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Syria present political matters ..

Syria Tradition Music

The following note about Syria present matters is what I found over the same and I believe strong your reasons must be different than mine and I respect, furthermore is not about one specific type of peoples, neither names except when links used from outside sources (with thanks!), or political pursuit / interest that drive me into zero, furthermore to descend into such world that aim to hurt peoples reputation, as their own actions speak by themselves, but life itself from victims of war, nothing else, not even financial pursuit, but advocacy for such peoples that lack the same opportunities, rights, protection laws, machinery, weapons, army, from the rest! -

As you got no culture into the lives of the rest and this true matter reflects and with respect, when you come to another country, peoples, land, glory and destroy reputation, kill for the trill and murder with any intent / excuses, by your own ignorance of the true facts and in order to satiate your insides - volatile life (as this true matters happened to my by the "family problems" from ex/husband and his sister social worker and in aid of some members of my family that helped to destroy, not just my family reputation, but my country, land and glory with the endless lies against my reputation: 5 boys, the river, the kiss, etc and explain properly in my blog and link:, because you got no rights whatsoever, except drive by the envy, ignorance (as intelligent peoples would never lack care, love and respect to the world!), malicious intent, hate spread, intolerance, bully culture and poverty world, that you arrive from! -

The Middle East is not far country, from any other WORLD CULTURE, even life, earth, education, ancestry and territory is similar than your own pursuit.  So I am unable to understand why, one continent is favor better than the other and why, one geographical map is excluded from the world and the other well position within the same world, furthermore what you got today, including your own language and the way your grammar was create from the beginning, education, transport, art, machinery, technology, theology, music, sports, principles and the rest, thanks to such great masters from our past, even religion (Islam, Christianity, Judaism, etc) comes from such rich worlds and ancestry, then why today, you want the world to destroy, hide, kill and erase for ever, our humble beginning of life? -  Would you erase any world map and after, unable to go back home after the complete destruction, so why we need to accept that low attitude by ignorant peoples, that act worse than animals against humanity?!  -

I do have the rights, laws and grace of my Lord, whichever is your God - I respect, but to come and protect life, as what you call lost of ancestry (, by our parents - parents, and I urge anyone to check your own and with respect.  It's understood that the world reacted towards the present position from Syria, which is unknown what caused the matters, then soon after strike by foreign land (, when hardly there is nothing left to protect? -  I spoke over matters in the past and in order to stop the abuse, to no avail:
etc ..

-  There is other sources of communication regarding the same present position, from our beautiful Syria, as Putin: ‘95% Of World Terrorist Attacks Are Orchestrated By The CIA

-  The US warned the Russians ahead of Syria missile strikes: Official

-  The strike was “a proportional response to Assad's heinous act,” a Pentagon spokesman said:

-  Except that: US missile strike on Syria conducted without formal congressional approval:

-  Reported: Oil prices soar after the US attack:

-  Syria government is blame, with no form of evidence whatsoever into the matters, by different forces into and before strike support:

-  Experts speak over matters:

-  As for example: There is 14 different Questions, that lead direct to oil purposes (see prices went up!), like happened in the past to Iraq, Libya, Syria and the rest and in order to destroy, remove and kill own leaders, destabilize own country and obtain resources that way, like WWII against Jews Peoples (, by force, fear, intimidation, racism, hatred, violence, bullying, killing spree, abuse from power and position, etc!? -

-  It was stated that Syrian rebels not Assad’s regime: U.N. official

-  Rusia is calling for an emergency meeting:

-  The actions from foreign countries in the Middle East, only helps extremist groups:

-  My question is how you are going against a country, peoples, land that lacks the same kind of army, weapons, machinery, very much acting like ASBOS in groups of bullies against society, furthermore a place like Syria, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan and the rest, complete and totally destroyed, as lacks of such important resources to survive, defense, protect their own kind, pretty much like going against Goliath in medieval times, acting like Henry VIII, but with terror groups in modern times, supported by same organisation that create the mayhem? -

-  You may think that bullying which is against the law, any law worldwide, only happens in your country, never abroad as the Middle East at the present time - destroying the lot, furthermore when there is no police guarding peoples like Spain (, when such strong force of foreign hooligans arrive your place (as explain before with the ex/husband and his sister social worker, against me and my unborn children, brother and sisters!!) and intent to destroy your own way of life, living, family and even resources and as such, why not the Middle East is protect like the rest worldwide, but left complete alone, exposed to the worse of the worse imaginary to mind and then, who give you the rights to kill, destroy and murder in foreign land, legally acting like trans -passing a property in Europe, America, etc? - 

- Since years ago, the world leaders made us to believe into their own wars, ideas, ideals, believes and matters ( ), but nothing is presently real, proved in law and actual, except the complete abuse, carnage, destruction and murder ( ) spree in foreign land, as we witness Syria, Libya, Iraq, etc.

-  I only want peace, respect and tolerance, above all is HUMAN PEOPLES you are hitting, striking, destroying, bullying, hunting, killing, trashing and murdering in cold blood, unable to hit back and defend own peoples, which is the cruel meaning imaginary to mind and as such, life mean nothing to you, except money, greed, ambition, oil, etc? -  Furthermore, what are you going to tell your God when you arrive direct with him / her, shall we make your bag heavy by adding all the murder spree, crimes, stealing and abuses against humanity, or are you prepare to clean your own mess now, so when is time to depart - "not matter when" - you are ready, prepare and complete light? -

I protect me and mine (children) legally by the law, any law worldwide, even the international law apply here, now and as student of the English law, because what you are witness in the Middle East today is living HOLOCAUST and complete GENOCIDE against HUMAN PEOPLES, that lacks any form of protection laws against own bullies and is not me who is doing the matters - so please read well and properly, or I will take you to the cleaners for the lies, tales and defamation of character against my reputation, but time to get the real / correct culprit, report and expose, as what if was your own family, country, land, glory and peoples, but NOT ON MY NAME and with respect?! - NEVER AGAIN! -  Rosario Castellanos de Parker.


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