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Police Bail Limited: "Justice Delayed Denied", face curbs by 28 days capped, when suspicion for a legal case ..

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There is a new change into the law, where the UK (UK: England, Wales, Ireland, Scotland, AS WE ARE TOGETHER IN THE UNION, so no differences when it suit you, but the same policy, rules, standards, laws, duty of care and even regulations, as I was told by the DWP staff, "what is in England, also in Scotland!?"-) police need to hold into certain amount of time (28 days) to discuss any legal case, even by suspicion. "The call for a change into the UK (Scotland, England, Wales and Ireland) legal system, after a series of high-profile cases, where public figures are HOLD for long periods and without any charge, which is unlawful, against the law, illegal and corrupt system?!!"-

As many victims of police direct actions, finish on endless POLICE bail, without proper charge and this HOLD into human peoples FOR EVER, to make perhaps WORK target, but wrongly TARGET certain members of the community, particularly those victims, that live alone, that are foreign and ignore the UK system as a whole - complete (as this was my case, forced to study the English law since 2012 to protect me and mine!), that got no family for support (like in my case), that hold no witness in any case and/or any way, form, or shape "different from the community", without parole, without proper justice in a court of law, without a legal representative to protect own rights not matter case and without knowing fully well, what are the charges against  (what they done wrong in a court of law: as this was my case since married 1985 the British ex/husband, now divorce 2012 and even today 2017, unable to remove the intolerant bullies that "feed parasites" lies: 5 boys, the river, the kiss and etc, when fully participate together in the malice, taking advantage, purchase ££$$$ in order to eat from victims as me, acting like animals and carnivals, breaking my reputation and unborn children "into tiny little pieces", as this is how my unborn children perished, forced to terminate / abortion, to pay for endless lies, as this is how my sister (soco) detained wrongly under the mental health act, as this is how my sisters: flor, lupy, soco perished by same intolerant bully culture , that drove them into an unknown world, game and abusive - sick environment, as this is how my brother was molested and after died from own injuries  by an act of "who's brother wins, sort of power macho contest?" and even tried to use "my children not matter age" into their own malicious world, to hide, protect and cover after, explain in this link:  with respect to Rio Ferdinand, but I spoke "on that time and this time", to endless witness into the matters and in order to gain aid, help, legal system, to no avail!!) aided in my case, by ex/husband sister, ( social worker, that swipe her marvelous GOLD work card to own advantage and put me and mine (children) in a horrendous ordeal, place, spot and in public, as now, today and when I need to write the ordeal with more than 530 notes in my blog, because at the first time the bullies, deny the same like JUDAS.

However as reported on the news: A 28-day limit on pre-charge bail comes into force today, bringing to an end the previous system, which often saw suspected criminals languishing under a cloud of suspicion for months or even years.  Until now forces have not been bound by any cap on "how long someone can be bailed for", victims "left in legal limbo for years", as part "Justice Delayed Denied", facing the "full weight of the state", for  "completely fictitious" case, that need to be legally probe first in a court of law, but take the same law, when constant even monitor? -  Pre-charge bail is useful and necessary tool, but many cases imposed on people for many months, or even years, "without any judicial oversight" – and that cannot be right.  As for example: "Cyber-crime need computers to be seized and equipment to be interrogated to gain evidence, results for detailed forensic tests, take time to come back"-  The new legislation represents a significant change in procedure, but police forces and criminal justice agencies will continue to give careful consideration to safety of victims, witnesses and the general public, which balance against the rights of a suspect (innocent until proven guilty - NEVER - EVER before, as against the law, any law worldwide, when falsely accuse an individual, without proper trial and a waste of life!), also strike a balance between the need for police to manage investigations and not leaving a person suspected of a crime on bail ( for an unacceptably long period, EXCEPT 28 DAYS CAPPED at the most (innocent until proven guilty!!)" -

What the different news said about, the new Police Bail Limited:
-Police bail for suspects capped at 28 days.  

- Home Secretary Amber Rudd said people were being kept under suspicion for too long and that "cannot be right"- 

- English and Welsh police face curbs on their use of bail following severe criticism of people being left in legal limbo for months or years.

- Police bail limit of 28 days comes into force.

- Police face new curbs on their use of pre-charge bail from today, following a media campaign prompted by the treatment of journalists, some of whom were left in legal limbo for years.

The abuse into any professional standards need to take a different and complete spin / direction, from the UK (England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales: Union) system as a whole and in order to safeguard society, community and victims (like myself) of crime, from same neglect system, from same preferential advantage: "as who is your friend wins (this was the case of the ex/husband)" and from same abuse of power and profession, because 99% of professionals never acquitted from own misconduct, never leave the job but get almighty, supreme and protect, never accountable for own actions - not matter how many victims they violate, abuse and kills, never are made responsible from own holocaust (like me and my family!), due to own negligent attitude and what it takes the complete crap (apologies for the word, but I could not find another better to substitute the pain I feel inside, when I need to collect the crimes, criminals and bodies, with no time parole to put the victims to rest, gain justice, compensation and memory, mean a place, where I can bring flowers to pay my respect and after the genocide!!) of that system is the hypocrisy, when hide / protect / cover the bully, when many do not work here anymore (as I was told endless times!!) after the bullying, genocide and criminal activity, many disappear from the surface of the earth / system and hide into 20 keys and present called: "confidentiality acts" the vile cowards, and many even perish in the trail of complete destruction and corruption, leaving the victim (as myself!) with no time parole, no case, no body, no freedoms, no knowing fully well what the charges were/are about and not legal representative to open the case again, in a way as today (, when the law is in constant and changeable system (with thanks!), I am pretty sure that many wrongly detained in prison and for in-definitive time, perhaps for minor matters (, that today they will be set free again. 

I protect me and mine (children) with the law, any law, even the International law, as what happened to me, hope never happens to another person - in living memory, that my Lord is my witness, helps me God, and so be it in law! - Rosario Castellanos de Parker.


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