Sunday, 2 March 2014

The Death of two stunning girls with similarities of the case that their own lives were cut short: HRH Princess Diana of Wales and Reeva Steenkamp (RIP) ..

Al Bano Carrisi " Caruso "  ..

The accidents of our future Queen of England, HRH Princess Diana of Wales by Her two Sons: Prince William and Prince Harry, that lies with similarity to Reeva Steenkamp (RIP) and you may think what love has to do with accidents that kills, murder, exterminate, hunt, or bully innocent people, innocent girls, innocent woman full of life, innocent members of our community and innocent children that were left behind. Particularly a tender age, where Prince William and Prince Harry were vulnerable and they could not defend their own mother, except to witness the slaughter like trophy to the bullies and in full public display, that I will not be intimidate by the media and I request Justice in Law.  I lost unborn children and a brother, with the ex-husband family problems, so I understand what pain is like and remove all that is yours by greed: "envy"  The Family Problems solves with laws but the UK lacks of those essential requirements in today's society where our own family or those next to us cause pain to our own environment, but the law is available in Mexico Where Princess Diana of Wales had to pay for whatever the mother's bully did to him, but we need to understand that, The Queen Elizabeth II was a Queen not a merely normal Mother and She herself comes with responsibility to Her own Royal Family also Duty of Care to the State, including the Commonwealth of Nations. So nobody has any rights to comment slightly into the Lady's reputation, but all the goodness The Queen Elizabeth II did to own Country, People, Land and Glory and may Prince Charles to seek help elsewhere to relate with those issues in a positive way, not twisting things to own advantage to win points or invisible Loves that do not exist, but a replacement of a Mother with Camilla. The Word LOVE was Prince Charles with Lady Di, as He was besotted with Her, otherwise He will never hurt the woman, when she went out with Dodi Fayed, but Lady Diana Spencer was divorce?-Prince Charles need to understand that He was born into "Duty", not "Privileges" in which his uncle Edward VIII abdicate for the love of another woman, but what Princess Diana of Wales has to do with the abuse itself, as she comes from broken families?-The matter is no excuse in law to kill our future Queen of England, HRH Princess Diana of Wales, by her two sons, with the excuse of an accident, but more like murder with intent. The difference into each others case was that HRH Princess Diana of Wales knew of Prince Charles's other "love" since the beginning and She was aware of the intentions against her by Prince Charles, as if She was "Sleeping with the enemy" in the same way as me with the ex/husband, but Reeva Steenkamp knew of Oscar Pistorius "love and intentions" just minutes "before" the murder took place, where she could not do anything at all, except scream for help!!-  Reeva Steenkamp knew of Oscar Pistorius own brother accident and she was a solicitor herself and may influence the matter, or maybe she knew too much. I already wrote about the case of Reeva Steenkamp and I am standing by every single word and nothing changes in the matter, but Oscar Pistorius stands as free man on rule of the law, the same as Prince Charles/Camilla!?-


In which before HRH Diana, Princess of Wales passed away she wrote: "My husband is planning "an accident"  .. to make the path clear for him to marry" (and was not the true?)  In law using HRH Princess Diana of Wales own previous words, we clear the path of blame direct to "Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh" for the accident of Lady Di, Dodi Al Fayed and the Driver in Paris, in which this man was married and still married to The Queen Elizabeth II, not Princess Diana of Wales at any time, but mislead in order to cover the real criminal excuse, person, murder, ultimatum (Camilla to Prince Charles) and bullying in a form of paparazzi. Where we can see the attitude of "Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh" to his own wife to last eternal years, that no man has ever done that extra mile before, and the Lady in question which is our Queen, Elizabeth IIalive, happy, content and living in full harmony, love, respect and tolerance into each other, as it should be, that removes any ideas into those two people, but respect. Where Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh and The Queen Elizabeth II knows full well where the Duty to own Nations lays, including the Commonwealth of Nations and the UK. So we say No in a million years those false theories, test, practice, or ideas, but slander, lies and defamation direct to The Queen and her husband and the reason why: we say no to gagging laws, to protect the community. Where we live in a mature world that if we do all that hunting, hate propaganda, molestation, incitement and corruption to innocent members of our community including: HRH Princess Diana of Wales and in a form of bullying by Prince Charles and Camilla, then to have the strength later to face the responsibility in law, including Oscar Pistorius to Reeva Steenkamp, because there is not one law for you and another different law for someone else, but the same rule of the law apply. In which the rule of the law said that nobody is above the law, not even Prince Charles/Camilla in the UK or Oscar Pistorius in South Africa, not matter how much corruption to cover the murder, because the path is there for all of us citizens of the world to see with clarity the real intentions and criminal activity. On the day of the accident Dodi Al Fayed had been sitting in the left rear passenger seat, also the Driver/Henri Paul and both of them died instantaneous (RIP), as we were told. However, Rees-Jones was conscious at the accident suffered multiple injuries, where the front occupant's airbags functioned normally, but none of the occupants were wearing seat belts and magically this man (Rees-Jones) survived the wrecked car and the 3 D's did not (Diana, Dodi and Driver), incredible!-We are unable to understand Why: HRH Princess Diana of Wales did not survived the accident, as she was positioned on the same side of the car as Rees-Jones and She went to the hospital in a slow motion and not airlifted in seconds like Malala Yousafzai, by the UK government in which Tony Blair was our Prime Minister?- "Where 3 people: "HRH Princess Diana, Dodi Fayed and driver Henri Paul tragically lost their lives in the accident, and one (only one) which is the bodyguard Trevor Rees-Jones seriously injured, but enjoys life to the full and finally remembers?- Where I personally think that the person involve in the matter was taken the matter lightly with little respect of the pain to those families, children or community that Princess Diana was leaving behind, as she made her own world, with her own merit, by herself and destroyed after, by the envy to give way to the new woman (Camilla). Where the petition for Princess Diana of Wales Justice gives me the support that I need to probe the matter and the same matter came from years ago (December 31, 2005) and not by me or myself alone as I am doing it now, but the whole wide world stand next to me and from years ago. As Love is one thing in law and murder is another matter complete different and not even by compassion, because Lady Di was going out with Dodi Fayed and Prince Charles with Camilla. So no reasons in law the murder, except to kill to remove mother (Lady Di) from own children (Prince William - Prince Harry)!-I, myself and mine protect legally of any matters caused direct by the negligence, bullying and hate propaganda of Prince Charles / Camilla and/or Oscar Pistorius vendettas with their own ultimatums, love's, or accidents to their own victims as: HRH Princess Diana of Wales, Dodi Fayed, the Driver and Reeva Steenkamp. As one thing is to do advocacy for people that passed away and with my full respect to the victims (HRH Princess Diana of Wales, Dodi Fayed, The Driver and Reeva Steenkamp) and another matter very different is to place the blame to whoever those bullies wants to. We are living in the UK time to knowledge in law the criminal activity, by the real criminals, as the rule of the law dictate, or then close the Chambers of Law, close the Courts of Laws, close anything relate to Law, as everybody is taking the law on their own hands, so no point to staff so many people that walls our Courts and pinned us to their own walls, unable to gain access to laws, as the ex/husband sister/social worker and her "family problems" that killed my unborn children and brother with lies and tales, also Prince Charles/Camilla/Oscar Pistorius, etc. "I Apology to anyone affected in the matter of HRH Princess Diana of Wales, Dodi Fayed, the Driver and Reeva Steenkamp as I do not mean to be in/respectful in any way, form or shape when placed all of them together, but in law is about to probe matter/s and this is exactly what I am doing"- I did not learn the law for pleasure, but intent to use the knowledge in aid of Justice, as Justice means, not corruption. As Justice can not be purchased, violate, manipulate, corrupted, mislead, lie or twisted with the knowledge of the "Bachelors of Laws" or any Laws Worldwide, including the "Rule of the Law" which mean nobody is above the law, but my God is standing next to me and guide me in law and so be it in law, Rosario Castellanos de Parker. 

I wonder many times: "What Love has to do with Murder in Law and why the hate, spread, lies, deceit, intolerance, criminal activity that destroy's society by the bullies?"-  I stand to any words to support the "Kercher Family" and I hope Justice is done soon, even in Italy. Where we may have hope to restore the "Principles of Laws" and the "Rule of the Law" , where no/one is above the Law, nobody!-