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Sir Nicholas Wall: “Died By His Own Hand” -

Balada para Adelina - Richard Clayderman 

Sir Nicholas Wall, former head of the Family Courts in England and Wales:  “Died By His Own Hand  (RIP) On 17th February 2017, Aged 71” -

-  As student of the English Law, even with a second hands OU (Open University) books from eBay and when I teach myself the "Principles of Laws", then I have the rights to place my own opinions and comments into this very sad situation, with "no exit at the front door" -

-  As a former career for old peoples and working for my NVQ'S into such horrendous circumstances, sad times and violent environment, I witness in first hand the complete treatment, the trashing, abuse (in some care homes), carnage, lack of respect and even unsolicited verbal abuse.  I am talking about your MOTHER and/ or, your own FATHER placed own trust into such environment and background (, furthermore when Sir Nicholas Wall financial means cover his stay at his own home and place of residence, but anyone can tell what failed, who failed him and in which grounds / reasons in law, "as there is not exit (care home), except by his own hand (“Died By His Own Hand”)?" -

I am not God to condemn either way (system, laws, government, etc), but need to improve quite a lot, neither reasons into why some peoples / professionals ( Nicholas Wall ) takes own life in extreme situation (, perhaps out of pain, despair, loveless, loneliness and/or witness reality into certain situations, where there is not front door to leave, there is not form of escape in any situation, there is not form of discharge whatsoever, there is not a second opinion / opportunity to probe otherwise, there is no contempt to leave in any grounds / reasons, there is not freedoms anymore, anywhere and anyhow, furthermore when he (Sir Nicholas Wall) was the mean reasons into why, hundreds of peoples like him, end up in such places ( care home ), because without a Judge and a Doctor, nobody can enter the "No Exit Door (care home)" -

Can you imagine to be in this sort of place yourself, where there is not way of escape in a care home, that similate a prison sentence without commit a single crime, but treated as problem, criminal and exclude from society, when regulate with FIRM hand (“Died By His Own Hand” ) by care home staff and I am a witness!! -

It is my believe, as the horrendous news came today, that the man himself and with respect, Nicholas Wall took his own life, then en-light me how he was ill, sick, disabled, as nobody can take own life when ill, sick, disabled and/or poor state and then please tell me, his mind was working or not working when he took his own life:  "After years of suffering, he was recently diagnosed with a rare dementia of the fronto-temporal lobe" -

1 -  As a law abide person, I can not accept the medical diagnostic ("After years of suffering, he was recently diagnosed with a rare dementia of the fronto-temporal lobe?" - at any time, perhaps the man himself (Sir Nicholas Wall) need a few years to re-coup from workload, "as stress relate work" illness / sickness and as such, can give the wrong impression, meaning and diagnostic?! -

2 -  As former career for Old Peoples, even with with dementia cases, I can not accept plausible the lack of support for them at any time, that comes with lapses of mind (absent mind), mean from time to time wonder around and escape reality (who NEVER done the same ESCAPE, even when watching films to put mind to rest and/or, when see a rainbow / witness of a sunset / wave of seas and etc, well that is "escape the mind", that for some reasons lapses and "wonder around freely", that is not a crime, illness, or sickness, but "put own mind to rest -escape" and so, what is to you and since when our MIND is the business, even of medical experts? -) and "not as permanent sickness / illness, but escape stress life and as form of rest!!"-

3 -  As Student of Criminology, Law and Psychology (all my life since 9 years old!), plus former Career for Dementia (old) peoples, I can not accept such wrong treatment and diagnosis of "memory loss" ("After years of suffering, he was recently diagnosed with a rare dementia of the fronto-temporal lobe?"), because then explain to me and in plain English, "how Sir Nicholas Wall took his own life", when "apparently" his mind was not working ("After years of suffering, he was recently diagnosed with a rare dementia of the fronto-temporal lobe" -, or I will believe strong and think, that somebody assist him (Sir Nicholas Wall) and that is a crime / murder with intent, when the care home closed own doors to him (Sir Nicholas Wall) and gave not other alternative for treatment, medication and place to rest in peace, except in a care home (now is the heaven, because there is not escape, when placed in a care home!), neither his (Sir Nicholas Wall) own family intent to take responsibility when care for the old man's (Sir Nicholas Wall) health and well being, including his (Sir Nicholas Wall) care program / plan, but more interested in lead a free life, without carry the burden of society and somehow this man (Sir Nicholas Wall) care for all his (Sir Nicholas Wall) own family and provide the best lifestyle ever known to man/ woman alike, but deny his (Sir Nicholas Wall) human rights, duty of care, freedoms, liberties and a few comforts at his (Sir Nicholas Wall) own home (not care home), with his (Sir Nicholas Wall) own private home career, which is someone who can be responsible for his (Sir Wall) own life, medication, treatments, or nobody can advice "legally" nowadays?!! -

Without gained a single degree from University places myself, but there is not secret that STRESS is the biggest KILLER of the world (at work, education, at home, etc) and that is a true fact and not a tale, now can you imagine what STRESS LIFE can give to a young / old person - not matter age?!  And as such, we should treat peoples not as numbers, but as if the person was your own mother, father, sister, brother, son, daughter and etc, then why we need to accept into a woman / man's of principles ( Sir Nicholas Wall), all this falling within the UK system and as mention before in points 1, 2 and 3, plus whatever you want to add into the same case.  As this is what calls OPEN democracy, when debate own community affairs in the OPEN fields, not hide ( from public life and intent to silence the media, otherwise can put all of us at risk (, because what happened to Sir Nicholas Wall can happen to anyone in today's modern life (, nobody is free from abuse of power and profession, neither offers a video camera that recorder such events and in order to see how things happened and develop into assist  (After years of suffering, he was recently diagnosed with a rare dementia of the fronto-temporal lobe and "Died By His Own Hand" - - when not exit from the same ordeal (care home) crime?! -

I went last Friday (17/2/2017) locally to gain dental treatment, only got an x-ray that can give you cancer, but not DENTAL treatment whatsoever, because the dentist could not see anything wrong with me ("when she never used the illuminate magnificent glass - as she use glasses herself, as disabled person myself, I need to see what I can work with and not pretend, but leave peoples with no form of defence, health, treatment and/or choices!!"), we debate the endless why not's which is a waste of time and I never went for that matter (to fight!), but offer me not other alternative for treatment and medication (antibiotics), even promise me to send my papers by post, when remove me from own date-base, as if not can cause confusion in another dental practice, mean the "family problems" from ex/husband, his sister social worker, members of my family and helpers can travel to my area ( ) at any time and remove anything from me (as if we are in war and by who's, are we mad and not family to speak / communicate open, but send messages like vile cowards that HIDE, after the criminal activity?!!- ), as this reflect with full control over my (dental) treatment.

A - Furthermore when I stand "falsely accused of a kiss (by mara) in the past (kiss reflects with my dental treatment, within own version and in a way how they see matters!!) and killed my unborn children (3) by the lie, slander, defamation of character against my reputation and abuse (when it was Raul Nuñez frade who kissed to me, not me to him at any time, but him!) and as such, who shall I press CRIMINAL CHARGES for the 3 murders of my unborn children, that develop soon after the lies (that I kissed Raul Nuñez Frade when I NEVER, but him to me?), because one thing is to terminate (abortion) my unborn children by my own FREE will and wish and another very different is to be FORCED to terminate (abortion) my unborn children (as I am not your JESUS CHRIST to be escorted to the slaughter and in order "to kill with intent" my 3 unborn children and explain in this link; ), by same lies (5 boys, the river, the kiss, etc) and in order to please the bully ( ) and own helpers!!-

B -  I believe same dental matters happened with my elder sister´s child (pepita jr) in the UK (removed dental treatment and in pain over the weekend, as I was told by josefa!) and soon after I married (1985) the ex/husband (and what the fuck I have to do with the matters, when I never worked with a dentist practice myself, neither speak properly English on that time to manipulate anyone, as I passed my English classes, academy and details to Carol Parker when she was in Puebla, Mexico "before the wedding" and for her to work and earn cash, neither I was told of my niece matters "no dental over the weekend", but years after, not when actually happened, so ready to be used the excuse at any time and as today 2017, against me, what a cheap peoples?! -) and not before and in order to have the excuse to come against me at any time (like when someone gives free ride and freedom card to ABUSE their own blood, brothers, sisters, family, with the use of the upper hand and strong force from the law, no justice, no chance to speak / explain, no pity, no remorse, cruel intention, motives and strong instinct of vengeance, when undermine their own near and dear to the lowest acts, ways, shapes and forms!?- ), otherwise they will look as mad compulsive bullies of society (, when lack of probe against me by own aliens and lies, but need to destroy me, one way or the other need to use now my own kind (children) to hide malice and need to use pathetic story (no dental over the weekend and what the fuck I have to do with it!?) to push even further and help sister (mara), or whoever comes against me (as if we are not blood relate family and so what the fuck we are, with continue bullying me and the rest, instead of simple chat over the matters / issues, because I also lost 3 unborn children, nor just 1, but 3 innocent lives destroyed to no repair!!?), by continue TRASHING my reputation badly in public, "as I need to expose dentist ordeal last Friday", also cash and exploit me financially in another country different to Mexico (as josefa told me in front of ana pia at mexico airport, before leaving to UK, to purchase an air insurance and on times, when such matters existed and they will cash for me and as form of joke?), when on government (my elder sister josefa's husband and the rest that aid each other, pemex, zermatex, etc!!) and religious affairs (solana senties) played a big part.  

So whichever way you see it, either A and B helps each other and against me, unable to gain justice in the UK, as all is hide and reasons why I look this way, "vulnerable", because that is the idea, the reasons why my sister (soco) detained under the mental health act, my brother killed in an act of vengeance ( ), my unborn children need to pay for endless lies (5 boys, the river, the kiss, etc) and so destroyed my reputation! -

I am not allowed to seek justice to the slander, lie and defamation of character against my reputation, otherwise I look "vulnerable (crazy, mad, weird, lunatic, etc)", but JUSTICE left me alone with the real "vulnerable (crazy, mad, weird, lunatic, etc) bullies", furthermore expose family abuse to great measure against myself, even murder charges for my unborn children slaughter, with intention to kill, neither strike any kind of professional misconduct ( ), when such "criminal acts with intent to kill" ( Sergio Julian Gali ), fails badly own career and profession, from day one: "ANESTHESIOLOGY" - months before marry (1985) ex/husband and my sister (ana pia) and ex/husband sister, social worker, Carol Parker (as she was in mexico, I help her to find education and work in the same place, where I was learning English, but not time to tell me her personal issues, matters and reasons against me, except pathetic "family problems" for excuses and eat from the lie!?) played the big part, heard my screams and even witness such abuse against my body, because I can not recall who it was at the clinic on the time of anaesthetic, but I am 100 % sure it was Sergio Julian Gali - as medical story, reference and even career ("ANESTHESIOLOGY") match! -

As "family problems" from ex/husband, his sister social worker and some members of my family left me with such peoples, that comes from my past and personal issues, mean in law, I finish all kind of communication with him (Sergio Julian Gali) - 40 years ago (as sister mara forced me to terminate Sergio Julian Gali, when she told me that, "I will have a family just like him" and I said GREAT what's wrong and then she pointed his family and she said: "this is what you want????????" - On that time, I was 15 years old and mara was 18 + just arrived from Mexicali and Guadalajara, so it was the "full life" and I was in the "opaque life"-  As such, I did not know fully well what she mean with the; "This is what you want???????", neither understand the full impact of her RACIST words against, Sergio Julian Gali's family, furthermore I had the power to ask what she mean, "I will have a family just like him", when I was just a simple girlfriend nothing else, and always, always, I was the ugly ducky, idiot, stupid, sick, etc - "so what changed even today??", but ONE THING FOR SURE, I was ill at the time and still today.  No, I don't have to apologies for any sisters of mine at any time, "that expose and abuse own family in the most grotesque ways, shape and forms imaginary to mind", and in order to cause trouble, pain and discomfort, furthermore when RACIST remarks against society, but them alone, not me! - When the pressure cooker envy sister of mine, as mara had a boyfriend, which was the same background of Sergio Julian Gali, but Salim Tanus and broke with him  by same pressure, illness, racism, and prejudice.  I remember well, how mara used to talk about me, Mela sister and even Salim Tanus illness, in fact told Gabriel Kuri (RIP) of my illness and in front of him lift my hair to see the device and when I was a young girl - unable to handle, and the boy disappear, as fast as you can count to ten. I will never forget the betrayal, embarrassment, abuse and racism against me, when left exposed by mara, never my father that comes with a child like Salim Tanus, but concern on mara's education and with my full respect, but she was always out with him, neither my sister mela that always, always takes everything for mara and I land in the TRASH when need to cover and funny enough is mela that end up with the child, very much like Sergio Julian Gali 's family and with my full form of respect to may concern matters, but way out of my reach, as mara need to apologies, not me!-), but today still plays part into my life and with respect to his wife and family, even removal of (dental) treatments as mention before, together with the rest helpers ( teresa solana senties, luis francisco solis cano and etc) and always forced to "terminate" peoples, exactly the same, as I was forced to "terminate" my unborn children, can you follow my lead - such friendship with members of my family, as criminal activity against me and mine, but always me to blame and need to expose as "chip bargain" when use another story as Sir Nicholas Wall with my full form of respect, otherwise nobody cares!?!-

My sister (mara) came against the family with matters, issues, problems, without thinking the full consequences of her own actions, but pulled the rest as opportunity, like ex/husband sister, social worker and the rest helpers, when communication will solve matters, but used to gain and cash own family, so pardon me today, if I expose the same and in order to stop abuse, bullying and lies, because family is family and should be respect, protect, care and love, not trash as rubbish, but if the rest of family members never experienced the abuse, then how they will know what it feels to be me - trashed and furthermore, who will stop the real bully, if not exposed and pray for the best?! -  When younger, everyone was telling me of the alike version of my brother Jose and it was not until I meet Alma, which she comes from Sergio Julian Gali, Gabriel kuri and Salim Tanus background, I meet her with business relate of my sister (tere) "alta costura infantil" and to probe in law, that I have little connection with my family, she told me and pointing to a child, that was my brother's?!-  I was there sitting in the same table as Alma and listen to her own private matters, even today, I am unaware why she mention such matters to me, but I thanks her for the confidence and mention just now (2017), as I am not close to my family, never was part of own clan, but one thing for sure, my brother Jose and his wife (pilar) unable to have children, lasted years into treatments and I believe strong is worth to mention, with respect !! -

As I explain in my blog with more than 520 + notes, but who I shall press criminal charges against, as crime who commit the murder and to whoever hide, somehow the law failed me in the UK, the same as the system failed Sir Nicholas Wall and with respect to may concern matters.  I want justice, memory, compensation and non - repetition of the crimes committed against me and that my Lords is my witness, so help me God and so be it in law! - Rosario Castellanos de Parker.


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