Wednesday, 3 January 2018

The Real excuses when predominate loneliness, loners, lunatics, madness and weirdos! -

I remember when after married to an Englishman, emigrate to the UK from Mexico and somehow my sister (tere) arrived unannounced from Houston, Tex to Manchester, UK and few days after, we went shopping to the local place that was Oldham, Lancs.

We entered the local toilets, that was placed on one side of the bus station and soon after a lady also entered next to us, obvious she need to wait her turn, as me and sister arrived first by seconds and used the two and only available toilets. 

What got me by surprise coming by a large family in Mexico was the British lady attitude, mean she was talking to herself non-stop, while me and sister inside the toilets, acting as if somebody was near her place and answering her concerns, to my surprise when I opened the door was nobody, except the woman in question - alone? -

When sister opened the door found the same as me, the woman in question talking by herself, alone, then she started laughing as if funny, while I was very disconcerted, in fact molested by the whole episode, experience and insensitive attitude of my sister, furthermore when I could not speak properly English to help further, but notice the lonely figure.

The lonely figure full of prejudices in the United Kingdom, with any excuses (color, disabled, mexican, etc), because in Mexico is very rare to see this kind of picture and no wonder we are famous of "amigos", but followed me since arrived to this country (1985), because what me and sister experienced was not the first time, neither affected by old age, but young peoples, children, teenage, adults, disabled, able, age, colors, religion, sexual orientation and foreign nationals hit badly by the racism, segregate culture.

Many times I saw this whole picture of lonely people in the UK shopping places, walking alone in the streets, acting more like small phantom, than human peoples made of skin and bones, mean invisible to some and others cultures, colors and for some reasons would not befriend one another, themselves, or even between own peoples, manly by old tradition, racist attitude, segregate culture, racism, or strong fear of rejection, furthermore foreign nationals was very painful to live, watch the ordeal, because was not just me, but the rest in this country participate in the "Old English Way Of Life!!" -

One of those times when shopping, I asked the ex/husband mother the reasons why and she told me "the weather", foreign peoples would not come out in cold weather, but after 30 + years living in the UK, left alone to my own devices and as the ex/husband told me when another sister (soco) arrived to the British shores, "leaver her", that the weather excuse was not the reasons, but misleading the public by a prejudice society, community and segregate culture like my family demonstrate with me and mine (children), explain properly in my blog ( with more than 600 + notes to aid my problems and following link:   mean, we are not alone, but affect badly anyone! -

The reasons why, I tell my children to keep away from family affairs (and I mean both families), problems, issues, fortunes, ups and downs, because they are only using us now, for so long left us alone in the UK (1985 - 2017), unable to participate within own life (if we remember very well, but so young my children to even remember, when Bernard had to sit with us in one table, while carol, david, betty parker, sid and iris sit in another table in blackpool, celebrate own parents marriage anniversary, apparently we came together to the same restaurant, but in reality 2 tables and complete apart from each other, today act, as if those times never existed, furthermore slander of envy and any other kind of excuses to deviate own racist attitude, actions, segregate culture, racism!!), let alone eat, study, work and earn a decent salary, mean live in general a normal life like the rest, but always excluded with intention, lies, malice (because my family was also involve, excuses of 5 boys, the river, the kiss and etc landed in the UK, together with ex-husband family that played the racist card, pushed us to limits and into this kind of horrid, segregate life, by own makings, pretend something else and deviate own racist attitude towards and against us!!), even in funerals (missed my parents, sisters, brother, etc) and somehow during that time (1985-2017), arrived the UK hide from us, a wave of bullies lies (5 boys, the river, the kiss, etc) against my reputation, appear just before divorce (2012) "to en-mark the same end", introduce themselves in London, away from Manchester, mean without my presence and again, excluded. 

I cannot speak about one person only, but the rest thieves and robbers that appear after stole my life, sold me to the best bidder, removed years and years of hard work from me and passed with easy to whoever wanted, excuses, lies, that today is not possible and if we have any kind of decency, respect into our persona and I mean me and my children, remove from "family problems", mean for the first time in my life and after I know what I know today, from them against us, for so long, "together with a wave of criminal activity that lasted, stopped and after everything from me destroyed", that I agree with own father words, "leave them!" -   

What I believe strong is that loneliness can be a passage of life, after so long left alone in the UK (leave her!!), that I learned to live with myself, love and respect my persona above anyone, except my children, that today I canalize properly in my free spare time - sacred, for one time in my life is me, not them "family problems" that dominate, matter, but enjoy my company to the fullest, create my own dreams even with writing, instead of their own that nothing brings, neither create and never worry if such peoples that call friends, remember me, because I am not, furthermore avoid the state of pressure from the rest, that create about "lonely life", because many times such peoples are more lonely that me and you together and that confusion, may times lead the victim with wrong peoples, gangs, friends, cultures and passages of life! - 

In other words and plain English "loneliness" is create only by bureaucratic society, community, family problems and their own environment, prejudices, nothing else and is clear to see, when one against the other by full ignorance of the true facts, furthermore when never travels more than a few yards from own home, so how you expect peoples and cultures to a-brace each other, one another and even open a wave of communication and as such, my children and I should not be hold into this kind of world, never feel that we are in the wrong, ashamed, because nothing comes from us before, but peoples and own responsibility should start addressing attitude, stigmas, racism, prejudices, world, intolerance, abuse, etc.

I protect me and my children with the law, any law worldwide, that my Lord is my witness, so help me God and so be it in Law, Rosario Castellanos de Parker


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