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Infanta Cristina is offended terrible by the press! ..

Rocio Jurado, Viva el Pasodoble ..

I am unable to interfere into the private life of anyone, I have no RIGHTS whatsoever at any time and with respect, but when address the corrupt case in which HRH Infanta Cristina of Spain and Her husband, Iñaki Urdangarin "stand falsely accused by the public", then by law, I have all the rights to help and as student of English law.   However, I don't have the paperwork of Infanta Cristina´s case, then by law, I have the rights to use other means, ways, forms and aims to reach the case and only using as form of prove in order to assist, help and perhaps to put the truth and let the others to earn the cash, by the media abuse, "as usual" when no respect to owner rights!!! -

Why I am doing this matter, when I am not relate to any Royal Family of Europe and is very simple, as my case looks pretty much the same as Infanta Cristina, when my family sold me for nothing and the same happened to HRH Princess Diana of Wales, by the Spencer Family.  Every day lies intensify within the Infanta Cristina case and as student of English law, I am in no rights to keep silence, by the abuse in which develops, when matters always start with family and then expand to elsewhere! -

In the past, I already spoke of the matters and I am not going to remove any words, because of how develop the same case itself:

Cristina de Borbón: "Es muy duro que la familia te abandone" -

La Infanta Cristina: “Confío en mi marido y en su inocencia” ..

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Falleciò el primer Presidente Español democratico post franquismo: Adolfo Suàrez

etc ..

It is horrendous to grow up with your brothers and sisters by BLOOD and with the times see them change for the worse, as if some kind of illness develop inside themselves that make the horrific changes, but heartbroken, when your see your own father need to leave the space for your brother and in order to destroy you to bits, use your persona as meal ticket, lottery ticket, or even cheap voucher, with no form of gratification for your part, no form of proper defence whatsoever and worse when forced to stand trial for lies and all develop, within the hands of the worse of the worse - imaginary to mind! -  So as you can see, as I passed all the bullying (http://tinyurl.com/kvbazhr), bullshit and carnage with flying colours, that I take the liberty to apply and represent HRH Princess / Infanta Cristina of Spain and Her husband only, nobody else!-

As I am marvellous into how everything develop, but more than anything, I am curious of the same start / finish and with respect. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O_HqQ7jwhYk  I come from family problems that I was unaware of the same matters and not afraid to expose the same abuse, violence and betrayal, but here, today is not about me, but Infanta Cristina of Spain. As mention before, when crime charges always start within the family members and then develop further.

I believe strong this problems within the Infanta Cristina develops and start by the same Royal Family, as you can read: "But now the standing of the clan has been threatened by, what the "local press" has dubbed, the Urdangarin Case" http://tinyurl.com/ho23gva  and is the wife of present King Felipe "past anchor news" and if you read where said: "Before her marriage to Felipe, Letizia was a journalist and news anchor?" -  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Queen_Letizia_of_Spain-  

I do believe that you may think as "fake news" and in order to hide the full reality of the case, then let me probe better of the same by "real news" - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kr-AClNaw78   As the same Spanish populism speak and talks open of The Spanish Royal Family issues, without fear, frontiers, shame, or embarrassment of topics, from Queen Letizia of Spain - apart from the rest, Ana Carrasco said: "a estudiado, a trabajado, a vivido, etc, etc" .. a sido corresponsal, "una persona que conoce muy bien las necesidades del pueblo ("expertise" is ver well rewarded, furthermore when study peoples lives, invaluable to hit target!)" y "lo va a ser increible (?)" and in order to probe legally, with the case of Infanta Cristina of Spain!- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uws3rtULSPM  

I am not sure if the problem begin with same Spanish Royal Family, as one sister (Queen Letizia of Spain) for another sister (Felipe VI of Spain) case and perhaps far too earlier even to mention, but need to consider in law and "I am talking about a legal matter not gossip", but for me looks as the case grows, develops, engulfs and again, as how the Spanish peoples re-present own Queen Letizia of Spain, not me, but the news anchor of CCN (which is a "real news") en Español (in Spanish language). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uws3rtULSPM  What is worse, the same family profession and expertise sell you for nothing, instead to earn own living in a proper honest way, but how manipulate communication, when develop journalism capable to gain pursuit, furthermore when live in the same house and steal - sell secrets?! - http://tinyurl.com/hhb6lbk

Here is not about envy, beauty, brains, intelligence, but profession, which you may think Journalism is soft, but I believe strong by my case, family and sister (Ana pia) is not soft, but a weapon against own family, that destroy any sanity as my unborn children (RIP), brother (jose) and sisters (flor, lupy, soco) that played a part and/or passed away, in which manipulation, torture and control, furthermore a Royal Family, which in medieval times, many members of the same Monarchy and/or Populism die as a result, if we study the History well, by the treat, betrayal and abuse.

A person in Journalism nowadays is capable to COMPLETE control many peoples (flor, lupy, soco, carol parker, etc) around them and at the same time and reasons why I am using a blog, so I never need to go against my own kind, blood and peoples, but open expose the concern, so here is not just my sister (Ana Pia), but the rest (carol parker, flor, lupy, soco, mela, tere, mara, rafa, primiada, etc) that played their own parts and even used my unborn children (RIP) as excuse to come against me and as the youngest of the family, like Infanta Cristina and like Queen Letizia's younger sister (RIP), unforgivable, unquestionable, unforgiven by the law, but trying to bring my own kind (children) now to hide their own past, as if there is not enough blood lost within the family and still want more, not the real peoples who done the matters, but use innocents as me and mine (children) to frame / blame after, what a decency?! -

I remember when younger (5 years + old), this sister (ana pia) of mine loved to twist my fingers, until pain comes out of me, I just hope now, she knows full well what is like to feel pain, exactly in the same way as she did to me and her groups of bullies (http://tinyurl.com/kvbazhr), that helped her in the pursuit and develop a complete case against own blood! - NEVER AGAIN! -

"The accusations centre around the Noos Institute, an non profit organisation for the promotion of sports and tourism.  As president, he ( Iñaki Urdangarin ) is alleged to have charged local authorities hugely inflated fees for organising events and siphoning off funds to his private companies (http://tinyurl.com/ho23gva)", but I see events as re-direct the Queen's past life, entertain the media while everything calms downs and perhaps breaks the reputation of innocents peoples so never lose own position, like Infanta Cristina.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U_mGQti7eCg  In which my termination (abortion) was not voluntary (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U_mGQti7eCg) at any time and I am deeply offended by the issue, but forced to terminate the same, "when accompanied by the same peoples that create and orchestrate the malicious pursuit", including gossip against my reputation and by the same violence that my life surrounded when younger, played by family relate and create as mention the Journalist sister (Ana Pia) of mine!-

As how can you can re-create a Mexican / Spanish programme into an English version form of life (impossible!!), if not relate to someone else persona and personality (sister Ana Pia, walls and doors in T.B. Ver!!) of the same, thanks to media, communication and journalism itself, please tell me how, any clues? - http://tinyurl.com/jzjogta  The private life of anyone is not my concern at any time, but demonstrate my matters in a court of law, with any kind of prove of the same legality and not just words, but prove as photos, documents, videos, blog (http://rcp13.blogspot.co.uk/), with the hope that my family (except my children) can remove from my life for ever, as I am unable to forget and forgive their own past against me, nobody has any rights to speak otherwise, unless wear my shoes! -

Infanta Cristina is offended by what the Spanish peoples made up against her persona, with the use of the press - relation by her brother and in the same way as me, with my sister (ana pia) against my reputation and from a long time ago and my question is who will pay us compensation for the abuse, crimes and intolerance?! -  http://tinyurl.com/jcvy9vx

I protect me and mine (children) by the law, any law worldwide, when I am trying to probe legally of the Infanta Cristina case and even my case, as the law removed from me in the UK for the same reasons and in order to hide the truth, bodies, culprits and even when passed away (jose, flor, soco, lupy, etc) avoid the need to testify in public, into how in reality matters happened and bullies (http://tinyurl.com/kvbazhr ) went against my reputation (5 boys, the river, the kiss, etc) for so many years, but today is not how they portrayed the same lies when falsely frame / blame me and even better, trying to use my children to continue intolerance and hide themselves from the past, with no end, until the law stop abuse, criminal activity and pursuit! - NEVER AGAIN! - Rosario Castellanos de Parker.


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