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Dentistry Post - Code Lottery: Manchester Dental Hospital ..

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The UK Dental Practitioner role is failing considerable with or without the price tag and many treat customers with little patience (unless private), respect, intolerance, violent outburst, racial intimidation and bullying. Where the matter of abuse of power - profession is not tackled properly can become a mayor problem, in fact a nightmare, as we are living nowadays!-  Today, for the first time in 28 years I was able to hold a dental appointment at the Manchester Dental Hospital which was a temporary treatment, with the condition to see somewhere else another dentist to finish the matter, as I was told by the reception staff, also only -"One Tooth I was allowed?!"-  The dental student was not aware of the conditions by the receptionist staff and by accident she explained to me the whole treatment, before I went to take the x-tray. When called at the x-tray the staff would not spell properly my name or surname and before long the matter, becomes a mayor circus, where with the help of another bully both of them where making a piss of the situation, it left me speechless, by the professional misconduct and I hope the Hospital comes with own videos to recorder the abuse. When I come back to receive the treatment of "One Tooth only" and the rest of the mouth was put on hold even if I was x-tray, as I was told by the dental student.  What is unacceptable by the dental practitioner role is the constant x-trays on me, or loads of antibiotics, but then left me with no treatments afterwards?- "In which it may me to think that the Cancer spread that we live nowadays is not genetic, but the constant xtrays on the NHS or private to customers, but in my case no dental treatments, at all!!"-  Where today, I was told the whole mouth need treatment, but unable to get a dentist in the area?-The constant follow up by the ex/husband "family problems" and his sister/social worker, that I am unable to have any dentist left in the area or receive treatments, with the exception to have the "next of a kind", as we are unable to hold treatments alone. On my opinion the NHS is a complete circus performance, with loads of "emotional blackmail", but unable to hold the "proper treatment on time", and when the person is almost in remission - near to our Lord. The antibiotics or x trays are used/abused and I am not surprise today to see where all the cancer becomes to UK residents by the abuse of power and profession. I want you to know that I have never worked for those places, but so alike one dental surgery to the other, that they are monitor "me" if "shows the pain", because that is the only time "they will treat the person"?!-"A complete abuse of power and profession, within the NHS dental practice or private"-I do not use the NHS often, but the dental treatments as I mention before, becomes a nightmare since years ago, unable to hold to a dental treatment, surgery or anything, but persecuted, followed and until remission, that I am starting thinking that some customers are put as "warnings", because when I enter a dental place the receptionist same to know me very well, almost like al-Capone in America by the level of abuse?- Apart of Manchester Dental Hospital I had been seeing by so many dental surgeries in the area that I have nothing left, except to sue the UK government for failing me badly. There is not reason the professional misconduct except abuse of power and profession, that I had been trying to bring this problem to the attention of the Ombudsman with no luck, as the NHS staff wins the lot as always together and help each other, that do not surprice to me the financial crisis today. I feel as if all the customers of the NHS are somehow exposed to be molest, abuse, bullied or wimp, by the staff. What worry me is the level of abuse with the amount of antibiotics and x trays, that the whole country is full of cancer and a concern the matter of abuse of power/profession, that need to be monitor ASAP.  The matter is very much like a gang culture within the professionals and the misconduct, abuse, negligence in law is stunning indeed, where they lose decency, but breed a money machine for a business. Where the NHS comes with post code lottery of any services, not just dental.   I am surprise to see the "Award Winning Practice", but left me with infection for years, bullying me, including the ex/husband as company and witness, that when I complain the matter is always the same abuse afterwards, or they remove me from the list, when I cannot do my own work, but them?-  Where I believe strong that all my problems started from Andrea Hunt and cashed, but the lack of control to the professional misconduct is way out of question legally and affects us badly, some more than the others, but shows with the crisis: 

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I am talking about my own experiences and I understand that some people keep holding to own dentist for years, as I was with Dr Hunt until the clinic went private (2000 +) and unable to gain treatment for my badly infected crown, but Mr Hunt left me like that for many years to end, with no explanation in the matter for a professional like himself is way out of order and he should be accounted in law. In which I believe strong that all my personal matters where in the wrong hands of bullies to cause criminal activity and violence: the ex/husband (manchester airport) and his "family problems" including his sister / social worker (NHS hospitals), in  conjuntion with some members of my family that should know better and act in a professional manner, but a cowards that hide (corona, azpiri, nuñez, matamoros, rafa, mara, soco, tere, carol, parker, etc.) and start a cruzade of total abuse, because the university education was not good and need to explote own family to cash. "Pretending a family war, vendettas, cosanostra and a wave of lies in order to cash from the tax payer and use/abuse the UK system badly and I was to blame??!!"-Friends of mine where also used, abused and insulted as well in order to bring them to own groups and I was to blame, but I got no friends and them?-As they stole all that is me and mine, as they got nothing at all and whatever they got is stolen from someone else as usual. The "professional misconduct" in the UK or worldwide is way out of question legally, not matter reasons, all of them are full aware of rules and should be account in law. Where we question legally: under the section 63(3) of the Constitutional Reform Act 2005, to select people for appointment who are of "good character", even at work with carol/david parker, together with own professionals helpers from council services, government staff, groups, family problems, partnerships, neighborhoods, friends, vendettas, cosanostra, personal own issues, etc, living in the UK, Mexico, Germany, Canada, Cancun and Worldwide. "Professionals that should know better, in any field or work relate"-The UK cannot continue this barrage of abuse and lack of trust within workforce, not matter where the person works, inrelevant as they sign a contract of knowledge and breaks, when brings professional miscounduct. For the reasons before, I refuse to colaborate of anything to do with the NHS and blame the ex/husband and his sister social worker as to be aware of the UK law since born in this country and all their own envirolment.  I refuse to sign the matter, as all the "dentists and professionals from the NHS left me badly also the family problems", but how many people are actually like me with no teeth, health or killed with unecesarily illness (cancer)?-I had been unable to gain dental treatment for several years, but in terrible pain to no end or mercy for me and even today, so I say no, as the NHS need to clean corruption. Where we question: "fitness for work" in any employment- I am the same way as yourselves, in which I have to learn the law (2012) or perish in the bully hands, in fact, I lost all thanks to the ex/husband and his sister/social worker and their own "family problems", but who signed for my own safety in the past or even dental treatment today, nobody!!-The Queen, Country, Glory and Land lost the NHS services in order to help the "family problems" of the ex/husband and his sister/social worker (NHS) with high level of abuse of power and professional also corruption, cover up and intolerance. So who is to blame here, with professional misconduct, as you are supposed to know better, not me!?-As today at the Manchester Dental Hospital was all planed, where the staff keeps in communications with the ex/husband or his sister/social worker and may the "next of a kind" without my permission, consent or knowledge that interfere in my treatment / matter, as I am not invisible, but a rudest, because I only need treatment, not bullying, strong or dangerous substances that can kill (radiation). When I need dental treatment badly but Manchester Dental Hospital staff acting very irresponsible, when they have plenty practice and literature of knowledge, but little co-mun sense. Where Manchester Dental Hospital staff is full aware of my dental pain and problems, but hurting customers standards (me) with only: "One (fairy) Tooth" or bullying at the x/trays and unable to gain access to this excellent service, but yourselves. In which includes the cover up of so many abuses within the UK system to people like me, as explain before on the links but all hide in "confidentiality acts", as the professionals want more abuse to NHS patients and cover up the mess with the gagging law, so how we protect the community?-I divorce myself from the family problems of the ex/husband, but he deny no knowing anything of the past and for more than 28 years, in which he swore the Bible at the FDR in Manchester Justice Center November 2013 and he done Jury service, horrendous?!!-Where I probe in law of the amount of cancer scares to the ex-husband "Parker Family (David´s Mother, etc)", may not on their own system but use or over/use/abuse of hate propaganda in a form of x-trays or any other form of abuse at work, in which the ex-husband ex-sister social worker works for the NHS, with little respect to any members of the family. The ex/mother had several cancer scares herself in the past and her own brother or family, but we do not the real motives and if caused by the use-over/use of x-trays (hate propaganda), etc. In which, I have to take an x/tray every time I see a dental specialist, but not like the old times, where dentist access people without the use of those strong mayor killers/measures and we do not the rest of the NHS misfortunes. In order to continue abuse of power and profession of the NHS staff that comes from those environment, but not responsibility within their own jobs. Where the NHS staff acts more in vengeful measures to help own colleges or institution, than treatment to the community and the staff should be account in law for the bullying, abuse of power and profession and assault to our persona with extreme hate. As the NHS staff is aware all the time of wrongdoings, plus received loads of education, training and opportunities, so be it in law, Rosario Castellanos de Parker.