Monday, 8 January 2018

"Golden Gloves / #MeToo movement" - speak out against sexual harassment ..

Golden Globes 2018: Stars speak out against sexual harassment.

What concern me is not the harassment itself, with respect to may concern matters, as sexual abuse and harassment against women by men comes from centuries ago, but "Golden Gloves / #MeToo movement" somehow "THANKS" own mother for personal life, matters, issues, encouragement and "as if VIOLENCE against women was a twisted joke from the past and not a crime in law", while my ordeal and many women worldwide need more than simple WORDS as encouragement to stay alive, happy, content and continue develop own life in holy peace, NEVER EVER feel intimidate, with fear from father, brother, nephew, cousin, husband, ex/husband and men in general, but respect, protect, safeguard and furthermore stay alive, because the same as me is the rest and with respect?! -
etc ..

In my case is not excuse to bring my matters into the police and law places when expose my abusive bullies / family in general, but somehow I don't see the point anymore, because I already done in the past (with respect to the Queen: ) and so how many more times before, I can gain protection, the law and services in the community, much more for the rest members of my family to stop me, with any excuses imaginary to mind, furthermore when see us as meal ticket to better life (, mean after any family LEADER perish, passed away and removed with intent (, then continue TRASHING, BULLYING, ABUSE, SPREAD and MURDER SPREE within "family and their own problems!!" -

It's not point from me to sue anyone from family members, even ex/husband that we are divorce, but use our children as form of links, furthermore when the rest takes over, dismiss, deny, hide, helps and even acts as Judas, leaders, fanatics that helps each other, forget somehow the past and invent endless lies (5 boys, the river, the kiss, etc)!! -

A system create that way, so everyone can eat, subside, study, live, travel, prosper and enrich life to the fullest, "as if some form of lottery ticket that you need to win", with the pain from own blood and reflects truly in my blog (, circulate in public to expose bullying and encourage, safeguard, protect my children (as I already lost unborn children by the intolerance!!), never to thank me, but my kind (children) alone to be so brave, because my family and their own members are not my reflection to be confusse, neither what they looks like, but hide, furthermore aware of danger, mean remove from them at all cost, always polite said 3 words and disappear from the view,  otherwise they will drag you into their own messed life - to never end! -

TODAY IS "OK" FOR ME TO EXPOSE MY ABUSIVE PAST, LIFE AND MURDER SPREE, but NEVER before, as need to exploit, cash and steal my life by whoever made this way the turmoil, abuse, intolerance and crime, except silence, pushed aside, grounded, deny, exposed, bullied and lost everything by any excuses (mexican, brown, etc), slander and lies (5 boys, the river, the kiss, china girl, etc)!!?-

My children should not be in the way to justify to nobody, is not for us the matters at any time, but whoever create the criminal activity, murder spree, intolerance, confusion, abuse, endless lies (5 boys, the river, the kiss, etc), games and weird world against own blood - as me (my unborn children!!), sisters (lupy, flor, soco, etc) and brother (jose), because all the members of my family can read my blog - no problem and this reflects perfectly, when my children is telling me (a few days ago) that, "when I visit them to let them know, as maybe busy and etc", exactly the same happened to sister (soco) by her child (betito) and when she went to visit him to veracruz, but in different words (of course!!), "that own father (beto hazz) don't want her (soco) in veracruz", (as if we are begging for the love of our children and from which planet those men comes from?!), mean the same intolerant attitude that comes from the ex/husbands (beto hazz and david parker) against us (me, soco, etc), furthermore when fully divorce (so what divorce is for, if those men use their own blood children to form links with ex/wives and continue dominate the faena against our lives to the worse possible ways, forms and shapes, because is not just me and sister soco, but the rest victims RIP and many times with help from own family, that is the disgrace!! -  I say this matter, as my sister soco just passed away RIP, mean in law is not enough for that men, beto hazz, david parker, or still wants more to satiate their own insides, because I lost unborn children, furthermore when beto hazz is a solicitor in veracruz and david parker done jury service in the UK, so NO EXCUSES for HARASSMENT ACTS after divorce anymore and to ex/wives, neither ignorance of the law, but full aware of own responsibilities, regulations, laws, rights, benefits and respect to us, above all, we are the mothers of own children not them, because bernard parker never used that way, neither the father of beto hazz that I don´t remember his name and if we remember very well, so behold, that I am holding the law by the use of my blog and as student of the law, but not on my yard, neither on my name, furthermore in my family?!!), but SOMEHOW today is me, mean reflects in the same way as sister (soco), mean I have to pay for something that comes from her (soco) ex/husband (beto hazz) direct, never me (but now reflects with ex/husband, david parker, as manipulate by mara who got hold of norma hazz in the past, then after carol parker and both of us "soco and I" divorced, never mara but soco and I, perhaps we need to pay for when mara divorce rafael montaño, as always bullies choose the weaks, but not me, failed, because I know full well the game of mara, she used to confide in me with everything, you may think that I sold the family with secrets, except today to clarify, expose and stop the bullshit, even told me mara, that spoke to Ivan, which was ex-boyfriend of soco and told him that soco "no conviene" and holding the sacred bible, was when soco and beto hazz was divorcing and where the "nada beto" comes from if we remember very well and was dealt with sister josefa, also reflects with me during divorce times with david parker? - SPLIT mother and children from beto and david only, can you see the similarities between me and soco and who is dong the matters and since when, except that ex-huband never paid any maintenance to own children and today, rightful to live in own home and as long as they want, mean he owns me all those years in maintenance, even if married in name because in reality never was with me, otherwise we would never be this bad and way, the same beto hazz never paid any maintenace to his own children, but forced dieter to maintain soco and her children?!!) at any time, mean the children of my sister (soco) after emigrate to own father from germany to veracruz, landed after with sister (mara and raul), only months soco divorced from dieter and create the split from mother (soco) to children (betito and riqui hazz), but I was blame / frame after, happened the same when sister josefa child landed in london during my divorce times and as the link explain, so mean comes from same sisters: mara and josefa that aid each other, including their own children that get the rewards, premiums, benefits, etc? -

Because I went to Germany only and exclusively, when sister (soco) was about to get married and on her wedding day to dieter and after my child was born (1993) not 10 years after, when sister (soco) was divorcing (dieter) and mara's children arrived to Germany and in order to bring her children back to own father (nada malo beto, remember? !!) and if we remember, but landed with mara and raul after, mean left to own devices alone (leave her!! as ex/husband told me when wanted to see and help my sister soco and if he remember well?!!) in Mexico, Veracruz and etc and sister soco landed in UK to fight home of dieter during divorce times and she told me reasons, but that was a lie, never was possible for her, until own children (betito and riqui) sold her home (8 sherway drive) and moved somewhere else, because not even the goodbye if we remember, so what the hell they are doing in my private life and who give you the rights to intimidate, but somehow today, I need to pay for their own actions, issues and matters, because I never at any time hold any communication with any hazz herrera (excpet mara with norma hazz, neither with ivan after soco finished with him, but mara very close to him and the rest, including the ex/husband, with the help of carol parker!!??), neither members of my family, as even sister soco was detained under the mental health act and I mention before, my family and own members, children are trouble makers, destroy our life and drag you into their own world and for my children to be full aware, that the less, is the better!!? -

The SCREAM link:

The SCREAM link mean in law, that I was right to scream for help when child, when my brother (rafa) was harassing me sexually, physically, verbally and (as link may look as joke to you, but wait to experience the abnormal psychopath syndrome and the rest of my family hide the true, abuse, crime, instead to see help, the law and stop, but somehow I was selected and even mix/match with the ex/husband that looks the same as brother (rafa) and in order to love my blood - brother and wonder the state of mind of such sick peoples that call family, when in reality is against the law to have anything relate and close to own blood, so why me and who selected me, now intent my children to follow matters, because always forced the other sister (tere) to comply with me, not the one (mara) that create the madness, lies and the rest that followed (josefa, etc) after, but in reality who was behind the complete murder spree, intolerance, abuse and etc at home, mean who permitted the harassment acts, bullying and criminal activity and even trow me to their own children (pepita jr, etc) and primiada for help, learn and continue, but what a decency?! -  

I protect me and my children with the law, any law worldwide, that my Lord is my witness, so help me God and so be it in Law, Rosario Castellanos de Parker


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