Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Syria "war on terror" refugee crisis!

Sept. 20, 2001, Blair and Bush: "War on Terror" -  Today September 17, 2015, we have the results on our door steeps and with respect to the victims of war (Syria, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, etc)! -

Virgen de Guadalupe (Virgen Morena) Marco Antonio Solis.

For me the immigration process in Europe is a difficult matter to accept, acknowledge and witness, full stop! -

It demonstrate as Mexican born woman, the lack of love that grows in this side of the planet, in which I was forced to live for almost an eternity and with respect, but who holds respect for me, when I lost today everything?- 

Today we witness the Bush and Blair intolerant words used against Middle East (Syria - Immigration) victims: "who give a shit" -

The same words "who give a shit" used by the ex-husband to me, when confronted of my unborn children, that perished (termination) in order to give way to his sister, social worker to visit Mexico and gain life after, stealing all mine with a wave of lies (5 boys, the river, etc). As the following link  could no be made itself (apologies to The Queen!!) in order to satiate own malice against me and mine, but a community worker (ex/husband sister, social worker)!!-

The reasons of my divorce, as "who give a shit", about own bullying (, but excuse to inflict pain, to dominate lives, inmobilise human people and destroy humanity based on lies (5 boys, the river, etc).

As the ex/husband mother told me of her own children, "as bad as each other and fight all day long", but for me, like the Krays brothers: "who give a shit"- Where one Krays brothers was the strongest (ex/husband sister social worker) and the other was the weak (ex/husband), but both of them charged! -

Where my unborn children need to perish in termination, in order to give way and born (maybe by cesarean) a bunch of liars (5 boys, the river, the kiss, etc) and their own imaginary world of "family problems", that holds years and years (1985 - 2015) of abuse, excuse to dominate the ex/husband and I life and pin us in the wall for ever - unable to move.

I feel sorry for the ex/husband, as we lost an eternity for all this (bullshit) problems to come out in the open, in which this probe in law, that we were victims of "bullying" because we lost unborn children (brother, sisters <soco - mara> capped by mental illness and a wave of abuse!!) together and not the bullies (, as previous lies and by his (ex/husband) own Bible and by his own words and by himself, not me.

Where today I question, where was such lies of "family problems", as you can see photos, material, etc.

As I am writing this note, with intention of never to come back with the ex/husband at any time, but expose the abuse commit to us by his own sister, social worker in the UK and some members of my family in Mexico (, in order to complete terminate all kind of strings attached, break any bonds, remove all lies and even separate.

As I was told by the ex/husband before divorce, that his sister, social worker was looking after his own matters and he was leaving my living ones (children), in charge of his sister, social worker (why?-).  While I don't care what the ex/husband does to his own life anymore and I divorce for the same reasons, but unfortunately my children comes with own mother and that person is me, "fully liable and non replaceable"- 

But the ex/husband sister social worker, can have her own life at any time and children by the use of own body and not mine, but this time, she can used herself instead and not continue cashing own family, as always.

In other words, the ex/husband sister social worker will have to learn to live by her own means, ways and forms, as I was forced to live (1985 - 2015) in a foreign country (UK), disabled and all ALONE and not by the use of her brother, holding into mine after, now using my children in order to hurt us even more. Particularly, when I expose matters in public, for "the public concern" as even the law is removed from me in the UK, so how? -

As my blog acts, speak and expose abuse to me and mine in the past - present by the ex/husband sister social worker and own helpers and time to bring justice, not for this person to come back against my children now, hide in "confidentiality acts" like (vile) coward and even lose jobs by the same way as myself in the past, remember?- 

Because my children wants to stay with own father and I got no problem with the matters, but he will need to start acting as, "father figure" and not like a lost little boy, that got "confused" by endless lies, defamation and tales from his own sister, social worker against his own family, otherwise, I will have to ask the removal of own licence ( ), when Carol Parker, social worker and own helpers comes against me and mine, as against the law!!- 

It is time for the ex/husband to carry his own "father figure" ALONE, instead to leave the rest (as his own sister, social worker and some members of my family) to carry own matters, leaving the doors wide open and enter "abuse" to me and mine, also time for my living ones to gain their own life as they want, because in the past - present I got the blame, but it is not me, as I am in the same boat as them, so how, losing jobs, family, country, etc, how?- 

The reasons why my children and I do not hold into any Christian worlds, but years before the divorce changed to Anglican religion.  A small service to us by the local Anglican church (with thanks!) in order to avoid all this control freak, manipulative syndrome and endless visits to Rome - Vatican, that brings the "holly cream (" with her (ex/husband sister social worker) and gain favours, but have own family instead to hurt our own peoples all the time.

We are not far from the Middle East wars, imposed to me and mine (children) un-justify, as if we are the immigrants, unable to understand such hate, intolerance, corruption and from this side of the world (Europe). Where I get the blame by the "family problems" of the ex/husband, his sister social worker and helpers, by exposing crime, criminal activity and endless ASBOS to me and mine (unborn children, brother, etc). 

The matter of Syria victims of war is so bad that own families are FORCED to live apart and even worse enough, to give own children to strangers in times of great difficult and I put myself in their own place, as I was on the same boat years ago, when I lost unborn children.
etc .. 

I was blame that I have no friends, family, country of birth and everything of mine passed to the ex/husband sister social worker (1985), today (2015) everything purchase in favours using the memory of my unborn children, as "who give a shit" and vendettas. 

Now while I was working paying my children education, for "family problems" of the ex/husband, his sister social worker ( ) and helpers use with freedoms, as please them (visiting own schools, families of my childrens friends, etc), with little or none respect even to my unborn children, then you can witness the level of abuse within family!! -

As if the "family problems" of the ex/husband, his sister social worker and helpers (soco, mara, claudia, rocio, tito, riqui, friends, etc) are good enough to bring this dysfunctional world to me and mine from anywhere in the world, then good enough to sit in a court of law for past - present crimes ( and endless criminal activity, Rosario Castellanos de Parker.


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