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Vendetta to discredit the reputation of The Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh and The Royal Family, with a German (Nazi) salute.

King George VI, The Queen Elizabeth II, The Queen Mother and Princess Margaret.
 "The Four Of Us", 
as The King George VI refer, 
towards his own family, 
with such loving care. 

King George VI and His Family  ..

Palace considers legal action over leaked Queen Nazi salute film. Hunt for source of leaked royal Nazi salute film footage. Royals told: open archives on family ties to Nazi regime. The Palace criticises Sun over film of The Queen, giving Nazi salute as a child.

From the same matters mentioned before, a wave of worldwide news surged, in order to take advantage: 
etc ...

The thing is nowadays you don't know how to relate, act, or salute peoples anymore, by the use of the hand, land, or even by air, with such paranoia, that even cut time in order to explain the reasons why of our attitude, latitude and even multitude of mistakes!-

"We are not Robots, but human people, made of skin and bone, we have feelings and communicate such internal matters and as such, pardon us, for not to be "perfects" as you wish, including and non extent the Royal Family" -

The same "family problems" of the ex/husband, his sister social worker and some members of my family (Mexico, Germany, Canada, etc) that are very quick to jump the queue at the first call, speech, problem, or minor matter that I perform, many times due to ignorance of the true facts, that I call them: "Handle With Care - Danger - Beware - Careful - Do Not Enter - High Voltage - Keep Out - Gas (Fart) Explosives - Falling Apart - Tripping Hazard - Wrong Way - Enter At Your Own Risk - At Your Own Peril - Guard Dogs On Duty - Hold Breath Next 2 Miles - Hold Bread Count To Ten - Warning - You Are In My F...... Spot - You Are Under My Surveillance - You Are Under My Skin - You Are My Possession - I Own You - I command You - I say So - I Told You - Do Not Touch - That's All Folks - Keep Praying - Pray For The Best - Do Not Enter - Park At Your Own Risk - Be Aware Of Invisibility - Relax - Keep Calm - Etc" - 

Because of the same reaction/s mentioned before and unfortunately, "I am Not God (pardon me, for to be born normal!)", but such peoples that believe themselves to be "perfect, almost as God", command your life with endless "orders, opportunities and excuses", in order to cash (££$$), hurt and abuse power and position.

In other words and cut the roble, if you give an inch to such peoples (Hitler's), I can warranty you, that they will finish with your life in one go and may finish like minced meat, ready to be bake as humble pie.

We live in a land, where you are not ALLOWED to make a bad stepp - mistake, because the "family problems" of the ex/husband, his sister social worker and some members of my family (Mexico, Germany, Canada, etc), will send to you the gestapo (council services, government staff, social workers, police, etc) with immediate effects, but if they commit the same mistake/s, then different laws apply, different rules command, different channels are used, as if there is one law for you and another law very different for me and since when?-

We lost the common sense and bravery to accept that small gesture that was a "normal" procedure in the 1930´s, as the "German (Nazi) Salute", today is a big opportunity to destroy the reputation of anyone, particularly those peoples that stopped the same war, incredible!-

Let's be clear that Edward VIII ( was not the same made as The King George VI ( and vice - versa, but each person holds their own persona and personality, in which none is liable of the other, not matter in which family background one is born.  In the same way as me and my sisters, I will never be like them, but different and so I am not liable for their own mistakes, because there is nothing wrong with them, but pure malice, including the ex/husband sister, social worker.

As you read the following note that I wrote years ago, half way down, it holds me a few words from King George V that ask: "How is the Empire?" mean in present times: "how is the UK and beyond the seas" -

But as how things are at the present moment, "Way Out Of Proportion" with news of The Queen salute, that I will personally answer The King George V and with respect: "Get well soon" and forget the Empire, such ungrateful peoples are not worth the worry and capable to look after themselves, full stop! -

A small, tinny and little mistake made in times that nobody knew how things will become "after" not "before" of the German (Nazi) salute, because they hold not a magic ball, such peoples are not God and many more reasons, but in extreme paranoia, that frights to the most humble, valient, or weird of all.

To make matters worse, the United Kingdom Prime Minister, David Cameron is due on holidays 3 times this year. On times when the country is living on "food banks, on the road by the level of homeless peoples sleeping on the streets and selling the UK system for a meagre peanuts"- I mean honest, who is minding the businees, who is minding the country, or better to said: who is minding the Empire and with respect???!!!!!!" - On the times of my parents, we did not know what holidays look like, even the meaning of the word.

A word of advice to The Queen Elizabeth II and with my full respect: to request that all Her personal assistants, including the Prime Minister, David Cameron to choose work, or holidays, because the two at present times and conditions are not advisable, against own contract and principles of the job (Prime Minister to look after the state - empire, not the state - empire to look after David Cameron?).
If the "Four of us" knew, how the media will react today for past ignorance of the true facts, when such German (Nazi) gesture was made and killed 70 millions victims of war (WWII), that came "after" photos, videos and gesture taken (  ), not "before", such gesture in a form of mistake drove a mass destruction into innocent lives!-Well perhaps, just perhaps .. The King George VI, The Queen Mother, The Queen Elizabeth II and Princess Margaret (as the "Four of us" ) would not even bother to stop, the most horrendous war ever.  

"As what strange nobody mention that it was the "Four of Us King George VI, The Queen Mother, The Queen Elizabeth II and Princess Margaret )" who drove Edward VIII out of the United Kingdom and into exile life? -

If I ever knew that for me to defend my sister (mara) from her ex-husband (rafael montaño) that was trying to kill her, from her fifth floor house in Puebla, Mexico. When I was standing in the middle of the two of them, with the intention to protect my sister (mara) from the fall and one false step from me and I would be death, not her but me, that small attitude from me towards my sister, killed my unborn children with her own groups of tales - tales, lies bitches and defamation bunch of cowards (the 5 boys, the river, the kiss, the tree palm, etc) against my persona, with the excuse of a kiss, from her second husband (raul nuñez frade) to me in order to cash.

- It is on that time, moment and seconds that I should know the hate from that sister towards me and for me to be aware of her intentions towards my reputation, as her ex/husband (rafael montaño) was losing patience towards her lies of my reputation, but as usual, how would you question your family own attitude? - The same as the Queen Mother and Her two daughters present photo and video for everyone to see the matter in full public display: how they will question the attitude of Edward VIII towards the Windsor family as a whole, because the photo and video maybe is small part of what will come after, the hundreds of matters, that this man (Edward VIII) put the Royal Family reputation, towards and against own public, as today with the archives from the past. 

As if we remember in the 1930's, Edward VIII was The King, or the future King on waiting and such people's nobody question matters, but obey orders. In order to frame his own family after, as the photo mention.

Where Edward VIII asked his brother, The King George VI and his family to salute and take film, photos and full action, because after, if we remember well, the "Four of Us" (The King George VI, The Queen Mother, The Queen Elizabeth II and Princess Margaret) expeled the man (Edward VIII) out of the UK (, so it is not The King George VI and his family reputation, but his brother. 

- It is me that this man (raul nuñez frade) kissed not me to him, that if I want, I should start murder charges towards my sister and her husband (mara y raul) for start spreading malicious rumors and hate propaganda against my reputation (from 1980´s, to today July 2015) with lies and my unborn children killed by such peoples that abuse the norms of life (5 boys, the river, the kiss, the china girl, etc), with no respect. If I want, I should start the same legal procedure towards the sister (Sarah) of HRH Princess Diana of Wales, with lies of "stealing the husband (prince charles)", when she left the man standing ALONE, after she went to the press to speak of the matters and after, she went out with her current husband. If I want, I could press murder charges towards the brother (Edward VIII) of King George VI, that started a "hate propaganda" against his own very much like mine, with "family problems", that ended the life of the King and my unborn children, in order to recoup the British Throne, but finish in exile instead.

I am unable to understand legally a kiss value more, much more and more IMPORTANT of a murder concern and criminal charges and even against the lives of my unborn children KILLED with no mercy, no respect, no pity, no remorce and no nothing, in order to SATIATE hate towards a victim (me) for whatever reasons the bully ( comes with (5 boys, the river, the kiss, the china girl, the dishwasher, etc), irrelevant in law, when the law is not invisible, exactly the same for HRH Princess Diana of Wales (Her two sons) and The King George VI (The Queen Mother and Her daughters) own family, as mine.

As if we are in war within our own family members, but not allowed to know "on that time, this time, or anytime" of the exposure of such hate and with whom exactly, because I was not aware of such matters, lunacy and credibility, that stands as incredible fantasy, defamation of character, lies, spread and tales, that surpass own malice. Furthermore stands from my side such abuses from our family members, as for "Public Concern", as we are allowed as "victims of crime" to know of such matters "on time" and to receive Justice for our peoples, exactly in the same way as the rest, not hide the true!!-

-I remember my sister (mara) told me months "before" my mother passed away (RIP), as I was in her house in Mexico (my UK passport should testify the same) and before I took my bus to reach Puebla, Pue that cristian ( organizations were helping her, also the mother of the ex/husband, as she always confide in me, she told me a family (Royal Family) in Ascot, Britain was helping her own family and another sister (soco) she even pay the fare ticket from Germany to the UK, to the same organization ( that was helping her, she even introduce me with her club of helpers (see photos and my question is: "Who is in War with who's and since when the bullshit started, that I was not aware of the abuse, slander, lies, tales and intolerance, pretty much the same as HRH Princess Diana of Wales with her sister (Sarah) and King George VI that Edward VIII become such good friends with Hitler, because he was helping him to recoup the UK Trone, remember? -

I am unable to continue any further. I will write a book over the matter soon, but I need to find a place to habitat permanently first. As you can see the matter of "deceit between family members against me and mine", affect me more now than ever before, as my unborn children killed in the "family drama", with no form of justice.

As who will believe you of such abuses within family members, because you only need to see the photo of The Queen Mother at the funeral of Her own husband and the culprit (Wallis) walking, passing just within your reach, unable to do nothing, except to expel such peoples, for traitor of own country.

As who will in their own mind, kill his own brother, as King George VI in order to gain his place again, with Hitler's help and who will go against your own family as mine (5 boys, the river, the kiss, the china girl, etc) and what are the reasons in law for to despatch your own sister, HRH Princess Diana of Wales, by her own flesh (Lady Sarah Spencer), supported fully by ex/husband (Prince Charles) and wife (Camilla) "ultimatum", exactly in the same way as my sisters by the ex/husband and his sister, social worker, no difference!!  -

The reasons why for me to write, in which the problems of the Royal Family touch mine as well as the rest, maybe in a way we are helping each other, without even intent to do that matter and with my full respect to anyone concern, but this "family problems" of The Queen Elizabeth II (Her Father, The King George VI), HRH Princess Diana of Wales (Doddy Al - Fayed, the Driver) and mine (unborn children), stand for the "Public Concern"-

-As victims of "family problems", we (The Queen Elizabeth II, as Her own Father, The King George VI, HRH Princess Diana of Wales, Doddy Al - Fayed, the Driver and mine unborn children, RIP) need to gain justice somehow, we need to reach the law somehow and we need to clear our names in some ways.

-As victims of "family problems", we (The Queen Elizabeth II, as Her own Father, The King George VI, HRH Princess Diana of Wales, Doddy Al - Fayed, the Driver and mine unborn children, RIP) need to come out in the full open in order to clear our names, but hide nothing, because we have nothing to feel ashamed of the matters, hide, or worry, but victims. 

-As victims of "family problems", we (The Queen Elizabeth II, as Her own Father, The King George VI, HRH Princess Diana of Wales, Doddy Al - Fayed, the Driver and mine unborn children, RIP) need to speak with the true and only true, without suffering reprisals from nobody, maybe to proceed legally according to the law, as the law state, including and non-extent using our human rights if necessarily, in order to clear our names!! -

Now with regards of Prince Philip's family background, his own mother basically stand as saint ( ), in which she hid Jews from German Nazis and gave all her possessions away, contrary of her own ( and with my full respect. Three of Prince Philip’s four sisters, married German (Nazi) officers, but neither invited to the wedding with the future Queen (1947) of England, Elizabeth II, because of (Nazi) German links.  When on family funeral in Germany (1937), Prince Philip need to go with the protocol (Nazi salute) of that time, not this time, so out of his reach in order to avoid matters, Rosario Castellanos de Parker.


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