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In the whole wide world, our kingdom was made to protect, care and love our peoples, furry friends and environment, please respect!!-

Starved puppy looked like 'walking skeleton' - RSPCA

Alondra Santos 13 Year Old Spanish Singer, Performs Classic Selena, 
Hit America's Got Talent 2015. 

Furry animals are our friends, members of our family and our most loyal companions: "Love Them Always" -

During WWII times, the foods was rationed ( ), but in questions legally when you are in charge of an old person, a minor human being, or small animal, with "war, or without war", our responsibility to look after them properly, as the law intent, command and order.

In fact the "WAR IS OVER (WWI -WWII)", learn to accept the process of peace, live well, content and happy of today's develop and advancement in the world and let's the rest of the world population to live in holy - holly peace, please bring your own war machinery somewhere else!!-

As the BODY process of every small individual - animal do not develop, exactly in the same rate like the rest and that is wrong to judge matters!- The same and equal measure is an old person, that for own body (sugar) needs and requirements, demand constant supply of small feeds during the day. 

- In my case when I was a small child, I was not made the same "framework" as the rest of the class and friends, even our education status, the "program was very well implemented in our classroom by the teachers" and "we were both sitting in the same classroom so no excuses", but spread, lies and tales of the reputation of an individual, that is crime, criminal activity, abuse, slander, lies, tales - tales, defamation of character and bullying direct to me.  In order for the bully and own hate propaganda (5 boys, the river, the kiss, the china girl, etc), to have an excuse and bring a wave of hate to me and mine and as long as the cowards wants.  I am not liable in law, if  my family framework was/is different to the bully own family, but spread hate (1978 - 2015) against me and mine for that fact alone, well that is crime in any way, form, or even shape. 

- My friendship is/was not based in any colour of skin, age, incapacity, disability, illness, religion, country of birth, gender, sexual orientation, body structure (weight, height, shape, organs and even size of the same), but simple, form of "friend related matters", otherwise, I request to clean my name in a court of law.

- As if you think it's me, the person that hurt your reputation, persona, or anything that is relate to you and unable to explain reasons direct in persona, or by the use of my blog as now (13/9/2015, then better investigate properly such charges against me and mine, "before" any defamation, lies, tales and spread takes place, otherwise, bring your own cheque book with you as well to a court of law.

- We know full well, that slave times finished long time ago and you can not take what is not yours by force, including, steal, hide, push, purchase, blackmail, lie, defame, or enforce rights that are not yours, as human peoples, animals, owners rights, friendship and even relationship, with all sorts of abuse and emotional blackmail, but need to be reciprocal. I remember the ex/husband mention when married (now divorced), that any foreign matters, "found in foreign countries", belongs to The Queen Elizabeth II and again, "slave times" was abolished long time ago.

As our environment that we habitat, with human perception and animal principles were not create, with robots kind of mind framework, neither holds same body structure, or similarity, furthermore none of such bodies develop alike - similar, but unique and by own body requirements, mean, there are no 2 people's - animals alike and with the same needs as the rest, impossible!-

In this case (, we are talking about, small children, old people and very young animals, that need small quantities of food during the day, as own BODY requirements because they are develop, very important matters in our society, because such individuals (fragile, children and puppies, kittens, etc) rely on food to grow up - fully formed and our help to digest the matters.

In other words, we are fully responsible of our own "small world", including and none extent their own world to develop.

There is/was no secret in the matter of foods rationed during (WWII) as mention before, such hard times, that long time gone and time to get over it, instead cashing ($$$£££) all the time with excuses and starve our young generation.

I believe strong, the ex/husband sister - social worker and himself stabilised this rationed kind of control (freak) world, into our household when married (as if we were in the war?), now divorced (thanks God!!), because of lies and defamation (5 boys, the river, etc) against me from day one (1985), that he needs to obey his bully sister ( command, like Hitler ( against Jews peoples during WWII, today (2015) our lives (me and mine), destroyed!!-

As if we are waking up from a very strong tornado, hate killed tsunami and extremely destructive bully hurricane, as everything and everyone around us is either, killed, rationed, or destroyed: "My unborn children terminate (abortion), brother killed, sister (soco) detained under the mental health act in the UK, the other sister in Mexico suffer the same faith (mara), my pets hurt, or destroyed, bullied by community affairs, complete horrendous nightmare! -

Including my children today rationed by the same vicious and heartless maniac behaviour of the ex/husband sister social worker, that pretends to look after her bother own affairs, with the aim to be in all me and mine and destroy - control after, hide in "confidentiality acts" the coward!!-

As the ex/husband told me just before I divorce him (2012), that he was passing our children rights to his own sister, social worker, so it was not enough for the woman ( ) to have my unborn children (in order to give chance to carol parker, social worker to go to mexico, to get married, to study, to live and mine?-) and the rest, because nothing satiate her imaginary world (5 boys, the river, etc).

I doubt very much the ex/husband was the bully ( ), but his sister, social worker that forced him to obey her selfish demands, forming what is well know in society (trafford not stockport where the bully lives, but trafford!! as "the Krays Brothers syndrome ( )", where one was the leader (the ex/husband sister, social worker) and the other half is the weak (ex/husband), both end up in prison as we know matters?-

I was told by the ex/husband mother that I was like a daughter to her, in order to confuse complete environment and hide own daughter, social worker, destructive bully behaviour and sick tactics towards and against me and mine!!- 

Exist peoples that would love own furry friends to death and the other half find difficult to assimilate the needs and express so much in my note, perhaps such peoples give little or no meaning in life to care, protect and love pets.

I remember the only disagreement that I ever had with the ex/husband parents, particularly his own mother, that could not understand why I have to sell one dog and purchase the other smaller frame, because as petite frame myself. I found difficult to care for big pets and purchase a small instead, this excuse was enough to hurt my pets at home, some of them destroyed (RIP)!-

The matter was blow up in great proportion, as I contrary of the ex/husband sister social worker, carol parker, that own parents with old age, illness and incapacity's look after all her personal affairs, including her own dog "Oscar", that need to use personal training and even local washer to clean dog (contrary to myself!!), also her parents redacted university work which is against the law, for own child to gain the career of social worker and today, destroy all me and mine, but rather rationed all from us, with any (freak) excuses!- 

As the ex/husband mother told me, not to tell carol when she lend me cash to helps us, now we know the reasons why, as destroys all me and mine, with any excuses! -

Instead of me, I was a full time working mother not just of my small children but my pets as well and I need to work more than 5 jobs at the time, as I was unaware on that time (not this time!) that the ex/husband sister social worker, removed all and everything from me and mine (children) in the area and need to work and study in different place .. as we saw the case of pauline, Rosario Castellanos de Parker.


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