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The Office Manager Bully: "Chadderton Post Office, Royal Mail" -

The Police - Every Breath You Take 

I worked at my local WHS Post Office (Royal Mail) over the counter job and left me scare for my entitle life. The employment was the most humiliate, abusive, difficult, unstable, bully, intolerant, mania-tic, paranoid and stressful anyone could ever expect to survive and for £5.50 miserable pounds per an hour, as if we were cattle, WWII victims, or even slaves!-We have to work with more than 100 complete items, stamps, parcels, insurance products and make the unrealistic "target", in order to be target after, by the woman that was the Boss as Manager, as she wanted more and more and more and much more from us, as her own staff: "As if she owned us, with so little respect?"- We started more than 15 staff including myself, working direct for WHS Post Office in Altrincham and left with only 5 at the most, the rest healthy and with not issues, but could not accept the manager's own attitude and left, full stop!-I was not at the post office for a few minutes service like this man Craig Roberts with respect, but working over the counter for more than a year an a half of pure (Gestapo) hatred, from the Post Office Manager Bully towards me, HARD OF HEARING individual?-I spoke to peoples above the manager of constant abuse from the bully to me, to no avail, the abuse continues, until I left for good that job and like me, the rest!- http://tinyurl.com/lnzas64 The abuse against me from the WHS manager continue today (2015), even after I left the employment (2007-2009), with more excuses to come towards me, in order to attack my persona - reputation as eBay seller?-As I need to bring parcels to ship after selling them to any post office, but staff full aware of my persona, "as if they are waiting for me", not just endless abuse to endure by the sick, paranoid, hatred preached, bully and abusive manager, but the trade marks arrived to my doorstep, to make sure my eBay shop was complete closed (March 2010)?-

As I sold items and I need to bring them to the local post office yesterday (27/4/2015), in order to ship them after and the staff as usual, "as if expected me", bullying my persona with stupid and very daft questions (laptop comes with battery?), that has nothing to do with post office parcel standards, as I worked on those places, but same as I wrote in my eBay listing (NO battery in laptop?): "As if check everything I do by the gestapo, because this was the attitude by the German Nazi during WWII?"- Such bullies should not work, if they are not going to give a good service to the public and yesterday, I made sure the post office staff and owner of the shop knew of the matters, because I WAS FORCED to give 10000% excellent service by the bully manager, but not the rest to me and what are the grounds and reasons in law of the CONTINUE hatred, abuse and sick illness?- "Where all this provocation - bullying (attack my persona first and when I react, the gestapo arrives?) against me, "in order to teach me lessons", exactly in the same way, as the ex/husband sister social worker mention direct to her own mother?"-Where I believe strong all this abnormal behavior was coming from the ex/husband mother (1985-2014), but she passed away last year (RIP) and still today?- As over the weekend (25/4/2015), I received 2 parcels OPENED by the post office staff (this is not the first time!), in which the ex/husband told our child to bring them to me and knock the front door as hard as she could, exactly in the same way, as the post office staff arrived home when on eBay times (who is ill?!)?- http://tinyurl.com/pubxwzq This whole faena makes me to believe that the direct bullies lays at any home, today I can confirm the same, with the ex/husband (as primordial), his sister social worker (as go and tell them, the same as she used to tell her father: "Dad can you tell him!" http://tinyurl.com/kvbazhr) and helpers (job centre plus, neighborhood, trafford council staff and all that person into one = house #11, trafford council staff, social workers and a world of abusive hater preachers that work together in the hate propaganda), now teaching my children to follow the same family abuse. When I arrived to Glasgow to see a property, the shop staff used the alarm and everyone need to evacuate, very much the same as WHS post office when on practice, this is how far the hate travels?- Where such bullies left me alone for the same reasons, to avoid witness and hide in "confidentiality acts" the cowards. 

It's the confidentiality acts that such professionals criminals use to hide their own identity and abuse member's of own family and the community to the worse possible ways. As I lost not just the post office job by the continue non/stop removal, or harassment from the rest, with the same response from council services and professional misconduct: "that carry a load full of confidentiality acts and confuse individuals"-http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Opal_Property_Group "The reasons why I do not work at the moment, "until the employment matter is restore" as one work (WHS post office) brings own hate, then the next work (eBay) follows and so on like that, forming excuses to attack society and the community (me) with (hundreds of tales: 5 boys, the river, the dishwasher, the palm tree, etc) full permit from the council staff aware of the abuse from the ex/husband, his sister social worker and own helpers (as they can read my blog). Instead to give protection to the people that need and lost all (me) in the community (http://goo.gl/rh3UzY), but even force my children against own mother (who's in their own right mind?), in the same way as my sister that was detained under the mental health act with such vicious attitude (do this, or I will do this??!!), because all those peoples that helps today, helped in the past and so forms a STRONG chain, that can not breaks (ASBO'S of society). Here is where the taxes pays, for the complete abuse against the community!- http://tinyurl.com/ndp2c4b As before going to the Post Office yesterday, I was telling my own children of the housing problems (apart from peoples that follows me everywhere with job hate, as excuse) that I have, because the ex/husband purchase my side of the house for nothing, when the house is worth much more (http://tinyurl.com/lgy2dpw), then I saw the owners of the home standing and pointing towards me (when going to the post office)?-"I want to clarify that I was talking of the house worth (cash££), not the neighbors, which are two different matters and everybody has the rights to compare house princes without suffering the repression, but the ex/husband, his sister social worker and helpers try hard to dis-malt and finish my reputation, with no/sense"- I believe this matter (house princes) was trusted to the ex/husband and him told the neighborhood (house #11), then she told the next person and so on, as if we are living in war (gestapo from WWII) and nobody can say, or move at all at any place, with such paranoia, hate propaganda and broken glass syndrome, that use our children even, "to go and tell them - dad can you tell him?"- http://tinyurl.com/kvbazhr Now if the ex/husband wants me to move, where exactly, as he stole all mine, by the use of his pals?- http://tinyurl.com/p4rcdva I want to clarify that I have no problems with neighbors, in fact I do not know anybody personally, except hello and goodbye to be polite and if they hate me, then they should contact their own GP. As they told me the same with my own sister, before she was detained by the same neighborhood battle (house #11), as nobody can hate the others, without ever meet the person, impossible, in fact that is not right (in their own mind), also the person should know grounds and reasons in law to clear own name, as I am doing in public, because there is no law for me!- 

It is now that I understand all HATE came from the ex/husband "family problems" and his sister social worker (lies of 5 boys, the river, the dishwasher, the palm tree, etc) hide in the background with "confidentiality acts" the cowards, also the helpers. As when mention the ex/husband to the WHS manager, she used to said: no, your husband not here with such fear, but very brave bullying me the coward?-It was, as if the manager of WHS Post Office need to follow orders, exactly the same way as the rest that abused own work position, I believe strong this came from the ex/husband and his sister social worker close relations and colleagues from work (trafford council staff, social workers, etc) as the long standing abuse link http://tinyurl.com/oxfyppg mention (Not The Queen with respect), a complete abuse of power and profession. The Manager of the WHS Post Office could not stop, full stop interfere with the way I was working, "exactly in the same way as the rest" as we all received the same standards of training, education tools and job performance, neither anything I did was right - enough in any way, form, or even shape but need to show me off in-front of the rest, never existed a tinny bit of respect towards her staff (me), but bullied to the end!- This is the reasons why I am taken the ex/employers to the employment tribunals, "for to bring such long standing abuse to me and mine", but was stopped by the same bullies, that are afraid of the outcome. "Where nobody wanted to stay at the job from WHS Post Office and left, one by one and the manager end up with nothing and relay with agency staff earning, 100 times more than us and less stress, bullshit and abuse?"-I am and I was not difference from this man, Craig Roberts that require his own dog to help from communications, for me as hard of hearing equipment like laptop to read and write, but the malicious boss hide from me such equipment hat exist and existed, or make difficult to obtain the matter, but a full mockery in-front of the rest of staff, as even toilet training was monitor to all of us, nobody lasted put that way!?-  http://tinyurl.com/k4wk7l6  The rest of staff that left the job comes with everything and a few with disabilities as myself, but the ordeal was not different, a wave of abuse to all, only a few escaped as you can see them working on the place, "as selected"-I am not on the news, neither I gained any kind of financial compensation for the ordeal that still today follows me everywhere as explain, but placed the blame to me, even my bank accounts closed and all this HATE paid with courtesy of your taxes, as I am unemployed!!- I think is time to change - challenge the law (http://tinyurl.com/qgykvyfand to work towards the community - society, not the bullies that HIDE with endless "confidentiality acts" and attack victims, when such peoples can not see the real person?-  http://tinyurl.com/ofx7nwy How many stories like this one: Decent lives destroyed by the Post Office: The monstrous injustice of scores of sub-postmasters driven to ruin or suicide when computers to blame. http://tinyurl.com/myfr7v7 I place my case, as I have enough of the blame and bullying to me and mine as foreign national. When all is product of your own (gestapo) system, not mine as Mexican born, but carry UK citizenship. I question for what with sadness and many times. As if I am not trusted within the community by the paranoia, but monitor everything I do, or speak, then what is the point to hold such burden?-Unfortunately like me with or without UK citizenship, we are all in the same boat, carry the same abuse many times and without knowing fully well of the bully, that hide in "confidentiality acts?"- Rosario Castellanos de Parker. 

Harvey Price gets £1,000 per day UK Social Security Benefits (DWP), 
but not the rest of the population as heavy price to us? .


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