Thursday, 27 July 2017

HRH Prince Charles may hurt, by his son's documentary ..

Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu - Wiyathul

Charles may hurt ( ) by son's documentary. 

I would like to speak over the matters with my full respect to the Queen Elizabeth II and Her beloved husband, Prince (King) Philip and the future King of England, by Prince Charles, also anyone concern over the matters regarding the issues of HRH Princess Diana of Wales, by a film / documentary directed by her own loving sons: "Prince William and Prince Harry" , with thanks!-

First, let´s place the important matters above anything else, then second forget about the last phone call  between mother and sons, as HRH Princess Diana of Wales was not a bitter woman, neither she was expecting her young sons to acts as adults, during a transaction between child and teenager age, "except to behave in public relations - when on duty calls" not at home, furthermore wanted at any time, to stop any fun within her children´s life, maybe a simple phone call to say hello and see how, their own life was getting on, nothing else and nothing special, "as she was getting fun herself", but this is the duty of every mother, father and parent in the world and thirdly, nobody can read / predict the future to know for surely, what is going to happens next, impossible! -

Prince William and Prince Harry were very special children to own mother, Diana, Princess of Wales and I want you always to remember that matter in any stage of your life, to hold into that strong believe today, tomorrow and always, that nothing matters to your own mother, except yourselves, even the last breath of her short existence - she whispered you names and this is how important you were in her world, furthermore on the times when everything happened, you both were extremely young peoples, for any mother to hold into any kind of misinterpretation, neither was her style at any time and the reasons why, the world loved her.

It is understand that during the last phone call  Prince Charles and Diana, Princess of Wales were fully divorce and as such, children lived between two places at the same time, dividing parents duty, arrangements, place of residence and difficult many times to gain full access, furthermore tradition was inevitable, but I am unable to understand fully well, why Prince Charles, a man that despised  his ex/wife so much during marriage was walking along the line  proving too much to the public, but failed own children badly  and in order to re-coup own place within the trust from the British peoples and overseas position, when in reality divorce, mean nothing to do with ex/wife anymore, so why the following picture coming out of a hospital? -  

I mean to say this matter, as 3 months after Diana, Princess of Wales perished in the accident (RIP), Dale Tryon, Baroness Tryon died?,_Baroness_Tryon  But months before that, Kanga  as she was warmly known by her close friends was detained under the mental health act and this bring me small believe and hope with Diana, Princess of Wales and when I see the photo where Jane, Sarah and Charles leave the hospital, because he was divorce and her own mother  was unable to see own child and this confirm the brother own words  then who saw Diana's body and with respect? -

- In law and furthermore criminology, until there is not body, there is not case not matter how much evidence is show in any court of law, is a wasting time and not case whatsoever just pretences, until then, I am unable to process with investigation ( I left the instructions:  ) at any time, as the side where Diana was travelling in the car was also travelling Trevor Rees-Jones, the bodyguard and even better, she was in the back complete cushioned by this man's side, so what happened to Diana, when arrived alive to the hospital, but only left, Prince Charles, Jane and Sarah Spencer, as you can see photo? -

At this stage, between Prince Charles and Spencer Family solve the matters however you possible can, but leave alone The Queen and Prince (King) Philip of Edinburgh, as I hold witness by the same matters  that Prince Philip was doing the gesture only and in order to protect the grandchildren, never at any time the adults, which in this case is Prince Charles and Charles Spencer.

However, coming back to the documentary now, it's a shame, with pain inside my heart, that such small tribute for a woman of substance, like HRH Princess Diana of Wales, that gave so much for Queen, Country, Land and Glory is seeing with different kind of angles and by certain status, levels, grades and peoples in this country.

I mean honestly, how much the small tribute for HRH Princess Diana of Wales and by Her sons can last live on T.V. and regarding all her hard work into the world and during her lifetime, perhaps 20, 30 minutes - an hour of your time? -

The famous documentary / film is somehow seeing as rejection, from Prince Charles sides, aides, helpers and endless groups and it's a shame that even today, the same peoples prevail with all kind of stuff against his ex/wife matters and as mention before, when on times of HRH Princess Diana of Wales was a pain too much inside to deal with and for the Lady in question to handle all alone, now the same bureaucracy that "buy your passage to better life (", still carry on, with the same intolerant legacy, direct and against her sons now, but who give you the full rights? -

It's extremely sad, that after 20 years passed, such long time enabled the son's of HRH Princess Diana of Wales to speak open of own pain, issues and matters and when lost own mother at very young age, furthermore to bring the matters in full public and in order to help them cope properly, with their lost, perhaps with the same matters can heal fast inside own heart - the best medicine is to speak, speak, speak and speak of own ordeal.

"I wonder truly well and with respect, if Prince Charles got own heart inside himself, that feel pain inside his precious shinny armour, including such peoples that feel free to comment in a simple documentary / film and in honour of a great woman of substance, that gave so much to this country in a short time of her life-time, HRH Princess Diana of Wales and act as if, the one badly affected was Prince Charles and not his own sons, Prince William and Prince Harry, then how we see his own beautiful and stunning mother, The Queen Elizabeth II working in public duties and almost everyday, but not HRH Princess Diana of Wales, that should be doing her own humanitarian work and as she wanted so badly?" -

The death of a stunning and very young woman, HRH Princess Diana of Wales was not a past memory, but a living one, that shine strong even today, that warm light would never be extincted with the passing time, neither the years to come and her own legacy, as Prince William and Prince Harry will make sure that, such loving memories will continue in own mother footsteps.

I am not here to open dark times, bad wounds, spooky times and furthermore to deal with bully peoples and their own issues, worlds and matters, but as surrogate sister for HRH Princess Diana of Wales, because as student of law, I saw a world, that I believe never existed, the one that destroy human peoples due to envy and this is not what we want for our children of the future, but a good level headed individuals, that can express freely, open and without any restrictions, neither pain, but address any issues that concern, including matters, stigmas, racism in private and in public, without feeling an outcast, shame, restricted and in any way, form or shape and with respect to may concern matters - once again.

I protect me and my children as I am acting as surrogate sister for HRH Princess Diana of Wales, also advocacy for the Lady in question, also Dodi - Al fayed and the driver, that perished for no reasons, except .. whoever you want to put the matters! -  Rosario Castellanos de Parker.


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