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Incident report at M&S shop ..

Richard Clayderman - Für Elise & Valse des Adieux

Incident date at M&S shop: 25/2/2017 and impossible to believe in true life, that such places can PLAY a bigger part and into any "family problems" worldwide, incredible!! - I saw also a couple of religious nuns collecting cash and soon after left M$S shop?! -

I am not tolerant of M&S staff, who abuse customers like myself, without proper reasons legally and in a court of law like the rest of "normal peoples" and where both of us sit in the same bench and read the same charges and in order "for me to know grounds / reasons of abuse from staff against me today (25/2/2017)" - maybe explain properly, but hide COWARDS ( bullies from ex/husband, his sister social worker (, members of my DIRECT family ( and own helpers (now ex/husband try to hide with our children, past abuse against me and mine? - ) and act as"family problems", that habitats inside their own (fucking, fucking and fucking!! -) mind ( only, because the rest like myself - do not care a bit, about any of them at any time, also as following link explain situation:  but carry on "the same intolerant, abusive and bully pattern", like ex/husband's mother told me endless times of her own children (and ex/husband sister, social worker told me of her own mother years ago, that "she is senile" and I wonder how she reached that sad end and who helped her during her life, if not her own children / blood - bad behaviour, so who's else, years and years of bullshit, fights and bullying, "on and on and on", well tell me, who can not finish a bit .. ?): "fight all day long, non-stop (Today, I can not cope any longer, I feel let down by the UK system, that I am carrying a heavy load when is not mine at any time the responsibility, but imposed, as those 2 children from ex/husband's mother, which is the ex/husband and his sister social worker are not mine to deal with and the lady in question, passed away RIP years ago and link: mention  and so responsibility of the UK state, never me, or my children to deal with, but the British state and so help me GOD!-)" and so today perhaps, we know who is sending the abuse to me, together with own criminal activity, as form of helpers, but not time to deal in a court of law?! -

-  Today is the second time ASBOS attitude, abuse, incite and full intent to cause the provocation from M$S Staff (as ex/husband told me, his sister social worker works on those places!!??) and against a customer like myself and in "public and for the attention of the public", I request to know, what is her problem, what is the racism that segregate my culture badly ( and what are the grounds / reasons legally of the constant abuse against my reputation, but from years ago - to no end (1985 - 2017), falsely blame (5 boys, the river, the kiss, etc) when was not me at any time and so how today, we end up with "family problems" as she (carol parker) told me "before divorce her own brother" and somehow exposing the abuse, but she dislike the idea and I need to endure (1985 - 2017) her vile hatred pursuit, ill spread, racism, intolerance, bullying, bullshit, lies (5 boys, the river, etc) and removal ( ) of everything from me (including my unborn children from my tummy and pretend abortion, when was murder with intent!!) and all due to her bad heart, all due to her bad attitude in life and all due to her bad character as even her mother could not cope and this is not what I teach my children, but respect, love, tolerance and reasons why, I am exposing in public, as I don't want my kind (children) not matter age, to learn this kind of trashing against humanity!- I believe strong, the Video cameras are working very well inside the M$S premises and perhaps explain better than my own words (Spanglish) and explain in plain English, that even education (human right) removed ( from me, when segregate my culture badly, badly - badly and so, pardon me today, if I return to the sender her own bullying, her own trashing and her own criminal activity against me, that works along the bully?!-

-   Today (25/2/2017), M$S cashier staff throw ( own food (2 packs of ham) on the floor and landed on dirty place, "from a wider bench (impossible!)" and as such, I refused to collect, pay and even purchase, when segregate my culture badly in public, "as everyone was watching - even videos cameras (maybe erased now!)", with intent to cause mayhem against me, provoke customers like myself and perhaps gain a bad reaction from me, when food landed on the floor, then frame / blame me after, when was not me that cause the incident, but went to shopping, never to fight with anyone!-  Can you follow my lead, such incidents are not casualty, but someone sent the bully against me and create the drama, bullshit, abuse and racism that segregate my culture in public?! -  The second incident was 4/5 weeks ago and on Sunday afternoon, M$S male cashier staff put plastic bags on the floor, instead to use "the wide bench" and inside the same, placed the food that I intended to buy and purchase, except on that time and minutes before closing time, but today is not acceptable the racism, furthermore twice in a short lapse of time, but more like somebody sent the bully against me and in order to teach me a lesson, when again, a wave of unsolicited bullies come to me years ago (1985 - 2017) and (even today!) blame me of all personal matters (5 boys, the river, the kiss, etc), not me to them AT ANY TIME, but them to me (today HIDE with my children and pretend is all in the past and the incident from M$S staff against me 25/2/2017, then what is in reality, if not incite, provoke, wants to take a bad reaction from me and continue abuse? -), even pretend "family problems (carol parker" when all fabricate within own twisted mind that comes from years and years ago the problem ( ), never me at any time, but frame / blame me after and in order to cover vengeance from own past, brother and bullying, with intent to destroy my unborn children in the hatred pursuit, that took full advantage when holding with the rest of bullies for morale support, members of my direct family ( ), that helps each other in the criminal activity and false accuse me (ana pia for my brother's incident (  RIP), with no form of weapon whatsoever from me - except empty a dishwasher (but take advantage, even dare to use our children / blood, as if not enough our unborn children that perished with the bullies, but hatred wants more and in order to satiate their own inside - bad instinct against own blood family, acting like vile animals and not like family, blood relate and peoples!!!) in the UK not Mexico, that happened many times in front of the ex/husband and children and so what changed that particular day, date and moment (except take advantage and falsely blame / frame me, as they got used to the same low standards, when hide with "confidentiality acts" and the law protect cowards bullies!!), but misleading the course of the law (when forcing our children to help, hide and protect the ex/husband, but "family problems" comes since before our children born, so what changed today? -) with intent (as ex/husband done jury service in the past, never my children and in order to know better, to no avail and the reasons why I am here to protect them, as I already lost unborn children by the abuse from bullies, except today, I know full well everything, before unaware of any problems within families, but all in own mind, heart and low upbringing!) and cause endless problems, furthermore with no form of communication with anyone since and after the wedding (1985 - 2017) and no visit to mexico since days / minutes before my brother (jose) passed away (2010) and shows on my passport (2017) and perished as a result, but today a wave of hatred, bullies and weird individuals, that somehow do not remember the past, only when suit them!?-

Now could you accept such bully behaviour, matters and intolerance from M&S staff and so, why me, the first time perhaps, but a second time, bullying and incident, nope?- I spoke to the manager on that Sunday, to no avail, not even an apology, nothing! -  Somehow, If I throw food to the floor and/or make any breakable inside M$S shop, maybe liable to pay compensation, an apology and damages, so why not to me from M&S staff, for abuse of power and profession and bully me with intent to provoke a bad reaction, and place me after, a direct blame / frame? -  I find it intolerable, corrupt, bully, with unpardonable sin and against the law, "the malicious intent, abuse and aim against me by M$S staff", as she throw M&S fresh food to the floor - as I intended to purchase and when she was serving me (not me to her!!!) and as far as I am concerned, taking out personal matters, business, aims and issues ( "family problems" ) on a customers like myself, instead of a court of law to know the grounds and reasons? -

No wonder and with respect, Mary, Queen of Scott's was left totally ALONE in her own country of birth, instead to receive full protection laws soon after emigrate, from full protective arms, shields, walls and force of  France to Scotland, but left to Her own solo devices to survive and in a country that holds no means to protect own Monarchy / Blood / Tradition / Roots / Grounds / Land, but She should be warned to Her own attention, at the end of the day, She was your Queen (not your piece of crap to trash!!)!! - When unfortunately for lack of protection and full support, Mary, Queen of Scott's was detained against Her own will and soon after emigrate from France to Her own ill fate and as such, I am here to tell you today, how bad and rotten apples you are and as Mexican born with UK (Scotland, Wales, Ireland and England) citizen, you make me feel complete ashamed, sick and betrayed from your own principles and from this place that you call home, when is no safe for me to live here, furthermore for such kind, gentle, noble, caring and extremely good heart, Mary, Queen of Scott's, but a lot of bullying against me for the wrong reasons and grounds.   And I believe strong was Mary, Queen of Scott's position (except me against the wrong Queen of England - ex/husband sister, social worker?!) and all for what, because at the end of the day is bad publicity for you, not for me, but "Scotland The Brave!" and for you to be aware!  -

-  I believe the "family problems" mention before is telling me within own ways, forms and shapes, when I left my sister (soco ) her shopping bags on the floor, after several minutes ringing her front door to open to me and to no avail and as such, I left her shopping bags just outside her front door (as she was my neighbour at the time), or expose to breaks - as plastic, when she had no problems to bring the shopping bags inside her home, as I saw it and when I turned my back to see the same, but complete gone like hoover, "all shopping bags removed in an instant" and her front door closed to me with no care, love, or respect whatsoever and even ex/husband witness a few times the same coolness and for me to be grilled after (he used to tell me: leave her alone, don't you see that she does not want you to be with her and this and thatttt!!!!!!! .. and today, I wonder the reasons why, even better, support my claims from all those bullies against me, except today I know, yesterday not even a single clue, all hide and so how the ex/husband knew the same, can he explain, or was another Raul, that separate us sisters, with a single kiss?!!) , also we need the food badly and this true fact, make him even more cross on that time, angry and terrible upset?! -

-  The shopping bags left to my sister (soco ) FREE of CHARGE with LOVE from me to her and at her front door and in order for her to eat fresh food locally, or starve with no food, exactly the same as the other sister (anna-pia- moneygram, but neither of them my responsibility at any time, because it was my own money, from my own hard work and from my own free will to do whatever, I ever wanted to do with the matters, nothing was FREE for me in the UK, that I could easy use to my own advantage / benefit and as such, we were not rich but starving of basic human rights! -

-  I knew on that time, when left shopping bags at the front door of sister's (soco) home and when she refused to open to me - the same, that she (Soco) was giving all her benefits to own children (tito and riqui) and in order to survive, that is not my business how she distribute her own wealth, but left my sister (soco) in zero-zone, clean and nothing in the bank, when "father (beto hazz) figure" ignore his own obligations and responsibilities to my sister's (soco) children (tito, riqui) after divorce and as such, his (beto hazz) children (tito and riqui), blood, sons and responsibility by the law, not just my sister (soco) to carry the full load (and for Beto Hazz to hunt my sister soco worldwide, with excuse of the children, and in order to put pressure into her second marriage, but no cash to maintain and support, what a clever bully!), but him (beto hazz) as well, instead my sister (soco) prefer to live with nothing (as usual and everything for her sons!!), or inside Trafford General Hospital for FREE of charge, including bills, when ex/husband (beto hazz) owns my sister (soco) past financial support as maintenance and child support allowance after divorce, but left my sister with nothing, absolutely (fuck off!!) nothing to hold into and me to carry his own obligations, responsibilities and duties, in fact, I was used as the other woman to win the home (8 sherway drive) from her second husband (dieter) and all for what, to be trashed after as today in public, with the excuse of the shopping bags, because such children lack of "FATHER figure, respect and tolerance within the family, sisters, brothers, blood, etc"?!! -

No, I am not going to hide the true facts of the real matters and blame innocents all the time and the real reasons why my sister (soco) was abused, trashed and bullied, but on that time, no social media (as FB) to expose the abuse (with thanks!), except today, for Judgement, pay and repair! - I learned the lesson and refuse to have any contact with any members of the family, until all is satisfy by the law.

I protect me and mine (children) with the UK / Mexican law and that my Lord is my witness, so help me God and so be it in law! - Rosario Castellanos de Parker


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