Saturday, 1 March 2014

Credit Agency - Debt Collectors and your Consumer Rights: Office of Fair Trading (OFT) .. 

The Police - Every Breath You Take .. 

Britain's biggest consumer debt collectors is to pay backers £100m windfall in lucrative nature of the industry. The problem is not the big amount of money collected or the nature of the Business itself (£100m?), but the bullying direct to the consumers. Where the Financial Conduct Authority will set final rule to regulate consumer credit industry, amid continue criticism about behavior of some debt collection agencies and for my problem is 1&1 website.  Where you can buy the UK Consumer Debt Purchase and Debt Collection: Market Insight.  The UK Office of Fair Trading (OFT) found evidence of misleading and unfair practices ( ) in the businesses’ operations, including: 

1-sending debt collection letters which misrepresented debtors’ legal position
2-misleading and otherwise inappropriate behavior by HFO and Roxburghe agents during phone calls to debtors
3-failing to properly investigate disputed debts
4-failure to respond appropriately to the concerns of regulators, including the OFT.

The problem arise with same matters of operations by the HMRC staff (misleading/unfair practices) but in different field (Child Tax Credit) not regulate by any Office of Fair Trading (OFT) as mean to be of Government nature, but falls as consumers rights (me): "When a firm of debt collectors is seeking to recover money for HMRC, because of wrong Child Tax Credit Problem, but frame. The matter happened to me by the Child Tax Credit staff argument of over payment, when in reality a fault of the staff, as I declare all my children status on time or may not knowing the law properly as I am Mexican born, that even the Judges do not know all the law, but difficult to probe the matter as HMRC staff helps each other. My question is: "How many UK people are/were frame by the same Government staff mistakes/system of over/payments for social security handouts (as they call us), but sent to us the debt collectors or false prison sentences as unable to probe our innocence in a court of law for a matter that is way out of our reach, that even the Judges must be aware of the problem, because we do not get access to the HMRC / DWP: "Government Computer System, but them?- As debt consumer like millions of UK residents, I am badly affected by the bully system, because the matter of debt collectors agency works direct for the government staff and all is controlled by them, but we are: "Frame (pinned in the wall) in many ways, forms or shapes and unable to probe in law or unable to get access to a fair system that works for us like: Office of Fair Trading (OFT), even with Child Tax Credits, as DWP-HMRC staff sent us debt collectors"-The idea of Rule of the Law (where nobody is above the law) is about probe your innocence, but whoever controls the matter fail us (even consumers) badly. When no time to read our documents, skeleton, paperwork, statements in a court of law, so how we probe the matter and in which kind of law, as we cannot be regulate by fresh air?- A system even in law that works with hidden principles ("confidentiality acts"), like Harry Potter and Chambers of Magic as we are not Gods to know of faults, mistakes or crimes, but falsely charged, accused, or abused, even by debt collectors, credit agency or DWP-HMRC (Child Tax Credit) staff, but not consumer rights (Office of Fair Trading) to help us in the matter, so how?-I am about to share a matter that happened to me regulate by "debt collectors", but no consumers rights: Office of Fair Trading and I am left with a bill that do not belong to me, but bullied. "It's not about the £50 pounds wrongly charged, but principles to me!" ..

1&1 Internet letters to me. 

I&1 Debt Collectors (Arvato UK) - Email to me (spammed): 
Dear Ms Parker, Thank you for your email. We are acting on behalf of our client 1&1 Internet in relation to an outstanding balance on an account you have with them.For more information on the account or to arrange payment please contact us on 0870 1258809. Regards. The Collections Team.

Arvato UK 
Block 2, Willerby Business Park
HU10 6FE
United Kingdom
Tel: +44 (0)870 1258809


My response to 1&1 Internet collectors team (arvato): 
Dear "The Collections Team"- I believe strong that the matter would be better to finish and acknowledge in a court hearing/court of law as I do not own anything to the company: 1&1 Internet ( ). I am not obliged to them (1&1 Internet) as the matter was opened and later cancelled using PayPal system, but you want to damaged my reputation (Credit scoring System). Now if 1&1 Internet is not happy the problem is not mine, but the company (1&1 Internet) to accept PayPal system and the matter should be direct to them (1&1 Internet), not to me. In which 1&1 Internet staff was trying to gain access to unauthorized payments from my account and recorder by PayPal: Unauthorized Claim. (Copy of the Resolution Center cases by using PayPal System: 1&1 Internet Ltd PP-002-652-319-809 Unauthorized Claim - £35.93 GBP 10/10/2013 / Case Closed 11/10/2013 View). Now If 1&1 Internet is not happy of my cancellation using PayPal methods, because this was the same method I open the account, but they can not have two ways in law: "ONE when it suit 1&1 Internet of the matters or TWO when pursues 1&1 Internet customers non/stop (me) which in law is illegal procedure, furthermore the blackmails, intolerance, harassment (acts) of sending collections teams (arvato), emails (24/26/28 of February and 1st of march), letters (see them below), with loads of demands which is equal to an "Asbo" in the UK (law), but with consumers rights?- Where the matter is happening to the community not just me, by 1&1 Internet or companies using collections teams when they are full aware of the UK financial crisis and reasons of me to close the website. "Nobody can force me to keep an item or to pay for the matter, when I do not get access to use the good/item, but cancel the product"- Unfortunately, how many people as young as 13 years old affected badly by the credit system, one way or the other, as every client, reason, matters are all different (child tax credit), but the results of bullying the same: damaged/kill/murder. When I opened a resolution center case in PayPal in order to re/coup my money and I explained the reasons of cancellation which was unemployment, then 1&1 Internet accepted the claim and closed by PayPal staff, not me. (Copy of the Resolution Center cases by using PayPal System: 1&1 Internet Ltd PP-002-652-319-809 Unauthorized Claim - £35.93 GBP 10/10/2013 / Case Closed 11/10/2013 View). The mislead - inappropriate behavior by the 1&1 Internet staff or DWP-HMRC (Child Tax Credit)or Debt Collections teams to customers reputations with false pretend is not a professional manner, but bullying. I worked in the Bank and I understand fully well how the financial system and matters operate. I worked at the Post Office (WHS) and I understand the matter of selling services to the community by hundreds of products that may not be websites, but infinite products including insurances, stamps and the rest, so be my guest. I worked as foreign exchange for Thomas Cook at the Manchester Airport and money issues worldwide are not a problem to me. I owned small business by eBay shops, but closed by another war of the "Trademarks - Bullies"-The World Financial Problems lies very much on the hands of BIG Corporations that BULLY small Business and the community itself regulate by them, many times with sick ways, even to re-coup small amount of money like £50 with endless letters/emails?-PayPal closed the case, then 1&1 closed my website soon after, so how I will comply with the 1&1 terms and conditions?!-Where the matter may cost the company 1&1 reputation for an insignificant amount of money that I am wrongly charged (£50), as I cancel the whole matter using PayPal services and recorder on my account so no tricks here, but grasping the community for more cash and illegal in law the whole matter: Unauthorized Claim. I would not recommend this sort of system to anyone: 1&1 Internet. The constant non/stop, harassment, bullying and chasing for a mere £50 pounds for a big company like 1&1 is not going to do any good to them either, let alone to the community, by using debt collections, when 1&1 staff can speak to us/customers direct, but hide with arvato. I am talking about my own experience here on my blog and may the matter change people's perspective in life regarding access to goods, even websites. I would not recommend 1&1 at any time, if you really need to own a web - space then use Google for free and/or which gives you one free year to taste the matter and not to be bullied. ( I did all by the book and by law, check: refund policy by 1&1 Internet ( ) but more than 30 days after and I am still with the same problem and endless letters/emails, but where is the consumer rights (Office of Fair Trading) officer to help us in the matter with 1&1 Internet or  DWP-HMRC (Child Tax Credit), and Debt Collections.  ... Rosario Castellanos de Parker.