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Baby Charlie ..

Ave Maria ..

Just to cut a story short, as the severity of the case, with Baby Charlie.

My elder sister (flor) call me years ago, she never done before in my stay in the UK (1985 - 2017), once only and for our mother.

Her (flor) voice was worry sick about the state of our mother, that was unable to respond to treatment and succumbed into deep coma, after an accident.

My sister (flor) told me over the phone, that the money for my mother's treatment was at their lowest point, asking to me: "what can we do", otherwise it need the machine to switch off, pretty much like Baby Charlie today and with respect to may concern matters.

( As in my beautiful country Mexico and not the United Kingdom, but the rule is no money, no treatment - simple as that, not extras, no financial help from anybody special, neither collection of millions of pounds like Baby Charlie to seek treatment abroad, furthermore help from government even paying taxes and in order to save my mother's life, or any kind of religious help, consider my mother spend hundreds of thousands of Mexican pesos, sending ordinary men to become priest and left me and my sisters and brothers with almost no food to eat, as she told me during her lifetime and bring me into her religious world, with such angelic calm of a saint, when recite the holy Rosario day and night, that we almost got no mother for the same reasons and all for what, when she need HELP, I wonder where the Vatican was, the holy priest that she send to gain priesthood, like the Solana's (read link: ) and today, very rich own a hotel in the mandalas of Jerusalem / Israel, with the tale of magdalenas, when mean our friend from school, marielena mellado "Mary Magdalene", can you spot the difference, names and even confusion and with respect once again!? - )

However in the phone call by my elder sister (flor), that got me by surprise, as she (flor) never before, she (flor) told me what to do? - And I told her over the phone: "I got no money" and from where the cash? -  Without thinking for a minute or two, that the same family arrived in the UK and from long time ago, used all the services in the UK without me knowing, with help and sponsor fully and from ex/husband family, including his sister social worker, that acted on behalf of her brother, as you can see the following link:    Including and non-extent the rest, that lived in the UK with free of everything without working, benefits, hospital used as hotel and even used the ambulance as taxi, like link mention, but me and my children in complete poverty, even my jobs desapear from same "family problems" but no help in cash of anything, in a foreign country, no family, no language, no benefits, no nothing!! -    

Now even my children said, that I am fluent of everything, as copy own father words and in order to hide the bodies, intolerance, bullying, poverty and lies (5 boys, the river, the kiss, etc), but when in real times need help - before, nobody!?-  So basically, the bullies remove everything from your reach and then after, blame / frame for the lack of the same, including founds and even cash to save my mother's life and so, who shall we blame for the ordeal, who started the bullying, who starve the world, who acted wrongly in law, who is the negligent in the matters and etc? -

We must remember, that my family removed all kind of opportunities in the UK and passed to the rest of the family under the water, as today is clear, who got what and as mention before with the links, plus a full blog with 570 notes!- 

( It is truth, that my mother forced me to have a termination / abortion, even finish with friends in the past and is today 2017, that I understand fully well "where all comes from" and is not my everyday sisters "flor or tere", but the other sister "mara" and brother "rafa" that arrived from mexicali / guadalajara demanding everything back to them and nothing to me, as I was blame / frame of own ordeal, cashing.  "when all came from tierra blanca to silence mara against jose my brother, as he was blame of sexual harrasment against mara, but is my understanding today, holding the sacred Bible, that mara wanted a life like soco".  When soco arrived from my sister josefa home, after josefa spend months learning english away from her home and soco was in charge of her home and children and after soco went back home to puebla, with loads of freebies, clothes, trips, money and you name it, from mexicali as form of "thank you" -   So mara saw soco world after mexicali and mara heard how well josefa treat soco, never soco need to help with josefa's children, cleaning or another domestic stuff / matters like that and we were forced by flor my sister, with her children, home and everything, plus the extras with loads of everything, that opened the eyes to mara and soco's world.   As I said in the link  and note before, that I thank my God for stay with flor instead of josefa and with respect to both sisters equal, never intent to compare as own world very different, but with flor, I become a person of substance, a person that I can handle many jobs, matters and issues today, as happened to me in the UK and mention before with the photo from politics working dinner, all alone, no help whatsoever and from nobody! -  Flor and I never close, except me and her children as babysitter, but we managed to gain a good relationship - along the way, in fact flor was never at home to deal with, a few times got problems, but I understand now that, "on that time" flor got the pressure from mara, rafa and the rest, like my mother, in which pancho saved me the day with his mother, so that was the end, never again, mean I earned respect more than purchase, with thanks!- On that time and young age, as I lost my education, forced to terminate even my friends and world, Flor used to buy all and everything from me, including American clothing, as I worked in the bank and lead 2 jobs at the same time and in order to subside the lower pay from such places, because ana pia rejected me in tierra blanca and soon after my education ended abrupt with no reasons, also whoever came with items, like jewellery, and clothes flor purchase - no problem, sold for profit and earned a good cash.   After married, I was surprised that flor left me hanging with UK clothes, worth more than £2000 pounds and I understand came from the rest of the family the issues, because as I explain before, flor and I deal in the selling market for a long time, perhaps ill/sick spread against my reputation and enable josefa to bail me out with £2000 pounds, sold for a bargain and in order to be hold and passed to josefa all the hard work and recognition from flor towards me, like all my matters passed to mara and rafa soon after arrived from mexicali / guadalajara, so whichever way, I am not a piece of meat to be sold, but in case if you notice today, your own blood, sister and family, in which slave labour is against the law! - Again, I thank today to flor, for who I am and not the parasite that I could become, unfortunately too late, even to thank the woman and that make me very sad, when all was done in a way to enable the rest to collect all our hard work! -  Now going back again, I believe strong today, with the aid of a Bible, that soco and mara invented between them against my brother jose of sexual abuse, or perhaps mara alone blame / frame jose with the hope to land in mexicali, because "on that time" always done things together between sisters, ana pia, soco and mara and "probably all the time", also reflects departure of pola  and as I mention before, maybe I was blame, but a matter with my brother jose, that is not my business, neither mara, soco and the rest, but affected jose badly, even the rest of my family saw him in very bad shape, as we can recall, nobody done anything to repair the damaged, neither ana pia that lived in veracruz with him for a long time, furthermore a care from mara and soco as mention before, planed the mexicali / guadalajara idea of sexual abuse against jose and even ana pia sent money to josefa to keep mara and rafa happy, silence and unable jose to find out the spread against him, but used me to redirect the bullies after and soon after mara and rafa returned from mexicali / guadalajara demanded everything from me as blame / frame, and the same as jose, nobody to tell me what was happening in my world and I end up losing all and everything including forced to terminate / abortion and hide jose  brother the real person, criminal activity and problems against him and me, that destroyed our life "into tiny little pieces!"  -  Because after jose brother, mara used the same excuses against my sister josefa's husband and in order to return back to puebla, as she saw me with the miss puebla, education, friends and my fantastic world to be envy and removed after, including friends forced to terminate and passed to mara, then after pepita jr with sergio gomes pintado copy and paste of the same low standards, from mara and rafa education against the family, stealing from the rest based on lies and so become a circle of sick / ill abuse against the family with all kind of slander, today we lost not only my unborn children in the abusive sick world, but earlier departure of some sisters and brother and me to be blame / frame after   but this time, with the aid from the ex/husband and his sister social worker, together with mara, rafa and the rest, that intent to use/abuse/frame/blame my children with the same pathetic excuses, as dishwasher, like before was the 5 boys, the river, the kiss, the china girl, etc? -  With my full respect, I address my elder sister josefa, that I only acknowledge any orders from my sister flor and this is not to put any sisters against the other, as I love both, but rarely saw josefa in my life and reasons why, I was not silence into any criminal activity and when she requested me to keep quite - back in 2010 and I still got the email and correspondence of the same and just before my brother  passed away, because is not josefa, or me the problem in the house, neither me and josefa to be ashamed of third party and peoples criminal actions, furthermore josefa and I need to keep the com-posture at home, when our family is killed before our eyes, by the same criminal activity from mara against my dear father reputation and salim tanus as witness, also mara against jose and mara against my reputation when falsely blame by paty arias of sexual matters and mela as witness in her party, nearly end up in the swimming pool drowned and I told mela to tell mara "on that moment", but ignored, so later sergio gomes pintado rape me, mara against josefa's husband and rafa together with mara in everything with the malice, including soco, ana pia, mela and the rest that hide, because I saw flor and tere how hard was for both of them to hide the shows, the spread and the malice with intent, even need to play and re-play the ordeal to keep happy mara and rafa, also pancho need to stop his own mother for the same reasons and tere forced to divorce porfirio to be with me all the time, when it was not me the problem but mara, become unbearable the hatred within the family, making groups and endless groups, that today nobody knows for surely, which groups is from who's person, so confuse the stealing of our friends, ID's and matters, but nobody said a thing "on time", or else, mean jose brother never knew, or else, because is not good to keep things hide from one brother and sister against another brother and sister with endless lies, defamation of character and slander to purchase with my father business to spend and spend and spend in mexicali / guadalajara and 16 de septiembre as premiums, because that is to take full advantage of your own family and I am not going to be surprised if soco also helped, as got a good piece of 16 of septiembre together with rafa, play a serious games within family and gamble with the life of your own blood with no care whatsoever, cashing, including hate against my father and brother jose, from mara and rafa, that come with endless excuses to act against - with respect again, but crime is crime in any language, country of birth and place of residence, never hide crime within family, but seek the police with immediate effect to stop and as I wanted, but stooped and demand justice, including the one  that falsely blame me of my brother  and wanted to come not just against my reputation, but my children with the excuse of the dishwasher and fully supported by the ex/husband and his sister, social worker, carol parker   that represent her brother in everything and since after marriage and as he told me before divorce and reasons of the same, to be always me and my children blame / frame after, not whoever done the things, but us, forced my children against own mother which is me and even to live in fear of own father's and mother's life with endless treads, bullies and abuse as happened to the rest of the family and live a living nightmare all over again, that goes around in circles the violence, crime, intolerance. abuse, educational pursuit, hatred, excuses and lies that destroy into "tiny little pieces" the family complete, when in reality, we are not use to this kind of life - anymore, neither I will accept my family to bring this madness into my life again, furthermore hide from my children the weird world, as they need to understand the good, the bad, the ugly and the worse, also how to hit back in any emergency and learn why things happens to them not just by me, but own father family, as his sister, that came against own brother  long time ago and need to pay with our unborn children as mara and rafa against me, now all forgotten after I was married and sold / used / abused / distracted / teach by mara and rafa to carol and david parker the "how to cash own family" business and when nobody told me of their own bonding together and between them and since day one 1985 - 2017, today impossible to break with endless secrets that purchase family ordeal and reasons why, I expose same secrets to destroy malice within family and stop, full stop, any breakable that need to repair, not by me or josefa, neither the ones that get blame all the time, but the real criminals, stop, full stop bullying!!? -   Acting mara against me with raul, like my mother against her sister and religious nun, aunt Anita with my father, except my mother never gained any education, because all hre money was passed to the priest and in order to help them and gain priesthood, but mara even univestity in guadalajara, so no excuses!-   Today I request Justice from mara and rafa, including the ex/husband sister, social worker, that went against her brother ( ) and since children, blaming him for everything and I am a witness, pretty much like mine with mara / rafa and explain in the link such extreme hatred between family, that learned the trade and killed our unborn children and from sergio gomes pintado, when never got to know each other and gone out as friends for a few months only, nothing else, because when we went tere and I with him to acapulco, he never touched me not even once, but after mara and raul night out, he left me pregnant, without my consent, permit and knowledge - until too late! -- )

To finish the story fast:  I said to my sister (flor), that such peoples succumb into deep sleep and as you call life support treatment, but many recoup from the ordeal, even if many years after passed, except that family "on time of my mother" got no more cash, "distribute between themselves her wealth before her illness" and so, what is the excuse from the NHS toward Baby Charlie and with respect:

Again, I am not a doctor and you should not get my words for it, but the evidence as links mention before, when I understand deep inside me, that human body has the ability to gain health back again and when given the correct treatment.

Now my family and mother case was in mexico were treatment is not free, like the NHS in the UK all free, neither exist the kind of medical professionals that habitat in the UK and I am concern of the case of Charlie Gard, to the point to ask if exist, such doctors that heal and others that no heal and with respect.

It said on the news, that both parents suffer the medical matters that Baby Charlie inherited  (Doctors discovered he had a rare inherited disease - infantile onset encephalomyopathy mitochondrial DNA depletion syndrome (MDDS).) and with respect, then why parents alive, well and with no medical problems, except own child? -

My question is, "what happened to Baby Charlie before, when landed this far with treatment", maybe unable to get the correct treatment "on time", maybe "no proper diagnostic on time", or "what exactly happened", but I am not a doctor, except someone that understand the english law and so, before you disconnect any kind of treatment, can anyone check the pros and cons of the case and who is responsible of the same and I mean, if the child gain certain percent of health, with proper treatment and "if", because I am not a doctor to be accurate, also need to be show the procedure from start to the end, which is today with the case, where parents are forced to cancel the life of own child!? -

Can you cancel the life of your own child, or see elsewhere for different kind of treatment with the hope, as happened to Ashya king  now treatment is available in the UK, while before the child's parents need to hijack own son from the NHS and in order to gain health and benefits abroad, or perhaps need peoples like me to do the notes in my blog, expose matters and then after blame / frame me and not the professionals when neglect own job, when in reality you are placing me with the case of Baby Charlie very cruel, when you know very well that I lost unborn children and the pain of losing babies is more than words can speak, like my sister tere was placed next to me, when I lost unborn children and she was unable to have children herself with her husband porfirio, mean my family could not be more cruel - not giving chance to Baby Charlie's body to respond with treatment, but need to blame / frame and use somebody to do your dirty jobs and in my case, so can you see the difference, can you spot where I landed and can you see which family and members are always and forced to comply, but not who generate the "family problems" in general, all those bullies protect, hide and blessed by the holy Vatican  and with respect?-

Regarding of my mother, I believe strong that she can deal with God herself today, because who I am to question her attitude in the past, when she landed with the children as brother rafa and sister mara, furthermore when I know deep down today, what happened to me in such horrid years when younger, when my mother was forced to act upon and pressure from sister (mara) and brother (rafa) that way, or speak to my father of the truth, which even today, I ignore any kind of matters, because when I returned from Canada, my mother told me "with panic in her body" not to speak to my father of the matters and is today, that I understand truly well of her own words and reasons why, mean "blackmail all the time" by the same family (mara, rafa, mela, etc), when I never think of that matters before, neither today, not even my father knew of Canada by me.

When I was forced to terminate (abortion, friends, education, etc) all my things by my mother, but unaware of the reasons, even today, as she never told me (except that my father will exclude me from the family, if arrive with a child and at the end, I ended in exile, abroad and forced to marry, so either way, the bullies got away with the murder, because at the end, all was a game to gain benefits, gain power and gain control of the family!! - ) trully well, except rumours of drugs and drinks from friends lifestyle, which even today, never affected me that way, mean finish with such matters, but ill / sick spread to break up couples, as mara and rafa just arrived from mexicali /guadalaja and is not for me to apology, but whoever done matters, as they had been spreading horrid things against the family, with my other brother jose and elder sister husband including the rest, like before mention and when I heard rafa called "putas" to my sister lupy's childs and ana pia was present in her bedroom and I told her the same as mela with paty arias, but this time in order to stop rafa, only slurred words, so today we have the results within the family, when nobody cares to correct the rest properly to take full advantage, "as if we are the family games, pastimes, or jokes", but use me to blame / frame after? -

I need to deal with all the things that sister (mara) and brother (rafa) suffer in the past by own actions against my parents, with mara against my father and rafa against my mother, both landed in mexicali / guadalajara as wanted better life over there with all the luxuries that lacked in puebla and veracruz, , the same as ex/husband sister against own brother ( ), today all forgotten after married (now divorce) and lived separate lives (1985 - 2012), but before impossible to deal, as reasons above, I request justice with my unborn children that perished for no reasons and lacked of internet to expose and request help "on that time" not this time, today the Vatican will probe in law the capability of deal with such matters! -

It is me the only person that believe today, brother and sister love, respect and tolerance is finished for good, like Abel and Cain centuries ago ( ), or I am far too serious person, to understand properly the lack of care from the rest of my immediate family and members, that take no notice "on time" of the matters, but when bad things happens in the family is me to blame and fame after, now bullies ( ) comes against my living ones to hide from the law, responsibility and duty of care, as if my unborn children mean nothing, furthermore when men can not be trusted with own manhood, but keep blaming and framing women to hide own mistake, past and intolerance and in order to accept own fault, as in reality, who is the owner of the manhood, women or men and who should be able to control and who shall be blame legally and who shall be persecute by the law, when leave women pregnant without our consent, permit and knowledge - until far too late and with religious affairs that keep hiding the true perpetrators, but frame and blame women and my family, that contribute the murder spree, as if stopped mara and rafa on "time", against own family, equal the ex/husband sister, social worker, carol parker, that bonded with mara and rafa behind my view, but hide, then we will never be here and exposing the family name, trashing our reputation in full public and for public concern, by me, because I care, love and respect my family, but kill my kind, that is different matter, that need to be persecuted legally mara, rafa and carol parker, or would you be happy if your family came against your kind, so why I need to accept the murder spree, ordeal and crime from mine, who give them - the full rights and why, what are the reasons legally, the same as Baby Charlie, that can not be warranty, but at least we could said, that we tried and left nothing to regret, so later nobody blames / frames, but act with professional manner, as what is intent and get paid for the service, with thanks and not hijack lives may to control after!? -

I protect me and my kind (children) with the law, any law worldwide, that my Lord is my witness, so help me God and so be it in Law, Rosario Castellanos de Paker.


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