Saturday, 17 December 2016

Facebook wants to change, the way it runs ..

There is not more MUSIC, the BULLYING is not fun anymore!!

It is reported that Facebook owner and staff wants to improve communications system, as worry from "Fake News" to "Real News" and (vice-versa) may damaged company reputation! -

- First, to be "fake news" someone need to probe in LAW with a form of photo, letter, document, video recorder or any other form, way or shape, not just words anymore ( and as myself state with my blog and internet social places, "full of evidence"-  I wonder before "Facebook" wants to change the course of the same business ventures, then by law should probe of the same "fake news" with photos, videos, words, documents, letters, or anything legally and not just them, but the rest as well, as we ask: "where is the probe in LAW, any law" of fake, lies and tales, defamation of character, "because words can not be acceptable anymore", but real EVIDENCE ( and from now on, NEVER AGAIN to be intimidate by fear, integrity (, lies, slander and etc, but probe - real probe in a court of law, where both parties are present in the same justice chambers, same judge, same bench, same paperwork and same time, not fake lies, not fake probe (where the other party is missing?) and no fake news, but reality!!!" -

- Second, the Facebook company and peoples like myself that calls business costumers, as when gain a piece of place in FB (with thanks!), we made a contract that can not break easy, unless probe in law of matters that concern in any way, form, or shape, but in my case, "except when is for my defense and my own kind (children) defense" as I lack of legal representation in the UK, but I hold several blogs and internet social places to probe of the same, with photos, letters, videos and legal documents to explain any kind of behavior, if ever!!-   When legally, I am not obliged to expose matters with photos, documents, letters, videos and etc, but I DO as form of courtesy to The Queen, Peoples, Country and Land, because I am not the intimidate party (but a sister "ana pia"  blame me with No probe whatsoever, when I never knew family problems existed, when I lacked opportunity to expose my case in a court of law and when millions of times, my family was hide themselves with "confidentiality acts", playing games / lies against me from the background and as my blog explain, so how!!?? -), neither I AM responsible for the rest (because such peoples should come with education, family, experience and enough resources to gain own living in the UK, as local government, etc), except my children, but even with blood relations the "family problems" of the ex/husband, his sister social worker and members of my family never stop and cause problems to me and mine (children), that latter can be used "for and against us" - not matter how innocent even a simple message can be twisted ( to own advantage and purposes, with respect, but NEVER AGAIN! -

- Third, when Journalism is become an ENVY place to work at in "real life", because all the news that I share in my fb wall comes from reputable companies and you can check yourself (but ENVY), the same as eBay was for the community if we remember very well (as my ebay shop closed, for trade marks excuses!!!), and so is/was FB from the beginning, now "eBay sells trade marks (and my shop closed for trade marks issues?)" which was forbidden and now Facebook will sell us (fb customers) for "fake news ( )", as form of excuse to remove matters from the community and improve the same (stealing ideas from the rest), when such places as FB formed for the community benefit and protection to speak open of any issues ( according to their own motto (so what changed!!??), not politics affairs, never news anchor, or even government places, but STEALING once more (, our liberty, freedoms, rights, kind of life, protection laws and even communications system to own purposes (, so when we can improve / protect our life as community, when, when and when this system is for the few chosen children of GOD only and the rest, when is going to be our opportunity to shine without stealing our work, ideas, ideals, aims, etc?  -

As community, we can be responsible of anyone, anyhow and anywhere in the world, furthermore, "when someone is in terrible distress, alone, or live with no protection laws like myself in the UK (" and as student of law for the same reasons to protect my corner, or a big organization like FB, that is massive way of communication to reach members of the community affairs and globally, but alone, or in groups - whichever way you want to act, we are all FULL responsible by the law, any laws, "for the community wealth-fare" and as such legally, not on my name the segregate culture, the hunting pursue, the monitor lives, the code names, the spy without proper reasons legally with a paper from a Judge stamped (mean both sides, knows full well the charges and NOBODY is hide in confidentiality acts, with excuses!!) - other than steal ideas, because even children can have their own FB accounts SEPARATE from adults and develop normal, perhaps to have "PEACE OF MIND" but develop (, not stopped and create great world ideas / better future living for tomorrow (but the ENVY is bigger, than any good intentions!!), as it going to be for them our tomorrow, so why not let them to start today and gain proper experience, training, education and future - environment, capable to hold responsible their own actions and not with plenty - plenty faults (, my-hems, lies, shows, intolerance, abuse, lack of respect and bullying ( the community?! -

I, Myself, want to thank FB and staff for to have my matters exposed in "public and for public concern" because is not very easy to be blame falsely ( ) with no legal representation / defense and no "real probe" in matters, but trying to frame / blame me and mine (children) after by anything, because there is not enough (mean my unborn children are not enough, but wants more and more and more blood??!! ), as everything in the UK was removed from me by "family problems" of the ex/husband, his sister social worker and some members of my family, now trying to use my children and again may frame / blame after ( and with respect, because we don't have a magic ball to know the future and here is where I request stop, full stop the intolerance, abuse and bullying! - Rosario Castellanos de Parker


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