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Princess Diana's previous personal guard, Ken Wharfe speaks for once, also Tony Blair ..

The Royal Family (Diana) - Angel

When the police seek a crime case, they will pursue the matter first within the family members, then second and third the rest. I am unable to understand why this is not the case - procedure taken with HRH Princess Diana of Wales, also the grounds and reasons into why not of the matter, by the police force. "In other words, what stop the police staff to follow the same pattern - procedure as the rest of similar cases of HRH Princess Diana of Wales and why of the delay, until I mention this matter into my blog, why?"- Princess Diana murder claims as a 'stunt', says her former bodyguard. I find disturbed to mind to be called a criminal act to be portrait as stunt instead of a crime and the little care of the matter, when we are addressing the mother of the future King's of England, either by HRH Prince William, or HRH Prince Harry. As the level of abuse into the life of this remarkable Lady Diana Spencer, as HRH Princess Diana of Wales, that I over took the freedom - liberties to apply legally, in order to represent her as surrogate sister and protect her by the UK law and so be it in law!- After studied the UK law ("Bachelors of Laws") private by myself in order to protect me and mine, as I am going the same "family problems" of Lady Diana Spencer (with respect), that I intent to pursue a career with the matter and safeguard those peoples that perished and the law left them down badly, when we said badly is the bottom. As more than 15 years passed the "accident" of HRH Princess Diana of Wales, Dodi Al-Fayed and the driver, also my brother and unborn children, that we still in the same spot, stunt and place as before, but nothing has been advanced. My family that stole all mine in order to blame me after of everything that happens to them, including the death of my brother (RIP), but refuse to acknowledge the crime "as it is" by their own making and faults. As I lost contact with all of them as family, including old friends (teresa solana senties, etc) soon after the school term finished (1978), but even own pregnancy I was to blame?-When I never spoke to anyone in the past from end of school times (1978), but forced to terminate with boyfriend by lies of friend (teresa solana senties) that blame me of her pregnancy (1980's), then little touch with family after emigrate to the UK (1985-2015), even seconds before my brother passed away (RIP) up to now still reside in the UK and my passport shows the same, but blame by all of them (the kiss, the china girl, the 5 boys, the river, the palm tree, the dishwasher, etc) and the law is so weak? -My matter is not much different with HRH Princess Diana of Wales, that after open cases, after cases in France, England, elsewhere in the past - present still the same matter, "unfinished case" and I do not need to tell you, how much the father of Dody Al-Fayed has been paid in such expensive cases, to no avail: "Because the law is purchase, corroded, hide, betrayed, abused, neglect, etc"- What I find stunning to believe is the level of abuse in the matter, the easy approach of the case (as if worth nothing!), the little importance of such wonderful woman (HRH Princess Diana of Wales) and her victims (Dodi Al-Fayed and driver) that perished with her in such sad circumstances, almost as "martyrs"-Because of the similarities into each other life, without the riches, glam and such beauty, that I become interested in HRH Princess Diana of Wales case, with my fullest respect. What it shook me from reality was the "family problems" that we both share, embroiled into each other family, by such individuals that love to cash on our expenses and call themselves after: "financial entrepreneurs"- I have been starting to purchase HRH Princess Diana of Wales books, by her own words and follows internal into the matter, waiting for her orders, while it may sound spooky to you, but not to me, as I need to know in the same way as her own self. "The Metropolitan Police revealed (19/8/2013) that assess new information, about the deaths of Diana and Dodi Al Fayed, also the driver in Paris car crash (August 1997) and what took so long, also what was the outcome?!"-  I am placing my case of HRH Princess Diana of Wales as public concern, by the level of abuse of the victim/s, by level of the case as future mother of the King's of England, by the level of time that still not time to finish with the matter - case, by the level of corruption into a murder case that we question legally "professionalism" and as such. I expect to see documents relate to the case and expose matter in full and for the public concern, with respect to victims (RIP). As while you expect this approach and abuse of stunt in a third world countries, but not in the UK, full stop!-As Tony Blair felt that the royal family’s lack of response to the Princess’s death was dangerous for them in the face of a massive outpouring of public grief and felt a duty to protect the monarchy from itself.  But I question legally who was in charge of the UK country at 2.00 am (Giving his first account of what happened on the night she died, Mr Blair says he was woken at 2am on Aug 31, 1997 by a police officer at the end of his bed, who told him that Diana had been badly injured. ) and even at 4.00 am (He knew from the beginning that her chances of survival were poor, and was told of her death at 4am. Mr Blair says that, without wishing to sound callous, he wanted to “manage” the situation and shape the public grief that would follow. ) in the eve of the night, HRH Princess Diana of Wales "accident", particularly when Tony Blair and his team of peoples works in legal departments, in fact his own wife is a CBE, QC, Barrister. Where Tony Blair had 2 hours (2.00 till 4.00 am) to work, act upon and within the UK law, in order to take HRH Pincess Diana of Wales from the wrackage, but choose to sleep over the matter and act the next day, not on time. I question legally on the time and date of HRH Princess Diana of Wales, Dodi Al-Fayed and the driver "accidents" (RIP), who was in charge of the country: "The Queen Elizabeth II, or Tony Blair and his team of professionals?"- Furthermore: "Who is liable in law for failing the Mother of the future King's of England, when The Queen Elizabeth II would never over pass the law, but waiting for the Prime Minister, Tony Blair to act upon and accord to the UK law?- I wonder: who was behind the actions and interfere in the matters of the state, stopping a fast action - response to save HRH Princess Diana of Wales, Dodi Al-Fayed and the driver, when Tony Blair gave Diana, Princess of Wales an "ultimatum" as he spoke to her about a concern with Dodi Al-Fayed (He recalls meeting the Princess at Chequers in July 1997, the month before she died, saying he felt an uneasiness about her relationship with Dodi Fayed but could not put his finger on why. He says she did not appreciate him broaching the subject with her. )?"-I wonder what the relationship of HRH Princess Diana of Wales and Dodi Al-Fayed has to do with the UK government - politics, in fact what is the concern of the mater in politics?- Furthermore the same "ultimatum" that Camilla Parker gave to Charles, Prince of Wales and forced him to divorce his wife, HRH Princess Diana of Wales?- I question legally, if this is the matter and delay of the 2 hours (from 2 to 4 am - Aug 31, 1997 to save the life of the mother of the future King's of England or mean nothing to you, but blame The Queen Elizabeth II of cold reaction, in order to place the blame to someone else, due to failure in politics. When in reality, The Queen Elizabeth II was waiting for Tony Blair to act as Prime Minister, not as little boy that over slept in the matters and wake up the next day to remember duty, when it was far too late, as HRH Princess Diana of Wales passed away!?- A very similar matter happened to Malala Yousafzai in her own country over a political concern ( ), magically she was saved by the United Kingdom government in split seconds and why not HRH Princess Diana of Wales airlifted in the same way, with the best machinery of the whole wide world that split in seconds from one end to the other. Please tell me why of the failure to save HRH Princess Diana of Wales and her own party and who gave the order, also in which grounds - reasons in law for the neglect to save lives by the UK government and spare me the details of "manipulator (" as Tony Blair is alive and well, but NOT the rest. It is NOT thanks to Tony Blair, that government in the Middle East is in flames ( presently, wars and more wars, plus the decay, also the infinite deaths as victims trying to leave the holocaust?- My question is who monitor the professional misconduct, as the reasons why my sister detained under the mental health act (ex/husband sister social worker), my brother ( ) was badly hurt and my unborn children perished, also HRH Princess Diana of Wales and her party badly hurt, for the trill, tales, lies, neglect, defamation, spread, hate propaganda, negligence, bullying, abuse, etc, Rosario Castellanos de Parker. 


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