full aware of the matter and plastered in this blog and reasons of me to come forwards, Rosario Castellanos de Parker.