Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu own political party, won victory and seat in the Knesset.


Jerusalem of Gold - Yerushalayim shel Zahav -Ofra Haza- with English Lyrics ..

I have no doubt deep in my heart of the great capacity that comes, from the rest of Israel (Arabs) Political Parties, with fresh and positive ideas, ideals, aims and even results, in order to safeguard the land of Israel (Arabs) and their own peoples, very much the same as Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu. At the present time unfortunately, we are witness in our every day life, what the Elders of Zion need to live in order to survive from centuries ago, till today (anti -semitism). "In law, the unlawful act from abuse itself against the community no matter: country of birth, incapacity, age, sexual orientation, colour of skin, religion, tradition is a crime to our well adjusted society, that brings such a wave of bended, twisted and corrupt minds"- In my opinion the degrade act - action itself (anti-semitism) in law is what you call: bullying, hate propaganda, spread, intolerance, anti-semitism, racial oppression, regression, anarchism, nazism, fascism, racism, abuse, crimes, criminal activity, indecency, weird-ism, evilness and ASBOS, with all kind of illness, including psychopathy. The hardest one of such mental illness - disorder is to take what it calls in law, personality disorder, that stand as "psychopathy" which is characterized by enduring antisocial behaviour (ASBOS), empathy (as antisemistism), with no form of remorse by the criminals and inhibited by the same bullies. As you can see this is the level of violence that our Elders of Zion and descendants need to live and survive from the Inquisition times, WWII (6 million killed) and now Palestine is used to aim the target. I, myself need to endure of such minds that take over your own life and since younger, after married an English man (1985 - 2015) become worse, now divorce for the same reasons and abuse. In which the low - life's bullies, degrade any decency in life, teach young generation how to go against society, against the community in general, against: your own mother (not their own mother, but yours!), against your own sister, against your own brother ), against your own aunt, against your own uncle, against your friends, against your own neighbours and against any principles. Where the hatred can happens to anyone with no fault of their own and respect nobody. Where I question legally in law, in which capacity such kind of hatred against the community, because that is not normal, but abnormal behaviour ("psychopathy"). Where the ex-husband mother told me after Bernard passed away that he left her the problem and the same I am telling her now with respect, because everything of yesterday still the same today?-As her own children (the ex/husband and his sister social worker) are not my responsibility, but the UK state. I am responsible of my own children only, full stop!- Where for years, I believe the problems came direct from the ex/husband own mother, unfortunately she passed away last year (RIP) and the abuse continues today, now teaching my children the trade. As if the ex/husband gave full permit and free pass to both sides of the "family problems" against society (me and mine), that arrived from Mèxico, Germany, Cancun and Canada, with a wave of tales, lies, defamation in order to cash. Such "family problems" that sponsor each other with the aid of the ex/husband sister social worker against me and mine ( ) with lies (5 boys, the river, kiss, china girl, the palm tree, etc), misleading the community services, with criminal activity and all paid by the tax payer, now using my own children to (frame) help?- I question legally, if this wave of hatred in the community by the social worker sister of the ex/husband against me and mine (my unborn children terminate, sister detained under the mental health act, brother hurt badly pets hurt, etc) is the normal procedure in law ("psychopathy")?-As my own family comes with no profession (except ana pia), but own children. I had been requested to withdraw such profession as "paperwork" ( used against own family, in the same way as the doctors (friends, neighbours, close people) that are not allowed to treat own family (friends, neighbours, close people), because of abuse. As the ex/husband sister social worker that swipe card against family, as the link mention, with a wave of abuse. In fact 80% of crimes in the community are commit by the same "family problems" so not different in law, also Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu towards - against nuclear weapons. As such items and knowledge are not toys, but real life dangers and against the community. In my opinion, it looks as if the "family problems" was left to roam inside my life for more than 28 years the abuse (1985-2015) and went complete wild, with any excuses as lies and in order to commit crimes. The matter reflects very much the same, as Israel (Arabs) peoples today wake up complete confused, from such sad reality that hides centuries of abuse to the Elders of Zion as Jews (Arabs) peoples, that need to disperse during the diaspora times. Today the Elders of Zion lost all even the land (Holly Land as the Middle East), family, roots, blood, etc. How things are around the world regarding our ancestry as Israel (Arabs) peoples, is not very positive. The world need to change regarding Jews (Arabs) peoples ancestry and to give a chance to prove matters, instead of hatred. It is mental the "psychopathy" hate attitude towards the Jews (Arabs) peoples and we can not continue to accept such bad behaviour, but to use the law and deter. The bullies can not expect the Jews (Arabs) peoples to keep moving from place to place around the planet, just because: "we are not your cup of tea"-We are not going to please no more such hatred, because as human people also comes with human rights, in the same way as the rest. A politician that understands matters of the Middle East as Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, in order to guide Israel (Arabs) to better places (I refer here to any politician as politics affairs only, anything that pass - over pass the line of decency and creditability against own principles, not matter if comes from the same wife of the politician, irrelevant in law and I will sued for defamation. I request respect in my humanitarian work, in the same way as I respect the rest.). 

Israel (Arabs) peoples comes with own government affairs, such peoples that calls themselves Palestine (There were no such thing as Palestinians. When was there an independent Palestinian people with a Palestinian state? It was either southern Syria before the First World War, and then it was a Palestine including Jordan. It was not as though there was a Palestinian people in Palestine considering itself as a Palestinian people and we came and threw them out and took their country away from them. They did not exist. Golda Meir. ) do not and this breaks the chain, because of time of length in the Middle East they are entitle the same rights. In my opinion Palestine ( comes from the Greeks and in trade times got lost, unable to return home, since then, they belong to the Middle East by law and rights of time, including land. However, Palestine peoples comes with rights, but in the same way with full responsibilities of own actions in a court of law. As Palestine peoples are not allowed to bring hate (rockets) to the rest of the Middle East peoples (Israel - Arabs) at any time and time to acknowledge the matter and disperse to the rest of the Middle East, that it is wide - beautiful, not just Israel, but let Jews (Arabs) peoples to expand and live in peace. If Palestine peoples wants to go solo from Israel and the Arabs need to show capability for the matter, also with a free vote from all the Middle East peoples by such big changes and to tell the rest, who is in charge of the matters to safeguard the community. As Golda Meir said: Any one who speaks in favor of bringing the Arab refugees (as Palestine) back must also say how he expects to take the responsibility ($$$) for it, if he is interested in the state of Israel. I am please for Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, as state before, we need to show a unity force in order to change - challenge the Middle East affairs in peaceful and harmonic ways, with respect to the rest, Rosario Castellanos de Parker.


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