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Grace Kelly: "The Princess of Monaco" -

Speech of Princess Grace of Monaco.

- I’m truly touched that you would all honor our tiny corner of the world with your presence. Goodness, we’ve had a spot of trouble lately. When I was acting in New York, my uncle, a wonderful playwright, told me that I should pray the same prayer every night. That should I ever make it, I would never be ungrateful. That should I ever be in a position of influence, I would have it in me to use it for good. Some of you ask, why did I leave Hollywood? Well, I left because I fell in love with a charming Prince. A man who has inspired me to see the world with enough compassion that I may want to do something about all of the unfair things I see in it. And that is why we are honoring the Red Cross. A force for good that is very close to my heart.

- One of my dearest friends once told me that when people dream of marrying royalty, they rarely comprehend what it actually means. It means having to choose, and I chose the House of Monaco. (It´s the House of Grimaldi)

- It may not seem a noble place, it may seem pompous and it may seem circumstantial. I may not speak its language, and it frustrates me at times.

- But it’s my home and these are my people. And they’re good people and they’re trying to do what’s right in their own small corner of the world, in the best way that they know how.

- And those of you who are married will know exactly what I mean. Maybe I’m naive but I believe in fairytales. I do, I believe that they can exist if we really want them to. If we’re prepared to work hard enough.

- I believe that the world will not always be full of hatred and conflict, if we’re willing to sacrifice enough. That is what Monaco means to me. And in a way, that’s why I am Monaco. I have no army. I wish ill on no one. "I bear no resistance to aggression". I’m here doing what I do, trying to make a little difference in the world in the best way that I know how. But it wouldn’t be real life, or it wouldn’t be the fairytale, if there wasn’t someone trying to destroy it, or crush it, simply because it doesn’t please them, or simply because they can. I know that some of you think it’s their right to do so. But I don’t think anyone should have the right to crush happiness or beauty when they see it. That’s not how I was raised. That’s not the world I wish to be a part of.

- I would rather that the tanks roll through my lawn, I would rather that the bombs fall on my house, than know that I live in a world where love doesn’t conquer all.

- Because, I believe in love. And I believe that it’s love that has brought us here tonight. It’s love that will make us put away our guns, and our politics, and our fears and our prejudices. And it’s love that will eventually make everything right. And that is why tonight I’m going to celebrate it, and I’m going to be willing to defend it. And hope that you will all do the same in your own way, out there in your own lives. With thanks:

Grace and Rainier

You will find the remarkable life of Princess Grace of Monaco told by hundreds of peoples that happened to know true well: "The American Princess", but it's her own words that I am taken now, not the world, but Grace Kelly (RIP). 

I am trying to leave you with respect, The Princess of Monaco own words in a form of speech, as may influence, or dismiss her own persona, particulaly her good seeds, stunning beauty, wonderful heart and excellent manner direct to her own peoples of Monaco.

"As Grace Kelly’s country of origin sees the movie Grace of Monaco for the first time this week, many people are wondering if the speech Nicole Kidman gave towards the end of the movie really took place" -

In my personal opinion, "Princess Grace of Monaco" gave loads of speeches in order to protect and benefit Monaco and no one can take that good seed away, no one!! -

I must to say, "Princess Grace of Monaco" is one of those women in life that reached the dream of become a true Princess and the next one was our very dear "English Rose", as HRH Princess Diana of Wales (RIP).

What surprised me today, when compare both beauties of the world is the similarities and parallel lives: "HRH Princess Diana of Wales and Princess Grace of Monaco", in which, both comes with own "family problems" and perished in similar circumstances as those reasons mentioned before and with respect.

Perished in a time, when "HRH Princess Diana of Wales and Princess Grace of Monaco" own children very young and unable to understand "family problems" fully well, with maturity of today, as own life handled by "weak" husbands.

When we mention "weak husbands" mean everything and with respect to own children, that presently left to repair damaged of "family problems" when it was not them the "problem", but such "weaks" individuals that removed own mother's personal care, endless love, full attention, companion and everything!-

- As Princess Antoinette of Monaco, Baroness of Massy, hatched a plan to depose her brother Rainier III, Prince of Monaco and declare herself regent on the basis of having a son - She was removed from Palace by her sister-in-law, Princess Grace (RIP) and estranged from Princely family. (see life account, following link,_Baroness_of_Massy

- As Prince Philip fears: "I will die soon (and I want to see Camilla out of here before I draw my last breath  )" of same "family feuds" over the years, when legaly we must never attempt against own peoples, family, blood, relations, traditions ( ), no matter reason, or set of reasons, at any time, never - never.

- The same words spelled to me by ex/husband father ( ) months before passed away and same day when I went to hospital to remove a cyst, exactly the same cyst that was left to me after my termination (abortion) in the UK and when I tried to remove cyst in Mexico before the weeding (1985), in whch my sister (ana pia) witness me in terrible and horrible state, by the same abuse that killed my own peoples! -

- The same abuse that my sister (tere) saw and witness my own killed, to arrive to another sister (flor ) house to cover the crime, with no mercy, pity, nothing! -

In my form of view matters, everything planned by the same family (mine and the ex/husband) links, that joined together (1985-2015) in the malice (5 boys, the river, etc), today such links are removing witness ( ), in order to hide, control and continue.

Where the words of Princess Grace of Monaco (RP) during war times, apply here with me today, with such peoples that call themselves family and terminate (abortion) my own, as she said in her public speech ( "I bear no resistance to aggression", because "I have no army" to deffend my own, not even today (me) and "I’m here doing what I do, trying to make a little difference in the world in the best way that I know how", in order to highly (me) criminal abuse within "family problems (ex/husband and I)" and for "public concerrn", as such bullies left me today totally destroyed (, exactly in the same way as 6 million Jews victims of WWII (, plus the rest (europe = 70 million in total).

And all for what, the clinic (abortion) booked by the same ex/husband in the UK, as I was unable to speak the english language, his reasons for me to have termination (abortion) was to give way to carol parker, ex/husband sister to go to Mexico before the wedding, marry, educate and have a life and all mine killed as form of cannibalism.  As carol parker worked in puebla, mexico "before/after the weeding (1985)", as english teacher in same place where I was studying english language and studying spanish at "colegio rosario"-  When I was helping ex-husband sister, carol parker, social worker in my country Mexico, for her to develop, not to steal all mine with a wave of defamation, slander, lies. In the last 30 years in the UK, I was unable to have anything from this country, because as her mother said to me when requested financial help, "not to tell carol" and I believe now with the documents that I hold (with respect to The Queen.  ), as she will remove, destroy and steal everything from me, even today after divorce? -

I believe strong that if such lies from ex/husband sister, social worker (5 boys, the river, etc) against me and mine, together with complete cannibalism of followers (the kiss, the china girl, etc) as explained before, in order to eliminate all mine with ill spread, revenge ( ), hate propaganda and intolerance, then perhaps, we will never be in this position, with endless lives removed with "form of purpose" and due to "family problems" that caused abuse, murder, assault and criminology, but falsely accused and blame "after" own matters, vendettas, cosa nostra and criminal activity.

My note is not to reflect the reasons why Princess Grace of Monaco died (RIP) and her young child survived, also unaware of child's age when happened and purpose to request mother to drive when chauffeur was available, neither I will do criminology at this stage, unless request by the same Royal Family in Monaco, but in order for me to explain the world of my circumstances, in which, "I bear no resistance to aggression", exactly in the same way as the rest human mortals, when bullied, by the cowards bullies and own bullshit (5 boys, the river, etc)! -

We hope Prince Philip ( become soon, The King of the United Kingdom, together with his beautiful wife, The Queen Elizabeth II, very much the same as, The Queen Mother and King George VI, because both together contributed since after marriage, with excellent example to the world.  As this stage, we need to think in the future of the UK Royal Family.  

I protect me and mine (children) legally (, as to write the true of matter that happened to me in the past, even Monaco and UK Royal Family with respect. When such matters was not done by me at any time, but highly such crimes within family environment, that leaves us totaly alone, indefence, sad, terrible exposed (, badly hurt and destroyed, Rosario Castellanos de Parker.


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