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Manuela Sykes which was a Labour Politician member of Westminster City Council in London, who stood for Parliament and suffers Dementia, she was granted the right to be at home for a month trial basis ..

Victoria de los Angeles, "La Paloma" (de Iradier)  .. 

Manuela Sykes which was a Labour Politician member of Westminster City Council in London, who stood for Parliament and suffers Dementia, she was granted "the right to be at home" for a month trial basis. http://goo.gl/a6Cnef In which a few words stood to me on Manuela Sykes case, like: she was "miserable in a care home" and she would want her life to end with a distinguished  and dignify manner with, "bang not a whimper" and  her "wished to be heard", also to have the "last chance to exert a political influence (Thanks!)"-The case was ruled by District Judge Anselm Eldergill and his decision alone was to consider the case of Manuela Sykes labeled by the critics as: "relatively unusual" and very "rare", where Manuela Sykes "wished to be heard" and me (Rosario) very please (*-*) for this mega - stone step. The case was set for a month trial basis (?) and I wish to be permanent as Manuela Sykes has everything in her own home including council, agencies staff and may family members to check on the Lady, also the Judges in question (with respect) need to be just one month living in a care home (primordial) to see, feel and experience life on those Hitler Regiments places. I was a career for many years looking after old people in the area of Trafford. I worked for the Council (Trafford) direct payments scheme, also different agencies in the area, or private when the Old Ladies (with respect) wanted me only, as own main career. All my jobs were abruptly removed from the Council (Trafford) staff (direct payments) by their own jealously, that invented hundreds of lies of me, in which I lost all my jobs and even the area where I live of Trafford. http://goo.gl/PQzXbz Everything was done in a way to "frame me," because this is the only way Trafford Council staff works. Trafford Council staff  never bring claims to the courts to probe anything, but sent a wave of hate to anyone (me), in which the matter is a crime, but where is the law nowadays?!-Trafford council staff lacks of education, because those jobs are gained of "who is your friend" more than ability to probe, then do not complain of the crisis. Where today, I have not references to apply for a job for the level of abuse, so no point to apply for anything and every claim to the UK Courts are removed, so how I probe the matter in law, also gain compensation for the level of abuse of power and profession, where today I lost all!!-Soon after, I went to work for the WHS Post Office and the professionals done exactly the same to me, they "bring a wave of hate propaganda", without realizing of any "family problems" and tales of the ex/husband and his "vendettas, cosa-nostra, etc" sister of him, which is a social worker, that started (1985-2014) the hate in the UK against me (and still on?). So as you can see: I was basically "sleeping with the enemy" and I divorce him and all his lies and helpers. Where even my own mother was abused by my elders sisters, so I do understand the matter fully well:

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I spend a few years crying non-stop trying to understand the matter, as I lost unborn children and a dear brother to me that words cannot describe the pain in a wave of avalanche from hate propaganda of the ex/husband and his "family problems"- http://goo.gl/i1sZL In which the problem: I was with attachment and labelled for the last 28 years due to lies, defamation and false accusations of the ex/husband sister/social worker (5 boys, the river, etc) and her own groups of inciters called "family problems" also the reason of my divorce, as I am not going to fall for own tales. When I understood better that the real problem was not me, but them and own imagination in order to cash (££$$), then I decide to hit them back in the same way, which is now to probe my innocence. I spend for a year learning the UK law private alone at home to hit them back in a dignify manner like Manuela Sykes with a, "bang not a whimper" and my "wishes (of my unborn children-brother) to be heard" also to have "my chance to exert political influence in law", because the law cannot be purchase, corrupt, hide or violate!-I armed myself with the help of second hand books, as "family problems" removed my own education "Bachelors of Laws (modules)" from the Open University (OU) as well, not just my NVQ'S from Skills Solutions. The reasons of the Open University staff of removals of my education (Altrincham) was of Trafford area and council own rules, regulations and directed and manipulate by their own staff (social services "direct payments", education dept, equality officer / Gaynor Burton, neighbour house # 11, which is the friend of the ex/husband and his sister/social worker, etc).

The level of abuse from professionals standards need to be monitor, today, more than ever for our own sanity of the community in general, as they are trying to bring the "gagging law" in order to silence more the professional misconduct.  http://www.stopthegaggingbill.com/ The confidentiality acts are not good anymore, because we all know the secret/s that hide in chambers of the "Harry Potter", but accuse careers of own lies and without a court hearing to clean our good names (me).  http://goo.gl/t93NwD The continuance to carry on manipulate the UK system that way by the professionals, that we said no way, because our community comes first any time!!-Where we question legally: under the section 63(3) of the Constitutional Reform Act 2005, to select people for appointment who are of "good character"-At work, any work with the ex/husband (Manchester airport) and helpers, also his sister carol parker/social worker for the NHS (scandals) Hospitals. http://goo.gl/J4xZmX The matter is of a great concern to me and mine, where I put my hands on my heart as I was not aware of any family problems and the reasons of divorce as I explain before, but the continuance of the lady in question: Betty Parker. Where I need to come to the public for help, as I am a nobody, but the community badly affected and the gagging law round the corner, so how we operate here?- http://goo.gl/zar8yl This is not a vengeful matter as I do not need to take this way but the courts regarding the ex/husband and his sister social worker (carol parker) towards anything relate to me (past/present), but more like monitor the community. In which the lady in question as own mother (Betty Parker) has several falls leaving carol's (social worker) own dog to do the matters when the lady is fragile (that's what they told me) and cannot control the animal, also she suffered several health scares, stuffed with medications, tablets and only God's know what more, she has been placed in/out of the Hospitals (Stepping Hill Stockport), as far as I remember, even against her own wishes. I believe strong in a neutral position and in full public display that the matter is a way out of order in law, for her daughter (carol parker) to manipulate her own mother (Betty Parker) environment, with full control, as if we were in the WWII and the matter started soon after Bernard Parker (RIP) passed away?!- http://goo.gl/hCjpLp "I am not trying to win back the ex/husband as divorce mean that, full divorce from me, but probe in law of the community own needs and stop the gagging law. So as you can see you removed the wrong person own qualifications and left the country run wild, full of hate and arrived a wave of "family problems"-How we save the community that way, plus the bleeding gagging law, so when?!!-I have not another option that to place the Lady (Betty Parker) in question in a "Protection Laws" from me to her, as to be her own guardian plus her own grandchildren that are helping in the matter. As the lady in question: Betty Parker do not want hospital or care home, she got her own home, thanks anyway!!!-"Where the words NO, means no in any language, form or shape and Betty Parker wishes to stay at home are respected in any law, or I will make sure of that matter myself"-I am position myself from outside, where I am using this way as form of communication and not hide, because I do not want to interfere in Betty Parker own life, but does as she wishes to proceeds. "I believe the lady in question: Betty Parker is capable to run her own life as it please her, but with the aid of Stockpot council and agency staff, that runs 24 hours care plan, plus the aid of an ambulance whenever she need transport, or facilities of the area, also days out, meals plan and control of medications, etc"-Where Betty Parker own children does a visiting times anytime, but do not bring their own "family problems" to her anymore, but act in a mature way, or even to interfere in her own life direct with careers, council, care plan, etc. I want to place a barrier very much the same as, where doctors, gp's, or any medical fields do not care of own family health direct, but belongs to another medical professional to avoid the unfortunately life of Betty Parker, after her husband passed away, with her daughter carol parker/social worker and her son (david). I want to guarantee you that the lady in question: Betty Parker state of mind is excellent, but the matter is more to do with stress from own children (bullying) and the reasons why I am placing myself as "protection in law" to the community, because we cannot carry on with the abuse of power/profession. Where I am full aware of the ex/husband sister/social worker feelings towards me and mine (children), or even her own mother/brother. I will not be intimidate by carol parker bullying, but using the law to protect all that is mine, even the International law. As she is not going to lie the law to me or me to her, but use "respect" within our environment. As Manuela Sykes described her care home and lack of possibilities on that place, but she wants to leave a legacy within the community with distinguished and dignify manner including as:"bang not a whimper"-In the same way, I am using those words to social workers (carol parker) or health professionals, as the ex/husband mother environment and her own: "wishes are going to be heard"-Where we are placing a barrier of non intimidation, let alone to own mother/family, not matter who is the professional. I want to bring the matter to the attention of "Stockport Council Services", that regulates own people that lives within the area of Stockport. http://goo.gl/vRSG4a I am using Stockport council own constitution, code of practice / conduct, duty of care, bachelors of laws for public concern and safety, including and non extent the welfare of the ex/husband mother: Betty Parker. http://goo.gl/dVlhZs Where professional misconduct fails or not any standards or regulations, but we need to make sure the safety of Stockport residents, like Betty Parker. http://goo.gl/AMna8M  As the lady in question: Betty Parker had several falls in the past soon after her husband passed away and the dog (oscar) was to blame, also health scares, hospital operations or visits, etc, but the dog was not blamed (strange!). Where we question: fitness to practice regulations as well, including her own daughter/social worker/carol parker, as Bernard Parker did not survived in the emergency room (RIP) as I was told, the ex/husband had knee operation that failed twice (trafford general hospital) and lost his job soon afterwards?- http://goo.gl/KR3C74  


Where the community is living with fear of, "Professionals that should know better, in any field or work relate", many of those people are relate to us fortunately or unfortunately. As the ex/husband and his sister social worker for the NHS Hospitals and then how in the name of God you tackle: "family problems" in countries (Europe/England, etc) with not laws but gagging law, except in Mexico my country of Birth with: "Decreto numero 198, Ley para la prevencion y erradicaciòn de la violencia familiar" or better to know in the UK as "family problems"- http://goo.gl/YzCiC9 I have no rights to bring my Mexican laws to you, but to protect me and mine, as there is zero, nil, none in the UK for me. The Injunctions orders are only that "simple orders" used mainly by solicitors/barristers as own jobs, but non/accessible to the community (me) and because of that, the criminal activity is not tackled (monitor) properly and causing abuse (confusion) within the community. The matter open the doors to professional misconduct (ex/husband/Manchester airport staff and his sister/social worker/NHS Hospital) and it shows with the crisis. In which our problems (mine) are not relate to any restaurant menus where we place an order for food (injunction orders), but we are hoping to gain Justice in Law. Particularly when I lost unborn children and a brother, but demand laws, real laws, accessible to the community, not only to solicitors, judges, courts, social workers, council staff, etc, as many people got no cash to use them (me). "Where the Judges ask me what to order and when I am telling him/her what I want or what I need, then they said: no possible?!-I am not asking the jewels of the Queen, except laws to gain Justice?"-"We are not living in a community that divide our peoples, but together in a responsible environment, where professional misconduct is tackled on the spot, not mañana"-Where professionals misconduct mean every single words in law and the cowards that use/abuse the law and hide with "confidentiality acts (ex/sister/social worker)" in the chambers of Harry Potter and the community (me) do not have a magic ball, clue or any kind of knowledge of the matter, but charged - falsely accused - enforced with a wave of abuse of power/profession that way, then how we defend ourselves and the community, plus gagging law on the way?-I do not care how ridiculous it looks for a XXI century person like myself, but I feel, that I am doing the right thing as my blog express on every single one of my notes. Where I am using the United Kingdom Constitution, Human Rights Acts, International Law, or even Manuela Sykes own words, so I am not the only one to request laws, any laws that work for the community, not against. I sworn the Bible when I become UK Citizen and I intent to mean every single words that protects: The Queen Elizabeth II and Her own Peoples with this matter on mind, I studied the Bachelors of Laws to take care of myself and the community worldwide and become a lawyer of respect, plus I belong to a law society that regulates. In Law, I do not need anything else as the Open University staff in Altrincham removed my education with no validity, because I received everything that I need on time (university fee's, computer, hearing equipment, etc), but soon after my modules were removed by the Open University staff, when they are not teachers, but advise. The fault was not mine, but yours (OU) that acted negligent and against the community, UK constitution/laws/acts, international law or even human rights acts with racial discrimination. http://goo.gl/cP8hk6 The Open University (OU) exams do not worry me, as I failed the exams for the job at the Post Office / WHS, in which I notify the manager of the corruption, when the papers were altered/ignored by the examiner, but worker for a year and a half on that place, also my children places in Trafford were given to another areas as own Trafford regulations with the eleven plus and preferences, but the corruption and racial discrimination in any way, form or shape is way out of question legally. http://goo.gl/LpjyAF As my own God guide me in Law and the racial discrimination that govern us all in the community, because the law itself can not be purchased, silence, hide, corrupt or violate, but accessible to all in equality and transparency. http://goo.gl/af7vud I am not going to be pushed out by Hitlers or Dictators as we are not in war times, but living in a peaceful world, particularly in the UK. http://goo.gl/Qwp1F I have the rights to be taken seriously in a professional manner with full respect, including all my work and so be it in law, Rosario Castellanos de Parker.

The law is to protect the community full stop! .. http://goo.gl/XRW6yt