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Scotland intent to remove "stigma" ..

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My note is made with respect to UK (Scotland, England, Wales and Ireland) peoples in general, but you don´t same to show the same respect to "British Citizens" -  I become part of disabled groups in the past for support, but I am not a politician, government staff, neither I live in the same place, but a humble writer.  In my condition as "foreign national" with UK citizenship, disabled by meningitis, colour by nature, religious by free choice is hard to live in the UK (Scotland, England, Wales and Ireland) without "questioning"  everything I do, then I wonder how the rest live the ordeal? -

As UK tax payer even when shopping, I am entitle by law to place a public complaint over matters, that affect not just me but the community (I am one of them!) in general, without receiving hate, malicious spread, violence, abuse by anyone relate matters, but the law to assist me and so be my Lord!!- I question from this side of the world the difference in systems, from north to south and vice-verse, while part of the UK (Scotland, England, Wales and Ireland) rubbish bin collection system (just as example!!!) works for different part of rubbish bins, sizes and colour preference to council services staff, not this side of the UK (Scotland, England, Wales and Ireland) same to comply with present basic regulations, that holds more rubbish bin collection system for bottles, than any other kind of elements?! -

"A basic necessity even to our environment", that control rubbish bin collection system by local authority staff, instead to follow us (me?!) residents and overspend tax payer money with funny ideas, ideals, treats, vendettas and spy like James Bond movie style and technology, but act as professionals with:

1-  A simple request of proper bin collection system without suffering reprisals, that confuse everyone with colour preference and varied different from north to south (UK), furthermore makes hard to residents (me) in the community to get access to such elements, without a proper lift, carrying such heavy materials (rubbish, etc) from floors to floors and who shall I place the blame if an accident (the council services)?" -
2-  Floors that cracks noises disturbing neighbours, confusing peoples as ASBOS, when in reality such floors need to be made of hard cement, accessible to proper living standards and by the council, that owns the land / building regulations? -
3-  The water pipes that carry basic necessities not luxuries, get block without warning of the same by any means, test, ways, or even reasons, but I or neighbour gets the blame, when in reality is the job of the council services and building regulations to check matters and by law?-
4- When in need of repairs as forced to upgrade our pad, even use the whites to clean our laundry, may I know which times acceptable and by law, anyone? -
5- Pets regulations that I should consider, before purchase a lovely one? -
6- Who is in charge of damages direct to my property, when fully restored before purchase and hold the estate agency as witness, but the abuse comes from another floor and owner against me? -
etc, etc, etc, ..

There is nothing wrong with the structure of the place where I live and quite contrary by the years of use (1890's?) getting stronger, safer, plus stunning views to match matters, but unable to enjoy as mention before, whoever use me to highly your personal matters and without my permit, consent and knowledge.  Particularly ripping reputation and my property in order to please "family problems" of the ex/husband and his sister ( social worker, that works for the same council services, even request my children to ask me for things ( ), when the law exist is not invisible, but in my life after the divorce?-

1-  The ex/husband mother told me, when she and her brother were alive (RIP), that his home was flooded, I wonder if bullying don't run in his family?-
2-  A sister (ana pia) of mine that lives in my mother's house, ripped apart and I wonder if don't run by the same groups ( that organise crime, but blame me?-
3-  The ex/husband (dieter) of my sister (soco) said that all his electrical items, destroyed soon after purchased and I wonder if it's not the same groups (, that blame me, but not them, because the ex/husband was the only one that holds communication with him, when on holidays, not me just sitting on the same table, but ex/husband.
4-  The ex/husband blames me of everything since and after married and the late one is flooding his home, when his own sister part of groups ( that organise crime based on lies (5 boys, the river, the kiss, the china girl, etc) and I wonder, if I am as good as God to get that power and so why I ask him to help me with my matters in the new place, but lies, tales, defamation and slander against me is against the law! -

I just receive a letter to highly the matters that I already knew and mention here even with photos, but I was not sure of the same and against my reach when unemployed, without resources (the same as the man at the top of the building if you see photo, to own risk and with no resources to aid?), lift to move from floor to floor heavy items including your rubbish, money to expend, jobs, business and employment help, basic supplements / necessities ( ), lack of human rights to protect me and mine (children) and just arrived from a different side of the UK (Scotland, England, Wales, Ireland) with different bin colours, but no basic necessities to perform myself to your own requirements and by the law, human rights and constitution, but falsely accused and blame (letter to probe!!), well that's too much to take - don't you think? -

I refused to get a new GP in the area (see papers), as I hold my GP from another area, so I don't see the point to have so many GP's from the UK (Scotland, England, Wales and Ireland) and over spend as in luxury, when lacks of funding.  Particularly when my GP gave me a chance to probe to the relevant peoples of "family issues / problems", from ex/husband, his sister social worker and helpers, including professionals (saint john the bullies   ) that landed in the UK (Scotland, England, Wales and Ireland) against me and mine.   I really hope, that my blog explain fully and complete "family problem / issues" with more than 450 + notes of the same matters, enough for anyone to understand fully well of the charges against me and mine, including my GP, as I don't want later, to be used against me with any excuses and by same council services relate ex/husband and his sister social worker jobs, but falsely blame and/or remove my personal matters without my permit, consent and knowledge, if we remember well even housing (, now use this side of the UK (Scotland, England, Wales and Ireland) to continue and help and I wonder, who are you in war with and what I ever done to those bullies? -

The same UK (Scotland, England, Wales and Ireland) government and politics affairs and matters happens with religious affairs, as explain in my note (, but my family and I need to do your own jobs that you get paid, but us and for free, by holding and pin us in the wall with any morbid excuses (GP and/or mental issues) and defame badly our reputation with matters that are easy relate in a court of law to explain, but abuse the UK system badly, include force foreign peoples with British citizen (as my unborn children, brother , sisters = soco and mara, my children, pets, etc ) to extreme pain and even death.  I ask again: who are you in war with?- While Scotland has a beauty side of the world, also hide a spectre, that stop them and become, one of the best places to live on earth, please don't destroy by copy your neighbours (England, Wales and Ireland) and pursuit, but continue to be yourselves!-  Since arrived, all sorts arrived here as well, making the treat against me from the ex/husband more spectre than ever before: "Wherever you are, I am going to be there?" .. I can see with the damaged to my flat, stealing my peace, prosperity and love for Scotland.

If the honest comes out from matters, it become more of a battle, wars and winning points, much more than admire the stunning beauty of your place, in order to please hate, wars and vendettas and in that way nobody prosper but left behind?- As Scotland don't need from me "family problems", or even Donald Trump millions, but you alone can become one of the best places in the world to live, by becoming unique and follow your own ancestry example.  Today Scotland government shows a bit of compassion and heart towards the rest of us sick, ill, colour, unemployed, religion, age, sexual orientation, gender, when in reality, I worked since arrived (1985) the UK (Scotland, England, Wales and Ireland) and paid Social Security Benefits contributions, in order to enable me today (2016) a form of financial help when going to a very rough patch in life and divorce (2012), but holding by the same "family problems" of the ex/husband, his sister social worker and helpers against me, if that calls compassion, then I call bullies that stole my money, my unborn children, my life, my opportunities, my education, my jobs, my employments, my dreams, my business and my everything like a thief!-

I was told by DWP staff that they hold the same system in anywhere of the UK (Scotland, England, Wales and Ireland), so be it in law as well, as corruption, vendettas, abuse of power and profession, hate propaganda, mislead, spread, lies, tales, defamation of character, intolerance, mental capacities (when no need!), holding services and system is a crime the abuse of profesion and power, also the bullying in fact racism (when I was treat different than your own peoples), intolerance, personal attack, equal to ASBO! -  When I was married to the ex/husband for years to the end, I believe strong that the person who was against me was his mother and out of respect never questioned, but matters still today in a form of a woman, which is the ex/husband manipulate badly by his sister social worker, that tells him what to do, what to say and even how to act (dad can you tell him? and this man in exchange to my children and even pass messages to confuse matters and blame / frame them after, because I saw the ex/husband a few weeks ago and he said nothing, nothing at all and I wonder?!-

I am writing here in my blog with my fullest respect to anyone concern, but I can assure you, that I hold enough evidence, documents, photos, links and material to use in any court of law and for you to be aware in case if you try to dismiss me as whatever suit you best and by the way, neither photos (except my photos with a purpose to protect my rights and expose my problems, if not sure ask me or I will sued anyone for defamation!!!) belongs to me!! -Rosario Castellanos de Parker.


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