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Energy Price Cap ..

Energy Price Cap:

I went to Tesco today and stopped at the chemist first before my shopping, on the desk was advertise certain illness (with cold feet and cold hands, etc) that was addressed, advice on the moment, with similar symptoms that the UK is facing right now not due to illness itself, but the COLD weather that brings the description of the illness, that even kills with vengeance, because poor housing insulation, heating system, away from the reach ( ) of family members at home can develop colds, pneumonia, cold feet / hands and even poor immune system to help combat the same.

So as you can see the funny part from Tesco's chemist and with respect, an hypocrisy to the system itself, where the UK got everything and I mean everything, even spoiled rotten with an NHS system which is one of the best worldwide, but many, so many families got no food on their plate - not even from Tesco's free nothing, central heating to warm their own home, employment to help pay the bills, housing to live and instead of roam on the streets and etc.

The Rt Hon Jeremy Hunt ) minister of health with respect, addressed the bad-practice that brings such excellent services from the NHS to own knees and is not necessarily Tesco's chemist awareness, because the present climate need No record such symptoms, when real life such weather conditions, but the endless problems we are left with.

- And on my case, with endless "family problems" mention before and in my previous note, instead to bring matters to the end ( - continue with Tesco's, as represent the same "family and their own problems", previous owners of 13 chemists in Mexico, unaware of what the connection with the UK, but surely government matters that aid each other with own deals, when live and breed in the center of my life with any excuses to cash, earn and live from the rest, otherwise they will never need to follow me, but work like the rest, because I am not interested, mean in law that what was wrote ( is real, true and actually happened, otherwise they will not appear so offended and in order for them to have the excuse to persecute my life, unable to finish matters in a court of law as everyone "normal", but forced instead to enter a room at Tesco's chemist, explain staff for a prescription that is available over the counter, may unable to trust customers as me, so why we need to trust them (?) with our life buying their own products, but happy to let the weirdos follows, spy, hunt me inside their own shop which is illegal the persecution, madness, procedure, abuse, including a crime in law the SLAVERY. 

- As such "family problems" continue using me and mine (children) for own matters like living slaves, because soon after my note come alive in my blog (, my kind develop cold as payment, mean I was right and my note only exposed the true.

- This is how the "family problems" sort matters, by hurting own peoples, family, blood badly, mean need to satisfy own madness inside - as payment, when receive justice within own terms to satiate their own mind, but never me and mine as removed, even escorted inside a room in Tesco's like my father forced by the elder sister (josefa) and if we remember, when the courts of law are not invisible to sort such hatred, ill / sick spread, freak control, abuse from power / position, but as come from so long the DEALS that need to continue same lead, bribery, slavery, system and me unaware except today and in the past, forced me to write a blog to stop the intolerance and for them to earn a living, excuse and even deviate from own life as work from Mexican government, previous lost a child for the same reasons, "because you only need a small thing from the rest to come against you",  and reasons why the rest - brother and sisters used, abused, trashed, hurt and passed away - to even deviate from own life and me lost unborn children (3) may to save her children (3), to no avail, as now follows parents educational standards against the family, not with respect, but as "the enemy" and in a "war" for so long, that we forgot what "peace" looks like and within our life? - 

- Because I remember when I was 2 / 3 year old and in the same room with my father in T/B Ver and my elder sister (josefa) blamed him - when lost her child - but my father instead of defending himself legally from the lie, defamation, slander and in order to protect the rest of us, because you can see even today - nothing left from such hatred, destruction, only told her (josefa) that "he warned her before marriage". mean with respect to her husband, but as mention before in such government jobs, "you only need a small thing from the rest to come against you", never my parents, because they never worked from such places, but owned a business and today all lost thanks to such hatred, envy, that instead to set the example (  ) as the elder in the family, put the rest against each other and after against my parents, when she got in the wrong way as usual, exactly the same as her children now against the family, "as all reflects into each other", vented with all of us her frustration, pain and sick world, when I lost unborn children (3) may to save her own children (3) ? -

-  I am unable to seek help in a court of law for the ordeal, persecution, madness, intolerance, abuse,  hunting, unprovoked attacks, ASBOS, criminal groups that seek justice, but deter the rest into gain any, mean in law, that what happened to me comes direct from them, because soon after the note appear (, one of my children poorly with cold, may catch somewhere as form of payment, as the note is redacted in Spanish not English, mean my kind understand the language, but not in a way that affect them physically, even with a simple cold as we speak and all those matters guide me into the correct bully, because we never ever attack that way like vile cowards, when hide in "confidentially acts", but use a proper blog to expose and address the issues, because the law and system (with respect to the Queen: ) removed.

-  I understand why the ex/husband kept my children for a reason, to continue with them now, as happened to me in the past, loyal to the rest, even when sell own blood, family, children "escorted (escorted like my father was with josefa) direct to the matadero ( )", like happened to our unborn children, never to him and his sister social worker, but use the rest to hide, protect and shield and me and our children left with no protection, system, resources and state at the mercy of own bullies, with slander against my reputation (5 boys, the river, the kiss, etc), furthermore when I never use that system, mean takes advantage and so, how more coward is that person? -

Furthermore forced to make a note by the ordeal for the same reasons, mean in law with "unprovoked attacks" against me by the locals business, mean Tesco, that manipulate and control by government staff, when I never use same system against the rest and not even inside a supermarket there is peace, respect and protection, but escorted (like my father escorted by josefa in mexico, now is me in the UK escorted by her own children and how bad we are in law that permit such matters, mean if I do the same to the UK peoples and leave you in the hands of the European community for in-definitive time, for ever to escort you, check on you, follow, spy and hunt, because since arrived to this country from my native mexico, the elder daughter of my elder sister also arrived with her friend alejandra to follow me, stalk and even steal my life, like she done before with sergio gomes pintado, now is the ex/husband, my children and everything that is mine - graved with no respect, unable to have anything from me because is removed based on slander, lies and defamation of character: 5 boys, the river, the kiss, the china girl, etc?!!) to their own hiding room for a normal prescription that is available to all, not just to me and as if "no trust whatsoever" in my persona, so why we need to trust such places that brings no good to us, even food is not free at any Tesco's, but programmed, manipulate that way, by same sickness, illness that such hatred develops within family, community and system in the UK that permits such freedoms, corruption and maters, because if I have my way, I could easy request the presence from a police officer, because nobody has any rights to remove your peace, escort you without a court order and for me to explain my side of the story, but always the coward hide in "confidentiality acts, because is at morrisons, tesco and the rest unprovoked attacks, are you mad?!" -

I protect me and mine (children) with the law, any law worldwide, including Canon Law, that my Lord is my witness, so help me God and so be it in Law,  Rosario Castellanos de Parker


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